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A site based on the healing of the ancient wisdom of the Geocentric worldview. The understanding of sacred texts and wisdom is based on a relationship to the Source. This Central Source is the Fount from which the three distinct movements of the Earth globe flow. These three turns-rotation,revolution and precession are a great secret/sod and key to the profound teachings of the mekubalim/kabbalists. These movements provide us with the experience of shanah/time, olam/matter and nephesh/soul(being). The Earth turn called precession is the slow wobble that causes the polar skies to change slowly over a 26,000 year cycle.
The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The 576th decade

The nature of the geometrical cube and the cubic shaped throne are often referred to in the literature of Kabbalah and the other wisdom lineages of the world. The cube reveals geometrically and mathematically the core teaching, the deep stream that is Israel and the making of a people who have been charged to bring the world into a prosperous peaceful society. The three axis, twelve edges, six faces and central point correspond to the three patriarchs, six matriarchs and twelve tribes all surrounding the Ehad or divine unity of the central place. The eight corner points of the cube echo the meaning of the octave transcendence to a new level and hence this is the number of the sacred covenant or naming ceremony at eight days. All of this "math" is essential to the mind that moves into a five continuum form of thinking that opens the individual to the level of creative imagination sometimes called chockmah or wisdom consciousness. The core text of kabbalah, the Sepher Yetzirah tells us that the mathematical component of the divine in relation to the created is one of the three "sepherim"/books,with which the Divine mystery engraves the world by means of willing, creating, forming and manifesting/sustaining the very fabric of the universe. The Divine One is a supreme mathematician. The Hebrew letters are therefore also numbers. Therefore the dates of time, in years and months and days may also be related to number values and words and prophecy. An example of this is how there have been two specific years in this sixth millennium that have actually contained a very special name of the divine in their dates. This is the awesome name inscribed on the outside of the mezuzah and holding the value 314. This value is also the value of the name of the Chief of the Seraphim, Metatron, the Angel of Moshe Rabbeinu, this celestial Chief holds a special place in the work of the temple mysteries and the line of Israel. The years 5314(Heh-Shin-daleth-Yod) and 5714(Heh-tav-shin-daleth-yod) in our millennium are the only ones that can contain the holy name Shin-Daleth-Yod=314. Surrounding these dates, in the 1500'sCE, the circle of the Holy Rabbi Ari and in our own times, when another powerful circle of kabbalists came into influence in the middle of the 20th century CE. More can be said of these dates but for now we are just using this as an example of how the numbers are inticately linked to the counts of years in the history of a priestly people doing the work of a global wisdom tradition. It was the Rabbi Abraham Azulai the son of the sage the "Chida" who in his book in the 19th century CE mentioned that the year 5760 would mark the entrance into an epoch where all of the land of the world was holy as the land of ancient Israel. The 5760 referred to the measurement of the Mikvah, the purifying ceremonial bath having a volume equal to the ancient measure of 5 thousand 7 hundred and 60 eggs. The 5760 is also calculated from the 144 hours in six days(24x6=144)and this times the 40 year long generations equaling 144x40 = 5760 and we move into the seventh "day" generationally. Getting back to how all this relates to the cubic throne of the temple mystery we find that when we multiply the six faces times the twelve edges of a cube we get the special number 72. This as spoken of before is the number of root sparks in the entire human soul tree, each root being a divine language line of humanity. The work we remember has been to unify all of these roots which has brought the very neshamah or planetary soul into the human world. When we take this number of 72 from the 12(edges)X the six(faces) and multiply by the eight corner points(holy covenant)we get the total = 576. This is the number of the present decade of the Hebrew count of time. We again see how this count echoes the completion of the work of the cubic throne temple mystery tradition on the grand scale of milleniums. Now we have gone through six years in this decade and in a sense circled the six faces of cubic space - the extension of three dimensions. We may all feel the awesome nature of our times and the great struggle for the real truth of what we are here for. As we enter the seventh year of this decade we enter the center point of the cube, called the holy palace, the Maon Kadosh, in the Sepher Yetzirah. This is where time meets the eternity of being.The number 576 is a number of completion of the cubic throne geometry on the large millenial scale, hence the prophecy from the Sepher Chesed L'Avraham. Now we are at the threshold of entering the Seventh of this very important "small" decade. One prophecy about the new Hebrew year 5767 relates the numbers in the date to the words; Tav-Tihayah,Shin-Shanat,Samech-sof,Zayin-Zeman, meaning "the year that shall be the end of time"(as we know it)! This perfectly fits with our vision from the deep math of the Sepher Yetzirah. A lot has been spoken of the prophecy of the Sepher HaZohar about the year "66" and we can understand it from a perspective of finishing the cubic edifice built of the six faces in the very 3-D physical Malchuth/Kingdom. This has been a year of the revealing of the completion of the great work, the magnum opus, on the outside. Now as we enter the inner place of the seventh center point in the year to come 576-7, the "Holy Palace"-Maon Kadosh, where we pray for the coming year that the name of Peace, Shalom, a very Holy name of the Divine Unity, finds Shalem, completion, and rest in our physical paradise we call Mother Earth. L'Shanah Tovah!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The "first yom/day" of the creation

The blog has gotten two great comments which will be answered in this article. On Monday, the Hebrew date is Elul 25 and in one tradition this is the actual date of the beginning of the creation. The first of Tishrei, now celebrated as Rosh HaShanah, being the sixth "day" from Elul 25 and aligning with the appearance of Adam on the sixth "day" and the beginning of the creation as we understand it all from the human perspective. The Seven "days"in the book of genesis representing the 6 endpoints or vertices of the three dimensions or continuums of extended space and the seventh "day"of completion and "rest"being the connection to the continuum of time eternity and being.These can be related to the six faces of the cube of the crystal throne and the seventh being the center point of the cube, called the Holy Palace in the Sepher Yetzira. Elul 25 also happens to be the eighth day of the Baal Shem Tov's life, his birthday of Elul 18 mentioned in the last article. So on elul 25 the Besht came into the covenant of Abraham and was given the name Israel Ben Eliezer. Some awesome synchronicity as happens with initiates into the holy Name. My favorite story of the Besht was about him praying with his community minyan and going so deep into prayer that he had a vision of a ladder appearing. The rungs of the ladder were being made by the prayers of the minyan and as Rabbi Israel climbed the ladder he approached the top rung which entered into the era of the redemption. Meanwhile his minyan had thought that the rabbi had fallen asleep, it being quite a long while as well, so they all parted from the prayers. The ladder in the Rabbis dream simultaneously fell apart and the rabbi did not make it to the very top and awakened abruptly instead to an empty room. The whole life of this Rabbi became devoted to bringing the Hebrew tradition back to the way of joy and celebration. The Rabbi no doubt understanding from his vision that the rational/intellectual stream would eventually lead to the demise of the specific prayer forms that would bring the redemption of the creation in the not too distant future. His life would help bring the necessary balance that would keep the Jewish covenant with HaShem alive for the completion of the "ladder", a span of 3500 years in total as mentioned and explained in previous articles. The Besht was born around the year 1700CE. As mentioned earlier one orbit of the now demoted planet pluto, 248 years from the Besht's birth would bring us to the birth of the Jewish state and the birth of the "boomers" generation, containing the seeds of a new surge in passionate Kabbalah worldwide. The birth of the nation named Israel guaranteed a huge wave of baal Teshuvah, especially in America, which made sure that the "ladder" of prayer in the Rabbi's vision stayed strong right into the 144th generation of Israel which began in 1960CE(143x40=5720=1960CE). It also helped make the teachings of the Baal Shem Tov and his deep kabbalah spread around the globe which fulfilled another of the famous prophecies about the Besht and the time of the geulah/redemption. Our regular commenter JS also made a great point in relating an orbital period of the "planet" pluto to the span of a wing of the Cherub, from the hechalot literature, being 248 years precisely. Remember from the previous article on the mercabah; 2 cherub wings=496 years plus one crown of the Seraph=502 years plus one body of the Ophan=2500 years totals 3498 years from the covenant with Abraham and Sarah. This is our times folks. Another regular reader has sent me the heads-up on the birth of another white bison calf on the same farm in Wisconsin that the first ever FEMALE white heifer bison calf was born in 1994CE. Read the previous article on this blog. This calf will also turn all four colors of the human peoples according to the Native elders commenting. This calf is a male and the chances for a white calf/non-albino to be born are around one in ten million. We pray that this continued shout from the animal world, the sound of the Shofar horn, is a sign that this final purification period we are in will end very soon and the "Hoop of all Peoples" will be mended in a global peace. Hey Yah Hey!!!(ancient Native Indian and Hebrew prayer!)

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Unification of the "Name"

It is here, right here in the physical Earth that certain unifications can take place. This we are told is the only place that certain of these special joinings of elements in the being/soul world could possibly occur. As written in the last article, the sacred stars called the twins, the Teomim, have a very long legendary history of importance regarding the unifications in the wisdom tradition as manifestated all over the globe. They represent lines of initiation that needed to come together here in the physical. The reasons are very involved and relate to the five continuum world view that is at the very core of Kabbalah and the temple mysteries. It involves the very creation and preservation of the entire balanced physical universe. We also discussed in the last article some of the relationship that the planet of the "underworld", Pluto, has to these mysteries. When the nodal axis of this now "demoted" planet had lined up with the star Beta Gemini we saw a time period when the State of Israel was born and a large circle of passionate kabbalists were born to fuel a huge renewal of the study of the Hebrew mysteries. Exactly one orbital period of Pluto - 248 years- earlier from that time another great circle of kabbalists had been born, around the year 1700 CE The great Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov and his circle of sages had appeared. In fact a person could keep moving back in time for 248 year periods, following plutos orbit around the sun, and find a recurring pattern of the appearance of great circles of kabbalists and wisdom schools. The appearance of the Baal Shem Tov was a pivotal point in Jewish history and in the movement of the deep wisdom tradition. He is the last recorded person according to the legend of the Sepher Adam, The Book of Adam(read previous article) to have received the holy book and full initiatiion into the mysteries of the "Name", the heart of kabbalah. Tommorow we celebrate his birthday, Chai Elul, his very life ensuring that the people of Israel stayed fast to the joy and beauty of the Hebrew prayer form that has been essential to the unifying of the global lineages. This has made it possible to enter into an era where a real peace is being born. A time when the Holy name may find rest in the sacred Earth, a true "Holy Land". His birthday being the eighteen, the Chai=Life of the month of Elul, the month where the people return to the creative mystery, sounding the shofar, and remembering the dance of life, creation, and sanctified change. The world right now is so much experiencing this sanctified change and cathartic transformation.The Sepher HaZohar speaks of the joining of the holy lineages which unifies the sacred name in the physical. In the part on Terumah 171a we have a direct reference to the final unifications which have brought us into this epoch now.
"Rabbi Eliezer and Rabbi Abba were sitting together one evening, and when it grew dusk they entered the garden which is on the Lake of Tiberias. As they were going they saw two stars rush towards one another from different points in the sky, meet, and then disappear." The lineages of these stars represent the joining of celestial hosts, the wheels/Ophanim, and the fiery dragons/Seraphim. These beings encompass the expanse of the whole creation and their "rushing" together as spoken of in Zohar has been the great work of all the global prayer forms within all of the worlds religious traditions.
All of the wisdom traditions' vehicles, all of the worlds religions, are holy and have been necessary. Now it is time to look beyond their "spins" which made them survivable and successful over thousands of years and acknowledge the completion of the great work. As the Zohar states, the stars rush together and then disappear. They are reappearing in the making of an Earth that is providing a place for the complete Holy Name. These twin stars are at the heart of the wisdom lineage in America called the "Brother Arrows" way. It is through the Brother Arrows way that the hoop of all peoples is mended. This in a sense involves the reunion of the first split of brothers, Cain and Abel from the book of Beresheit/Genesis, and the making of a real ADAM, a complete human. In Kabbalah it is the unification of the great Name here in the Earth. This name is Peace.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Chief of Souls/Planetary Ophanim/Wheels

When the planet Pluto was discovered in the 1930's a small group of esoteric astrologers in Austria called the Brotherhood of Light were able to formulate a method of converting a natal astrological birth chart into pure number. This corroborated the deep kabbalah of the number grids called kameas and the means for calculating the numbers of initiation within the Solomonic lineage was made possible. The finding of the ninth planet in 1930 made this work possible and also completed the planetary scheme as related to the ten sephirot of kabbalah, the nine wheels and the Sun of tiphereth giving us the whole ten which holds all the directions a being may travel in, in this created world of five continuums. This writer has had a close relationship with the "planet" Pluto since the nodal axis of the planet(the line where a planet's orbit intersects the Earth's orbit around the sun from the human perspective)was in line with the horizon of the natal birth chart for the moment of my own birth into this wheeling world. In fact at that time in the 1950's the nodal axis of pluto was exactly in line with one of the Teomim, the twin gemini stars, known as beta gemini. This significance is clear for students of the earth temple mysteries since the Zodiac on the wall of the temple of hathor in Denderah, Egypt, alignes that very temple with the planetary soul, the neshamah of the mother Earth with this star of the teomin, the twins. The holiest of the writings, the Song of Songs gives the details of the importance of the teomim or star twins in the temple mysteries of Solomon. This synchronicity and many more details in this writer's own life made it clear that the times we live in involved the joining of the two great celestial streams called in the Hebrew mysteries the Ophanim and the Seraphim. The Chiefs of the dark wheels/ophanim and Chiefs of the Star realms/Seraphim. In the ancient American Native mysteries these lineages of beings are called the lords of Quetzalcoatl(light) and Tezcatlipoca(dark). Both the Meso-American and the ancient Hebrew traditions predict the joining of these lines in the human world which would bring the dwelling of the planetary soul, the Shehkinah or mother Earth fully into the human world. This is the return of the White Buffalo calf Woman(read previous post). With the prophecy of Qumran and the Canonical Hebrew wrtings, that those involved with the completion of this work will be completely rejected and ignored by the thinkers of the times, and the non-thinkers, it is no real surprise that the "ninth" planet itself is now unseated from it's place among the other planets, so to speak. Nevertheless in the year 5750/1990 Eliyahu of the Ophanim, also called Sandalphon joined with Chief of the Seraphim, named Metatron and made the earth into a holy Mishkan, or dwelling for the Shehkinah.These angelic chiefs are the sacred teomim or twins of the mysteries.They support the throne of initiation which brings the Shehkinah into the earth. It is this special lady who "annoints" the shen(root of shanah), the ivory tooth of transformation that is really what the awe of the Rosh(chief=roshi)of Shanah(cyclic transformation/change is imbued with. We are in an eclipse cycle again as we approach this great time of change within the yearly celebrations. The eclipse cycles revolve every 19 years and this is what our Hebrew 19 year Soli-lunar calendar follows. This celebration of change coinciding with the Sabbath, the autumnal equinox and the solar eclipse by the lunar wheel may open many more people to the awesome nature of time and the "times".