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A site based on the healing of the ancient wisdom of the Geocentric worldview. The understanding of sacred texts and wisdom is based on a relationship to the Source. This Central Source is the Fount from which the three distinct movements of the Earth globe flow. These three turns-rotation,revolution and precession are a great secret/sod and key to the profound teachings of the mekubalim/kabbalists. These movements provide us with the experience of shanah/time, olam/matter and nephesh/soul(being). The Earth turn called precession is the slow wobble that causes the polar skies to change slowly over a 26,000 year cycle.
The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

the Stone that renders a person Invisible

the quest for the stone of the philosophers is found in the ancient alchemical traditions. It is none other than the stone that Jacob found at a place to be called the House of the Holy One. In an alchemical code book for the different levels of initiation into the wisdom tradition, Albertus Magnus writes about the stone so bright that when carried by a person it is so dazzling that it confuses and dazzles all people around that person, thus rendering him totally invisible. The whole world right now is a dazzled and confused entity, struggling for balance. The reintroduction of the stone of Initiation is spoken about in the Sepher HaZohar, called by some "the Torah of the Messiah". It is called this simply because it contains the information that the students of initiation needed to know to bring in the return of the "initiator", called Eliyahu HaNavi in the Hebrew tradition. This involves the return of a sacred soul fire that is the root for both shemen, the "annointing oil" that "annoints"(moshiach) and nesham, the root of the word for soul. The return of Eliyahu, Elijah the prophet, signals the return also of the very stone of the wise that renders the bearer invisible. Yes, the Zohar does tell us much of the work and events of the geulah, the redemption, will occurr in a hidden way. There are some references to this "testing" period in the writings. In the aggadah we read that HaShem asks the "annointed one" to make a deal, a pact. That if he wants all of humanity(kinesset Yisrael) to be fully redeemed, than he would have to undergo a rigorous seven year period of suffering. The Zohar tells us exactly when Elijah would return, in the year 5750/1990(part on terumah). We are moving towards seventeen years now since this period of testing began. The next big cycle to be complete is the nineteen year solar/Lunar cycle that marks a complete turn of the Hebrew calendar and the eclipses. Since many people now seem to agree that the final seven year stretch of the gog and magog "battle" began with 9/11 we find a nice neat match up since a complete 19 year cycle since 1990 will end about the same time the seven years since the so called battle against terrorism "began". The Zohar tells us in a sense exactly when this "final" seven years would begin. The Zohar on Balak, at the very end tells us the exact date of the falling of three "great towers" in the new Rome during the end of the month of Elul, precisely when 9/11 happenned. So we can count the seven years from this date as written about in Zohar. Why would a nineteen year cycle(beginning 5750) be of such significance? The relationship of the sun, the moon and the Earth that makes a complete cycle in the nineteen year calendar turn, has a direct relationship to the celestial gates that mark the coming and going of souls into the human world. This then involves the aggadic injunction that a period of testing directly involves the redemption of all human souls on Earth. Another big change that is soon to occurr will be in the administration of the USA. We all pray for leaders who have the vision and inner peace to help make a "waging of peace", a reality in the world through diplomatic and wise choices. As mentioned in an earlier article here, the vision of the plains Indian "Adam", Sweet Medicine, saw fortyfour sacred peace chiefs in the transmission of the holy arrow bundle. The next "peace chief"or president in Washington will be the Fortyfourth. We are also told in Zohar that this year "66" of 5766 also has great significance in this big work. This weeks parsha involves the importance of the hebrew priesthood and the Zohar tells us about the particular balance between the "pillars" that support our transmission of temple initiation. The "heavens" and "Earth" themselves are involved to keep this "kabbalah", this receiving of initiation that involves the very existence of the creation to begin with. The very great changes in nature we are witnessing now are thundering to the entire world the nature of these times. This is the great and awesome day that Malachi speaks about. A reinvigoration of a true and venerable priesthood has occurred and although it may appear invisible as the stone of initiation renders itself such; and it is hidden as the Zohar tells us it would be, it is still established to the depths of the creation. We may feel these now.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Seven orders of Gems

This part of Zohar about the Torah parsha on Shlach Lecha is filled with the secrets of the crystal gem work and how the mineral tree within the world is connected to the soul world, the fifth continuum of being. "Sheva sidirin demargalain" from the ancient aramaic it reads, seven orders of jewels, within each and every one; this is echoed in the aggadah, the legends concerning how the seven heavens are each made of different gemstones. We find this story in Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Islamic and Hindu teachings and legends. The Zohar was penned in the 1300's yet we now know that there are seven different crystalline matricies that form within the Earth's crust and mantle. We are also told in aggadah that the gates of the celestial temple are made of glowing carbuncle and that the "future" city of yerusalyim would be made of sapphires and rubies. Much of this lore is found in this Zohar portion for the week. The pillars of sacred crystal are spoken of and the "tears" of HaShem are also related. We have tears made of crystal in the ancient tibetan teachings as well. The wisdom was discovered and revealed all around the Earth in order to unify the name here in the physical. We are all related!In this part of Zohar, The one gem that is the source of a holy spring that fills the world with a particular kind of incense/spice is related as well as the sanctuaries of the soul world including the holy Metivtot, the supreme houses of learning in the heavens. Some of the ancient Rebbes like Rashi and Moshe Luzzato did concur that the "annointed" Chiefs in this world would be successful in hooking up the temple gates "sunk" into the ground with the heavenly eternal temple in the fourth heaven. This would initiate the spring from Eden that would flow into this world in a new way. This writing in Zohar is for those who stood at Sinai and do so again NOW! The city of Jerusalem is now being built, an eternal city made of jewels, with people touching the pillars made by HaShem deep within the body of the holy Earth. Good standing in the completion of the Sabbath!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The tree in flower

The worlds religions are in great turmoil at this time. In a sense the "wheat is being separated from the chaff". In the Zohar, the holy writing said to be for the era of the redemption, we are told that Moshe rabbainu sends the 12 spies into the land of Canaan to see if the Etz chaim, the Tree of life, is in this land. Our world is a story of these two trees, the Tree of life and the Tree of Knowledge of the polarities, the Tree of death. Our work has been to rectify the tree of the polarity by unifying the names of the creator within this world. Our three-D world is like a cube, with six faces, the six physical directions we can move in, and the 12 edges that bound the cube. These 12 X the 6 faces = 72. The Human soul tree has 72 roots. The 72 name roots are connected to life because 72 X 5 = 360. This mathematical relationship renders the golden section which is the signature of the fifth continuum, life/being in our physical world. The unification of these 72 roots of the soul tree in the created world of six directions would make possible the marriage of the tree of knowledge with the Etz chaim, the Tree of Life. The Twelve spies go into the land - in all the six directions of this created land of the unknown, in order to find the Tree of life. Moshe Rabbeinu knew from the reports that the Tree was in this land and that after the many generations he himself would be an integral part in the flowering of this Tree in our time. When the great powerful "dragons" of the world's religions become empowered by understanding the truth they contain, and dumping the spin that allows for falsehood and intolerance to dominate we will all begin to smell of the Tree of Immortality that is now beginning to Flower.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Holy Cow!

In august of 1994 an incredible event occurred on a ranch in America. A pure female white bison calf was born. This had never happenned before, the birth of a pure white female heiffer. As the ancient prophecy of the coming of White Buffalo Calf Woman had predicted, the calf went on to turn all four colors of the human family. For the native American elders who are privy to the meaning of their ancient traditions, this shout from the animal world heralded the return to the human world of the being called the White Buffalo Calf Woman. In the Hebrew tradition she is known as the Sabbath Queen, the very neshamah, or soul, of the planet Earth. As the prophecies surrounding the calf's birth had stated, the world would be shaken with disaster until a purifiaction had completed itself. This would involve the full human welcoming of the Sabbath spirit into our world, meaning the end of violent war and violent conflict, starvation of children and widespread poverty and injustice.
Disaster after disaster still shakes the Earth. The lies that anyone needs war are still spread and believed. In the area that I reside their has been the great quiet disaster of the American southwest, Drought and wildfire. Recently a Christian clergyman announced that his congregation would start praying regularly to end the drought. Prayer is always beneficial, if at least to prepare people to accept the changes in our world, including seeing, hearing and accepting the fulfillment of all the prophecies of ALL the major world religions.The Earth continues to shake and shiver until all of her children come to acknowledge her presence in our world. The great planetary conjunction is visible in the western sky after sunset. A quiet shout from the sign of the Aryeh, the lion. We will continue to listen to this roar as these planets mars & saturn which veil the 5th and 7th heavens of the being continuum, move towards their joining with the sun chief.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The soul of the soul

This weeks Zohar on the Torah parsha speaks about the levels of the the Torah and what is essential. we are also told by the sages that the Zohar is the very Torah of the redemptive period which we have entered. The Zohar tells us that the Torah is likened to a human being. It has a body which is the very commandments that teach us how to live in this world. The garment of the body is made of stories which clothe and protect the body. The soul within the body is the part that the wise ones who stood at Har Sinai are to look at and understand. Every holy people around the earth have been told to be custodians of the special land, the eretz, that they live upon. This land is a gift of HaShem. The ethnocentric view is always a part of the garment of different peoples. The mitzvot given to the people is a means to bring their holiness to the entire world. To do this the people must always look past the garment of stories that often make the people think that they are the only ones chosen to make this Earth sacred. A great Rabbi, Gershon Winkler, tells us in his teachings how HaShem is like a protective loving parent who tells each of his children privately, each people, how he loves them the most of all the children. The time must come when the child grows up and understands the difference in the garment, the body and the soul of the scripture that has been given. Everyone has heard of the story of King Solomon and the two women who are fighting for possession of a baby. Each claims to be the true mother. The king proclaims that the baby must be divided by the sword. The one true mother yells NO, and offers to let the baby be given to the other woman. Do we not see the prophetic implication of this story in relation to the present situation of the ancient land of Israel? The soul of the Torah is the very soul of the entire Earth. we call her the Shechinah, the neshamah of the planetary being. A city called Jerusalem is not only a city of peace but a community of people who teach the entire world about being peaceful. It is in this spirit that we speak here in these articles, that the "place" of this city has moved to another place on the surface of the earth. It is not land itself that makes a place the holy land. It is how people understand their Torah. The entire earth is trembling now as Sinai. We are all being tested as to who is the true mother of this sacred child. When we come to understand that the geulah, the redemption, is already here then we will be able to live on this sacred Earth and honor her and ourselves with peace. The Qumran scrolls contain a writing called the "words of Michael" that give us a view of what a new global "Jerusalem" would look like. It describes it and tells us that it is in a place, a land, far from the place that the scrolls were kept. The indigenous American natives have ancient teachings that explain that their land will be the center of a new city of peace that will guide the entire world. The ancient Tibetans also have descriptions with details that correspond to the description from Qumran. They tell us that a "banner" will fly over that land that they call the banner of Shambhala, the Tibetan name for their "future Jerusalem". The ancient Pueblo Indians have a sacred banner design that means, a place where the sun, the light of peace shines. It has become the flag of the state that includes these ancient peoples. It is a circle with 16 rays of light streaming in the four quadrants of the circle. It is called the Zia. 16 X 360(degrees of the circle)= 5760, the precise date on the Jewish calendar that the sage, Rabbi Abraham Azulai, wrote as the date when only Israel would be left as dry land on the entire Earth(see earlier article). We are all standing at the holy mountain, whereever we are. The wise ones know how to see and understand the Torah. The soul of the Torah is Peace.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Earth-centered Self

A great Rabbi, David Zeller, came here yesterday. He teaches all around the globe and at one point he said we need to replace the "self-centered Earth for an Earth-centered self". This is the heart of the teachings of the StoneFlower. Last weeks parsha, Naso, in Zohar has a great deal about the Shofar and it's power and we are now in a stepped up phase of an earth-centered trumpet blast. "Rebono Shel Olam" the Rabbi chanted with us to bring the most hidden One into manifestation for many to understand. Sovereignty in the physical is bringing us the great peace that our times require. We each can manifest the Shearim Kedushah, the gates of holiness and it appears that the very substance of the eben Shetiyah may greatly facilitate this work, this making physical of the Beth HaMikdash, the holy temple eternal that is in the fourth heaven and whose gates are connected to the "gates sunk into the earth." This is the mineral secret of ancient philosophers, kabbalists and alchemists. Listen for the Voice of the Shofar everying morning.

Friday, June 09, 2006

the dragon of the sea

all of america is as jerusalem now. the rest of the sacred Earth globe is as Yisrael. the original dual dragons in the ancient legends of babyl and sumer have joined here. yes the confusion has gone to it's limits. the holy creatures, the chayah of the living beasts are from the source of the all good "end"or vertice of the fifth continuum. This is the freshwater dragon who the gnostic christians saw arising from the "sea", the mar. this is the lightning like male who together with the female dragon of the saltwater ocean envelop the entire creation in ever renewed change. yes we envision the uniting here in this creation and the stepping into a new portion of the grand journey. this first male dragon, unutterable, needed the prayer forms to reappear in a renewed form within the tree of the knowledge of the duality. the seven kameas or number grids hold the key to the meaning of the gnostic numbers. Solomon made a census and it yielded to him the 666 talents of pure gold, read the book of Kings. All he ever asked for was "wisdom and understanding". the number of the great freshwater male dragon becomes the number of an individual Adam, the completed human who is humanity attaining the next stage within a renewed creation.the soul of the Earth is the mother with child. the indigenous americans saw the massau, the person who walks in the great spirit, coming to this turtle island with two great priestly peoples. we are all related!! hey yah hey

Saturday, June 03, 2006

The Tenth Song

The planet called meadim in the Hebrew, known as Mars, entered the sign of the Aryeh/the Lion earlier this past day, during the yom tov festival of shavuot.The Hebrew name of this globe is the only planetary name that contains the name ADAM and the word for blood, DAM. This planet and the heaven that it is said to veil, have far deeper associations than war and violence. The sphere is heading for a joining, a conjunction with Shabbatai/Saturn in the Lion in about two weeks. Then Shabbatai will a few weeks later join with with the sun in the Lion. We suspect a continued quickening of the revelation of these awesome times for more people. The conjunction of the two planetary spheres will also be in exact square aspect to Tzedeq/Jupiter in the sign of the Eagle. An ancient Jewish tradition speaks aboout the ten songs that are given to Israel. The ninth in the list is Shir HaShirim, the Song of Songs. The tenth song is said to be the one that the holy people sing in the redemption. This song can be heard now. The details of the lyrics are hidden in the ninth song. The lover proclaims in the poem, "You have ravished my heart, my sister, my bride, you have ravished my heart with a glance of your eyes, with one jewel of your necklace." IV,9. The verse raises up the woman lover who is the very planetary soul or neshamah, to the status of both bride and sister. This raising up of the stature of womanhood is parallel to the very physical manifestation of the Shekinah, the soul of the Earth in the human world. The jewel is at the heart of the mystery, and the new song that is the tenth. The word for jewel is here in this awesome book, ayin-nun-koph; Aanak or ankh! The mystery of this "stoneflower" jewel develops in the song for here-in lies the mystery of the redemptive period that began 16 years ago. The tradition of Israel is very much linked to the secrets in the mineral world. The festival of Shavuot surrounds, in one perspective, pieces of sacred stone that are a link to a very very ancient tradition of initiation in a temple/school that is "older" than the physical manifestation of the created world.
So this stone of life, this ankh jewel brings us back to the red planet that carries the word and color of blood and is associated with the metal iron. The song should become clearer and stronger in the upcoming days. The color of this jewel is the argaman, the very seat of Solomon's chariot. Read and sing and chant and study this song, it is the holy of holies.