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A site based on the healing of the ancient wisdom of the Geocentric worldview. The understanding of sacred texts and wisdom is based on a relationship to the Source. This Central Source is the Fount from which the three distinct movements of the Earth globe flow. These three turns-rotation,revolution and precession are a great secret/sod and key to the profound teachings of the mekubalim/kabbalists. These movements provide us with the experience of shanah/time, olam/matter and nephesh/soul(being). The Earth turn called precession is the slow wobble that causes the polar skies to change slowly over a 26,000 year cycle.
The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Saturday, November 25, 2006

the ladder/illumination

This weeks Torah portion concerns the story of the famous ladder of Jacob which he saw in his dream. The angel governors of the worlds' nations ascend and descend on this ladder. The Sepher HaZohar commentary on this is deep and comprehensive. Again we have the divine governors of all nations and the beginning of a lineage, that of Jacob/Israel, who will play a major role in unifiying these divine soul sparks that guide all peoples of the world. These few verses have a huge amount of commenatry in the Zohar, concerning the angelic realm and their relationship to the Earth. The Zohar tell us that the placing of the stone under the head of Jacob actually refers to the four angelic heads, in the aramaic -" learba sitreen d'aylama" - the four rulers/heads of the world, similar to the sanskrit name rishi whose root - rosh- means head. The four directions of the world then are mentioned- which Jacobs' offspring will spread out to, these are the west, east,north and south. These "directions" will be familiar to many as the four winds ruled by the four angelic governors/heads. We are told that there are three "precious pearls" in each direction giving us a set of twelve very special angels actually named in the Zohar. Some may recognize these as the twelve six-winged seraphim giving us the 12X6=72 sarim or princes/governors of all the language groups of the world. The commentary about the verse in Torah concerning this special ladder tells us that, "and behold, HaShem/the Source, stood above it" means that Jacob saw all this as a, "keshura demehemnuta"(Zohar Aramaic) a "knot of faith". This ladder bound together all the depths or directions/sephirot that encompass the creation into one form connected to the Source. So we are given here how Jacob as the sacred twin who is as the lord of the light realm, the upper world(read last post)- including the stars and the beings that interface with them; will begin a progeny that will manifest as a mirror of the celestial in a journey of a people among all the peoples of the world. All this began with a stone that became a pillow. This is not only interpreted as metaphor. For the same book of secrets spoken of in the aggadah/legends made of sapphire stone that the first Adam was given by the angel Raziel(which is one of the twelve mentioned here in the Zohar!) was passed down and said to have been carried by Jacob. And this holy place, this HaMakom, where he met up with his own destiny, is the very dwelling place of the Creator.
The Shemesh, the sun is mentioned at the beginning of the parsha - it is setting and so Jacob finds the place to settle down to sleep. We are told in the commentary that it rises in Beer-Sheba from where Jacob is traveling and sets in Charan, the west towards where he is going. The cycles of this orb that illuminates, are very important and we can understand a symmetry within the 40 year period of history(read last post) that we are in now. A gradual sunrise of peace and justice is expected in our times and a beautiful and hopeful synchronicity may be seen in how we mark our sacred calendar. The 40 years we are in now parallel the 40 years after leaving slavery/mitzraim, this began in 5750/1990. This began precisely at the Pesach/passover which was April 9,1990/Nisan15,5750. One full turn of the 19 year hebrew calendar, within which all the shearim- the soul gates are fully experienced, comes to a completion in the spring,Nisan15/April,9 of 5769/2009. It so happens that the 28 year cycle of the birkhat HaChamah, the blessing of the Sun is celebrated at sunrise on April 8, 2009(nisan14,5769). This is when the sun according to the talmudic sages returns exactly to the place it was in relation to the earth, when it was created. The herald of the next stage in this sunrise of beauty and justice is already being perceived from the sacred well of seven -the Beer-Sheba from which Jacob travels from in the east. This place is always illuninated by the Shemesh/sun.As we now enter the month of Kislev with the festival of lights, the planet earth is actually moving to her closest place to the sun in distance during the yearly orbit(apogee)even though the days are growing shortest. Many peoples around the globe celebrate illumination and joy.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Israel and Rome

The beginning of the defining struggle of healing the world begins in the womb of Rebbecca/Rivkeh, the wife of Issac, the son of Abraham. Here there are the twins Jacob and Esau which become on the world scene the powers now called Israel and Rome.In meso-american tradition they are known as the sacred twins, lord of the light(star realms)and lord of the dark(planetary wheels).In Rome we have the founding of that empire by twins as well who were raised by a she wolf. The ancient Rabbinic sages identify Esau as Edom which would become Rome. Jacob struggles with an angel, some sources say samael-the angel prince of Rome, and becomes Israel, the father of the priestly people. The Rabbis also have told us that there have been four occupations of the people Israel-Babylon,Persia,Greek and the final one is Rome. As stated many places and times in this blog, the last occupation of Rome has ended in 5750/1990 and this was predicted in the ancient book Sepher haZohar(Terumah).The occupations and diaspora have been essential to the work of uniting the 72 holy names/soul sparks within the nations of the world. Israel had to live among these various nations for this to occur. The Zohar tells us that Jacob and Esau rule the "upper and lower" realms respectively and the story told in this weeks parsha explains how the path of a global healing begins with Jacob securing the blessing from Issac.The Zohar is filled with incredible insight on this parsha. It holds the inner light of the work of unification, explaining that the prophets have said that Israel will become the one and "only" strong people on the entire Earth, uniting upper and lower and regaining the ever flowing stream of the fountain of living waters from the gan eden/Garden of Eden. This whole "Israel" includes all nations by the way, their sarim/governors joining the priestly lineage. This hints at the work of unifying the 72 names including the Sar/prince of Rome called samael. This leads us into the great drama of Christianity which as I have explained before ensured the bringing in of samael into the Jewish lineage. The myth of this great religion begins with their embodiment and "spin"of the place of sacred initiation - Israel- coming face to face with Rome and the Caesar/ who claimed to hold the lineage of their divine soul line, one of the 72. The success of Christianity and their calendar was essential to uniting the names and the very beginning of this global story is in this weeks torah parsha.(The prophecy of the Irish saint Malachy includes exactly when the divine spark of the roman church would unite with that of the priestly people-during which popes reign-explained in a previous post) The upper and lower realms have joined! Again we see Issac declaring to the king Abimelech that his wife is also his sister. The Zohar affirms that the Shekinah, the soul of the planet is with this new line of initiation from Abraham on. Their bodies are all buried in the same sacred "cave" that is the "wheel of nine" like the degrees of the living creatures-the Chayoth. The Kamea,magic square of 3X3 holds the key to this with it's day, metal and stone and divine name associations.
Then the Zohar tells us the final date possible for the complete global soul awakening, the techiyas Hametim-the enlivening of the dead. Zohar on Toldot-Midrash HaNelam- "And many of those who sleep in the dust shall awake(Daniel12:2)It is understood by those who sleep..who will rise how many years do they precede other people? by two hundred and ten years...All revivals will occur at the same time... A few verses earlier we are told" We have learned that the Kibbutz Galiot/the ingathering of exiles" will precede the enlivening of the metim/the dead by forty years." So 210 years befor the year 6000 is 5790/2030. 40 years earlier is 5750/1990. This whole 40 year period we are in now is as the gradual sunrise of the new dawn.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Folded Cave

The Torah portion attributed to this week is the special "Chayeh Sarah", the life of Sarah. The words delineate her life as comprised of 100 year, 20 year, and seven years- totalling 127. The Zohar tells us that these numbers encompass all the 10 depths or directions of the created world from above to below. Anyone familiar with the sacred mysteries of the Earth wisdom traditions will recognize that these three-year periods - 100, 20 and 7 encompass the three sacred stages of womanhood, the maiden(7), mother(20) and wise elder woman(100). Sarah is the embodiment of the planetary Earth neshamah/soul, the Shekinah who holds the last letter of the name of HaShem, the final Heh. The years written as they are actually show us that she also embodies both letter Hehs in the Name of HaShem, the joining of the "upper" and "lower" worlds which is why her name Sarai was changed at the giving of the covenant of Abraham, to Sarah, which includes the last letter Heh. The number 127 is found again in the scroll of Ester, where these are the number of the provinces of the kingdom that she governs as Queen which helps secure the freedom of the entire people.
It is the burial of Sarah that prompts Abraham to secure the cave and field called Machpelah which we are told actually means folded cave, involving again the upper and lower realms wrapped together. There is an interesting difference in two of the popular translations of the Sepher HaZohar, about this portion of the cave of Machpelah. The original aramaic tells us that when Abraham enters the cave and sees Adam, Adam tells him he has been hidden here as "cegeylda deqeyrta". One translation renders this as a "fish in a ditch" and the other translation as a "corn seed in the ground". We could render these words as a "seed grain in it's skin". For those familiar with a major theme of this blog, they will recognize the hint at the crystal seed that is like a grain or pomegranet seed and the shamir stone which is described as the size of a barleycorn. The nature of crystalline matrices are like the term "folded" upon itself and relates to the secrets of the holy sparks and the celestial beings that interface within the crystalline crust of the Earth. These are the mysteries of the Kedoshim, the sacred vessels given to the people of Israel and intricately involved with the work of tikkun Olam, the healing of the world. The securing of the cave by the parents of the holy people sets the stage for the global healing and awakening, called Techiyas Hametim, the enlivening of the dead which the Zohar speaks subseqently about in length in this portion. We have entered the 40 year period in history where we are all coming to awaken to how we are connected to the temple wisdom tradition. Next week we will discuss the the final date for the global awakening to the fifth continuum, which the Zohar gives us in the Midrash Hanelam, found along with the portion on the Toldot, the generations. May we all take an active part in this awakening.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

the new flood

the people of the new rome have spoken out against the evil of war, social injustice and the misuse of power. The country that has allowed for the joining of the ancient lineages through religous freedom is now turning the tide of this final period of purification.The true sar, celestial governor, of rome/edom is within the lineage of priests and this is why we are now seeing the end of the misinformation about the new epoch we have entered. With the return of Eliyahu HaNavi in 5750/1990 and the beginning of the 40 years of kibbutz golios, the ingathering of exiles, we are all being tested as to our perception of what really is happening. Today is the 17th of Chesvan, the date of the flood that began to purify the world. We feel the light of the flood of the upper waters return even to surface events. This is the promise to the people of peace. The eagle that is spoken of in Hazzinu, the parsha of the song of Moshe Rabbeinu, is watching out for the sacred people of peace.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Wheel of the Earth

In a previous post the quote from the kabbalistic text on the nine degrees of holy creatures was used to explain the redeeming of the sparks and the relationship of the snake and the eagle face on the chariot scheme. These holy creatures forms relate directly to the Tibetan wheel and mandala tradition. js, a frequent poster here gave us the quote from the ancient Tibetan text Bardo Thodol, which explains the connection with their take on the 8th day after death and it's relationship to the covenant of Abraham which is at the 8th day after birth. Yes the holy Dam/blood is the connection, read the comment on the previous post to get the details. The joining of the Hebrew and Tibetan shamanic lineages has played a major part in the bringing into the Earth of the holy Shekinah, Lady Tara who is the neshamah/wheel of the Earth. The torah parsha for this week again involves the covenant in juxtaposition to the rejecting of the sacrifice of Issac. The merciful and beautiful aspect of HaShem swayed Abraham from the ancient barbary of human sacrfice and the faith of Abraham was saved for the naming covenant which is a powerful and efficacious form of prayer which has indeed brought the "wheel of Earth" into direct interface with the human world(read previous posts).
It is through the study of the wheel traditions in ancient Tibet, Native American and Hebrew shamanic traditions(Zohar)that we gain a crystal clear perception of what the great work has been and how an initiation on the merkabah throne has been achieved for the entire world. To answer the new posters question, yes this has already happened in linear time and yes the shamir stone is now in the custody of the priestly people. The shamir stone which is identical to Jacob's pillow of stone is the technology that the Native Americans call the sipapu/birth canal or reed tube that connects different worlds within the fifth continuum, the realm of soul and the celestial chiefs. Only in the human world could two or more aspects of the holy living creatures join together. This is the very special need for a physical creation in the first place. The holy of holies in the tradition of the mysteries of Solomon's temple is a cubic room containing the two twin cherubim on the ark of the covenant. the twin chiefs needed to "touch" in the human world. This has brought the "Wheel of Earth" who is the soul/neshamah of the planet into the human world. Humanity has been initiated. It is the purpose of this blog to explain how this has happened. We have previously referred to the magic box of nine and the cave of machpelah, the cave of the holy secret. the wheel of the nine degrees is another form of the Kamea or box of nine containg the numbers one to nine, with the number five in the center "palace" the numer five is called the chameshi= the fifth which is made of the same letters spelling moshiach=annointed=initiation. As has been said before the number five and the number one are the only two numbers in the fibonacci series that hold the same place in the sequence as their number value. In the Hebrew aggadah/legends we are told that Eliyahu the prophet "will" make up one of eight of the circle of eight in the cabinet around the moshiach/ annointed initiate. So we see here again the picture of a wheel of eight around a center place as in the kamea of nine. the five is in the center and the place of a human initiation in the global wisdom temple/school is to be a carrier of this number. The completion and mastery of the five continuum scheme is a place of initiation in the wisdom school. The wheel of eight holy creatures also surrounded the ninth- wheel of Earth, which is the same place of Five-the last letter Heh(value is five)in the name of haShem.In this weeks Torah portion we have Abraham renewing his relationship to the Echad/unity. We also see him renewing his special relationship to Sarah as sister and bride, making him eligible to "marry" the shekinah, the planetary soul(the five). This is the special number two(spouses) in the Fibonacci series. We have the covenant at the Eight-days again which is the sixth number in the fibonacci series.Then we have the Three(4th number in F.series) strangers/celestial chiefs coming and blessing him with the Shekinah and the lineage of holy people that will be a big part of unifying all the soul lineages around the Earth. It is Abraham that secures the ancient secret cave of Machpelah for the eight patriarchs and matriarchs. All that is left is the fifth number of the fibonacci series - the number five and she is the very letter heh and soul of the Earth-wheel of Earth. In the Jewish tradition a human being can not fully embody the one or the three as in some other of the religious traditions. The five is a different story however and the five books of the teacher of the Jews holds the promise of humanity embodying the prime number five(having a new relationship to the one) and becoming more than just the product of a four continuum world view. We can make the sovereignty of the Source(one) hold sway in our world and bring the peace we all desperately need. The tide is turning on the surface world this very week! America is about to say no to the lie of war and a militarized world. This week, this Chesvan 16 & 17(date of the flood of Noah), USA election day,the tide of the upper waters of peace needs to flood the world scene. The sacred stone that gave light to Noah's ark and was given to humanity by the chief Raziel(angel of secrets)is aligned in a special way now with the Earth's electro-magnetic field. We are ready! This stone is real and so are the waters of Ahavah/Love.