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A site based on the healing of the ancient wisdom of the Geocentric worldview. The understanding of sacred texts and wisdom is based on a relationship to the Source. This Central Source is the Fount from which the three distinct movements of the Earth globe flow. These three turns-rotation,revolution and precession are a great secret/sod and key to the profound teachings of the mekubalim/kabbalists. These movements provide us with the experience of shanah/time, olam/matter and nephesh/soul(being). The Earth turn called precession is the slow wobble that causes the polar skies to change slowly over a 26,000 year cycle.
The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Possessing the living truth

The final test of the epoch is upon us. A great part of the world economy is built on weapons. All the hate and fear. The rich getting rich and the poor getting poorer.All the poor disenfranchised children, the hunger and desperation. People still think we have the right to execute human beings for some horrible crime. Like that is an "ultimate punishment" to take their sacred life. This in America has made us all murderers. The people of the USA versus so and so. I herald from a specific lineage. A line that is not allowed to deal with death and slaughter. The laws in this country and state have made me a murderer. We have hence all become very bad as the prophecy has stated. All people will be either all good or all bad to bring the redemption. For 40 years the USA did not murder human beings federally. Then in march of 2001 that all changed and the people of the USA murdered a human being. Played the part of holy HaShem. We lost our sacred protection and the towers fell in NYC. And these wars ensued. Desperate fearful "leaders". We walk holy land. In the Zohar on Balak at the end in the incredible prophecy, it states that the geulah/redemption will happen and THEN humanity will experience one trouble after another. Just like at the end of Malachi. The enemies of Israel it says in Zohar will prevail after the geulah and then the global soul awakening. The many Jews do not believe that Elijah has returned as I speak the details on the subject. They deny the great blessing here and now. Who does believe that we live on a sacred Earth deserving of the great things promised? The Zohar tells us that the seven ancient kings of a previous unbalanced creation, fell and their crowns were lost. Our work has been to recover the metals and stones and build a tabernacle that holds the presence of blessing, the soul of the Mother Earth. The Jews kiss the holy Torah, the garment of the Shekinah. The Moslems kiss the rock at the Kaabah, given to our father Abraham from the creator. The mysteries are now revealed and some are fighting against this revelation. This was foretold. A minyan of people are reading these words. Let that holy ten carry the revelation. This might bring peace. The stone that is said to be the gate of the third temple is being given out. Critical mass could be ten or seventy or 144. The song of songs is said to be the holiest of the writings. Solomon has a vine at the En Gedi, the sacred fount. The entire creation is a song of lovers finding each other. Finding the 1000 pieces, the cosmic Aleph. Aleph in the blood = ADAM, male and female.Lovers

Friday, July 28, 2006

kamea of 9/ ancient cave-ancient vine

We are now in the count of the nine days of the Hebrew month of Av, the month of the aryeh/lion. This is traditionally a time of caution for us to remember that the previous terrible calamities that befell Israel at this time of year were due to our own shortcomings and hostilities to each other. In the count of the one to the nine we have the ancient magic square of nine, called a kamea, as seen in the picture above. Each row and column adds to 15/ the value of Yah; a name of the Creator. The entire box of numbers adds to 45. This value equals the word ADAM; the complete human being. This word is made of the letter A/aleph(number one), the divine unity in the DM/dam, the blood. Since the nine days of Av follow the "battle" to wholeness as a holy people until the complete redemption which traditionally is said to change the ninth of Av to a day of celebration. The celebration has been celebrated at the 15th of the month/the full moon. The month of Av holds the whole Aleph-Beth in a hidden way since it's name is made of these letters, AB. We see this pattern on a few different levels; in the numbers, the letters, the traditions of history and the parsha with commentaries. On the day of the 15th in tradition the white robed maidens of Israel dance in the fields and meet their lovers, which represents the community of Israel meeting the divine mystery of all that is. The torah parsha for the week begins with a mention of the turning from Sinai, the holy mountain of revelation and the going out to the world, making the world holy. Becoming a holy people of peace making a world at peace. The section of the prophet Isaiah read for this Sabbath also contains the mention of the "battles" for holiness and wholeness and the ending in a "city of sacred Faith", a holy people.
We mentioned a few weeks ago about the Zohar commentary on the Torah parsha Balak; containing the prophecy of the Star/Kokhav of Jacob, the falling of the three towers and the final redemption. In this section it also states that the "holy land" will be shaken for 45 miles around and then a purifying fire will emerge from an ancient cave and secure the making of a holy people at peace. The 45 we see as an allusion to the kamea of nine and the total value equaling ADM, the complete human. This also alludes to what is known in our tradition as the cave of Machpelah, where the ancestors are at rest. Therefore this is also an allusion to what is called the Techiyas HaMetim/the resurrection of the dead which is a complete remembering of who we are as a holy people. All Peoples knowing of their holiness. The parsha for this week also reminds us that we are in the 40th year of wandering; at the edge of the complete coming into the holy land of peace and joy. There are a lot of symmetries with all this prophecy and the events in the entire world right now. We are in the 40th year since the city of Jerusalem was reunited as a city. We seem so far away from a real peace among peoples. We need divine intervention! Indeed we must all open our eyes to the fact that the whole world is a "divine intervention" and we must give up hate in order to win the great peace. As Isaiah states in the section for this week, we must become real in our offerings to HaShem in order for the Shekinah, the soul of the Earth who is peace, to dwell with us fully here on Earth. Every religious tradition is open to becoming a false road; filled with hate in the name of the great mystery. The divine is intervening in a way that is teaching us something we need in order for all of us to enter the holy land. The number five in the middle of the Kamea of nine is the letter Heh in Hebrew. This is the last letter of the unpronounceable name of haShem - Yod-heh-Vav-Heh. This is the five that is life. The life of the earth; the soul of the Earth. We must be very close to a global sanctioning of blessed Life by all peoples. The flower of both Judaism and Islam is blooming in the world. The thorns are being consumed. The thorns that prevent people from smelling the fragrance of the complete Human which comes out of the cave of 45 and spreads as a holy vine throughout the whole earth. This kamea of nine is related to one day of the week, one of the seven heavens and a specific metal and stone and planet. This kamea of nine is related to the planet Saturn whose name in Hebrew contains the name of the Sabbath. The planet Shabbatai is in the sign of the Aryeh joined with the Sun/Shemesh in the same sign. Do we hear the roar of the Sabbath Lion?

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The first day of Av/month of the Lion

The only mentioned date of a death of an important personage in the Hebrew Torah is that of Aaron the High Priest. He died on the first of the month of Av, the month of the ari, the Lion. That date is this Wednesday this year of 5766. Included in the special vestments of the High priest was the Ephod, the breastplate of stones. The Zohar on the parsha terumah explains the connection between certain comets and the special jewels and gold found in the "breast of high mountains" which alludes to the vestment of the high priest. With the completion of the Deep Impact mission to studying a comet, we have a wonderful confirmation of this connection written down in the Zohar many centuries ago. The astronomers found several substances including crystalline olivine, also called peridot or chrysolite. This gem is traditionally one of the stones said to be in the breastplate of the high priest. The picture above from NASA shows the small cup of green crystals as part of the substance obtained from the comet. The astronomers tell us that the study of the make-up of the comet will reveal some of the mysteries of the creation of our solar system and the entire universe as well. As stated here before the mineral world holds a vital relationship to the world of being and this relationship is indeed a great key as to how our world exists and to who we are as humans. There are two scientists from Rutgers and Duke Universities that are presently looking to prove the existence of a fourth dimension of space, what we call in Kabbalah the fifth continuum or dimension if we consider time as the fourth. These scientists are waiting for a satellite to deliver instruments into space that will render empirical data that show how gravity effects black holes and they tell us that this will for the first time empirically prove another dimension. Kabbalists know this dimension or continuum as the being or soul world. Another stellar discovery has also been that the core of a type of star called a white dwarf is most likely made of pure crystalline carbon many miles in diameter, pure diamond crystal, another gem said to have been on the breastplate of the high priest of Israel. These discoveries coming into the view of the entire world are but another sign that the long awaited geulah/redemption has already happened and the creation is waking-up to this stupendous change. We are coming to know who we are! We are coming in to a new relationship with HaShem, the divine mystery of all that is. This will give birth to a shalem/shalom; a great and wondrous Peace. Very soon!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Adam Qadmon and the Imam Mahdi

A Pakistani Moslem man came to our Chevira for the Sabbath a couple of weeks ago. He told me that his heart felt good in our prayer service. I told him that we call the Creator the merciful and compassionate, the same words in the Arabic, IrRachman, IrRachim - from the opening of the Koran. The parshas over the next few weeks cover the travels of the holy people through many transitions - joining all the lineages of the entire globe into the unity that brings the complete human, called the Adam Qadmon. This being has all 72 soul roots of humanity and brings the Shechinah, the soul of the planet earth fully into the human world. The battles, victories and defeats in the Torah cover the successful unifications of all the language lineages and has been the grand work of the holy people. The number of the soul roots, 72, comes from an easy multiplication of the six faces of the cubic throne times the 12 edges. The six faces are the mothers of Israel; Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, Leah, Bilhah and Zilpah, and the 12 edges which reach to infinity are the tribes. The three axis of the cube are the patriarchs.The 6 mothers plus the 3 fathers and the central point of unity gives us the 10 directions of the five petalled Rose that forms sacred humanity. The Buddhist teachings call these the 10 fields or directions of the enlightened ones, the Buddhas. This is the celestial blueprint that becomes physical in our Earth world. The true prayer forms of many peoples on the globe have supported the work of the unifications of the 72. As explained before, the beings that support the throne have been active in the world and in the heavens. These play a vital role in the manifestation of the entire creation. The same beings, the Seraphim and the Ophanim, play major roles in the stories of many peoples including those of the Islamic world. Many different peoples also have their dream vision and their name for the completed human being, the Adam Qadmon. In Islam this personage is called the Imam Mahdi,the Rose of Islam, who is the twelfth or hidden Imam, the carrier of true prophecy in the world that has been healed. In Asia this being and stage of humanity is called the flower of the five petalled fifth Buddha or enlightened one(5X72=360). Arabs and Israelis, Americans and Asians, all peoples can now tune into the wholeness that has been achieved and has been longed for by many peoples. We are in a renewed world yet some people can not feel or understand or know of this. This is a time of testing of the new humanity and it is so difficult. It is possible that the wings of the two Cherubim who are the chiefs of the Seraphim and the Ophanim could touch each other in a way that would bring us into another stage of this global awakening. It is also possible that as more people get in touch with the substance of the Eben Shetiyah, the crystalline throne in the physical Earth, that we open these Shearim/gates to manifestating the third temple in a way that is more densely visible. All peoples have the six "cities of refuge" that are mentioned in the parsha for the week. For Jews it is verbalized in the six words of the Shema(holding the six faces of the cubic throne), the proclamation of faith in the unity of love. We all need to stay in touch with these "cities" for this is really what makes great miracles happen in our world. Next week we move into the fifth book of the Torah and this brings the yearly cycle from the words of HaShem into the words of the man Moses Rabbeinu, a pioneer in the making of the complete human. May the complete and profound unity of all of humanity become apparent to all peoples.

Friday, July 14, 2006

The Planetary Chiefs/opening the Veil

As mentioned in earlier articles the planets are considered veils of the seven heavens in the ancient Hebrew traditions. These heavens are the mansions of the fifth continuum, the vast world of soul and being. Astrology is therefore directly connected to the unfolding work of tikkun olam, the healing of the world through the unfolding of the revelation of the soul world in our physical reality. Our times are very intense and there are some unique planetary relationships ongoing at this time. Mars/meadim and saturn/Shabbatai are together in the sign of the aryeh/lion right now, hence the intensity of emotional turmoil. This conjunction has not happened since 1978/5738 and everything is stepped-up in power since the beginning of the "ingathering of exiles", kibbutz golius, began as predicted by the ancient ones in 5750/1990. All the planetary dance relationships now are part of a quickening in the awakening of beings in the world to the "Shoshanah HaOmakin" the flower of the depths that human life is an opening of in manifestation. The violence will subside, Baruch haShem; and in a week, Mars/meadim will move into the sign of the Betulah/Virgin and simultaneously the Sun/Shemesh will move into the sign of the Aryeh. This is happening in such a way that the powers of the left column of the creation(justice) will not be overly energized without the balance of the right column(love). With the sun moving into the Aryeh/Lion the Earth will be moving into the sign of the Deli/Human WaterCarrier. The earth is always in the opposite sign from the sun. With this change we are in another incredible planetary interrelationship. The planet jupiter/Zedeq is in the sign of the eagle/Aqrav and as we move into the 8th and 9th of the Hebrew month of Av(August 2&3) the Moon/Levunah joins jupiter in the sign of the Eagle. We will then have three of the sacred Hayoth HaKodesh creatures manifestated in a wonderful form. The Earth, embodiment of the Shekinah, the Sabbath Queen will hold the veil of the "Face of the Human"(of the four holy faces supporting the throne of Love). The Moon and jupiter will have the 'Face of the eagle" and the Planet Saturn will be joined with the Sun, holding the face of the Lion. The sign of the bull or calf will not be represented. This face of the calf/bovine is spoken of in Zohar as manifesting the left column of justice, which has been raised up as mentioned in a previous article.the season of the month of Av has always been considered a time when the redemptive era will come into focus in a special way and we will turn our sorrows into joys. We are moving through times which herald the opening of the gates that will continue to allow people to embrace the awesome nature of the creation at this time. Embrace the wonderful Sabbath that is the Earth!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Star of the Seventy Chieftains

The Star, the sacred Kohkav/comet is mentioned in last weeks parsha and discussed in Zohar/Balak at the end of the section. This incredible section on Balak gives particulars associated with the falling of three migdalim/towers in the city of Rome and a date at the end of Elul which is close to the exact date of 9/11. This section therefore tells us that the star that arrived 16 years ago is still completing the great work of making a world at peace with a city of peace at it's center.It appears that at 9/11 we have entered the last seven years of testing. We pray it is shortened. This star which is spoken of carries a magnetic being fire that contains the 70 spirits that surround the holy Kiso, the throne of Love and support the tree of soul in our human world. The seventy seats of the celestial beth din are mentioned in the Zohar/Pinchas for this weeks Torah reading. The Zohar here touches on a few very interconnected items that relate to our times since the Star of Yaakov has come in 5750/1990. The Zohar carefully explains and intertwines the work of ibbur, which is the soul impregnation that allows for discarnate beings to join with a living person. This is integrated with the means for Pinchas to have regained his stature as worthy of the High Priesthood after he committed an act usually attributed to anger and zealous impulse, not associated with the humbleness of a priest of haShem. It tells us that the discarnate souls of the two sons of the Kohen Gadol, Aaron, attached themselves to the soul of Pinchas thereby rendering him worthy of the Priesthood. The Zohar hints at the means for such an incredible event. The Zohar also tells us that the rebuilding of Jerusalem and the third holy temple will not be a manmade happening but it will be a descent of the eternal celestial temple. It emphatically tells us that "the "future" city of Jerusalem will not be the work of human hands, all the more so the Temple, HaShems habitation"(Zohar 221b-vol.3). Then the Zohar also splendidly but covertly for the eyes of the initiates, connects the coming of the Star, the 70 being roots of the great council tree of HaShem and the Luz bone, that "bone" in the human skeleton that does not decay and hence allows for the resurrection of the person at the right time. We have explained earlier about the secrets in the mineral world and crystal knowledge contained in the writings and teachings of kabbalah. The word for the metal iron, Barzel, carries the root raz for "secret" and it is the iron in our blood and the iron in certain sacred jewels that reveals the secret of the bone that does not decay. The atomic number of iron in the periodic table of the elements is 26; the value by gematria of the name of HaSHem. These secrets are related to the crystal substance of the throne of love and the beings in the fifth continuum that support and carry this special throne. We also mentioned in a previous article how the heights of these angelic beings are given in journeys of years in the Sepher hechalot(book of palaces) and by figuring them together we calculated 3500 years to the complete chariot/merkaba of the throne interfacing with the Earth world. It has been 3500 years since the ancestors Abraham and Sarah lived and began this sacred journey of tikun olam, healing the world. With the raising up of the mineral world in relation to the worlds of the plant, animal and human we have attained to a global healing. May the global peace we work for come speedily!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Solomon and the Red and White Cows

Students of the kabbalah will understand the meaning of the colors red and white. The red is the color of justice, the left pillar of power, gevurah; and the white is the color of love, chesed, and the white pillar.These pillars support the entire world of being. The deep understanding of these colors is fundamental to knowing about the meaning of the red heifer. Everyone who has studied the complex subject of the Red Heifer from the book of Numbers has been in the continuing debate. We know from the Zohar tradition that the red calf has a relationship with Miriam, the very special sister of Moses who is equated with the Shekinah, the soul of the Earth. She dies in the same Torah parsha and her sacred stone well of flowing waters disappears. This leaves the children of Yisrael in a difficult situation which is also related to the red heifer tradition. It is a complex purification ritual that the talmud tells us even King solomon could not understand and mentioned that he speaks about this mystery in the book of Kohelet/Ecclesiastes. History and the unfolding of prophecy would reveal another level of the mystery. For on the other side of the globe of the Earth from Judaea lives a people, the Plains Indians, who believed that the sign of the coming of the Spirit being of the Mother Earth, the Sabbath Queen, the White Buffalo Calf Woman, is the birth of a pure unblemished white Buffalo calf heifer. We speak in these articles about the unification of the 72 rooted human soul tree, being the global work of a temple tradition of initiation that is older than the very present creation. For the native peoples of America, the sign of the completion of this work and the bringing into the world the balance of sovereign justice, is the birth of a white female buffalo calf which is also a sign that the planetary soul has fully returned into the human world. Only the very completion of this work and the appearance of various signs would reveal the depths of the mystery. The female(the first female ever!) white buffalo calf was born in America in August of 1994 and then a pure female red cow was born in the ancient land of Judaea in 1997. The prophecy of the sign of the tenth red heifer is recorded in the Rambam's work from the eleventh century of the common era. He stated that nine Parah Adumahs, red heifers, had been prepared up to the destruction of the second temple. The tenth would be brought into the world in the era of Moshiach. Of course the Moshiach, an annointed one, is just another sign of the completion of the bringing together of the 72 soul roots and the coming of a new stage in human evolution, called the Adam Qadmon, the complete human. Solomon said the mystery of the red cow was so very deep he could not fathom it with his wisdom. Indeed he would have had to go pretty deep into the Earth to discover the balance of the white buffalo calf legend, on the other side of the globe. The coming of the white calf marked the shout of the animal world that the Shekinah, called White Buffalo Calf Woman in America; the very soul of the Earth has returned to the human world. The red heifer was the echo/shout back of the animal world, the pure red color meant that a complete redemption and balance in the soul world at a very deep level has been achieved.This called Tikun Olam, the repair of the world. We will continue to discuss this knowledge concerning the colors of the red and the white as understood from the mineral and the animal, and the human worlds. Happy independence day!!