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A site based on the healing of the ancient wisdom of the Geocentric worldview. The understanding of sacred texts and wisdom is based on a relationship to the Source. This Central Source is the Fount from which the three distinct movements of the Earth globe flow. These three turns-rotation,revolution and precession are a great secret/sod and key to the profound teachings of the mekubalim/kabbalists. These movements provide us with the experience of shanah/time, olam/matter and nephesh/soul(being). The Earth turn called precession is the slow wobble that causes the polar skies to change slowly over a 26,000 year cycle.
The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Friday, December 29, 2006

Sapphire knob of the Sceptre

We have moved from the darkest days of the yearly cycle when the moon is small or not visible during the longest nights of the year. As we approach the full moon of this month of Tevet we are covering the last two chapters of the book of Beresheit/Genesis. This is the dive into the deepest places of the physical creation, called mitzrayim/Egypt, and the seeds are planted for the journey of the priestly people among the nations in order to unify the soul tree, the seventy-two names or soul sparks of all the language lineages of the Earth drama. We are now seeing the moon get larger every night as we move to the full moon and the Book of Splendour/Zohar gets into the mysteries of the moon and the dimension of Malchuth/kingdom which encompasses the entire physical creation. In Zohar we have “ The secret of Solomon’s wisdom was in the name of the moon when blessed from every side. In his days the moon was magnified and reached her fullness”(Zohar Vayehi223a) The relationship of the sacred stones to the keeper of the soul gates, the silvery orb, is developed in a very sealed form in these pages of this awesome book. Remember we, Israel, is deep into Egypt, the land of the great magicians. These people were the masters of the physical technologies that are involved with interfacing the fifth continuum, the realm of soul/being and the physical. So we have what is so unusual a statement in the beginning of the commentary on Vayechi that some translators did not even include these pages in the translations(Simon & Sperling)). “Hence when it came to pass that “Jacob lived in Egypt”, he did not rejoice, because this land was the bond of the nations; the sapphires of the throne of glory”- (in the original this is “saphirim deccursai yikarah“!), nobody came to them, neither from the upper or the lower, save the living. This is the secret of ” for no man shall see Me and live”. This is in the heart of the mysteries about the essential need for the creation and the tree of knowledge itself.. For we are told that only the living could access these saphirim - the stones that are books that are thrones. The word sepher is a root of all these meanings-jewels-and books that are thrones. For those initiates that know about the sacred stone interface and the science of the staff, the scepter that unites heaven and Earth, this is an open book. For those who do not this is very sealed stuff.(Sepher yetzira is about these Sepharim and the “engraved” world)) Remember, we are approaching the full moon of winter in Shevat that is high noon for many kabbalists, the New year of the Tree, tub’Shevat. Here we are in the science of the tree and it’s various “nuts” and flowers and fruits. In the Kabbalah of initiation this involves the crystal/mineral and metal interface with soul. This is referred to in the literature as the science of Solomon calling in all the spirits to build the holy temple of HaShem. The “Testament of Solomon” is a psuedapigraphical work involved with this stream of the work. In the Sepher Hechaloth/palaces literature we also have the gatekeeper Anaphiel, the angel of the seal. He is the keeper of these mysteries. These are the mysteries of the magician King Solomon/Shlomo. He whose name means peace.
It is in the month of Shevat that in the direct experience of this writer that the science of the staff of initiation began=became active again in this world with the inaugurating of a new aeon. The holy kochav/comet, what zohar calls in the parsha veyechi(223b), “the hair of the great maclhut/mother” was directed from the galactic bow(kislev)towards the Earth for it’s close passage at the Pesach5750. The Zohar predicts this precisely in the part on Terumah. The science of the sceptre is reawakened fully in the month Shevat of the Sheviti, the staff of initiation in the year 5750. This is connected directly to the gates of the solar-lunar calendar cycle which is the basis of the Hebrew 19 year calendar. We are coming to the completion of one of these calendar rounds(in 5769) since the pivotal year of 5750. The sun of this new aeon is rising in a new dawn for the Earth. The little wheel of this website is coming to it’s first yearly cycle completion as the bigger wheel of the Hebrew calendar-lunar/solar eclipse cycle is coming to a completion(19year round). We are entering a new gate on this journey of the ancient temple initiation.
The sacred starry comets are called hairy in the Zohar here. This is a play on the word shearaha, which is the root for both hairy and gates. The Zohar says, “Under him(Metatron/Enoch) are stationed many Chayoth, under which again is fastened the hair of the moon, which is called “the knobs of the sceptre”.(Zohar Vayehi 223b) This has a few layers of meaning. The word for hairy also meaning gates-Shearim and it says in the original “dekraoon Kochvia”,which means “called comets”. Some translations do not even mention the meaning as referring to comets, called sometimes hairy stars in popular writings such as the prophecies of Nostradamus. The Zohar says that these stars have great "Chuzpah"/weight, those who know Yiddish will catch the drift! The Zohar continues with “Now, after Solomon had inherited the moon in her fullness, he also desired to inherit it in its defective state, and therefore he sought to acquire the knowledge of spirits and demons, so as to inherit the moon on every side. As for the wisdom of Egypt, this is the lower wisdom which is called “the handmaid behind the millstones” and which was also included in the wisdom of Solomon”(Zohar Vayehi 223b)It is only both the upper and lower mysteries that could complete the fullness of the moon here in Earth. The very popular predictions of the French seer , Nostaradamus, contains a prophecy about the joining of the ancient brother lines of initiation(72names) - “Castor and Pollux(Gemini twins)during the passing of the Astre Crinite- a bearded star(century 2 quatrain15). This is proof that this Frenchman studied with the Rabbinic sages or was an initiate in the deep mysteries of kabbalah. Only an initiate would understand these matters. He was correct here. The lineages have joined. This Frenchman also predicted that “the dart(comet) would make its extension, the dead would speak, the stone in the tree”(century 2;quatrain70). here he refers to the period we are in now of the Techiyas Hametim, the enlivening of the dead. He particularly said this would occur in “The year of the great seventh number will be accomplished. It will appear at the time of the games of slaughter; Not far from the great millennial age, When the buried will go out of their tombs. (century 10;quatain 74)
A lot of debate rages about this man and these predictions. Only the initiates really understand. The wisdoms lineages have penetrated the popular culture for many centuries. The Rabbis gave out the proper teachings at the proper times. The great tree is now in a new flowering. We have come home.
Good Shabbos!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Tree among the nations

The nature of the human soul is very much developed in the Sepher HaZohar and other kabbalistic texts. The Sepher Gilgulim actually discusses the five kinds of soul substance and the various personages in Jewish history and who they were in terms of the soul natures they carried. There are details through the centuries on how the tree of the ten omakim/depths or spheres covers the expanse of history. This is used to explain how the different qualities of soul have interfaced with the living Earth through linear time. We are now at the very “bottom” roots of the Tree when the ‘first’ initiates into this awesome temple creation are turning up here and there! The full tree is manifesting in a revealed way. In fact it can be said that the physical creation herself is an effect of what is called the “shattering of the vessels” from the period when the physical nature of the creation could not yet hold the awesome power of the soul substance in the tree. The full nature of the world manifested with the holy sparks of light “falling” into the farthest reaches of matter and separation. The journey has therefore encompassed all the possibilities of creatures with individual free will and choice. A lot of adventure and surprise. The Torah portions covered in these weeks has been the fabulous story of Joseph and his brothers. The Technicolor dream coat. In this story Joseph has descended into the depths of creation, called Mitzrayim/Egypt. The incredible culture of ancient Egypt carries so much mystery and the fecund Hoseyck/darkness saw the evolvement of the mineral technologies that interface with the soul realm/ the fifth continuum. And in this story we have the big hint. The Pharaoh, the royal sun power in the physical gives Joseph, the son of Rachel and Jacob, his royal signet ring to wear! Joseph meets up with the sovereignty of power in the physical and becomes a King. He is a Pharoah. He can interpret dreams because he has the Chomat Elokim, the wisdom of the divine in this world. A new stage in the drama has begun, deep deep within the physical stuff. From this time and place the aggadah/legends tells us that the sacred technology of Israel is turned over from the possession of Pharoah in the form of the scepter of Moses. The signet ring is the image in Torah. Only one other place in all of Tanak do we have this ring. This is in the scroll of Esther. The ring of the emperor of Persia who rules 127 provinces, the entire physical spectrum of Malchut/Kingdom, the physical depth. The mineral roots of the Tree. The aggadah tells us that the holy rod of HaShem was transmitted to Joseph from Jacob IN EGYPT. When Joseph died his house was pillaged by the locals and the rod was brought into the “possession of Pharaoh“. We are also told that Pharoah could pronounce seventy of the seventwo secret names of the soul sparks among the nations. The aggadah continues to tell us that Jethro was one of the Pharaohs scribes and he stole the rod and planted it in his own garden where it sprouted and could not be uprooted. That person who would come and pull it from the ground would be the husband of his daughter Zipporah. All others who try would be devoured by this sacred tree. Sound familiar? This transmission of the sacred technology of Israel is hinted at in the passing of the little signet ring onto Joseph’s finger. It is in the next Hebrew month of Shevat, it’s name from a root word for rod or staff, that the kabbalists connect the technology of the staff of precious metal and stone to the great Tree of life that is so much the Kabbalah. This time of year we are in the deepest roots of the tree. Below the surface. Here the aggadah tells us dwells Shamshiel, the angel of paradise, his name is the root word for the radiant sun. The days get longer and the sap deep within the Tree begins to stir. Many of the “nations” bring the sacred tree into their homes to celebrate this time. Initiates awaken from slumber.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Bow of Kislev

The flood of the deep wave of the last Hebrew month, Chesvan brings us the colorful sign of the rainbow/Keshet. This curved bow of scintillating color, and the long bow of the Sagittarian archer and Judah the Maccabee, are the images of this present month of Kislev. The festival of light begins in the last week of this month on the 25th of Kislev which this year is the Sabbath. It now celebrates the light of the third Beith HaMikdash/temple which encompasses the entire planet. Seventeen years ago in the Hebrew year 5750/1990 a scintillating, shimmering holy Kochav/comet had been fired from the starry galactic bow and was rapidly becoming visible in the month of Kislev as it approached it’s close passage to the sun for the first time in it’s several thousand year orbit. It would make it’s perihelion(close point) passage of the sun on Nissan 15/April 9, the night of the Pesach/Passover. The world would never be the same. This star added a new fiery light to the menorah of the holy Earth as prophesied by many different peoples and wisdom lineages. The priestly peoples were now fully unified in the physical world. The fourth and final occupation of the Jewish people, that of “Rome“, was finally ended after 20 centuries. This date of the Passover of 5750 can be found registered in the Book of Splendour/Zohar(Terumah) with it’s Gregorian year number! How fitting to have the one and only Gregorian(roman) date found in Zohar to be the very year that the occupation by “Rome” was to end.
The depth of the Chanukah celebration beginning in Kislev marks the end of the third “occupation” of the four historical occupations of the Jewish people, this one by the Assyrian Greeks. Essentially it celebrates the complete end to all “occupation” and the freedom that comes with a healed globe. We are already feeling this inner powerful wonderful sunshine warm a new world as the solar dawn develops in a new aeon.
The Rabbi Abraham Azulai as well as a few others knew that these years would see a new epoch of freedom. This is why R.Azulai said in his book Hesed L’Abraham(19thcent/ce) that at the year 5760/2000 the whole Earth would be as Israel because the waters of purification would rise and cover everything but Israel with the new flood. We are now seven years since 5760. A new menorah of dedication is on fire right now! The key to this awesome light is in the numbers. Thirtysix candles over the eight days plus the eight lights of the shemesh candle, the helper. These “36” lights stand for the first 36 “hours” of the days of genesis/bereishit before the firmament was divided between above and below. This does not mean linear time as we know it now. This is the original eternal ever-present light of bounty and beauty emanating from the source of all that is. This is the very radiant heart of the creation. In the deep kabbalah of the seven kameas/magic number boxes, the box of 6X6, containing the 36 numbers from one to thirty-six is attributed to the Shemesh/sun. This is the sun that fuels the creation. The physical sun is a nodal point of resonance of the true radiant sun/Shemesh in the heaven world of being. This is the source of the legend of the 36 righteous people(lamidvavniks) who maintain and support the existence of the world. Their 36 souls are the Malachim/angels whose paired seraphic wings bring us the 72(36X2)celestial sarim or angelic chiefs that rule all the nations/languages of the earth. They have all been brought together by the countless dedications to freedom and joy by all peoples of the world for many centuries.
This celebration illuminates the colors of the keshet/bow of kislev. Like the original 36 “hours” it is not encompassed in linear time. It is the Sabbath of peace and joy. And fun….eight “crazy(meshuganah)” nights!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Cup of Blessing

We have some beautiful images this week that come from the deep level of dream and the being world, which is the fifth continuum in the scheme that includes a primary status for our own selves and the living part of this universe. The Sepher HaZohar on this weeks Torah portion, Vayeshev, tells us that “All depends on mazal”(181a). this means the “stars and constellations” of the sky above and their cycles. We are also told that it is the moon that contains all the gates for souls(zohar180b) to come into our physical world and there is a cycle in all of this. As mentioned before, the Hebrew 19 year calendar is geared to the 19 year cycle that governs the relationship of the sun, moon and earth and the eclipse cycle which is an outcome of the movement of these three orbs. In a previous post I explained the importance of the completing of one 19 year cycle since 5750/1990. The techiyas HaMetim/the enlivening of the dead is mentioned again here in the Zohar and the millennium(6th) that is called the “eve of the Sabbath”, the Hebrew years 5000-5999 is alluded to repeatedly. These passages are about Joseph and he is related to the depth/sephira called yesod/foundation and the sixth millennium(5000-5999).This is the time span that all these stories allude to in the unfolding of the great dream that is the drama of Israel. The Sepher yetzira, the primer of Kabbalah gives us the details that we need in order to relate the mazal, the stellar cycles, to what all this prophecy relates to. We are told in the Yetzira that there are three realms that govern all that unfolds in this world of unfolding we call our universe. These are the day cycle, which is in the heart of the individual, the shanah or year cycle that is like a king in the empire, and the Tali, the dragon in the universe that is like a king on the throne. These directly relate to the three stupendous movements of the holy planet Earth. The rotation which gives us the day cycle and the individual beingness, the orbit about the sun which establishes the year and manifested world about us, and the slow wobble of the Earth which lasts about 26000 years and causes the sky to change over a vast cycle of time. This last movement was a great secret for a period of time. Plato called it the great Year or the precession of the equinoxes. The Zohar refers to a new stage of the great cycle of the Tali, the quivering dragon of the mazal/the stars. The pole star has changed with this cycle from the stars of draco the dragon to the star in the handle of the little pitcher constellation. We are told about this with, “at the time that the women go out to draw water” they draw the water of the Torah…as the tree of life causes them to be the first to rise” moreover the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold, as the light of the seven days(Sabbath). There will thus be added to the moon an exalted spirit whereby all the dead that are in the dust will be awakened.”(zohar181b)The zohar tells us that the awakening of all souls will occur in the sixth millennium at the time of the drawing of water-” So let it come to pass, that the damsel to whom I shall say, let down thy pitcher, that I may drink”(182a). The Zohar tells us then about a certain Chayah, one of the four living creature forms, that rules the chanting of the night and the daybreak, who we may understand is the humanface form of the four angel Chayoth. Maybe you have picked up on what all this explains as the timing of the global awakening. The great platonic year of 26000 years is divided into twelve “months” and it is very popular that we have just entered that section that is the waterbearer who is the one of the four fixed signs that is the face of the human from the merkabah chariot that Ezekiel described. What is amazing about this “Aquarian age/deli, the waterbearer, is that we have recently come to understand that the distance from our Earth to the very heart of the milky way galaxy is about 26 thousand light-years, precisely the time period it takes for the Earth to make a full turn of it’s wobble like a top. So our sacred planet is in a synchronous/simultaneous cycle(the wobble) with the precise time it takes light to travel from and to the very center of the galaxy! Many of you are probably familiar with the now popular meso-american sacred calendar of 260 days called the Tzolkin and the extension of this calendar round with the 26000 year cycle in relationship to the star realms, signified by the change in our relationship to the seven sisters-the pleaides star group. The Mayan elders of the 260 day calendar round, in their codex of Chilaam Balaam, predicted the coming to the American land of white bearded priestly people from the east, the elder brother, who will bring back the age of the supreme Creator/Itzamna. These people will bear a special sign of the supreme “Lord” that sets them apart from others. How many recognize this as the sign of the covenant of Abraham and Sarah? For those who understand the way of initiation and the work of healing this world, the sacred calendar of meso-america predicts the movement into the new epoch precisely during this 40 year time period called the kibbutz goliot, the ingathering of exiles in the Kabbalah-5750/1990-5790/2030. Another level of understanding the Hebrew naming covenant at eight days becomes clear when studying the meaning of the day names and numbers and their patterns in the tzolkin. The joining of the sacred names and the celestial governors is written into the pattern of the tzolkin calendar. An initiate born on a day sacred to the powers of the wheels- the line of tezcatlipoca(lords of the dark), could be named(eight count later) on a day sacred to the powers in the line of the feathered serpent/the Seraphim(lords of light). Uniting sky and Earth. And the wisdom from the waterbearer flows to all peoples.We are all related!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

the break of a new dawn

Last weeks torah portion began with the setting of the sun, the orb of illumination, and the dream vision. We mentioned how this relates to the 40 year time period we entered in 5750/1990 known as the kibbutz galiot, the ingathering of exiles. The great focus of this weeks parsha is usually on the struggle of Jacob during the night and his blessing and receiving the new name of Yisrael/Israel. This naming happens right as the new dawn breaks. The Sepher HaZohar’s commentary on this relates it to the gradual manifestation of the light of this redemptive era. When I speak with people about how it is that we have entered this very special 40 year period they often respond with “how could this be?, times are so scary and there is so much violence and despair.” The answer to this response is right here in the Zohar on this parsha(Zohar 170a-b).”Let me go, for the day breaketh”,”and from the Song of Songs:” Who is she that looketh forth as the dawn, fair as the moon, clear as the sun, terrible as an army with banners?”(S.S.VI,10)This verse refers to Israel, at the time when the holy one, B’H, will raise them up and bring them out of captivity. At that time he will first open for them a tiny aperture of light, then another somewhat larger, and so on until He will throw open for them the supernal gates.” So there are actually four stages hinted at in the Song of Songs for the 40 years we are in now. The first is the beginning of light = “Who is she that looketh forth like the dawn”- the first tiny streak of light. The next is “fair as the moon”, then the third is as” clear as the sun” and the fourth stage with the strongest light at full strength=“terrible as an army with banners”. Many commentaries of scholars and Rabbis through the centuries have mentioned this gradual appearance of the promised healed world of Tikkun olam.
The Zohar further on explains or alludes to a deeper level of how this changed world will be manifested. This whole parsha is about Jacob and his brother Esau who is the ancestor of Edom. The several kings of Edom are very important players in the mysteries of the created world and there crowns were said to be hidden according to the Book of Concealed Mystery within the Zohar. Here we are told about one of these special “hidden” crowns. The Zohar about this secret quotes the book of SamuelII “And he took the crown of Malcam from off his head; and the weight thereof was a talent of gold, and in it were precious stones; and it was set on David’s head.” We are told that this crown was of the King of the Ammonites, of Edom, and it had an idol image engraved on it, that of the serpent, which had been disfigured earlier so that David could wear it. The words in the verse for “precious stones” actually reads “v’ebeyn yikarah” which could also mean The rare, precious eben/stone - alluding to the eben shetiyah - the foundation stone of the holy temple which also is hinted at as the very stone that Jacob used as a pillow in the last parsha. So David’s crown is actually that of one of the former Kings of Edom, descendants of Esau! And it contains the sacred Eben/stone.In this is a great secret. This is a direct reference to the place of the mineral world in the uniting of the priestly lineages and the joining of the upper and lower realms right here in the physical “kingdom”.
The end of the Zohar on this section speaks about the Psalm of David, the Halleluyah psalm, and the praise for the creator between midnight and the break of Dawn. Then is mentioned the second to last verse of the Song of Songs - “The companions hearken for thy voice, cause me to hear it”. This is the 116th verse of the 117 verses of the holiest of the writings. As stated before, the Zohar tells us in it’s Terumah portion(143b) that this song contains the whole history of Israel from the beginning to the Sabbath millennium. If each of it’s 117 verses is a fifty year jubilee period we have 115X50=5750/1990 when we entered these special 40 years of the present verse, the 116th= “The companions hearken for thy voice, cause me to hear it”!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

the ladder/illumination

This weeks Torah portion concerns the story of the famous ladder of Jacob which he saw in his dream. The angel governors of the worlds' nations ascend and descend on this ladder. The Sepher HaZohar commentary on this is deep and comprehensive. Again we have the divine governors of all nations and the beginning of a lineage, that of Jacob/Israel, who will play a major role in unifiying these divine soul sparks that guide all peoples of the world. These few verses have a huge amount of commenatry in the Zohar, concerning the angelic realm and their relationship to the Earth. The Zohar tell us that the placing of the stone under the head of Jacob actually refers to the four angelic heads, in the aramaic -" learba sitreen d'aylama" - the four rulers/heads of the world, similar to the sanskrit name rishi whose root - rosh- means head. The four directions of the world then are mentioned- which Jacobs' offspring will spread out to, these are the west, east,north and south. These "directions" will be familiar to many as the four winds ruled by the four angelic governors/heads. We are told that there are three "precious pearls" in each direction giving us a set of twelve very special angels actually named in the Zohar. Some may recognize these as the twelve six-winged seraphim giving us the 12X6=72 sarim or princes/governors of all the language groups of the world. The commentary about the verse in Torah concerning this special ladder tells us that, "and behold, HaShem/the Source, stood above it" means that Jacob saw all this as a, "keshura demehemnuta"(Zohar Aramaic) a "knot of faith". This ladder bound together all the depths or directions/sephirot that encompass the creation into one form connected to the Source. So we are given here how Jacob as the sacred twin who is as the lord of the light realm, the upper world(read last post)- including the stars and the beings that interface with them; will begin a progeny that will manifest as a mirror of the celestial in a journey of a people among all the peoples of the world. All this began with a stone that became a pillow. This is not only interpreted as metaphor. For the same book of secrets spoken of in the aggadah/legends made of sapphire stone that the first Adam was given by the angel Raziel(which is one of the twelve mentioned here in the Zohar!) was passed down and said to have been carried by Jacob. And this holy place, this HaMakom, where he met up with his own destiny, is the very dwelling place of the Creator.
The Shemesh, the sun is mentioned at the beginning of the parsha - it is setting and so Jacob finds the place to settle down to sleep. We are told in the commentary that it rises in Beer-Sheba from where Jacob is traveling and sets in Charan, the west towards where he is going. The cycles of this orb that illuminates, are very important and we can understand a symmetry within the 40 year period of history(read last post) that we are in now. A gradual sunrise of peace and justice is expected in our times and a beautiful and hopeful synchronicity may be seen in how we mark our sacred calendar. The 40 years we are in now parallel the 40 years after leaving slavery/mitzraim, this began in 5750/1990. This began precisely at the Pesach/passover which was April 9,1990/Nisan15,5750. One full turn of the 19 year hebrew calendar, within which all the shearim- the soul gates are fully experienced, comes to a completion in the spring,Nisan15/April,9 of 5769/2009. It so happens that the 28 year cycle of the birkhat HaChamah, the blessing of the Sun is celebrated at sunrise on April 8, 2009(nisan14,5769). This is when the sun according to the talmudic sages returns exactly to the place it was in relation to the earth, when it was created. The herald of the next stage in this sunrise of beauty and justice is already being perceived from the sacred well of seven -the Beer-Sheba from which Jacob travels from in the east. This place is always illuninated by the Shemesh/sun.As we now enter the month of Kislev with the festival of lights, the planet earth is actually moving to her closest place to the sun in distance during the yearly orbit(apogee)even though the days are growing shortest. Many peoples around the globe celebrate illumination and joy.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Israel and Rome

The beginning of the defining struggle of healing the world begins in the womb of Rebbecca/Rivkeh, the wife of Issac, the son of Abraham. Here there are the twins Jacob and Esau which become on the world scene the powers now called Israel and Rome.In meso-american tradition they are known as the sacred twins, lord of the light(star realms)and lord of the dark(planetary wheels).In Rome we have the founding of that empire by twins as well who were raised by a she wolf. The ancient Rabbinic sages identify Esau as Edom which would become Rome. Jacob struggles with an angel, some sources say samael-the angel prince of Rome, and becomes Israel, the father of the priestly people. The Rabbis also have told us that there have been four occupations of the people Israel-Babylon,Persia,Greek and the final one is Rome. As stated many places and times in this blog, the last occupation of Rome has ended in 5750/1990 and this was predicted in the ancient book Sepher haZohar(Terumah).The occupations and diaspora have been essential to the work of uniting the 72 holy names/soul sparks within the nations of the world. Israel had to live among these various nations for this to occur. The Zohar tells us that Jacob and Esau rule the "upper and lower" realms respectively and the story told in this weeks parsha explains how the path of a global healing begins with Jacob securing the blessing from Issac.The Zohar is filled with incredible insight on this parsha. It holds the inner light of the work of unification, explaining that the prophets have said that Israel will become the one and "only" strong people on the entire Earth, uniting upper and lower and regaining the ever flowing stream of the fountain of living waters from the gan eden/Garden of Eden. This whole "Israel" includes all nations by the way, their sarim/governors joining the priestly lineage. This hints at the work of unifying the 72 names including the Sar/prince of Rome called samael. This leads us into the great drama of Christianity which as I have explained before ensured the bringing in of samael into the Jewish lineage. The myth of this great religion begins with their embodiment and "spin"of the place of sacred initiation - Israel- coming face to face with Rome and the Caesar/ who claimed to hold the lineage of their divine soul line, one of the 72. The success of Christianity and their calendar was essential to uniting the names and the very beginning of this global story is in this weeks torah parsha.(The prophecy of the Irish saint Malachy includes exactly when the divine spark of the roman church would unite with that of the priestly people-during which popes reign-explained in a previous post) The upper and lower realms have joined! Again we see Issac declaring to the king Abimelech that his wife is also his sister. The Zohar affirms that the Shekinah, the soul of the planet is with this new line of initiation from Abraham on. Their bodies are all buried in the same sacred "cave" that is the "wheel of nine" like the degrees of the living creatures-the Chayoth. The Kamea,magic square of 3X3 holds the key to this with it's day, metal and stone and divine name associations.
Then the Zohar tells us the final date possible for the complete global soul awakening, the techiyas Hametim-the enlivening of the dead. Zohar on Toldot-Midrash HaNelam- "And many of those who sleep in the dust shall awake(Daniel12:2)It is understood by those who sleep..who will rise how many years do they precede other people? by two hundred and ten years...All revivals will occur at the same time... A few verses earlier we are told" We have learned that the Kibbutz Galiot/the ingathering of exiles" will precede the enlivening of the metim/the dead by forty years." So 210 years befor the year 6000 is 5790/2030. 40 years earlier is 5750/1990. This whole 40 year period we are in now is as the gradual sunrise of the new dawn.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Folded Cave

The Torah portion attributed to this week is the special "Chayeh Sarah", the life of Sarah. The words delineate her life as comprised of 100 year, 20 year, and seven years- totalling 127. The Zohar tells us that these numbers encompass all the 10 depths or directions of the created world from above to below. Anyone familiar with the sacred mysteries of the Earth wisdom traditions will recognize that these three-year periods - 100, 20 and 7 encompass the three sacred stages of womanhood, the maiden(7), mother(20) and wise elder woman(100). Sarah is the embodiment of the planetary Earth neshamah/soul, the Shekinah who holds the last letter of the name of HaShem, the final Heh. The years written as they are actually show us that she also embodies both letter Hehs in the Name of HaShem, the joining of the "upper" and "lower" worlds which is why her name Sarai was changed at the giving of the covenant of Abraham, to Sarah, which includes the last letter Heh. The number 127 is found again in the scroll of Ester, where these are the number of the provinces of the kingdom that she governs as Queen which helps secure the freedom of the entire people.
It is the burial of Sarah that prompts Abraham to secure the cave and field called Machpelah which we are told actually means folded cave, involving again the upper and lower realms wrapped together. There is an interesting difference in two of the popular translations of the Sepher HaZohar, about this portion of the cave of Machpelah. The original aramaic tells us that when Abraham enters the cave and sees Adam, Adam tells him he has been hidden here as "cegeylda deqeyrta". One translation renders this as a "fish in a ditch" and the other translation as a "corn seed in the ground". We could render these words as a "seed grain in it's skin". For those familiar with a major theme of this blog, they will recognize the hint at the crystal seed that is like a grain or pomegranet seed and the shamir stone which is described as the size of a barleycorn. The nature of crystalline matrices are like the term "folded" upon itself and relates to the secrets of the holy sparks and the celestial beings that interface within the crystalline crust of the Earth. These are the mysteries of the Kedoshim, the sacred vessels given to the people of Israel and intricately involved with the work of tikkun Olam, the healing of the world. The securing of the cave by the parents of the holy people sets the stage for the global healing and awakening, called Techiyas Hametim, the enlivening of the dead which the Zohar speaks subseqently about in length in this portion. We have entered the 40 year period in history where we are all coming to awaken to how we are connected to the temple wisdom tradition. Next week we will discuss the the final date for the global awakening to the fifth continuum, which the Zohar gives us in the Midrash Hanelam, found along with the portion on the Toldot, the generations. May we all take an active part in this awakening.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

the new flood

the people of the new rome have spoken out against the evil of war, social injustice and the misuse of power. The country that has allowed for the joining of the ancient lineages through religous freedom is now turning the tide of this final period of purification.The true sar, celestial governor, of rome/edom is within the lineage of priests and this is why we are now seeing the end of the misinformation about the new epoch we have entered. With the return of Eliyahu HaNavi in 5750/1990 and the beginning of the 40 years of kibbutz golios, the ingathering of exiles, we are all being tested as to our perception of what really is happening. Today is the 17th of Chesvan, the date of the flood that began to purify the world. We feel the light of the flood of the upper waters return even to surface events. This is the promise to the people of peace. The eagle that is spoken of in Hazzinu, the parsha of the song of Moshe Rabbeinu, is watching out for the sacred people of peace.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Wheel of the Earth

In a previous post the quote from the kabbalistic text on the nine degrees of holy creatures was used to explain the redeeming of the sparks and the relationship of the snake and the eagle face on the chariot scheme. These holy creatures forms relate directly to the Tibetan wheel and mandala tradition. js, a frequent poster here gave us the quote from the ancient Tibetan text Bardo Thodol, which explains the connection with their take on the 8th day after death and it's relationship to the covenant of Abraham which is at the 8th day after birth. Yes the holy Dam/blood is the connection, read the comment on the previous post to get the details. The joining of the Hebrew and Tibetan shamanic lineages has played a major part in the bringing into the Earth of the holy Shekinah, Lady Tara who is the neshamah/wheel of the Earth. The torah parsha for this week again involves the covenant in juxtaposition to the rejecting of the sacrifice of Issac. The merciful and beautiful aspect of HaShem swayed Abraham from the ancient barbary of human sacrfice and the faith of Abraham was saved for the naming covenant which is a powerful and efficacious form of prayer which has indeed brought the "wheel of Earth" into direct interface with the human world(read previous posts).
It is through the study of the wheel traditions in ancient Tibet, Native American and Hebrew shamanic traditions(Zohar)that we gain a crystal clear perception of what the great work has been and how an initiation on the merkabah throne has been achieved for the entire world. To answer the new posters question, yes this has already happened in linear time and yes the shamir stone is now in the custody of the priestly people. The shamir stone which is identical to Jacob's pillow of stone is the technology that the Native Americans call the sipapu/birth canal or reed tube that connects different worlds within the fifth continuum, the realm of soul and the celestial chiefs. Only in the human world could two or more aspects of the holy living creatures join together. This is the very special need for a physical creation in the first place. The holy of holies in the tradition of the mysteries of Solomon's temple is a cubic room containing the two twin cherubim on the ark of the covenant. the twin chiefs needed to "touch" in the human world. This has brought the "Wheel of Earth" who is the soul/neshamah of the planet into the human world. Humanity has been initiated. It is the purpose of this blog to explain how this has happened. We have previously referred to the magic box of nine and the cave of machpelah, the cave of the holy secret. the wheel of the nine degrees is another form of the Kamea or box of nine containg the numbers one to nine, with the number five in the center "palace" the numer five is called the chameshi= the fifth which is made of the same letters spelling moshiach=annointed=initiation. As has been said before the number five and the number one are the only two numbers in the fibonacci series that hold the same place in the sequence as their number value. In the Hebrew aggadah/legends we are told that Eliyahu the prophet "will" make up one of eight of the circle of eight in the cabinet around the moshiach/ annointed initiate. So we see here again the picture of a wheel of eight around a center place as in the kamea of nine. the five is in the center and the place of a human initiation in the global wisdom temple/school is to be a carrier of this number. The completion and mastery of the five continuum scheme is a place of initiation in the wisdom school. The wheel of eight holy creatures also surrounded the ninth- wheel of Earth, which is the same place of Five-the last letter Heh(value is five)in the name of haShem.In this weeks Torah portion we have Abraham renewing his relationship to the Echad/unity. We also see him renewing his special relationship to Sarah as sister and bride, making him eligible to "marry" the shekinah, the planetary soul(the five). This is the special number two(spouses) in the Fibonacci series. We have the covenant at the Eight-days again which is the sixth number in the fibonacci series.Then we have the Three(4th number in F.series) strangers/celestial chiefs coming and blessing him with the Shekinah and the lineage of holy people that will be a big part of unifying all the soul lineages around the Earth. It is Abraham that secures the ancient secret cave of Machpelah for the eight patriarchs and matriarchs. All that is left is the fifth number of the fibonacci series - the number five and she is the very letter heh and soul of the Earth-wheel of Earth. In the Jewish tradition a human being can not fully embody the one or the three as in some other of the religious traditions. The five is a different story however and the five books of the teacher of the Jews holds the promise of humanity embodying the prime number five(having a new relationship to the one) and becoming more than just the product of a four continuum world view. We can make the sovereignty of the Source(one) hold sway in our world and bring the peace we all desperately need. The tide is turning on the surface world this very week! America is about to say no to the lie of war and a militarized world. This week, this Chesvan 16 & 17(date of the flood of Noah), USA election day,the tide of the upper waters of peace needs to flood the world scene. The sacred stone that gave light to Noah's ark and was given to humanity by the chief Raziel(angel of secrets)is aligned in a special way now with the Earth's electro-magnetic field. We are ready! This stone is real and so are the waters of Ahavah/Love.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

the SHAMIR/ the 3rd temple

Last weeks Torah portion involved the story of the flood which as has been pointed out will return again as it is now, but these waters are the upper waters of love. Some stories allude to the waters of love coming in this eighth month of Chesvan which has no holidays, except the Sabbath, which is the most sacred of all. This weeks torah portion is about Abraham and the command for him to take on the creative, imaginative walk of initiation which demands a steadfast thinking for oneself and going into the deep within place. Lech Lecha meaning go into yourself! In this chapter of the Torah the source of all that is appeared to Abraham and told him His name as El Shadai(314). For students of Kabbalah the value of this name and the sephirot and millenium(5000-5999) it is associated with, give us a prophecy of when the covenant will "sweeten" the whole Earth(in a previous post). Then the covenant was given to humanity. The journey of initiation began here.This is the recurring theme of the eight month which begins the winter when all life goes within so to speak. In the Sepher Yetzira, the core book of Kabbalah, we have the exploration of all the elements of creation by Abraham the initiate. It is this book that delineates the geometry and math of the inner tradition and it is attributed to the man who was first brought into the direct covenant with the Source. Aggadah/legend also tells us that Abraham carried the sacred StoneFlower around his neck, the same stone that at one time kept the ark of Noach a glow with light. We also have Abraham building an altar to the Creator and here begins the foreshadowing of how the month of Chesvan with no festivals will one day bring the sanctification on Earth of the third Beit HaMikdash, the temple that is eternal in heaven and not built by human hands. The bringing in of the planetary soul, the Shekinah, to the human world is joined with this coming "down" of the third temple. This same torah portion has Abraham declaring Sarah/Sarai to be his sister and this is the relationship of the holy "Mother" Earth to the line of priestly initiates. In the holiest of all the writings, the Song of Songs, we have the Shekinah called "my sister, my bride". In this sacred book of Kabbalah, the whispered knowledge we also have the "StoneFlower", the stone that is the pillow of Jacob refered to as the one Ankh, the one jewel on the necklace of the Shekinah. It is this stone that has completed and brought the third temple to the Earth. Yes, this is the great Shamir of Solomon with which he built the first temple according to the ancient legends. This Shamir stone came back into a line of priests somewhere around 5708 and into the hands of a person(in Chesvan-5727-rebuilding Jerusalem) who could help bring in Eliyahu the prophet to begin the ingathering of exiles in 5750 as prophecied in the Sepher HaZohar. We are 40 years from Chesvan 5727 and we anticipate the global peace promised to us.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Snake lifted Up/Chayah HaKodesh

Follows is a post quite convoluted, like the webworks of a spider, in order to explain the "sweetening" of the month of Chesvan as a fundamental process in the workings of Kabbalah and the wisdom traditions.
As mentioned in the last post about this month eight in the Hebrew calendar, Chesvan is the month of the fixed zodiacal sign, scorpio(8 legged arachnids including spiders) and including the eagle and the snake. The nature of this sign and it's related creatures involves the most profound level of intimate secrets and the noble level of trust and whispered knowledge. The gematria/number value of Nachash/snake(358) equals that of moshiach/annointed(358). We hope to explain why in this writing. Early kabbalistic texts often use the sign of the snake instead of the eagle as one of the faces of the four chayot haKodesh, the four living creatures that support the merkabah throne. In the translation of
Rabbi Jacob Ben Jacob Ha-Kohen's "Explanation of the Letters" in the book,"The Early Kabbalah", we read, " Similiarly I will enlighten you as to how you can discover that the letter tet informs us about the holy creatures. Know that the tet equals nine and that there are nine degrees of holy creatures. They are: man, lion, ox, snake, wheel of man, wheel of lion, wheel of ox, wheel of snake, and one wheel in the Earth....Corresponding to these nine degrees the prophet, peace be upon him, recorded nine visions of the first and second Chariot." This preceding verse about the creatures and the wheels contains a great secret. Study and meditate on it - Eight living creatures in a circle surrounding the wheel of Earth! The snake has a potion(sam) in it's fangs that can inflict death on other creatures. The lifting up of this power of death is involved in the goal of "conquering" death and this is a theme for the eighth month. In order to fully bring the merkabah throne into our physical world and therefore support the dwelling of the neshamah/soul(Shechinah) of the Earth here, we need to have all the sparks of all the holy creatures redeemed and interfacing with our human world. This includes the serpent realm, the left face of power.. We have the famous story of the serpent staff of the Egyptian magicians being swallowed by the scepter of Aaron which became a snake when it was placed on the earth surface. This episode actually also represented the swallowing up of the holy line of ancient initiation into the temple mysteries by the Hebrew priesthood. The plague of the death of the first born Egyptians also is the marking of an ending of a priestly line and it's being usurped by a new lineage historically. Remember it is said in the aggadah/legends that the pharoah could pronounce 70 of the sacred 72 soulroot names of the Creator. This usurping of one lineage by another sets the pattern for the unification of lineages that the Hebrews have taken an active part in. This unification has brought the tikkun Olam/repair of the world at the deepest levels. An understanding of the mechanics of how this has worked adds an important level of credibility to all the great religous traditons for they all have been an essential part of the uniting of the soulroot names in our world. Diverse prayer and ritual forms focus the soul spark(one of 72)of a language group according to the specific rythmic calendar of that culture. This is all part of a bigger global picture we are attempting to paint here. This work does also involve the number eight of the Abrahamic covenant and it is therefore closely related to the importance of this Hebrew eighth month. Bringing the soul of the Earth into the human world is the means for "conquering" death which as mentioned is closely associated with this month. So is the angel of Edom/Rome - samael, and the swallowing up of this seraph-samael has been a big part of the priestly work. As stated before, there is a tradition that the "annointed redeemer" will never be revealed to the world. It is in this spirit of how a person might be a candidate for that "initiation", that this matter is explained. We must remember that all humans are really somewhere on the path of initiation in a temple/school larger than the entire physical universe. The angel of Rome-samael is also an angel of death. This angel is a seraph and the seraphim are angels which are associated with the sephirot/sphere of meadim/mars(rules blood and power) called geburah/power.(planets mars, venus, the sun & moon are now all conjoining in Aqra/scorpio in the first week of Chesvan!). The ancient sages have said that when he, samael, is conquered the mem will be removed from his name and he will be transformed to Sael - one of the 72 holy angel soulroots. This is how the "swallowing" up of this serpent angel/seraph has happened. The covenant of Abraham, called the eshel/vine of Abraham is at eight days. The "vine" of Abraham is often artistically depicted as a spiralling vine, a helix around the columns of the arches on the title page of ancient Hebrew mystery texts. This naming ceremony is a powerful prayer that connects the life force and prayers of an entire population throughout 3500 years of history.The helix is a potent symbol of time. A previous post explains why 3500 years was needed to complete the merkabah in the physical. A good candidate for initiation into a lineage with the responsibility for healing the world could be an heir to the priestly line of Israel and would turn eight days old on a day that was also an ancient holy day in Europe including Rome, and in modern Christianity, who the Rabbis have said took over the power of Edom/Rome. Christianity uses wine to represent blood in there symbolic covenant with the Creator. The real blood of generation of Israel (metaphorically an aspect of the scepter of Aaron) joined and swallowed the symbolic blood communion on a day that humdreds of millions took communion with their root soul connection to deity. The angel of Rome has been swallowed up! The Barzel/Iron in the blood has brought in the metal of Rome which is iron and the associated power of the planet mars. It is this Barzel/iron that also connects us to the crystal red stoneflower that was the pillow of Jacob. This kind of shamanic synchronicity has been happenning over thousands of years. This is a revealed secret that only few have ever understood. One snake(line of initiation)2000 years old swallowed by one much older serpent(3500 years). This is also the "reason" some people have decided to attempt to end the line of Israel. They have figured out in some partial understanding, that their own edge on power over others would have to come to an end when the work of the unification of the lineages was completed. These kind of people are called Amalek in the Torah and they have been an adversary throughout the life of Israel. The mysteries of this adversary is also therefore closely involved with the most twisted kind of "power" related to the nature of the eighth month, the "bitter" month. The sweetening of this bitter month is also related to the conquering for all time of the adversary amalek.
The serpent wrapped around the caduecus of Hermes is another echo of the helix of time of the snake as a part of a global healing. The relationship of the covenant of Abraham to the caduecus of healing and the tikkun olam, the healing of the entire Earth has been a long held secret. The caduecus being a symbol for medicine and healing since olden days. The ancient shamanic traditions of Israel and other indigenous native cultures have many related interconnections between the animals, the nature of the heaven worlds(the fifth continuum) and the many traditons of initiation among the seventytwo nation/language lineages of humanity. It is in the sacred text of another venerable priestly line, that of Tibetan Buddhism that we also find the connection of the Hebrew blood covenant at eight days to mysteries of death and rebirth as written about in their Bardo Thodol. It says there that the days following the death of a person are symmetrically related to the days following birth. Read in the ancient Bardo text of Tibet what is recorded as happening on the eighth day after death and you will find an outstanding connection to the covenant at eight days after birth. As the famous Native Plains Indian prayer goes, Mitakuey Oyasin - We are all related!
We all have triumphed.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Into the month of the Deep/Chesvan

Next week We will be entering the month of Chesvan, the eighth month of the yearly cycle of the ancient middle eastern calendar. This month is outstanding simply because it is the only month of the Hebrew calendar that has no holidays! It has been known as the Mar-Chesvan, mar meaning bitter, the bitter month because the flood of Noah's time, that destroyed most of the world, began on the 17th of Chesvan. In the ancient European calendar round this time was extra special, so special that the new year began in the first week of November. This is when the beautiful starry constellation of the seven sisters, the Pleiades, culminates at the overhead zenith sky point precisely at midnight. This group of stars has many connections to the ancestors for cultural groups all over the globe. Many cultures celebrate the festivals of the ancestors and their saints, and renew their yearly cycle at this time. In the Hebrew calendar the great importance of this month was kind of tucked away, for safe keeping although an echo of it's exalted destiny is found in tradition. The First Beit HaMikdash, the new Temple of Solomon was sanctified and inaugurated during this month. This is a foreshadowing of the "sweetening" of this month that has played a part in bringing the initiatory temple mysteries into a renewed epoch and a Tikun Olam/healing of the world. The number eight, 8th month, itself having the value of days that the human in the Hebrew tradition is brought into the covenant and given a name, becoming an initiate in a temple mystery tradition that holds the deepest and most fecund possibilities for humanity in a physical creation. This does involve a blood covenant which holds the life force of a lineage of peoples being dedicated to realizing a world living and envisioning the great dance by aligning to the sacred Source. The dance of an Earth filled with the beauty and diversity of many different kinds of peoples living in harmony. The holiness of the eight is echoed in the Christian tradition of the octagonal(eight-sided)baptismal through which the people came into their church. In the ancient shamanic tribal traditions including those of ancient Israel we have the animals; the Eagle, Scorpion and Spider(arachnids-eightleggeds)and serpents. These animals have powers over death by their nature of stealthy predation and venomous potential. They simply therefore can conquer death and this is a theme for this "bitter" month. The name of one of the angels of death, samael, contains the word sam which can mean potion- vemom or medicine, death and healing. We come into a healing place only by moving through the deepest places where the elemental forces that sustain the creation reside. And so very important but very low-profile events have taken place in this month in order for a sweetening of the world embroiled in a struggle for the good vision to flood the surface. We find the prophecy of this good flood, of the waters of Love/Ahavah in the Sepher HaZohar on the parsha terumah as well as in the Qumran(dead sea)scroll on the birth of "Noah", sometimes called the "Wondorous Child" scroll. In the end of this writing it says that the waters will flood the world, leading translators to thinking it was about the ancient Noah. Actually it was a prophecy for our times when the waters of Love will flood the world, as spoken of in Zohar.
The deepest of these elemental forces is that of the fixed power of Water, the most profound place where the floods come that renew the world. This is why the ancient flood of Noah began in this "bitter" month. Therefore we may suppose that the reneweing of this creation by the flood of the waters of love is connected to this same time in the yearly cycle of Shanah/year, transformation and change. The "bitter" month is to be "sweetened" and this sweetening is happening now.
This very time now in 5767/2006 we have the beginning of at least three new planetary cycles, that of the Sun/Shemesh, the planet Meadim/Mars and Nogah/venus. All of these celestial bodies(and the heavens they conceal) joining together at the beginning of this month of Chesvan this very year. We may pray, hope and think of how the positive vision of a renewed humanity is already flooding the hearts and minds and souls of the world. Like the secret nature of this month we may not see this good news in the media and in the loud voices of the world. But those people in the ancient temple/school of initiation in all of it's various forms, sure may feel this now. In this month of the renewal of the healing waters we also are singing the very deep Torah portions of Noach, and Lech Lecha and Chayei Sarah. Chayei Sarah is the only Torah Parsha with the name of a woman in the title. This is the portion of the Shekinah, the great Mother. This writers own occupation with the neshamah/soul of the mother Earth is connected to my being born into this wheeling world in the week that this portion was sung. I came into my own first "initiations" of birth and naming and becoming a son of the mitzvah, at this time in the yearly cycle. This is a good month to come into the wheel for people on the path of initiation. Many passionate folks on the journey of initiation have the power of the "fixed" zodiacal signs somewhere in their own natal/birth charts. The coming into the wheel of the Year/shanah-change at this time has helped lead me to this path of the temple mysteries of initiation and renewal from the "deep" places of Kabbalah and the dance of the tribal shamans. For the Shaman, the web of the eight-legged and eight-eyed creatures is the network of stars and planets and souls that connect everything together. Kabbalistic traditions are therefore often linked to very complex interconnections of numbers and letters and spheres. The ancient hebrew letters themselves have from ancient times been attributed to the patterns from a spiders web.
At this time, communications is part of the key to a renewed world. And so a great electro-magnetic web, a shimmering reflection of the web "spun" by the great "Webmaster" brings these words to your eyes. May the "sweetened" waters of this awesome creation find all the places they are needed

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Shaking it in the Mishkan!

The prayer shawl that is the starry night sky of Kol Nidre evening has become the starry roof of the dwelling of love in the Earth. We carry the name of the divine love in four holy letters and in the form of four kinds of plants. The etrog fruit is the center point of our cubic altar. The three branches are the three axis that extend to the six directions of shaking, gyrating, scintillating space. We carry the continuum of being in our neshamahs/souls. We hold the quivering dragon, the Tali of space/time in our very own ten fingered hands. We make the world and ourselves a holy mishkan, an indwelling of the soul of the Mother Earth. She who is the prayer shawl of the “invisible one". This "invisible one" in the ancient legends of the American Indian is said to have the rainbow as a quiver strap.
The ancient harvest autumnal festival is a completion in one view. The prophet Zecharia said that during the period of geulah/redemption, all nations would come to the holy city of peace to honor the divine unity of all that is, at this seven day Hag/festival of rejoicing, the feast of Sukkot. Our times are ripe like the fragrant etrog fruit for all the 70 nations to understand the unity of the human tree of life. This unity of the soul spark/names has become a reality. We have built the house eternal that is always present because it is always being built anew, renewed with love and emunah/faith. The permanence of this dwelling is in it’s own impermanence. It is forever being renewed. The ruach HaKodesh blesses and supports this structure my means of the four winds. This house is made of the primal elements themselves, who some know as the ministering angels. We embody this sukkah/booth with our life’s walk dedicated to sanctifying the Source. This is the festival of the ingathering, the harvest of the bounty of the sacred Earth as womb of space as well as the beauty of soul becoming conscious of the great name in our hands, in the walls of the world around us, in the earth below and the starry sky above. It all comes to this. All peoples come to this holy place. We leave an open chair for Eliyahu and the Ushpizin, the honored wandering guests who are in each of us. We have arrived here in our journey. Our journey has arrived here in this mishkan/place. We have come home. The tradition tells us that the mishkan, the ark that carried the Hebrew sipapu/nexus of holiness, was built at this time of the year. The first temple, the Beth HaMikdash or holy house was also being completed at this time.
The cubic crystal interface, the mystery of the anhk jewel in the Solomonic tradition and the sipapu/birth canal/holy nexus in the Pueblo/Hopi language has traveled across oceans and unified nations. We have arrived in the chameshi, the fifth “world” of ancient American prophecy. The letters of the word for fifth in Hebrew, chameshi, also spell yismachu/joy and moshiach/annointed. The Hopi prophecy predicted the white bearded priestly people to come over the ocean and help mend the circle of the nations,and bring us into the fifth world of illumination. These priestly people have come to build their Hogan, their longhouse, their sacred skin and wooden lodge that honors the indwelling of the unpronouncable in the world of the pronouncable and singable song.
From this same kind of place the words and stories about how we arrived here come to this screen. They explain a view of how it all has been accomplished. The sacred red crystal Sepher/book of Raziel given to the first Adam become a lineage of initiation and built and renewed and rediscovered again at the sukkah. The Sukkat Shalom. This blog will continue from this place to communicate the details of how this could be possible. How it is that We have this ancient spell of seven, the gift of the Sabbath prayer, the essential turn of the wheel. How We do carry the seed bearing fruit of the source and shake it in our very own hands. Then with the eighth day and the ninth we carry the original tablets, the crystal/sapphire, Sepher Torah dwelling that is our original ketubah. Our original contract that binds us in the marriage that is the source of creations. And we turn and dance. We hold the Holy of Holies in our very own hands.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Shawl of the night sky

This coming evening, the tenth night of this new turn of the wheel, we wear our prayer shawls and welcome the Sabbath of sabbaths. Our prayer shawls are woven together with every color, the entire spectrum of ohr v' chosehk, light and dark with which the stellar night sky scintillates. For some this tenth day contains all the tenth days of the 576 decades plus seven years that register as the wheels of years of change of our priestly walk. In that moment and moments that we embrace Chockmah consciousness, wisdom thought, this tenth day becomes all of them, the plural being "Yom Kippurim" and therefore also meaning- Yom K'Purim- the day that is as purim. A grand celebration of Freedom. Rabbi Gershon Winkler explains to us this week that it was on Yom Kippur that the ancient tribal Yovel, or Jubilee began. This is when all people and land and life returned to the the pristine beginning of the new creation. So the night sky is our great stellar prayer shawl. We celebrate the merging of time - the continuum of understanding/Binah and wisdom/Chockmah with the fifth continuum of kingdom/Malchuth and Crown/Keter. The ten directions of this created universe, three of space, one of time and one of being, are the cubic shaped sepher/book that we are inscribed within. The cube containing six faces plus three axes and the center point(6+3+1=10) equaling the full ten. This is the garden containing the Eyin gedi, the sacred fount of renewing water. It is a geometry embracing the universe in a way that allows us to orient to the source of geometry. Thus the turn of night and day becomes a kavanah of dark and light which is the original turning wheel, the - HaShanah - that blends the colors of time and being with the physical paradise of Earth, who holds all space in her womb. Tonight we welcome the royal marriage. We wrap ourselves with the prayer shawl of the Bride of the Laylah, the night of beauty. Avinu Malkeinu......

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The 576th decade

The nature of the geometrical cube and the cubic shaped throne are often referred to in the literature of Kabbalah and the other wisdom lineages of the world. The cube reveals geometrically and mathematically the core teaching, the deep stream that is Israel and the making of a people who have been charged to bring the world into a prosperous peaceful society. The three axis, twelve edges, six faces and central point correspond to the three patriarchs, six matriarchs and twelve tribes all surrounding the Ehad or divine unity of the central place. The eight corner points of the cube echo the meaning of the octave transcendence to a new level and hence this is the number of the sacred covenant or naming ceremony at eight days. All of this "math" is essential to the mind that moves into a five continuum form of thinking that opens the individual to the level of creative imagination sometimes called chockmah or wisdom consciousness. The core text of kabbalah, the Sepher Yetzirah tells us that the mathematical component of the divine in relation to the created is one of the three "sepherim"/books,with which the Divine mystery engraves the world by means of willing, creating, forming and manifesting/sustaining the very fabric of the universe. The Divine One is a supreme mathematician. The Hebrew letters are therefore also numbers. Therefore the dates of time, in years and months and days may also be related to number values and words and prophecy. An example of this is how there have been two specific years in this sixth millennium that have actually contained a very special name of the divine in their dates. This is the awesome name inscribed on the outside of the mezuzah and holding the value 314. This value is also the value of the name of the Chief of the Seraphim, Metatron, the Angel of Moshe Rabbeinu, this celestial Chief holds a special place in the work of the temple mysteries and the line of Israel. The years 5314(Heh-Shin-daleth-Yod) and 5714(Heh-tav-shin-daleth-yod) in our millennium are the only ones that can contain the holy name Shin-Daleth-Yod=314. Surrounding these dates, in the 1500'sCE, the circle of the Holy Rabbi Ari and in our own times, when another powerful circle of kabbalists came into influence in the middle of the 20th century CE. More can be said of these dates but for now we are just using this as an example of how the numbers are inticately linked to the counts of years in the history of a priestly people doing the work of a global wisdom tradition. It was the Rabbi Abraham Azulai the son of the sage the "Chida" who in his book in the 19th century CE mentioned that the year 5760 would mark the entrance into an epoch where all of the land of the world was holy as the land of ancient Israel. The 5760 referred to the measurement of the Mikvah, the purifying ceremonial bath having a volume equal to the ancient measure of 5 thousand 7 hundred and 60 eggs. The 5760 is also calculated from the 144 hours in six days(24x6=144)and this times the 40 year long generations equaling 144x40 = 5760 and we move into the seventh "day" generationally. Getting back to how all this relates to the cubic throne of the temple mystery we find that when we multiply the six faces times the twelve edges of a cube we get the special number 72. This as spoken of before is the number of root sparks in the entire human soul tree, each root being a divine language line of humanity. The work we remember has been to unify all of these roots which has brought the very neshamah or planetary soul into the human world. When we take this number of 72 from the 12(edges)X the six(faces) and multiply by the eight corner points(holy covenant)we get the total = 576. This is the number of the present decade of the Hebrew count of time. We again see how this count echoes the completion of the work of the cubic throne temple mystery tradition on the grand scale of milleniums. Now we have gone through six years in this decade and in a sense circled the six faces of cubic space - the extension of three dimensions. We may all feel the awesome nature of our times and the great struggle for the real truth of what we are here for. As we enter the seventh year of this decade we enter the center point of the cube, called the holy palace, the Maon Kadosh, in the Sepher Yetzirah. This is where time meets the eternity of being.The number 576 is a number of completion of the cubic throne geometry on the large millenial scale, hence the prophecy from the Sepher Chesed L'Avraham. Now we are at the threshold of entering the Seventh of this very important "small" decade. One prophecy about the new Hebrew year 5767 relates the numbers in the date to the words; Tav-Tihayah,Shin-Shanat,Samech-sof,Zayin-Zeman, meaning "the year that shall be the end of time"(as we know it)! This perfectly fits with our vision from the deep math of the Sepher Yetzirah. A lot has been spoken of the prophecy of the Sepher HaZohar about the year "66" and we can understand it from a perspective of finishing the cubic edifice built of the six faces in the very 3-D physical Malchuth/Kingdom. This has been a year of the revealing of the completion of the great work, the magnum opus, on the outside. Now as we enter the inner place of the seventh center point in the year to come 576-7, the "Holy Palace"-Maon Kadosh, where we pray for the coming year that the name of Peace, Shalom, a very Holy name of the Divine Unity, finds Shalem, completion, and rest in our physical paradise we call Mother Earth. L'Shanah Tovah!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The "first yom/day" of the creation

The blog has gotten two great comments which will be answered in this article. On Monday, the Hebrew date is Elul 25 and in one tradition this is the actual date of the beginning of the creation. The first of Tishrei, now celebrated as Rosh HaShanah, being the sixth "day" from Elul 25 and aligning with the appearance of Adam on the sixth "day" and the beginning of the creation as we understand it all from the human perspective. The Seven "days"in the book of genesis representing the 6 endpoints or vertices of the three dimensions or continuums of extended space and the seventh "day"of completion and "rest"being the connection to the continuum of time eternity and being.These can be related to the six faces of the cube of the crystal throne and the seventh being the center point of the cube, called the Holy Palace in the Sepher Yetzira. Elul 25 also happens to be the eighth day of the Baal Shem Tov's life, his birthday of Elul 18 mentioned in the last article. So on elul 25 the Besht came into the covenant of Abraham and was given the name Israel Ben Eliezer. Some awesome synchronicity as happens with initiates into the holy Name. My favorite story of the Besht was about him praying with his community minyan and going so deep into prayer that he had a vision of a ladder appearing. The rungs of the ladder were being made by the prayers of the minyan and as Rabbi Israel climbed the ladder he approached the top rung which entered into the era of the redemption. Meanwhile his minyan had thought that the rabbi had fallen asleep, it being quite a long while as well, so they all parted from the prayers. The ladder in the Rabbis dream simultaneously fell apart and the rabbi did not make it to the very top and awakened abruptly instead to an empty room. The whole life of this Rabbi became devoted to bringing the Hebrew tradition back to the way of joy and celebration. The Rabbi no doubt understanding from his vision that the rational/intellectual stream would eventually lead to the demise of the specific prayer forms that would bring the redemption of the creation in the not too distant future. His life would help bring the necessary balance that would keep the Jewish covenant with HaShem alive for the completion of the "ladder", a span of 3500 years in total as mentioned and explained in previous articles. The Besht was born around the year 1700CE. As mentioned earlier one orbit of the now demoted planet pluto, 248 years from the Besht's birth would bring us to the birth of the Jewish state and the birth of the "boomers" generation, containing the seeds of a new surge in passionate Kabbalah worldwide. The birth of the nation named Israel guaranteed a huge wave of baal Teshuvah, especially in America, which made sure that the "ladder" of prayer in the Rabbi's vision stayed strong right into the 144th generation of Israel which began in 1960CE(143x40=5720=1960CE). It also helped make the teachings of the Baal Shem Tov and his deep kabbalah spread around the globe which fulfilled another of the famous prophecies about the Besht and the time of the geulah/redemption. Our regular commenter JS also made a great point in relating an orbital period of the "planet" pluto to the span of a wing of the Cherub, from the hechalot literature, being 248 years precisely. Remember from the previous article on the mercabah; 2 cherub wings=496 years plus one crown of the Seraph=502 years plus one body of the Ophan=2500 years totals 3498 years from the covenant with Abraham and Sarah. This is our times folks. Another regular reader has sent me the heads-up on the birth of another white bison calf on the same farm in Wisconsin that the first ever FEMALE white heifer bison calf was born in 1994CE. Read the previous article on this blog. This calf will also turn all four colors of the human peoples according to the Native elders commenting. This calf is a male and the chances for a white calf/non-albino to be born are around one in ten million. We pray that this continued shout from the animal world, the sound of the Shofar horn, is a sign that this final purification period we are in will end very soon and the "Hoop of all Peoples" will be mended in a global peace. Hey Yah Hey!!!(ancient Native Indian and Hebrew prayer!)

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Unification of the "Name"

It is here, right here in the physical Earth that certain unifications can take place. This we are told is the only place that certain of these special joinings of elements in the being/soul world could possibly occur. As written in the last article, the sacred stars called the twins, the Teomim, have a very long legendary history of importance regarding the unifications in the wisdom tradition as manifestated all over the globe. They represent lines of initiation that needed to come together here in the physical. The reasons are very involved and relate to the five continuum world view that is at the very core of Kabbalah and the temple mysteries. It involves the very creation and preservation of the entire balanced physical universe. We also discussed in the last article some of the relationship that the planet of the "underworld", Pluto, has to these mysteries. When the nodal axis of this now "demoted" planet had lined up with the star Beta Gemini we saw a time period when the State of Israel was born and a large circle of passionate kabbalists were born to fuel a huge renewal of the study of the Hebrew mysteries. Exactly one orbital period of Pluto - 248 years- earlier from that time another great circle of kabbalists had been born, around the year 1700 CE The great Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov and his circle of sages had appeared. In fact a person could keep moving back in time for 248 year periods, following plutos orbit around the sun, and find a recurring pattern of the appearance of great circles of kabbalists and wisdom schools. The appearance of the Baal Shem Tov was a pivotal point in Jewish history and in the movement of the deep wisdom tradition. He is the last recorded person according to the legend of the Sepher Adam, The Book of Adam(read previous article) to have received the holy book and full initiatiion into the mysteries of the "Name", the heart of kabbalah. Tommorow we celebrate his birthday, Chai Elul, his very life ensuring that the people of Israel stayed fast to the joy and beauty of the Hebrew prayer form that has been essential to the unifying of the global lineages. This has made it possible to enter into an era where a real peace is being born. A time when the Holy name may find rest in the sacred Earth, a true "Holy Land". His birthday being the eighteen, the Chai=Life of the month of Elul, the month where the people return to the creative mystery, sounding the shofar, and remembering the dance of life, creation, and sanctified change. The world right now is so much experiencing this sanctified change and cathartic transformation.The Sepher HaZohar speaks of the joining of the holy lineages which unifies the sacred name in the physical. In the part on Terumah 171a we have a direct reference to the final unifications which have brought us into this epoch now.
"Rabbi Eliezer and Rabbi Abba were sitting together one evening, and when it grew dusk they entered the garden which is on the Lake of Tiberias. As they were going they saw two stars rush towards one another from different points in the sky, meet, and then disappear." The lineages of these stars represent the joining of celestial hosts, the wheels/Ophanim, and the fiery dragons/Seraphim. These beings encompass the expanse of the whole creation and their "rushing" together as spoken of in Zohar has been the great work of all the global prayer forms within all of the worlds religious traditions.
All of the wisdom traditions' vehicles, all of the worlds religions, are holy and have been necessary. Now it is time to look beyond their "spins" which made them survivable and successful over thousands of years and acknowledge the completion of the great work. As the Zohar states, the stars rush together and then disappear. They are reappearing in the making of an Earth that is providing a place for the complete Holy Name. These twin stars are at the heart of the wisdom lineage in America called the "Brother Arrows" way. It is through the Brother Arrows way that the hoop of all peoples is mended. This in a sense involves the reunion of the first split of brothers, Cain and Abel from the book of Beresheit/Genesis, and the making of a real ADAM, a complete human. In Kabbalah it is the unification of the great Name here in the Earth. This name is Peace.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Chief of Souls/Planetary Ophanim/Wheels

When the planet Pluto was discovered in the 1930's a small group of esoteric astrologers in Austria called the Brotherhood of Light were able to formulate a method of converting a natal astrological birth chart into pure number. This corroborated the deep kabbalah of the number grids called kameas and the means for calculating the numbers of initiation within the Solomonic lineage was made possible. The finding of the ninth planet in 1930 made this work possible and also completed the planetary scheme as related to the ten sephirot of kabbalah, the nine wheels and the Sun of tiphereth giving us the whole ten which holds all the directions a being may travel in, in this created world of five continuums. This writer has had a close relationship with the "planet" Pluto since the nodal axis of the planet(the line where a planet's orbit intersects the Earth's orbit around the sun from the human perspective)was in line with the horizon of the natal birth chart for the moment of my own birth into this wheeling world. In fact at that time in the 1950's the nodal axis of pluto was exactly in line with one of the Teomim, the twin gemini stars, known as beta gemini. This significance is clear for students of the earth temple mysteries since the Zodiac on the wall of the temple of hathor in Denderah, Egypt, alignes that very temple with the planetary soul, the neshamah of the mother Earth with this star of the teomin, the twins. The holiest of the writings, the Song of Songs gives the details of the importance of the teomim or star twins in the temple mysteries of Solomon. This synchronicity and many more details in this writer's own life made it clear that the times we live in involved the joining of the two great celestial streams called in the Hebrew mysteries the Ophanim and the Seraphim. The Chiefs of the dark wheels/ophanim and Chiefs of the Star realms/Seraphim. In the ancient American Native mysteries these lineages of beings are called the lords of Quetzalcoatl(light) and Tezcatlipoca(dark). Both the Meso-American and the ancient Hebrew traditions predict the joining of these lines in the human world which would bring the dwelling of the planetary soul, the Shehkinah or mother Earth fully into the human world. This is the return of the White Buffalo calf Woman(read previous post). With the prophecy of Qumran and the Canonical Hebrew wrtings, that those involved with the completion of this work will be completely rejected and ignored by the thinkers of the times, and the non-thinkers, it is no real surprise that the "ninth" planet itself is now unseated from it's place among the other planets, so to speak. Nevertheless in the year 5750/1990 Eliyahu of the Ophanim, also called Sandalphon joined with Chief of the Seraphim, named Metatron and made the earth into a holy Mishkan, or dwelling for the Shehkinah.These angelic chiefs are the sacred teomim or twins of the mysteries.They support the throne of initiation which brings the Shehkinah into the earth. It is this special lady who "annoints" the shen(root of shanah), the ivory tooth of transformation that is really what the awe of the Rosh(chief=roshi)of Shanah(cyclic transformation/change is imbued with. We are in an eclipse cycle again as we approach this great time of change within the yearly celebrations. The eclipse cycles revolve every 19 years and this is what our Hebrew 19 year Soli-lunar calendar follows. This celebration of change coinciding with the Sabbath, the autumnal equinox and the solar eclipse by the lunar wheel may open many more people to the awesome nature of time and the "times".

Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Sepher/Book of Adam

The story of the passing of the Book of Adam from the Rabbi Adam Baal Shem to the Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov defines the tradition and lineage of Initiation that is behind the entire Temple of Creation that is our world. This book by legend is made of Sapphires encased in gold and we can follow it's reappearance throughout history as it takes various forms but still holds the same magical technology that is found in the depth of the various legends regarding the temple of initiation. The Hebrew word for Book, Sepher also with different vowel points means Sapphire and also Cipher. This tells us that the mystery of our tradition is directly involved with the level of Stone/mineral. The return of this book into the lineage of Israel is in the heart of true prophecy. As discussed in previous articles the word Adam of the Book of Adam has various levels of meaning from the name Human, male and female to the "Earth Man" from Adamah meaning Earthly blood, to the red one and the Odem stone, the Ruby in the breastplate of Aaron. With the reappearance of the Sepher Adam we have many new streams of wisdom blessing the Earth. In the ancient hermetic traditions this "Book" is called "The Cup" and the writings of Hermes the initiator relate the cup to a heralding star and the Initiator himself who we call Eliyahu in Hebrew. The prophecies from Qumran, and the Tanach tell us that the work and people involving this return of the Holy Book and Star will be rejected and ignored. It involves the stirring of the deepest and most difficult of challenges to each and every human on the road to be becoming and realizing their sacred humanity. This stirring is mirrored in the fear and awe of the elements as well as the human tragedy of senseless violence. The parsha for this week opens with "When you will go out to battle with your enemies, and haShem will deliver them....." Indeed the violence and turbulence in the world is a reflection of the inner enemies of greed, hate, envy, hubris...... These are the true enemies. We do not need to make the people outside of us dance with the mask of our inner enemies. This is another level of the return of the true holy Sepher Adam to our physical world. The Shechinah, the presence of HaShem in the Earth is not a concept. She is a created being and this understanding is the revolution now. The earth, the Planet, has a Soul! She holds the very book of life that is talked about so much as we approach the Jewish New Year the Rosh/head of Shanah/great change and transformation, the circle of transformation we call the year. Within the Shanah, the circle of change is the word Shen, meaning Ivory. The holiest of the writings, the Song of Songs tells us that this Ivory is the body of the throne of Solomon whose wisdom involves the Sepher Adam which is the key to wisdom and Shlomo - He that is Peace. Within this vast turbulent circle of change is the key to the very substance that peace rests upon.
The sound of the final Shofar permeates the entire Creation.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

The dwelling of real peace

This weeks torah portion gives many commandments for how to find the balance to make a land holy. It tells us that a holy land is where the presence of HaShem's name is resting complete. In this kind of holy land, Israel is free of all enemies and the orientation towards great blessing is the foundation of the peoples' lives. The ancient Native Americans likened the great peace to a tall pine tree which they called the tree of peace. The Jewish wisdom tradition teaches that peace comes out of a balance of the pillars of the great tree of life. This allows the flow of the divine "dew" to bless our Earth and a place is thereby manifested where the divine presence may dwell. This is peace. There are a few levels to this work. The individual who is shomer torah in the heart, filled with lovingkindness and strong in their life's walk, is the very foundation of the dwelling of the 'complete name" in the land. There are deep Hebrew teachings that transmit the knowledge of how to balance the pillars of the tree of life in a technological way, using the metals and minerals and other substances from the Earth as were held in the Mishkan, the tabernacle and the temple. The elements of this work are taught in the Sepher Yetzira where we are told that HaShem formed and 'hewn" the creation with the three sepherim, three books that are also a code for three sapphirim, three kinds of gems or crystal forms. There are people working at this level of the rectification of the tree, aligning the special substances with the electro-magnetic field of the earth globe. This unifying energy element, the electromagnetic is the energy of the Hebrew letter Sheen, comparable to the ruach hakodesh, the breath of the sacred that manifests in an obvious level in the magnetic field that holds the entire globe. A third level of making the balance in the world is of course the community where people learn how to get along and be tolerant of each other's differences. These three streams of the work of peace; the individual, the community and the temple mysteries are all fundamental to the health of the Etz Chaim, the tree of living peace which is right now growing in the sacred Earth. We must all keep nurturing her holy Life.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

The key to the great peace

Every wisdom tradition in the entire Earth is connected to the temple of Initiation that is larger than the entire physical creation. Beings move through the various stages in this temple. We gain through our meritorious works, mitzvot, and our deepening understanding of each other and the creation. We also grow in our widening love and care for all that is. The plains Indians say Mitakyuae Ohyasin, we are all related. The Jewish proclamation of faith states the unity of all that is. The Islamic proclamation of faith also states the unity of all that is. Every wisdom also has prophecies that give the game plan for the Earth and the promise of a prosperous peaceful world where our children may flourish. All people are subject to the wayward path of ethnocentric hate. The various wisdom traditions need to actively work against this monster which is born out of people thinking that there way is the only true way to the divine relationship with all that is. All paths have been and are essential to the greater plan simply because they have been essential to the unifying of the 72 soul roots of the human soul tree that has been spread out in the world. The prophecy that the "Hoop" of all peoples would be mended in America has been fulfilled. The complete human being called the Fifth Buddha, the Imam Mahdi in Islam and the Adam Qadmon is already a reality right now. This is a whole new stage in human development and the importance of certain individuals in this work is not essential to the work of making a peaceful world embracing a new humanity. Some people in each religious tradition are stuck on there being an individual "redeemer" who is of course from there tradition. This in some cases just fuels the ethnocentric rivalry and isolation. We do not need this and it is not necessary. The various signs and prophecies have been fulfilled that we have moved to the next stage. Part of the movement to the next stage has been the revealing of an ancient sacred technology that is somehow related to the manifestation of beings moving around in this physical 3-D world. I have been given some knowledge of this "key" called the megraphia in the Zohar, "a fire shovel" or fire containing vessel. In Buddhism it is called the VajraDorje and it is related to initiation of the most profound levels of how this creation exists and - Why. Not many people believe in this kind of stuff. The sacred Anhk of popular culture is related to this mystery. In the Biblical Song of Songs this sacred unifying jewel is called "anhk" in the ancient hebrew.
It is not for everybody and this is the nature of a tradition of initiation. We are in a sense all involved with learning lessons unique to where we are in the bigger scheme. In the Jewish tradition the being who comes as the initiator is often said to be Eliyahu HaNavi. Elijah the prophet. He is found in many wisdom traditions. In Islam he is called Hkidar, the green one. In Buddhism he is the celestial Bodhisattva called Vajrapani- the initiator of the Vajra wand. I have explained in previous articles how it is, and when this being returned to the Earth and how this was achieved. The Zohar has the details, especially in the part of parshas terumah. The prophecy out of Zohar at the end of Balak contains a lot of details directly related to our present times. The statement about the "45" miles around the 'holy place" is a direct relationship to the presence of the key of initiation. As shown in a previous article this 45 relates to the kamea grid of 3X3 and the value of the name ADAM=45. The direct mystery relating to the "key" is in the fact that the word ADAM with different vowels but the same numerical value in Hebrew can also mean - Ruby- the odem stone. It is this Ruby that the prophet Isaiah is speaking about when he states that the eternal Jerusalem has "gates of carbuncles and pinnacles of rubies". The special Odem stone that is related to the grid of 45,the Sabbath, the holy temple and the resurrection of the dead is a very real physical substance. Just like the metal iron in our blood is very real. It is called the Luz bone when mentioned in relationship to the global awakening called Techiyas HaMetim. The knowledge of these matters can help us move through the ethnocentric hate that is fueling the horrors in the world. Simply because these matters are contained, albeit in a hidden way, in many of the world's wisdom traditions. It must help us move to the true sovereignty of the divine in our world. In a sense the coming Full moon celebration in the Jewish tradition, TuB'Av, relates to this theme of the entire Earth embracing the divine love as the maidens of the community of Yisrael go out in the fields dressed in white and ready to meet their divine lover. I am praying that the knowledge of the holy sparks within the mineral world will bring this celebration to those who need it's healing.