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The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Friday, July 28, 2006

kamea of 9/ ancient cave-ancient vine

We are now in the count of the nine days of the Hebrew month of Av, the month of the aryeh/lion. This is traditionally a time of caution for us to remember that the previous terrible calamities that befell Israel at this time of year were due to our own shortcomings and hostilities to each other. In the count of the one to the nine we have the ancient magic square of nine, called a kamea, as seen in the picture above. Each row and column adds to 15/ the value of Yah; a name of the Creator. The entire box of numbers adds to 45. This value equals the word ADAM; the complete human being. This word is made of the letter A/aleph(number one), the divine unity in the DM/dam, the blood. Since the nine days of Av follow the "battle" to wholeness as a holy people until the complete redemption which traditionally is said to change the ninth of Av to a day of celebration. The celebration has been celebrated at the 15th of the month/the full moon. The month of Av holds the whole Aleph-Beth in a hidden way since it's name is made of these letters, AB. We see this pattern on a few different levels; in the numbers, the letters, the traditions of history and the parsha with commentaries. On the day of the 15th in tradition the white robed maidens of Israel dance in the fields and meet their lovers, which represents the community of Israel meeting the divine mystery of all that is. The torah parsha for the week begins with a mention of the turning from Sinai, the holy mountain of revelation and the going out to the world, making the world holy. Becoming a holy people of peace making a world at peace. The section of the prophet Isaiah read for this Sabbath also contains the mention of the "battles" for holiness and wholeness and the ending in a "city of sacred Faith", a holy people.
We mentioned a few weeks ago about the Zohar commentary on the Torah parsha Balak; containing the prophecy of the Star/Kokhav of Jacob, the falling of the three towers and the final redemption. In this section it also states that the "holy land" will be shaken for 45 miles around and then a purifying fire will emerge from an ancient cave and secure the making of a holy people at peace. The 45 we see as an allusion to the kamea of nine and the total value equaling ADM, the complete human. This also alludes to what is known in our tradition as the cave of Machpelah, where the ancestors are at rest. Therefore this is also an allusion to what is called the Techiyas HaMetim/the resurrection of the dead which is a complete remembering of who we are as a holy people. All Peoples knowing of their holiness. The parsha for this week also reminds us that we are in the 40th year of wandering; at the edge of the complete coming into the holy land of peace and joy. There are a lot of symmetries with all this prophecy and the events in the entire world right now. We are in the 40th year since the city of Jerusalem was reunited as a city. We seem so far away from a real peace among peoples. We need divine intervention! Indeed we must all open our eyes to the fact that the whole world is a "divine intervention" and we must give up hate in order to win the great peace. As Isaiah states in the section for this week, we must become real in our offerings to HaShem in order for the Shekinah, the soul of the Earth who is peace, to dwell with us fully here on Earth. Every religious tradition is open to becoming a false road; filled with hate in the name of the great mystery. The divine is intervening in a way that is teaching us something we need in order for all of us to enter the holy land. The number five in the middle of the Kamea of nine is the letter Heh in Hebrew. This is the last letter of the unpronounceable name of haShem - Yod-heh-Vav-Heh. This is the five that is life. The life of the earth; the soul of the Earth. We must be very close to a global sanctioning of blessed Life by all peoples. The flower of both Judaism and Islam is blooming in the world. The thorns are being consumed. The thorns that prevent people from smelling the fragrance of the complete Human which comes out of the cave of 45 and spreads as a holy vine throughout the whole earth. This kamea of nine is related to one day of the week, one of the seven heavens and a specific metal and stone and planet. This kamea of nine is related to the planet Saturn whose name in Hebrew contains the name of the Sabbath. The planet Shabbatai is in the sign of the Aryeh joined with the Sun/Shemesh in the same sign. Do we hear the roar of the Sabbath Lion?

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