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The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Wheel of the Earth

In a previous post the quote from the kabbalistic text on the nine degrees of holy creatures was used to explain the redeeming of the sparks and the relationship of the snake and the eagle face on the chariot scheme. These holy creatures forms relate directly to the Tibetan wheel and mandala tradition. js, a frequent poster here gave us the quote from the ancient Tibetan text Bardo Thodol, which explains the connection with their take on the 8th day after death and it's relationship to the covenant of Abraham which is at the 8th day after birth. Yes the holy Dam/blood is the connection, read the comment on the previous post to get the details. The joining of the Hebrew and Tibetan shamanic lineages has played a major part in the bringing into the Earth of the holy Shekinah, Lady Tara who is the neshamah/wheel of the Earth. The torah parsha for this week again involves the covenant in juxtaposition to the rejecting of the sacrifice of Issac. The merciful and beautiful aspect of HaShem swayed Abraham from the ancient barbary of human sacrfice and the faith of Abraham was saved for the naming covenant which is a powerful and efficacious form of prayer which has indeed brought the "wheel of Earth" into direct interface with the human world(read previous posts).
It is through the study of the wheel traditions in ancient Tibet, Native American and Hebrew shamanic traditions(Zohar)that we gain a crystal clear perception of what the great work has been and how an initiation on the merkabah throne has been achieved for the entire world. To answer the new posters question, yes this has already happened in linear time and yes the shamir stone is now in the custody of the priestly people. The shamir stone which is identical to Jacob's pillow of stone is the technology that the Native Americans call the sipapu/birth canal or reed tube that connects different worlds within the fifth continuum, the realm of soul and the celestial chiefs. Only in the human world could two or more aspects of the holy living creatures join together. This is the very special need for a physical creation in the first place. The holy of holies in the tradition of the mysteries of Solomon's temple is a cubic room containing the two twin cherubim on the ark of the covenant. the twin chiefs needed to "touch" in the human world. This has brought the "Wheel of Earth" who is the soul/neshamah of the planet into the human world. Humanity has been initiated. It is the purpose of this blog to explain how this has happened. We have previously referred to the magic box of nine and the cave of machpelah, the cave of the holy secret. the wheel of the nine degrees is another form of the Kamea or box of nine containg the numbers one to nine, with the number five in the center "palace" the numer five is called the chameshi= the fifth which is made of the same letters spelling moshiach=annointed=initiation. As has been said before the number five and the number one are the only two numbers in the fibonacci series that hold the same place in the sequence as their number value. In the Hebrew aggadah/legends we are told that Eliyahu the prophet "will" make up one of eight of the circle of eight in the cabinet around the moshiach/ annointed initiate. So we see here again the picture of a wheel of eight around a center place as in the kamea of nine. the five is in the center and the place of a human initiation in the global wisdom temple/school is to be a carrier of this number. The completion and mastery of the five continuum scheme is a place of initiation in the wisdom school. The wheel of eight holy creatures also surrounded the ninth- wheel of Earth, which is the same place of Five-the last letter Heh(value is five)in the name of haShem.In this weeks Torah portion we have Abraham renewing his relationship to the Echad/unity. We also see him renewing his special relationship to Sarah as sister and bride, making him eligible to "marry" the shekinah, the planetary soul(the five). This is the special number two(spouses) in the Fibonacci series. We have the covenant at the Eight-days again which is the sixth number in the fibonacci series.Then we have the Three(4th number in F.series) strangers/celestial chiefs coming and blessing him with the Shekinah and the lineage of holy people that will be a big part of unifying all the soul lineages around the Earth. It is Abraham that secures the ancient secret cave of Machpelah for the eight patriarchs and matriarchs. All that is left is the fifth number of the fibonacci series - the number five and she is the very letter heh and soul of the Earth-wheel of Earth. In the Jewish tradition a human being can not fully embody the one or the three as in some other of the religious traditions. The five is a different story however and the five books of the teacher of the Jews holds the promise of humanity embodying the prime number five(having a new relationship to the one) and becoming more than just the product of a four continuum world view. We can make the sovereignty of the Source(one) hold sway in our world and bring the peace we all desperately need. The tide is turning on the surface world this very week! America is about to say no to the lie of war and a militarized world. This week, this Chesvan 16 & 17(date of the flood of Noah), USA election day,the tide of the upper waters of peace needs to flood the world scene. The sacred stone that gave light to Noah's ark and was given to humanity by the chief Raziel(angel of secrets)is aligned in a special way now with the Earth's electro-magnetic field. We are ready! This stone is real and so are the waters of Ahavah/Love.

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Anonymous said...

Then these messages may be for you:

"Base transient part of our DNA – close to the original knowledge"

“All knowledge has that which knows the knower to become the known – riddle yes understand no – the way of a closed circle is no beginning no end yet it is both otherwise it would not exist as we know it. This is knowledge as we know it to exist”.

"As I walk my personal path of learning I have questioned questions and answered little other than more questions." "There can only be light if we move towards that which bares the light all else is an answer"

Excuse my out burst but I wrote these quotes just minutes before reading this post

So what else questions of course.
Thank you for your reply about the stone

Hmm! Will Nathaniel (Angel) play a part in this new world?

The physical stone of Abraham the one he wore around his neck was there any drawings of this stone?

Does book/box 4 have any connection to the inward flow of knowledge?

Does book/box 7 have any connection to a white glowing sphere of knowledge?

Strange question I know but such are the ways of a stranger

"light upon light holds that which knows the hole upon which all else exists"

Thank you again