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A site based on the healing of the ancient wisdom of the Geocentric worldview. The understanding of sacred texts and wisdom is based on a relationship to the Source. This Central Source is the Fount from which the three distinct movements of the Earth globe flow. These three turns-rotation,revolution and precession are a great secret/sod and key to the profound teachings of the mekubalim/kabbalists. These movements provide us with the experience of shanah/time, olam/matter and nephesh/soul(being). The Earth turn called precession is the slow wobble that causes the polar skies to change slowly over a 26,000 year cycle.
The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Solar Root-666/ Tree of Life/Full Moon in Leo

This would be a good time, at the New Year of The Tree of Life at the full moon in the Aryeh/Lion, the Etz Chaim, to answer the last two comments on the last post. The purpose of these writings is to validate the necessity of all the world’s religious traditions for the work called Tikkun Olam or repairing the world. There is a lot of misinformation and disconnected ideas about where we are today in the unfolding of the prophetic vision for our sacred Earth. Some of the erroneous ideas comes from misunderstanding the ancient Christian Gnostic writings such as the dream poem called the “Revelation” which can not be fathomed without a deep understanding of kabbalah and the Hebrew wisdom tradition. The numbers for instance like 666 are all part of the patterns from the ancient kameas, the number box grids, that contain the mathematical symmetries and divine names which are the windows to understanding the realm of being/soul as it interfaces with our world. The kamea of the Sun, a 6X6 magic square(see picture) contains the numbers from 1 to 36 and it’s total value=666. A knowledge of Tanack, the Jewish scriptures, will give a person the connection of this number with one of the great personages in the tradition of initiation, Shlomo HaMelech, Solomon. HaShem offered him anything he wanted but he asked for wisdom and understanding. He took a census and the weight was 666 talents of pure gold. This number involves the pure solar emanative power. In the mysteries Solomon’s great work was to build the Beith haMikdash, the holy temple as the vessel that channeled the flow of energy from the source into the world. He also connects above and below and brings the Queen, the soul of the Mother earth, together with the King, the Divine Source. This involves the most profound levels of the mechanics of the creation. The political-social realm is at the very surface of the ocean of being. To relate the soundbite media events to these deep flows of the divine stream is absurd when one knows what this is really about. The number 666 is not evil although this power it represents, when out of balance in a person or nation, could be a destructive or self-destructive power. Those who know the book of Kings, Torah and kabbalah will know what it means when it says, “Here is WISDOM, let him that hath UNDERSTANDING calculate the number of the Chayah” It is the number of a MAN.”(from the book of revelation-chapt.XIII-18) This statement is only for deep initiates. The Chayah is the special level of initiation of the Chayoth HaKodesh, the living creatures sometimes called “beasts”. It refers to the wisdom of Solomon and the sephirot Chokmah and Binah- wisdom and understanding. These are the two vertices(endpoints) of the continuum(4th) of time- the reshit and the acharit, the beginning and the ending, in Greek the alpha and the omega. It is the number of the person who is an initiate capable of handling the emanative solar force and remaining a human being. In the Asian traditions this is known as the power of the Vajra, the thunderbolt. The number itself in relation to an individual person is calculated in a very particular way, not found openly anywhere in the literature or bible study groups. Here is a valuable secret for helping Christians enrich their own understanding past the spin that made their religion successful. there is a need now for all the religous traditions to move past the spin that ensured the survival and success of the individual tradtion but clouds the truth. Here we have the hallowed place of initiation of the level of the Chayoth. As we know from the Jewish mysteries however this is a possibility for a human being - born the normal way from a human mother and father.
We as a people have entered the epoch where the ability to carry the radiant power, the “Zohar” as the Book of Daniel uses this word, is manifesting. The experiences of people on the path of initiation and the signs that are manifest everywhere herald a global movement into the promised eon of peace. There is no gloom and doom here. The comets are the fiery chariots that herald a global entry into the 40 year period called the kibbutz Golios, the ingathering of the exiles. These exiles are all people who are realizing we are home here in this Earth paradise. The redeemer initiate in every wisdom lineage around the globe is related to the holy Kochav/comet or star scepter. This is a potent sign heralding the era of the great peace in Tibetan Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Islamic, Native American and other traditions. The posting commenter asked who am I and who is the blog meant for?. This writer is on a life path that involves discovering ones own place of initiation through experience as well as study and thereby helping himself, others and the entire Earth do the same. Shema Yisrael, we are one temple school and orchard - Pardes of Trees. A forest of Beauty. Happy and Joyous Tub’Shevat!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Tree of Life/ Star Scepter and the Great Clock

We are now in the very special month of Shevat in the Hebrew calendar. The coming Sabbath celebrates the 15th day-TuB’shavat, the new year of the trees. This holiday and the entire month is special to those on the path of initiation called Kabbalah. And added to this are the people in the southern hemisphere now, who are reeling from the brightest comet, the great comet of 2007 called mcnaught. The sacred kochav , the comet, is a theme of this blog as well as the particular Shevat, the staff that is the technology of initiation for those involved with what is called the practical Kabbalah in contrast to the theoretical. In the great book of Kabbalists, the ancient Sepher HaZohar commentary on the Torah parsha terumah we have the very secret connection between the kochav/comet and the physical technology of Israel called the “precious gems and fine gold found in the breast of high mountains“. However in this weeks parsha for TuB’shevat, called beshalach, we also have the connection to the technology of Kabbalah described in two forms. These are the staff, the mateh of Moshe/Moses and in the tosefeta/addendum it is called the “ degooshpaneka" the great seal ring. This is particularly related to the holy Shemhamforash, the name of seventy-two(see picture) which is found in the Torah Shemot/Exodus verses”14:19-21. These three verses are the only three in a row in Torah that each have exactly 72 letters “.They discuss what is happening when Moses has the mateh/staff raised and the sea is parting. The Zohar tells us here specifically that the mateh/staff of Moses is used to part the red sea and if used in another manner for “other ends”. Here we will explain the ‘other ends” which concerns the JOINING of the great waters above and below. The Zohar here explains in the tosefta and in a very obscure manner for this is whispered stuff, that we are involved here with the great wheel of 72 above and this is connected directly to the 72 stones(cubic stone -6 faces of a cube X twelve edges=72)below that keep the gates of the waters. This involves how the waters are divided and then joined in order to manifest physical creations and repair /tikkun them. The very source of the soul of Moses himself is also revealed here in Zohar-Shemot52b. "When the hour arrived at which Moses, the faithful shepherd and prophet was to descend into the world HaShem brought forth a holy spirit-Ruach HaKodesh from the depth of a sapphire stone -saphiroo d'eben tavah".

The holiday that celebrates the Etz Chaim, the tree of life(TuB‘Shevat), the staff in the sky that joins the celestial to the terrestrial, the metal-crystal technology(sapphire stone-the sacred staff/mateh-mem-tet-heh(of metatron) and the wheel of the seventy-two names are all very connected for the initiate. They must be contemplated in depth. In the book Birchat Kohanim, we have the reference that one of the seventy-two three letter names is special to the Jewish priesthood. Most kabbalists have used these names for prayer, meditation and deepening their relationship to the divine mystery. There is another not too well known aspect to the name of seventy-two. This is as a sacred timing device for the unfolding of the global initiation we are all a part of. As people who understand sacred geometry we know that the circle can be divided into 72 five degree segments called quinaries in the ancient science of the celestial arts. The ancient diviners of the celestial wheel and the author of the kabbalistic book, Sepher Yetzirah, start the wheel at the first degree of Aries”Taleh”. By beginning the wheel in the month of Nissan(aries) we find that the 22nd three letter name of the seventy-two, is YodYodYod and this is related directly to the Jewish priesthood. In the book Birchat Kohanim/the Priestly Blessing, this relationship is explained because these are the three letters that begin the three verses of the beautiful and hallowed priestly blessing- Yibarececha, Yaer, Yisa. This 22nd quinary is a five degree segment of the celestial wheel of the stars. In fact it has contained a special star for a period of years that we have mentioned in this blog. This is the star beta Gemini, called castor. It is one of the heads of the star twins(Castor and Pollux) and traditionally these stars have been related to special brothers - Moses and Aaron, Jacob and Esau and Jonathan and David. In the meso-american tradition these twin stars are the heads of the lords of light(seraphim) and the lords of dark(ophanim). This is where the picture from the last post comes in. The starry wheel painted on the ceiling of the temple of the earth mother at Denderah Egypt and the temple itself was aligned precisely to the east at this star Beta-Gemini! The wobble of the Earth which the Sepher Yetzira relates to as the great quivering dragon called Tali, causes the five degree segments of the zodiac, the quinaries, to move slowly over 25,920 years against the placement of the stars. This is a grand clock and the alignment of the Gemini star with the quinary sacred to the Hebrew priesthood has been a gate opener for the initiates in Kabbalah and for all peoples who envision a world at peace. The great celestial clock moves one degree every 72 years. This is the one of three movements of the Sepher Yetzira, that “places the Creator on the Throne”. This is the whispered stuff of the real Kabbalah.72X360(degrees)=25,920 year cycle. We entered a narrow window of sky and earth coinciding with the birth of the Baal Shem Tov and beginning of the movement of joy and wisdom within the later Jewish tradition. This has heralded the uniting of the lineages, of priests and royals, “lords of light and lords of dark. The physical throne is now here in the crystalline crust of the Earth. The alignment of this star Beta-gemini with the 22nd quinary(five degrees) sacred to the Kohanim/priests ended just as the predicted return of Eliyahu by sacred kochav/comet occurred. This is why the Zohar predicts precisely when the dawn of the great Sabbath begins in the 5750’s/1990’s.The people’s throughout the ancient Mediterranean considered this Gemini star the “son of the supreme temple” and this is why the ancient Egyptians aligned their great temple of the neshamah - Hath-Hor(house of light) of the Earth, the Shekinah, to this star. Yes the gates are opened now with this alignment with the 22nd name of the seventy-two, the Hebrew priesthood and the starry world of the Tali, the quivering dragon. And yes, there is a scepter(shevat) star, a comet/Kochav in the sky that everyone knows about but not everyone can see except on the web!. These stars come from the realm of the Seraphim and the Cherubim. It is the third “great comet”(brilliant and visible to the naked eye) in the last ten years - Comet hayakutake, comet Hale-Bopp and Comet Mcnaught. These are the Chesed/love;Geburah/strength and Tipheret/beauty of the great Tree of life of Kabbalah. The birth of the red Heifer(Melody-10th and final) in Judea took place during the passing of the second-Comet hale-Bopp(geburah=red) in 5757/1997. These herald the end of the last of the three purifications periods that are part of Jewish and Native American -Hopi prophecy. The Earth is the great temple now. It is extremely rare to have a great comet come by once in a century no less than three in ten years. It is time that we hearken to the words of the tosefta of Zohar for this week, on the line from the book of Shemot 14:19(the first line of three verses that give us the seventy-two names)“Then announcements(heralds) are made. Let him who have eyes, raise them higher and higher -Leaylah Leaylah. Let those who have wings stand firm. Let those who have faces cover their faces … “And the angel of Elohim/ Malach HaElohim” storms”.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Leviathan and global purification

We have an explanation in the Zohar on the Torah portion Bo for this week, that goes into elucidating the place of the Leviathan and the beasts in the waters, called the Taninim/dragons. These inhabit the waters “below” from after the firmaments were separated. A relationship is explained here about the two inclinations, good and evil and the two kinds of angelic beings that guide the individual. In other words the expanse of the firmaments of the world is established by the expanse as well of the moral dimension in the world of soul/being. We call this expanse the fifth continuum or dimension, in these writings. These are enumerated and explained and named in the end of this section of the Zohar. We can learn to navigate these waters of a sanctified ten directions(6 of space, 2 of time and 2 of being) or we may experience the inverse of the sacred-the ten plagues. We are either in the "restricted" narrow space of ancient egypt/mitzrayim or in the promised land of milk and honey. The leviathan, the great “fish dargon” we are also told here, has a natural creative place in the story. We are reminded that this “fish” is kosher!. As humans we have the choice of pursuing desires for our own personal satisfaction and promotion, sometimes to the loss of others, or we can lift up these raw animal desires with the sparks of compassionate love. The “fish dragons” after the likes of the great leviathan we are told inhabit all the nine rivers in the subterranean worlds and sometime the tenth. These are nine of the ten directions a human may travel in the entire creation. The “fish dragons” are natural and an important part of the fauna of the created world. They are not “demonized”. They are kosher! Although this writer does not claim anything more than an average level of moral accomplishment, this blog is oriented to helping establish the global peace that has been promised for these times. Part of helping this process has been to explain the importance of many of the world’s religions in the light of the scheme of the Jewish mystery tradition. For us to keep the higher vision now we must understand some of the socio-political events that are happening now without demonizing any individual or group or nation. The apparently elusive world peace we seek appears to be very dependent on America, the political and economic Roman like giant of the globe. This country is dominated by the Christian calendar and values. According to the rabbinic sages this is a legacy of the biblical Edom=Rome. We have the eagle and the senate. Ancient rome became Christian. The mysteries of Christianity are connected to the Jewish mysteries and we must understand how this is for us to see why the unfolding of prophecy is happening the way it is. The new testament book of revelation was a Gnostic dream poem of a Jew who was given a power to write and help shape future events. He was told in chapter ten of this book, by the angel of the seven thunders, not to write what he saw in his vision. He was told to write what the messenger dictated to him. The great “war” and apocalypse foretold in the Christian writings is a reflection of the shattering of the shells held in the “waters” of the great fish beasts. They by their nature DESIRE world control but they have not achieved this. This is an integral part of their nature. Remember the Zohar tells us that only the male of the Great fish dragon was left alive. The female was destroyed early on in order to keep the physical creation in tact. The Talmudic writers promise us that we will dine on the flesh of the Kosher beast, the great fish. They tell us that the world will never be destroyed even though two of the great beasts are fighting right now. The third “flying” beast of the air element, the ziz bird, was already defeated by Moshe Rabbainu/Moses. We are told in Talmud that the beast of water and the beast of earth are fighting each other. They are defeating each other. The “apocalypse=great conflagration” of the dominant religion in America is only the defeat of these powerful subterranean desire beasts to control how we live our lives. The Sepher HaZohar here on this weeks parsha of Bo, gives us a lot of how each human has the choice for the good inclination or the evil inclination. We are told that the evil inclination can repent and become the good inclination.We are told that we have both the two sets of beings with us, the four great archangels by our side or the four angels of destruction called, anger, destruction, depravity and wrath(Zohar -Shemoth41b). We always have the choice. The test now is global. Violence does not solve our problems now. The Zohar tells us here that the world is said to be supported only by the merit of the breath of small school children who have not tasted sin(Zohar 39a).
We are still way down in Egypt land in the cyclic story within Torah. The Pharaoh man in this story, and the control he exercised is easily equated to the “deification” of the desire beasts, the crocodiles in the ancient pantheon of Mitzraim/Egypt. Not all the people in the real ancient Egypt deified the desire beasts with their raw and horrible power and devouring potential. They did acknowledge the beauty of the muses and the soul of the mother Earth whom they called the House of light - Hath - Hor(aleph-vav-resh=light in Hebrew). Her temple at Denderah in egypt, with it's awesome sky chart of the stars(see pictures) holds great keys to the mysteries related to the Hebrew seventytwo names, the shemhamphorash, as found in next weeks torah parsha, Beshalach. Our Sabbath Queen has been respected by many diverse peoples throughout the globe. She has many names.
The people everywhere have struggled with powers of the evil inclination-the yozer ra. They are depicted in various forms. Everywhere also the sacredness of life has been respected by some and given divine status. On the world media scene lately there has been the utter horror of revengeful killings, called either war or “state” sanctioned executions. We have small children mimicking the executions and losing their precious lives. The children are speaking to us with this. A human life is sacred even if the person has been devoured by the “crocodile” of the Egyptian Nile. Hate and revenge is part of the subterranean world of the primordial “beasts“. There will be a time very soon when our children will see a world where human life, all human life is held as such a sacred gift, that no person or peoples and their governments have the “right” to take that life in the name of justice. In a world that perceives the deeper levels of the divine relationship, only the Creator, HaShem, may take a person from the world. At the deepest level, the “beasts” have already been fully vanquished. What we are witnessing in the world is the death throes of these “powers” on a surface level. All is on schedule for the global awakening to the dawning of a radiance, a Zohar, of beauty and goodness. We are being born as a great people, a priestly people on a global scale now. We can hear the music of the great holy House. Shema Yisrael, We are all related.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Herald of a Global Peace!!

form Zohar addendum on Vaera - the "sword of the Cherubim" that carries Rachamai-compassion through the entire world. More on this at the beginning of next week.
Good and peaceful Shabbos!!
Shabbat Shalom

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Fire initiation/new comet/Kochav visible in daylight!

Great mysteries about the path of initiation are revealed in the story of Moshe Rabbeinu/Moses and the ancient commentaries about these episodes. Moses, we have been told was drawn from out of the river, the flowing waters of Chesed, pure unconditional compassion. The Zohar told us on the commentary to last weeks parsha,Shemot, that we must move through the tears of true weeping to come into a viable relationship with the divine mystery. Moses, whose names means “drawn from the waters” has a soul that comes from this place of the waters of love. We are told in the Zohar that this is why this man can withstand the fire from out of the burning bush, which has some of the nature of judgment, geburah. His essence is in the water of Chesed, pure love. These two places, Chesed/water and Geburah/fire are two opposites of the ten directions(sephirot) of the entire created space of the world. Moses is the human discovering the essential root that moves the creation. The Zohar continues to teach us why it is that the Creator can come to Moses with his most profound name. The name El Shaddai was the previous level that the patriarchs were able to perceive HaShem. It is possible however that the matriarchs could have perceived HaShem at a more profound level. There are hints at this. There are great keys in understanding the levels of initiation in this part of the Zohar. These involve the four elements and qualities, the directions of space and the metals. It explains also the source of the twelve precious stones on Aaron's breastplate and their significance. The Zohar on this part has a profound exploration of the metals and elements and directions in the form of wheels very much like the Native American medicine wheel teachings. It says after the long explanation of these things, "All this is a deep mystery, and he who comprehends these words comprehends a great mystery of the supernal wisdom, in which is the root of all things"(Zohar Vaera24b). The book Sepher Eshel Abraham(tree of Abraham)1701CE. has an advanced commentary on this part of Zohar with pictures of the wheels. Our friend JS,jerusalem seeker, brought up the Barzel/Iron and the important secrets in this Hebrew word(in comment on the last post). Here the Zohar goes deep into this in relation to our ability to encounter the divine mystery. We have a lot of incredible secrets revealed right here! As JS in her comment on the previous post points out, the word barzel/iron has a significant relationship to the four directions of space and the four wives of Jacob, the mothers of the children of Israel. This four lettered word contains the word raz in it’s middle, which means secret. The metal iron we are told in Zohar on Vaera(24b) is born from the coldness and dryness of the element earth ALONE. The other three metals mentioned, gold, silver, copper are born out of combinations of the qualities of the directions and elements with the earth (hot,dry,wet,cold) . Barzel is really the deepest point in the creation physically, in a sense, engendered out of the cold and dry Earth alone. The most profound name=HaShem(YHVH) has a mathematical value of it’s Hebrew letters equaling 26 which is the atomic number(number of protons in a single atom) of the element iron. We know from modern science that the absolute cold zero in temperature does not exist in reality, in the created world. Scientists have been searching for it! It would mean the lack of all energy, movement, vibration and change. What is this complete absence of change? I like to think of the "no change"(absolute zero) and the All change"(entire creation)as the endpoints of the fifth continuum(traditionally called good and evil/ tov v'ra in the Sepher yetzira), the crown/keter("absolute zero") and the kingdom/malchut(all change). So the direction of Barzel/iron being the coldest born out of earth stuff is related to the crown itself, the unutterable mystery as well as the kingdom which is Earth. And this unutterable name is encountered by a man in this part of torah. The sages of torah have always said that HaShem is both beyond change and is the very source of change. We are at the heart of the mystery of initiation right here. We are the "dancing tree" with the stream of living metal-iron coursing in our life's blood(adam=aleph(unity) in dam/blood). The human we are told here in Zohar is made of all the elements, directions, winds of change. We are the only created beings that carry all ten directions of the creation, as Moses did, and so we can come into encountering the most profound name of the Creator. We know now that we must have experienced the deepest kind of love, the source of true weeping beyond words. We must find the essence of all the depths or directions we may move within and towards as human beings. This is why the barzel/the deep iron contains the initials of the names of the four mothers of Israel(Bilhah,Rachel,Zilpah,Leah) and all peoples on this journey to the directions of the earth. From here, from the place where we are, we may begin our journey in the desert of Horeb, where the burning bush is encountered and on to the trembling Har Sinai, the full revelation of the mystery of the source of all that is(YHVH) and isn’t(called the ayn soph, the no end). The iron is in our blood. It is also in the sacred stones of the Kedoshim/holies,(one called purple, argaman in Zohar-Vaera23a).”) which is found in the holy vessels of Israel including the ark of the covenant and the breastplate of Aaron as well as his staff. We offer this red iron blood to HaShem in the Jewish naming covenant. Moses we are told in this parsha almost died because he forget the covenant. His wife Zipporah(she who is the dawn) saved his butt on this one by remembering the covenant. The fire/aysh within the iron of the Bris/covenant makes up the very first word of the Torah -BethResh-AlephShin(fire)-YodTav, BR-(ASh) YT-Brit. The rose of Israel, the Shoshanah HaOmakim from the great Song of Songs, contains these mysteries in her colors and qualities. We are told these colors are the red and the white. The red(blood) is the color of the sacred rose, the white(tears) is the color of it’s essence. This is the flower of the omakim, the depths or ten directions. The initiate carries them all consciously in his/her life walk. When we do so we are walking Har Sinai,as a blossoming flower. We have walked through the fire and so we can find ourself fully. We can receive the true name. the Torah is the garment of this name. The Zohar is it’s shining splendour. As Daniel predicted, “And the knowledgeable will be radiant(Zohar)like the bright expanse of the firmament, and those who lead the many to righteousness will be like the stars(kochavim) forever and ever"(Dan.12:3). And a bright sword of the Cherubim(a kochav/comet) is coming by our Earth this very moment with an orbital period in the hundreds of thousands of years(comet mcnaught-see the photo included))! These stars are spoken about throughout the Zohar, especially in terumah. In the Tosefta/addendum to the Zohar on this weeks parsha Vaera, we have a reference to the "bright blade of the revolving sword that guards the way to the etz chaim, the Tree of Life. This is the sword of the Cherubim that guard Eden mentioned in Beresheit/Genesis. These stars are mentioned in various mystery teachings(especially the popular Rudolf Steiner)as an interface with the realm of both the Seraphim and the Cherubim. Remember from previous posts that these kochavim/hairy stars have been recently found by scientists to contain one of the gems found in the breastplate of Aaron, the peridot or olivine crystal. This stone is green and it has a similar content(including iron) although different lattice structure, to another silicate crystal that is often found in the color purple-red. The Zohar says about this, "one of purple hue which gathers light into itself"(Zohar:Vaera23a). This stone which includes iron as well in it's structure, was also on Aaron's breastplate. These two stones, one green and one red contain exactly the same five elements. They have a different matrix crystal structure however. They make up two of the twelve special stones. The signs are everywhere. The gates of Eden have opened.

Friday, January 05, 2007

In the middle of the garden

We are in the middle of the deep freeze of winter and we are also deep into Egypt land in the yearly cycle of the Hebrew Torah. The story moves from the time when one of Jacobs’ sons has gained a position of Royal power in the land of Pharaoh. The last parsha/portion of the book of genesis is called vayechi which means, “he lived“, speaking about Israel. In this portion the physical figure of Israel dies however, after blessing his progeny. The sages tell us that Israel is really the upper soul root of the priestly people who are a part of the human journey of unification. This is a healing, a tikkun of the fragmented nature of the entire human soul tree. Seventy children went “down” into Egypt with Jacob. These are representing all the seventy nations of the entire world. All humans are part of the “Knesset Yisrael” the spiritual community that is rooted in Israel. The “upper” Israel does not die and so this parsha is called “and he lived“. The history both socially and spiritually of Israel and Egypt are fully entwined. There were very wise sages in ancient Egypt who understood the potential possibilities in this awesome physical Earth and possibly even had visions of what would transpire. This is one of the reasons that they were so obsessed with preserving some of their bodies through embalming and stone tombs. They wanted to keep a soul connection to the Earth and have front row seats at the global soul awakening we call techiyas HaMetim, the enlivening of the dead. With our new understandings of the DNA code and the human body we can see how this scheme of physical preservation as a connection to the eternal realm fits with the priestly Egyptian scheme and the Jewish principle of the enlivening of the dead. This is the global soul awakening commonly called the ressurection of the dead.
The drama and journey of the people Israel continues in the deep land of the pharaoh man. The new book of Shemot/Exodus begins with the statement that a new king is in Egypt who does not know Joseph. The Book of Splendor takes us into a new level as well. The original antique Zohar printings had three volumes and the second, which is the middle volume, is entirely on the book of Shemot/Exodus. It begins with speaking about the Tree of Life in the “bemitzeoot genta“(Zohar Shemot2a), “in the middle of the garden“. And here is a hint, besides the sublime inner meaning of the middle of the garden. We are in the middle - second volume of Zohar, thus the very middle of this volume is the precise middle of all the three volumes. It contains perhaps the most profound of the secrets and prophecies about the coming of the Kochav/star of Jacob and related mysteries including the famous little writing, “the Book of Concealed mystery“, in the section on terumah. The Zohar’s second volume also begins (Zohar Shemot 12a)with the signs of the letters of the sacred name that marked the child Moses. This really gets us into the profound notion that this is a manual of initiation that transcends all normal historical commentary. Israel the man dies in the last book but we are told that by the sages that the real Israel does not die. Then Moses appears floating in an Aron, an ark, which Zohar tells us is a hint at the ark of the covenant and it’s contents. The consciously reincarnating priests of ancient Tibet also have signs on there bodies(physiognomies) that are used to confirm who they are when they reincarnate. The Tibetan priesthood was isolated in the high Himalayas and so they were able to develop these special attributes concerning their links to the soul realm. They were exiled from their homeland in the 1950’sC.E. The fact of their exile and their keeping their religious traditions were two of the main attributes identifying them as one of the two priesthoods(Tibet and Israel) that would come to America to “mend the hoop” of the nations. This is found in the ancient American Indian prophecies. The Tibetans also have special belongings, holy vessels and prayer tools that are kept by the lamas/priests called regents, who often reincarnate and stay in the same company as the other major priests in the particular lineage. The Zohar and the Torah give us a certain level of information that has the same kind of value for certain particular people within this priestly lineage. It is a very veiled instruction manual. A book of treasures and where to find them, as the Tibetans would say. Much of it’s true import and meaning is now coming into the light of this new dawn. The Zohar is not written in a linear form where each idea and subject easily follows each other in order. It has another level of flowing ideas and facts that must be connected with by the person studying the words. The section on Shemot particularly ties together the idea of joining the upper and lower, the left and the right, of the creative tree of all that is. This is an aspect of the “work of Solomon” in uniting all the names of the moon, even the ‘defective’ part that the Egyptians were said to be concerned with. In order to unite the lower and the upper we find ourselves way deep into the land of the pharaohs and into this material world. Solomon’s song is mentioned and the Zohar quotes this great song throughout all the writings. We are given the last verse S.S.Viii14 “Make haste, my beloved, and be like a gazelle or a young stag” as recited by the author of the Zohar from within his house that is hidden by a fiery curtain. The word for gazelle is Tzvi and by what is called in kabbalah the atbash code, this word is a code name for Moshe/Moses. This last verse of the song is the great Sabbath of redemption(see previous post on the hidden chronology of the song). About this, Solomons greatest song, the Zohar says here, “the song of the supernal songs, the song containing all mysteries of the Torah and divine wisdom; the song wherein is power to penetrate into things that were and things that will be; the song sung by the supernal princes(sharim/song=sarim/princes)(Zohar shemot18b). The zohar tells us that Reb Simeon Bar Yochai, the author, causes great tumult throughout many firmaments when he teaches. Remember this section is a commentary about the birth of Moshe rabbeinu/Moses, the teacher of Israel, who climbs the trembling Har Sinai mountain of HaShem. Here we have a connection between the author of Zohar and Moses. Then we learn that an initiate in the temple mysteries, kabbalah, must learn about the profound effect of crying(20a). True weeping beyond any words. We are also told that Moses himself as an initiate with his coming upon the fire of the burning bush can withstand the searing blast of the sacred fire because he "is drawn out of the waters" as the Torah states, which is what his name means. Sinai is always present and trembling. This is not an historical event from the distant past. We must be brought through the water of purification, the sweat and tears of living this dream so as to be ready to perceive the birth and unfolding of who we are at the red sea. Sinai is trembling under our feet this very moment. The celestial tree that is connected to the cycles of unfolding that are the 19 year Hebrew - solar/lunar calendar, will be very energized this coming spring at the hebrew month of Nissan. We should already be feeling it now in the roots of the great tree. The Tali or quivering dragon as it is called in the Sepher Yetzira will be shaken up by the conjunction of the planet Mars/Meadim with the moons north node, the "dragons head". This begins with the passage of the planet Meadim into the same sign as the moon's node during the Pesach/Passover holiday. We pray for peace. Good shabbos!