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The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

the Stone that renders a person Invisible

the quest for the stone of the philosophers is found in the ancient alchemical traditions. It is none other than the stone that Jacob found at a place to be called the House of the Holy One. In an alchemical code book for the different levels of initiation into the wisdom tradition, Albertus Magnus writes about the stone so bright that when carried by a person it is so dazzling that it confuses and dazzles all people around that person, thus rendering him totally invisible. The whole world right now is a dazzled and confused entity, struggling for balance. The reintroduction of the stone of Initiation is spoken about in the Sepher HaZohar, called by some "the Torah of the Messiah". It is called this simply because it contains the information that the students of initiation needed to know to bring in the return of the "initiator", called Eliyahu HaNavi in the Hebrew tradition. This involves the return of a sacred soul fire that is the root for both shemen, the "annointing oil" that "annoints"(moshiach) and nesham, the root of the word for soul. The return of Eliyahu, Elijah the prophet, signals the return also of the very stone of the wise that renders the bearer invisible. Yes, the Zohar does tell us much of the work and events of the geulah, the redemption, will occurr in a hidden way. There are some references to this "testing" period in the writings. In the aggadah we read that HaShem asks the "annointed one" to make a deal, a pact. That if he wants all of humanity(kinesset Yisrael) to be fully redeemed, than he would have to undergo a rigorous seven year period of suffering. The Zohar tells us exactly when Elijah would return, in the year 5750/1990(part on terumah). We are moving towards seventeen years now since this period of testing began. The next big cycle to be complete is the nineteen year solar/Lunar cycle that marks a complete turn of the Hebrew calendar and the eclipses. Since many people now seem to agree that the final seven year stretch of the gog and magog "battle" began with 9/11 we find a nice neat match up since a complete 19 year cycle since 1990 will end about the same time the seven years since the so called battle against terrorism "began". The Zohar tells us in a sense exactly when this "final" seven years would begin. The Zohar on Balak, at the very end tells us the exact date of the falling of three "great towers" in the new Rome during the end of the month of Elul, precisely when 9/11 happenned. So we can count the seven years from this date as written about in Zohar. Why would a nineteen year cycle(beginning 5750) be of such significance? The relationship of the sun, the moon and the Earth that makes a complete cycle in the nineteen year calendar turn, has a direct relationship to the celestial gates that mark the coming and going of souls into the human world. This then involves the aggadic injunction that a period of testing directly involves the redemption of all human souls on Earth. Another big change that is soon to occurr will be in the administration of the USA. We all pray for leaders who have the vision and inner peace to help make a "waging of peace", a reality in the world through diplomatic and wise choices. As mentioned in an earlier article here, the vision of the plains Indian "Adam", Sweet Medicine, saw fortyfour sacred peace chiefs in the transmission of the holy arrow bundle. The next "peace chief"or president in Washington will be the Fortyfourth. We are also told in Zohar that this year "66" of 5766 also has great significance in this big work. This weeks parsha involves the importance of the hebrew priesthood and the Zohar tells us about the particular balance between the "pillars" that support our transmission of temple initiation. The "heavens" and "Earth" themselves are involved to keep this "kabbalah", this receiving of initiation that involves the very existence of the creation to begin with. The very great changes in nature we are witnessing now are thundering to the entire world the nature of these times. This is the great and awesome day that Malachi speaks about. A reinvigoration of a true and venerable priesthood has occurred and although it may appear invisible as the stone of initiation renders itself such; and it is hidden as the Zohar tells us it would be, it is still established to the depths of the creation. We may feel these now.


Anonymous said...

I love your posts. They are beautifully crafted. Paul

Dennis Tate said...

This Sefer haZohar sounds interesting.
I shall do a search for it.
Dennis Tate