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A site based on the healing of the ancient wisdom of the Geocentric worldview. The understanding of sacred texts and wisdom is based on a relationship to the Source. This Central Source is the Fount from which the three distinct movements of the Earth globe flow. These three turns-rotation,revolution and precession are a great secret/sod and key to the profound teachings of the mekubalim/kabbalists. These movements provide us with the experience of shanah/time, olam/matter and nephesh/soul(being). The Earth turn called precession is the slow wobble that causes the polar skies to change slowly over a 26,000 year cycle.
The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Friday, December 29, 2006

Sapphire knob of the Sceptre

We have moved from the darkest days of the yearly cycle when the moon is small or not visible during the longest nights of the year. As we approach the full moon of this month of Tevet we are covering the last two chapters of the book of Beresheit/Genesis. This is the dive into the deepest places of the physical creation, called mitzrayim/Egypt, and the seeds are planted for the journey of the priestly people among the nations in order to unify the soul tree, the seventy-two names or soul sparks of all the language lineages of the Earth drama. We are now seeing the moon get larger every night as we move to the full moon and the Book of Splendour/Zohar gets into the mysteries of the moon and the dimension of Malchuth/kingdom which encompasses the entire physical creation. In Zohar we have “ The secret of Solomon’s wisdom was in the name of the moon when blessed from every side. In his days the moon was magnified and reached her fullness”(Zohar Vayehi223a) The relationship of the sacred stones to the keeper of the soul gates, the silvery orb, is developed in a very sealed form in these pages of this awesome book. Remember we, Israel, is deep into Egypt, the land of the great magicians. These people were the masters of the physical technologies that are involved with interfacing the fifth continuum, the realm of soul/being and the physical. So we have what is so unusual a statement in the beginning of the commentary on Vayechi that some translators did not even include these pages in the translations(Simon & Sperling)). “Hence when it came to pass that “Jacob lived in Egypt”, he did not rejoice, because this land was the bond of the nations; the sapphires of the throne of glory”- (in the original this is “saphirim deccursai yikarah“!), nobody came to them, neither from the upper or the lower, save the living. This is the secret of ” for no man shall see Me and live”. This is in the heart of the mysteries about the essential need for the creation and the tree of knowledge itself.. For we are told that only the living could access these saphirim - the stones that are books that are thrones. The word sepher is a root of all these meanings-jewels-and books that are thrones. For those initiates that know about the sacred stone interface and the science of the staff, the scepter that unites heaven and Earth, this is an open book. For those who do not this is very sealed stuff.(Sepher yetzira is about these Sepharim and the “engraved” world)) Remember, we are approaching the full moon of winter in Shevat that is high noon for many kabbalists, the New year of the Tree, tub’Shevat. Here we are in the science of the tree and it’s various “nuts” and flowers and fruits. In the Kabbalah of initiation this involves the crystal/mineral and metal interface with soul. This is referred to in the literature as the science of Solomon calling in all the spirits to build the holy temple of HaShem. The “Testament of Solomon” is a psuedapigraphical work involved with this stream of the work. In the Sepher Hechaloth/palaces literature we also have the gatekeeper Anaphiel, the angel of the seal. He is the keeper of these mysteries. These are the mysteries of the magician King Solomon/Shlomo. He whose name means peace.
It is in the month of Shevat that in the direct experience of this writer that the science of the staff of initiation began=became active again in this world with the inaugurating of a new aeon. The holy kochav/comet, what zohar calls in the parsha veyechi(223b), “the hair of the great maclhut/mother” was directed from the galactic bow(kislev)towards the Earth for it’s close passage at the Pesach5750. The Zohar predicts this precisely in the part on Terumah. The science of the sceptre is reawakened fully in the month Shevat of the Sheviti, the staff of initiation in the year 5750. This is connected directly to the gates of the solar-lunar calendar cycle which is the basis of the Hebrew 19 year calendar. We are coming to the completion of one of these calendar rounds(in 5769) since the pivotal year of 5750. The sun of this new aeon is rising in a new dawn for the Earth. The little wheel of this website is coming to it’s first yearly cycle completion as the bigger wheel of the Hebrew calendar-lunar/solar eclipse cycle is coming to a completion(19year round). We are entering a new gate on this journey of the ancient temple initiation.
The sacred starry comets are called hairy in the Zohar here. This is a play on the word shearaha, which is the root for both hairy and gates. The Zohar says, “Under him(Metatron/Enoch) are stationed many Chayoth, under which again is fastened the hair of the moon, which is called “the knobs of the sceptre”.(Zohar Vayehi 223b) This has a few layers of meaning. The word for hairy also meaning gates-Shearim and it says in the original “dekraoon Kochvia”,which means “called comets”. Some translations do not even mention the meaning as referring to comets, called sometimes hairy stars in popular writings such as the prophecies of Nostradamus. The Zohar says that these stars have great "Chuzpah"/weight, those who know Yiddish will catch the drift! The Zohar continues with “Now, after Solomon had inherited the moon in her fullness, he also desired to inherit it in its defective state, and therefore he sought to acquire the knowledge of spirits and demons, so as to inherit the moon on every side. As for the wisdom of Egypt, this is the lower wisdom which is called “the handmaid behind the millstones” and which was also included in the wisdom of Solomon”(Zohar Vayehi 223b)It is only both the upper and lower mysteries that could complete the fullness of the moon here in Earth. The very popular predictions of the French seer , Nostaradamus, contains a prophecy about the joining of the ancient brother lines of initiation(72names) - “Castor and Pollux(Gemini twins)during the passing of the Astre Crinite- a bearded star(century 2 quatrain15). This is proof that this Frenchman studied with the Rabbinic sages or was an initiate in the deep mysteries of kabbalah. Only an initiate would understand these matters. He was correct here. The lineages have joined. This Frenchman also predicted that “the dart(comet) would make its extension, the dead would speak, the stone in the tree”(century 2;quatrain70). here he refers to the period we are in now of the Techiyas Hametim, the enlivening of the dead. He particularly said this would occur in “The year of the great seventh number will be accomplished. It will appear at the time of the games of slaughter; Not far from the great millennial age, When the buried will go out of their tombs. (century 10;quatain 74)
A lot of debate rages about this man and these predictions. Only the initiates really understand. The wisdoms lineages have penetrated the popular culture for many centuries. The Rabbis gave out the proper teachings at the proper times. The great tree is now in a new flowering. We have come home.
Good Shabbos!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Tree among the nations

The nature of the human soul is very much developed in the Sepher HaZohar and other kabbalistic texts. The Sepher Gilgulim actually discusses the five kinds of soul substance and the various personages in Jewish history and who they were in terms of the soul natures they carried. There are details through the centuries on how the tree of the ten omakim/depths or spheres covers the expanse of history. This is used to explain how the different qualities of soul have interfaced with the living Earth through linear time. We are now at the very “bottom” roots of the Tree when the ‘first’ initiates into this awesome temple creation are turning up here and there! The full tree is manifesting in a revealed way. In fact it can be said that the physical creation herself is an effect of what is called the “shattering of the vessels” from the period when the physical nature of the creation could not yet hold the awesome power of the soul substance in the tree. The full nature of the world manifested with the holy sparks of light “falling” into the farthest reaches of matter and separation. The journey has therefore encompassed all the possibilities of creatures with individual free will and choice. A lot of adventure and surprise. The Torah portions covered in these weeks has been the fabulous story of Joseph and his brothers. The Technicolor dream coat. In this story Joseph has descended into the depths of creation, called Mitzrayim/Egypt. The incredible culture of ancient Egypt carries so much mystery and the fecund Hoseyck/darkness saw the evolvement of the mineral technologies that interface with the soul realm/ the fifth continuum. And in this story we have the big hint. The Pharaoh, the royal sun power in the physical gives Joseph, the son of Rachel and Jacob, his royal signet ring to wear! Joseph meets up with the sovereignty of power in the physical and becomes a King. He is a Pharoah. He can interpret dreams because he has the Chomat Elokim, the wisdom of the divine in this world. A new stage in the drama has begun, deep deep within the physical stuff. From this time and place the aggadah/legends tells us that the sacred technology of Israel is turned over from the possession of Pharoah in the form of the scepter of Moses. The signet ring is the image in Torah. Only one other place in all of Tanak do we have this ring. This is in the scroll of Esther. The ring of the emperor of Persia who rules 127 provinces, the entire physical spectrum of Malchut/Kingdom, the physical depth. The mineral roots of the Tree. The aggadah tells us that the holy rod of HaShem was transmitted to Joseph from Jacob IN EGYPT. When Joseph died his house was pillaged by the locals and the rod was brought into the “possession of Pharaoh“. We are also told that Pharoah could pronounce seventy of the seventwo secret names of the soul sparks among the nations. The aggadah continues to tell us that Jethro was one of the Pharaohs scribes and he stole the rod and planted it in his own garden where it sprouted and could not be uprooted. That person who would come and pull it from the ground would be the husband of his daughter Zipporah. All others who try would be devoured by this sacred tree. Sound familiar? This transmission of the sacred technology of Israel is hinted at in the passing of the little signet ring onto Joseph’s finger. It is in the next Hebrew month of Shevat, it’s name from a root word for rod or staff, that the kabbalists connect the technology of the staff of precious metal and stone to the great Tree of life that is so much the Kabbalah. This time of year we are in the deepest roots of the tree. Below the surface. Here the aggadah tells us dwells Shamshiel, the angel of paradise, his name is the root word for the radiant sun. The days get longer and the sap deep within the Tree begins to stir. Many of the “nations” bring the sacred tree into their homes to celebrate this time. Initiates awaken from slumber.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Bow of Kislev

The flood of the deep wave of the last Hebrew month, Chesvan brings us the colorful sign of the rainbow/Keshet. This curved bow of scintillating color, and the long bow of the Sagittarian archer and Judah the Maccabee, are the images of this present month of Kislev. The festival of light begins in the last week of this month on the 25th of Kislev which this year is the Sabbath. It now celebrates the light of the third Beith HaMikdash/temple which encompasses the entire planet. Seventeen years ago in the Hebrew year 5750/1990 a scintillating, shimmering holy Kochav/comet had been fired from the starry galactic bow and was rapidly becoming visible in the month of Kislev as it approached it’s close passage to the sun for the first time in it’s several thousand year orbit. It would make it’s perihelion(close point) passage of the sun on Nissan 15/April 9, the night of the Pesach/Passover. The world would never be the same. This star added a new fiery light to the menorah of the holy Earth as prophesied by many different peoples and wisdom lineages. The priestly peoples were now fully unified in the physical world. The fourth and final occupation of the Jewish people, that of “Rome“, was finally ended after 20 centuries. This date of the Passover of 5750 can be found registered in the Book of Splendour/Zohar(Terumah) with it’s Gregorian year number! How fitting to have the one and only Gregorian(roman) date found in Zohar to be the very year that the occupation by “Rome” was to end.
The depth of the Chanukah celebration beginning in Kislev marks the end of the third “occupation” of the four historical occupations of the Jewish people, this one by the Assyrian Greeks. Essentially it celebrates the complete end to all “occupation” and the freedom that comes with a healed globe. We are already feeling this inner powerful wonderful sunshine warm a new world as the solar dawn develops in a new aeon.
The Rabbi Abraham Azulai as well as a few others knew that these years would see a new epoch of freedom. This is why R.Azulai said in his book Hesed L’Abraham(19thcent/ce) that at the year 5760/2000 the whole Earth would be as Israel because the waters of purification would rise and cover everything but Israel with the new flood. We are now seven years since 5760. A new menorah of dedication is on fire right now! The key to this awesome light is in the numbers. Thirtysix candles over the eight days plus the eight lights of the shemesh candle, the helper. These “36” lights stand for the first 36 “hours” of the days of genesis/bereishit before the firmament was divided between above and below. This does not mean linear time as we know it now. This is the original eternal ever-present light of bounty and beauty emanating from the source of all that is. This is the very radiant heart of the creation. In the deep kabbalah of the seven kameas/magic number boxes, the box of 6X6, containing the 36 numbers from one to thirty-six is attributed to the Shemesh/sun. This is the sun that fuels the creation. The physical sun is a nodal point of resonance of the true radiant sun/Shemesh in the heaven world of being. This is the source of the legend of the 36 righteous people(lamidvavniks) who maintain and support the existence of the world. Their 36 souls are the Malachim/angels whose paired seraphic wings bring us the 72(36X2)celestial sarim or angelic chiefs that rule all the nations/languages of the earth. They have all been brought together by the countless dedications to freedom and joy by all peoples of the world for many centuries.
This celebration illuminates the colors of the keshet/bow of kislev. Like the original 36 “hours” it is not encompassed in linear time. It is the Sabbath of peace and joy. And fun….eight “crazy(meshuganah)” nights!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Cup of Blessing

We have some beautiful images this week that come from the deep level of dream and the being world, which is the fifth continuum in the scheme that includes a primary status for our own selves and the living part of this universe. The Sepher HaZohar on this weeks Torah portion, Vayeshev, tells us that “All depends on mazal”(181a). this means the “stars and constellations” of the sky above and their cycles. We are also told that it is the moon that contains all the gates for souls(zohar180b) to come into our physical world and there is a cycle in all of this. As mentioned before, the Hebrew 19 year calendar is geared to the 19 year cycle that governs the relationship of the sun, moon and earth and the eclipse cycle which is an outcome of the movement of these three orbs. In a previous post I explained the importance of the completing of one 19 year cycle since 5750/1990. The techiyas HaMetim/the enlivening of the dead is mentioned again here in the Zohar and the millennium(6th) that is called the “eve of the Sabbath”, the Hebrew years 5000-5999 is alluded to repeatedly. These passages are about Joseph and he is related to the depth/sephira called yesod/foundation and the sixth millennium(5000-5999).This is the time span that all these stories allude to in the unfolding of the great dream that is the drama of Israel. The Sepher yetzira, the primer of Kabbalah gives us the details that we need in order to relate the mazal, the stellar cycles, to what all this prophecy relates to. We are told in the Yetzira that there are three realms that govern all that unfolds in this world of unfolding we call our universe. These are the day cycle, which is in the heart of the individual, the shanah or year cycle that is like a king in the empire, and the Tali, the dragon in the universe that is like a king on the throne. These directly relate to the three stupendous movements of the holy planet Earth. The rotation which gives us the day cycle and the individual beingness, the orbit about the sun which establishes the year and manifested world about us, and the slow wobble of the Earth which lasts about 26000 years and causes the sky to change over a vast cycle of time. This last movement was a great secret for a period of time. Plato called it the great Year or the precession of the equinoxes. The Zohar refers to a new stage of the great cycle of the Tali, the quivering dragon of the mazal/the stars. The pole star has changed with this cycle from the stars of draco the dragon to the star in the handle of the little pitcher constellation. We are told about this with, “at the time that the women go out to draw water” they draw the water of the Torah…as the tree of life causes them to be the first to rise” moreover the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold, as the light of the seven days(Sabbath). There will thus be added to the moon an exalted spirit whereby all the dead that are in the dust will be awakened.”(zohar181b)The zohar tells us that the awakening of all souls will occur in the sixth millennium at the time of the drawing of water-” So let it come to pass, that the damsel to whom I shall say, let down thy pitcher, that I may drink”(182a). The Zohar tells us then about a certain Chayah, one of the four living creature forms, that rules the chanting of the night and the daybreak, who we may understand is the humanface form of the four angel Chayoth. Maybe you have picked up on what all this explains as the timing of the global awakening. The great platonic year of 26000 years is divided into twelve “months” and it is very popular that we have just entered that section that is the waterbearer who is the one of the four fixed signs that is the face of the human from the merkabah chariot that Ezekiel described. What is amazing about this “Aquarian age/deli, the waterbearer, is that we have recently come to understand that the distance from our Earth to the very heart of the milky way galaxy is about 26 thousand light-years, precisely the time period it takes for the Earth to make a full turn of it’s wobble like a top. So our sacred planet is in a synchronous/simultaneous cycle(the wobble) with the precise time it takes light to travel from and to the very center of the galaxy! Many of you are probably familiar with the now popular meso-american sacred calendar of 260 days called the Tzolkin and the extension of this calendar round with the 26000 year cycle in relationship to the star realms, signified by the change in our relationship to the seven sisters-the pleaides star group. The Mayan elders of the 260 day calendar round, in their codex of Chilaam Balaam, predicted the coming to the American land of white bearded priestly people from the east, the elder brother, who will bring back the age of the supreme Creator/Itzamna. These people will bear a special sign of the supreme “Lord” that sets them apart from others. How many recognize this as the sign of the covenant of Abraham and Sarah? For those who understand the way of initiation and the work of healing this world, the sacred calendar of meso-america predicts the movement into the new epoch precisely during this 40 year time period called the kibbutz goliot, the ingathering of exiles in the Kabbalah-5750/1990-5790/2030. Another level of understanding the Hebrew naming covenant at eight days becomes clear when studying the meaning of the day names and numbers and their patterns in the tzolkin. The joining of the sacred names and the celestial governors is written into the pattern of the tzolkin calendar. An initiate born on a day sacred to the powers of the wheels- the line of tezcatlipoca(lords of the dark), could be named(eight count later) on a day sacred to the powers in the line of the feathered serpent/the Seraphim(lords of light). Uniting sky and Earth. And the wisdom from the waterbearer flows to all peoples.We are all related!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

the break of a new dawn

Last weeks torah portion began with the setting of the sun, the orb of illumination, and the dream vision. We mentioned how this relates to the 40 year time period we entered in 5750/1990 known as the kibbutz galiot, the ingathering of exiles. The great focus of this weeks parsha is usually on the struggle of Jacob during the night and his blessing and receiving the new name of Yisrael/Israel. This naming happens right as the new dawn breaks. The Sepher HaZohar’s commentary on this relates it to the gradual manifestation of the light of this redemptive era. When I speak with people about how it is that we have entered this very special 40 year period they often respond with “how could this be?, times are so scary and there is so much violence and despair.” The answer to this response is right here in the Zohar on this parsha(Zohar 170a-b).”Let me go, for the day breaketh”,”and from the Song of Songs:” Who is she that looketh forth as the dawn, fair as the moon, clear as the sun, terrible as an army with banners?”(S.S.VI,10)This verse refers to Israel, at the time when the holy one, B’H, will raise them up and bring them out of captivity. At that time he will first open for them a tiny aperture of light, then another somewhat larger, and so on until He will throw open for them the supernal gates.” So there are actually four stages hinted at in the Song of Songs for the 40 years we are in now. The first is the beginning of light = “Who is she that looketh forth like the dawn”- the first tiny streak of light. The next is “fair as the moon”, then the third is as” clear as the sun” and the fourth stage with the strongest light at full strength=“terrible as an army with banners”. Many commentaries of scholars and Rabbis through the centuries have mentioned this gradual appearance of the promised healed world of Tikkun olam.
The Zohar further on explains or alludes to a deeper level of how this changed world will be manifested. This whole parsha is about Jacob and his brother Esau who is the ancestor of Edom. The several kings of Edom are very important players in the mysteries of the created world and there crowns were said to be hidden according to the Book of Concealed Mystery within the Zohar. Here we are told about one of these special “hidden” crowns. The Zohar about this secret quotes the book of SamuelII “And he took the crown of Malcam from off his head; and the weight thereof was a talent of gold, and in it were precious stones; and it was set on David’s head.” We are told that this crown was of the King of the Ammonites, of Edom, and it had an idol image engraved on it, that of the serpent, which had been disfigured earlier so that David could wear it. The words in the verse for “precious stones” actually reads “v’ebeyn yikarah” which could also mean The rare, precious eben/stone - alluding to the eben shetiyah - the foundation stone of the holy temple which also is hinted at as the very stone that Jacob used as a pillow in the last parsha. So David’s crown is actually that of one of the former Kings of Edom, descendants of Esau! And it contains the sacred Eben/stone.In this is a great secret. This is a direct reference to the place of the mineral world in the uniting of the priestly lineages and the joining of the upper and lower realms right here in the physical “kingdom”.
The end of the Zohar on this section speaks about the Psalm of David, the Halleluyah psalm, and the praise for the creator between midnight and the break of Dawn. Then is mentioned the second to last verse of the Song of Songs - “The companions hearken for thy voice, cause me to hear it”. This is the 116th verse of the 117 verses of the holiest of the writings. As stated before, the Zohar tells us in it’s Terumah portion(143b) that this song contains the whole history of Israel from the beginning to the Sabbath millennium. If each of it’s 117 verses is a fifty year jubilee period we have 115X50=5750/1990 when we entered these special 40 years of the present verse, the 116th= “The companions hearken for thy voice, cause me to hear it”!