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A site based on the healing of the ancient wisdom of the Geocentric worldview. The understanding of sacred texts and wisdom is based on a relationship to the Source. This Central Source is the Fount from which the three distinct movements of the Earth globe flow. These three turns-rotation,revolution and precession are a great secret/sod and key to the profound teachings of the mekubalim/kabbalists. These movements provide us with the experience of shanah/time, olam/matter and nephesh/soul(being). The Earth turn called precession is the slow wobble that causes the polar skies to change slowly over a 26,000 year cycle.
The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Sunday, October 29, 2006

the SHAMIR/ the 3rd temple

Last weeks Torah portion involved the story of the flood which as has been pointed out will return again as it is now, but these waters are the upper waters of love. Some stories allude to the waters of love coming in this eighth month of Chesvan which has no holidays, except the Sabbath, which is the most sacred of all. This weeks torah portion is about Abraham and the command for him to take on the creative, imaginative walk of initiation which demands a steadfast thinking for oneself and going into the deep within place. Lech Lecha meaning go into yourself! In this chapter of the Torah the source of all that is appeared to Abraham and told him His name as El Shadai(314). For students of Kabbalah the value of this name and the sephirot and millenium(5000-5999) it is associated with, give us a prophecy of when the covenant will "sweeten" the whole Earth(in a previous post). Then the covenant was given to humanity. The journey of initiation began here.This is the recurring theme of the eight month which begins the winter when all life goes within so to speak. In the Sepher Yetzira, the core book of Kabbalah, we have the exploration of all the elements of creation by Abraham the initiate. It is this book that delineates the geometry and math of the inner tradition and it is attributed to the man who was first brought into the direct covenant with the Source. Aggadah/legend also tells us that Abraham carried the sacred StoneFlower around his neck, the same stone that at one time kept the ark of Noach a glow with light. We also have Abraham building an altar to the Creator and here begins the foreshadowing of how the month of Chesvan with no festivals will one day bring the sanctification on Earth of the third Beit HaMikdash, the temple that is eternal in heaven and not built by human hands. The bringing in of the planetary soul, the Shekinah, to the human world is joined with this coming "down" of the third temple. This same torah portion has Abraham declaring Sarah/Sarai to be his sister and this is the relationship of the holy "Mother" Earth to the line of priestly initiates. In the holiest of all the writings, the Song of Songs, we have the Shekinah called "my sister, my bride". In this sacred book of Kabbalah, the whispered knowledge we also have the "StoneFlower", the stone that is the pillow of Jacob refered to as the one Ankh, the one jewel on the necklace of the Shekinah. It is this stone that has completed and brought the third temple to the Earth. Yes, this is the great Shamir of Solomon with which he built the first temple according to the ancient legends. This Shamir stone came back into a line of priests somewhere around 5708 and into the hands of a person(in Chesvan-5727-rebuilding Jerusalem) who could help bring in Eliyahu the prophet to begin the ingathering of exiles in 5750 as prophecied in the Sepher HaZohar. We are 40 years from Chesvan 5727 and we anticipate the global peace promised to us.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The Snake lifted Up/Chayah HaKodesh

Follows is a post quite convoluted, like the webworks of a spider, in order to explain the "sweetening" of the month of Chesvan as a fundamental process in the workings of Kabbalah and the wisdom traditions.
As mentioned in the last post about this month eight in the Hebrew calendar, Chesvan is the month of the fixed zodiacal sign, scorpio(8 legged arachnids including spiders) and including the eagle and the snake. The nature of this sign and it's related creatures involves the most profound level of intimate secrets and the noble level of trust and whispered knowledge. The gematria/number value of Nachash/snake(358) equals that of moshiach/annointed(358). We hope to explain why in this writing. Early kabbalistic texts often use the sign of the snake instead of the eagle as one of the faces of the four chayot haKodesh, the four living creatures that support the merkabah throne. In the translation of
Rabbi Jacob Ben Jacob Ha-Kohen's "Explanation of the Letters" in the book,"The Early Kabbalah", we read, " Similiarly I will enlighten you as to how you can discover that the letter tet informs us about the holy creatures. Know that the tet equals nine and that there are nine degrees of holy creatures. They are: man, lion, ox, snake, wheel of man, wheel of lion, wheel of ox, wheel of snake, and one wheel in the Earth....Corresponding to these nine degrees the prophet, peace be upon him, recorded nine visions of the first and second Chariot." This preceding verse about the creatures and the wheels contains a great secret. Study and meditate on it - Eight living creatures in a circle surrounding the wheel of Earth! The snake has a potion(sam) in it's fangs that can inflict death on other creatures. The lifting up of this power of death is involved in the goal of "conquering" death and this is a theme for the eighth month. In order to fully bring the merkabah throne into our physical world and therefore support the dwelling of the neshamah/soul(Shechinah) of the Earth here, we need to have all the sparks of all the holy creatures redeemed and interfacing with our human world. This includes the serpent realm, the left face of power.. We have the famous story of the serpent staff of the Egyptian magicians being swallowed by the scepter of Aaron which became a snake when it was placed on the earth surface. This episode actually also represented the swallowing up of the holy line of ancient initiation into the temple mysteries by the Hebrew priesthood. The plague of the death of the first born Egyptians also is the marking of an ending of a priestly line and it's being usurped by a new lineage historically. Remember it is said in the aggadah/legends that the pharoah could pronounce 70 of the sacred 72 soulroot names of the Creator. This usurping of one lineage by another sets the pattern for the unification of lineages that the Hebrews have taken an active part in. This unification has brought the tikkun Olam/repair of the world at the deepest levels. An understanding of the mechanics of how this has worked adds an important level of credibility to all the great religous traditons for they all have been an essential part of the uniting of the soulroot names in our world. Diverse prayer and ritual forms focus the soul spark(one of 72)of a language group according to the specific rythmic calendar of that culture. This is all part of a bigger global picture we are attempting to paint here. This work does also involve the number eight of the Abrahamic covenant and it is therefore closely related to the importance of this Hebrew eighth month. Bringing the soul of the Earth into the human world is the means for "conquering" death which as mentioned is closely associated with this month. So is the angel of Edom/Rome - samael, and the swallowing up of this seraph-samael has been a big part of the priestly work. As stated before, there is a tradition that the "annointed redeemer" will never be revealed to the world. It is in this spirit of how a person might be a candidate for that "initiation", that this matter is explained. We must remember that all humans are really somewhere on the path of initiation in a temple/school larger than the entire physical universe. The angel of Rome-samael is also an angel of death. This angel is a seraph and the seraphim are angels which are associated with the sephirot/sphere of meadim/mars(rules blood and power) called geburah/power.(planets mars, venus, the sun & moon are now all conjoining in Aqra/scorpio in the first week of Chesvan!). The ancient sages have said that when he, samael, is conquered the mem will be removed from his name and he will be transformed to Sael - one of the 72 holy angel soulroots. This is how the "swallowing" up of this serpent angel/seraph has happened. The covenant of Abraham, called the eshel/vine of Abraham is at eight days. The "vine" of Abraham is often artistically depicted as a spiralling vine, a helix around the columns of the arches on the title page of ancient Hebrew mystery texts. This naming ceremony is a powerful prayer that connects the life force and prayers of an entire population throughout 3500 years of history.The helix is a potent symbol of time. A previous post explains why 3500 years was needed to complete the merkabah in the physical. A good candidate for initiation into a lineage with the responsibility for healing the world could be an heir to the priestly line of Israel and would turn eight days old on a day that was also an ancient holy day in Europe including Rome, and in modern Christianity, who the Rabbis have said took over the power of Edom/Rome. Christianity uses wine to represent blood in there symbolic covenant with the Creator. The real blood of generation of Israel (metaphorically an aspect of the scepter of Aaron) joined and swallowed the symbolic blood communion on a day that humdreds of millions took communion with their root soul connection to deity. The angel of Rome has been swallowed up! The Barzel/Iron in the blood has brought in the metal of Rome which is iron and the associated power of the planet mars. It is this Barzel/iron that also connects us to the crystal red stoneflower that was the pillow of Jacob. This kind of shamanic synchronicity has been happenning over thousands of years. This is a revealed secret that only few have ever understood. One snake(line of initiation)2000 years old swallowed by one much older serpent(3500 years). This is also the "reason" some people have decided to attempt to end the line of Israel. They have figured out in some partial understanding, that their own edge on power over others would have to come to an end when the work of the unification of the lineages was completed. These kind of people are called Amalek in the Torah and they have been an adversary throughout the life of Israel. The mysteries of this adversary is also therefore closely involved with the most twisted kind of "power" related to the nature of the eighth month, the "bitter" month. The sweetening of this bitter month is also related to the conquering for all time of the adversary amalek.
The serpent wrapped around the caduecus of Hermes is another echo of the helix of time of the snake as a part of a global healing. The relationship of the covenant of Abraham to the caduecus of healing and the tikkun olam, the healing of the entire Earth has been a long held secret. The caduecus being a symbol for medicine and healing since olden days. The ancient shamanic traditions of Israel and other indigenous native cultures have many related interconnections between the animals, the nature of the heaven worlds(the fifth continuum) and the many traditons of initiation among the seventytwo nation/language lineages of humanity. It is in the sacred text of another venerable priestly line, that of Tibetan Buddhism that we also find the connection of the Hebrew blood covenant at eight days to mysteries of death and rebirth as written about in their Bardo Thodol. It says there that the days following the death of a person are symmetrically related to the days following birth. Read in the ancient Bardo text of Tibet what is recorded as happening on the eighth day after death and you will find an outstanding connection to the covenant at eight days after birth. As the famous Native Plains Indian prayer goes, Mitakuey Oyasin - We are all related!
We all have triumphed.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Into the month of the Deep/Chesvan

Next week We will be entering the month of Chesvan, the eighth month of the yearly cycle of the ancient middle eastern calendar. This month is outstanding simply because it is the only month of the Hebrew calendar that has no holidays! It has been known as the Mar-Chesvan, mar meaning bitter, the bitter month because the flood of Noah's time, that destroyed most of the world, began on the 17th of Chesvan. In the ancient European calendar round this time was extra special, so special that the new year began in the first week of November. This is when the beautiful starry constellation of the seven sisters, the Pleiades, culminates at the overhead zenith sky point precisely at midnight. This group of stars has many connections to the ancestors for cultural groups all over the globe. Many cultures celebrate the festivals of the ancestors and their saints, and renew their yearly cycle at this time. In the Hebrew calendar the great importance of this month was kind of tucked away, for safe keeping although an echo of it's exalted destiny is found in tradition. The First Beit HaMikdash, the new Temple of Solomon was sanctified and inaugurated during this month. This is a foreshadowing of the "sweetening" of this month that has played a part in bringing the initiatory temple mysteries into a renewed epoch and a Tikun Olam/healing of the world. The number eight, 8th month, itself having the value of days that the human in the Hebrew tradition is brought into the covenant and given a name, becoming an initiate in a temple mystery tradition that holds the deepest and most fecund possibilities for humanity in a physical creation. This does involve a blood covenant which holds the life force of a lineage of peoples being dedicated to realizing a world living and envisioning the great dance by aligning to the sacred Source. The dance of an Earth filled with the beauty and diversity of many different kinds of peoples living in harmony. The holiness of the eight is echoed in the Christian tradition of the octagonal(eight-sided)baptismal through which the people came into their church. In the ancient shamanic tribal traditions including those of ancient Israel we have the animals; the Eagle, Scorpion and Spider(arachnids-eightleggeds)and serpents. These animals have powers over death by their nature of stealthy predation and venomous potential. They simply therefore can conquer death and this is a theme for this "bitter" month. The name of one of the angels of death, samael, contains the word sam which can mean potion- vemom or medicine, death and healing. We come into a healing place only by moving through the deepest places where the elemental forces that sustain the creation reside. And so very important but very low-profile events have taken place in this month in order for a sweetening of the world embroiled in a struggle for the good vision to flood the surface. We find the prophecy of this good flood, of the waters of Love/Ahavah in the Sepher HaZohar on the parsha terumah as well as in the Qumran(dead sea)scroll on the birth of "Noah", sometimes called the "Wondorous Child" scroll. In the end of this writing it says that the waters will flood the world, leading translators to thinking it was about the ancient Noah. Actually it was a prophecy for our times when the waters of Love will flood the world, as spoken of in Zohar.
The deepest of these elemental forces is that of the fixed power of Water, the most profound place where the floods come that renew the world. This is why the ancient flood of Noah began in this "bitter" month. Therefore we may suppose that the reneweing of this creation by the flood of the waters of love is connected to this same time in the yearly cycle of Shanah/year, transformation and change. The "bitter" month is to be "sweetened" and this sweetening is happening now.
This very time now in 5767/2006 we have the beginning of at least three new planetary cycles, that of the Sun/Shemesh, the planet Meadim/Mars and Nogah/venus. All of these celestial bodies(and the heavens they conceal) joining together at the beginning of this month of Chesvan this very year. We may pray, hope and think of how the positive vision of a renewed humanity is already flooding the hearts and minds and souls of the world. Like the secret nature of this month we may not see this good news in the media and in the loud voices of the world. But those people in the ancient temple/school of initiation in all of it's various forms, sure may feel this now. In this month of the renewal of the healing waters we also are singing the very deep Torah portions of Noach, and Lech Lecha and Chayei Sarah. Chayei Sarah is the only Torah Parsha with the name of a woman in the title. This is the portion of the Shekinah, the great Mother. This writers own occupation with the neshamah/soul of the mother Earth is connected to my being born into this wheeling world in the week that this portion was sung. I came into my own first "initiations" of birth and naming and becoming a son of the mitzvah, at this time in the yearly cycle. This is a good month to come into the wheel for people on the path of initiation. Many passionate folks on the journey of initiation have the power of the "fixed" zodiacal signs somewhere in their own natal/birth charts. The coming into the wheel of the Year/shanah-change at this time has helped lead me to this path of the temple mysteries of initiation and renewal from the "deep" places of Kabbalah and the dance of the tribal shamans. For the Shaman, the web of the eight-legged and eight-eyed creatures is the network of stars and planets and souls that connect everything together. Kabbalistic traditions are therefore often linked to very complex interconnections of numbers and letters and spheres. The ancient hebrew letters themselves have from ancient times been attributed to the patterns from a spiders web.
At this time, communications is part of the key to a renewed world. And so a great electro-magnetic web, a shimmering reflection of the web "spun" by the great "Webmaster" brings these words to your eyes. May the "sweetened" waters of this awesome creation find all the places they are needed

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Shaking it in the Mishkan!

The prayer shawl that is the starry night sky of Kol Nidre evening has become the starry roof of the dwelling of love in the Earth. We carry the name of the divine love in four holy letters and in the form of four kinds of plants. The etrog fruit is the center point of our cubic altar. The three branches are the three axis that extend to the six directions of shaking, gyrating, scintillating space. We carry the continuum of being in our neshamahs/souls. We hold the quivering dragon, the Tali of space/time in our very own ten fingered hands. We make the world and ourselves a holy mishkan, an indwelling of the soul of the Mother Earth. She who is the prayer shawl of the “invisible one". This "invisible one" in the ancient legends of the American Indian is said to have the rainbow as a quiver strap.
The ancient harvest autumnal festival is a completion in one view. The prophet Zecharia said that during the period of geulah/redemption, all nations would come to the holy city of peace to honor the divine unity of all that is, at this seven day Hag/festival of rejoicing, the feast of Sukkot. Our times are ripe like the fragrant etrog fruit for all the 70 nations to understand the unity of the human tree of life. This unity of the soul spark/names has become a reality. We have built the house eternal that is always present because it is always being built anew, renewed with love and emunah/faith. The permanence of this dwelling is in it’s own impermanence. It is forever being renewed. The ruach HaKodesh blesses and supports this structure my means of the four winds. This house is made of the primal elements themselves, who some know as the ministering angels. We embody this sukkah/booth with our life’s walk dedicated to sanctifying the Source. This is the festival of the ingathering, the harvest of the bounty of the sacred Earth as womb of space as well as the beauty of soul becoming conscious of the great name in our hands, in the walls of the world around us, in the earth below and the starry sky above. It all comes to this. All peoples come to this holy place. We leave an open chair for Eliyahu and the Ushpizin, the honored wandering guests who are in each of us. We have arrived here in our journey. Our journey has arrived here in this mishkan/place. We have come home. The tradition tells us that the mishkan, the ark that carried the Hebrew sipapu/nexus of holiness, was built at this time of the year. The first temple, the Beth HaMikdash or holy house was also being completed at this time.
The cubic crystal interface, the mystery of the anhk jewel in the Solomonic tradition and the sipapu/birth canal/holy nexus in the Pueblo/Hopi language has traveled across oceans and unified nations. We have arrived in the chameshi, the fifth “world” of ancient American prophecy. The letters of the word for fifth in Hebrew, chameshi, also spell yismachu/joy and moshiach/annointed. The Hopi prophecy predicted the white bearded priestly people to come over the ocean and help mend the circle of the nations,and bring us into the fifth world of illumination. These priestly people have come to build their Hogan, their longhouse, their sacred skin and wooden lodge that honors the indwelling of the unpronouncable in the world of the pronouncable and singable song.
From this same kind of place the words and stories about how we arrived here come to this screen. They explain a view of how it all has been accomplished. The sacred red crystal Sepher/book of Raziel given to the first Adam become a lineage of initiation and built and renewed and rediscovered again at the sukkah. The Sukkat Shalom. This blog will continue from this place to communicate the details of how this could be possible. How it is that We have this ancient spell of seven, the gift of the Sabbath prayer, the essential turn of the wheel. How We do carry the seed bearing fruit of the source and shake it in our very own hands. Then with the eighth day and the ninth we carry the original tablets, the crystal/sapphire, Sepher Torah dwelling that is our original ketubah. Our original contract that binds us in the marriage that is the source of creations. And we turn and dance. We hold the Holy of Holies in our very own hands.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Shawl of the night sky

This coming evening, the tenth night of this new turn of the wheel, we wear our prayer shawls and welcome the Sabbath of sabbaths. Our prayer shawls are woven together with every color, the entire spectrum of ohr v' chosehk, light and dark with which the stellar night sky scintillates. For some this tenth day contains all the tenth days of the 576 decades plus seven years that register as the wheels of years of change of our priestly walk. In that moment and moments that we embrace Chockmah consciousness, wisdom thought, this tenth day becomes all of them, the plural being "Yom Kippurim" and therefore also meaning- Yom K'Purim- the day that is as purim. A grand celebration of Freedom. Rabbi Gershon Winkler explains to us this week that it was on Yom Kippur that the ancient tribal Yovel, or Jubilee began. This is when all people and land and life returned to the the pristine beginning of the new creation. So the night sky is our great stellar prayer shawl. We celebrate the merging of time - the continuum of understanding/Binah and wisdom/Chockmah with the fifth continuum of kingdom/Malchuth and Crown/Keter. The ten directions of this created universe, three of space, one of time and one of being, are the cubic shaped sepher/book that we are inscribed within. The cube containing six faces plus three axes and the center point(6+3+1=10) equaling the full ten. This is the garden containing the Eyin gedi, the sacred fount of renewing water. It is a geometry embracing the universe in a way that allows us to orient to the source of geometry. Thus the turn of night and day becomes a kavanah of dark and light which is the original turning wheel, the - HaShanah - that blends the colors of time and being with the physical paradise of Earth, who holds all space in her womb. Tonight we welcome the royal marriage. We wrap ourselves with the prayer shawl of the Bride of the Laylah, the night of beauty. Avinu Malkeinu......