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The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Solomon and the Red and White Cows

Students of the kabbalah will understand the meaning of the colors red and white. The red is the color of justice, the left pillar of power, gevurah; and the white is the color of love, chesed, and the white pillar.These pillars support the entire world of being. The deep understanding of these colors is fundamental to knowing about the meaning of the red heifer. Everyone who has studied the complex subject of the Red Heifer from the book of Numbers has been in the continuing debate. We know from the Zohar tradition that the red calf has a relationship with Miriam, the very special sister of Moses who is equated with the Shekinah, the soul of the Earth. She dies in the same Torah parsha and her sacred stone well of flowing waters disappears. This leaves the children of Yisrael in a difficult situation which is also related to the red heifer tradition. It is a complex purification ritual that the talmud tells us even King solomon could not understand and mentioned that he speaks about this mystery in the book of Kohelet/Ecclesiastes. History and the unfolding of prophecy would reveal another level of the mystery. For on the other side of the globe of the Earth from Judaea lives a people, the Plains Indians, who believed that the sign of the coming of the Spirit being of the Mother Earth, the Sabbath Queen, the White Buffalo Calf Woman, is the birth of a pure unblemished white Buffalo calf heifer. We speak in these articles about the unification of the 72 rooted human soul tree, being the global work of a temple tradition of initiation that is older than the very present creation. For the native peoples of America, the sign of the completion of this work and the bringing into the world the balance of sovereign justice, is the birth of a white female buffalo calf which is also a sign that the planetary soul has fully returned into the human world. Only the very completion of this work and the appearance of various signs would reveal the depths of the mystery. The female(the first female ever!) white buffalo calf was born in America in August of 1994 and then a pure female red cow was born in the ancient land of Judaea in 1997. The prophecy of the sign of the tenth red heifer is recorded in the Rambam's work from the eleventh century of the common era. He stated that nine Parah Adumahs, red heifers, had been prepared up to the destruction of the second temple. The tenth would be brought into the world in the era of Moshiach. Of course the Moshiach, an annointed one, is just another sign of the completion of the bringing together of the 72 soul roots and the coming of a new stage in human evolution, called the Adam Qadmon, the complete human. Solomon said the mystery of the red cow was so very deep he could not fathom it with his wisdom. Indeed he would have had to go pretty deep into the Earth to discover the balance of the white buffalo calf legend, on the other side of the globe. The coming of the white calf marked the shout of the animal world that the Shekinah, called White Buffalo Calf Woman in America; the very soul of the Earth has returned to the human world. The red heifer was the echo/shout back of the animal world, the pure red color meant that a complete redemption and balance in the soul world at a very deep level has been achieved.This called Tikun Olam, the repair of the world. We will continue to discuss this knowledge concerning the colors of the red and the white as understood from the mineral and the animal, and the human worlds. Happy independence day!!

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