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The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Fire initiation/new comet/Kochav visible in daylight!

Great mysteries about the path of initiation are revealed in the story of Moshe Rabbeinu/Moses and the ancient commentaries about these episodes. Moses, we have been told was drawn from out of the river, the flowing waters of Chesed, pure unconditional compassion. The Zohar told us on the commentary to last weeks parsha,Shemot, that we must move through the tears of true weeping to come into a viable relationship with the divine mystery. Moses, whose names means “drawn from the waters” has a soul that comes from this place of the waters of love. We are told in the Zohar that this is why this man can withstand the fire from out of the burning bush, which has some of the nature of judgment, geburah. His essence is in the water of Chesed, pure love. These two places, Chesed/water and Geburah/fire are two opposites of the ten directions(sephirot) of the entire created space of the world. Moses is the human discovering the essential root that moves the creation. The Zohar continues to teach us why it is that the Creator can come to Moses with his most profound name. The name El Shaddai was the previous level that the patriarchs were able to perceive HaShem. It is possible however that the matriarchs could have perceived HaShem at a more profound level. There are hints at this. There are great keys in understanding the levels of initiation in this part of the Zohar. These involve the four elements and qualities, the directions of space and the metals. It explains also the source of the twelve precious stones on Aaron's breastplate and their significance. The Zohar on this part has a profound exploration of the metals and elements and directions in the form of wheels very much like the Native American medicine wheel teachings. It says after the long explanation of these things, "All this is a deep mystery, and he who comprehends these words comprehends a great mystery of the supernal wisdom, in which is the root of all things"(Zohar Vaera24b). The book Sepher Eshel Abraham(tree of Abraham)1701CE. has an advanced commentary on this part of Zohar with pictures of the wheels. Our friend JS,jerusalem seeker, brought up the Barzel/Iron and the important secrets in this Hebrew word(in comment on the last post). Here the Zohar goes deep into this in relation to our ability to encounter the divine mystery. We have a lot of incredible secrets revealed right here! As JS in her comment on the previous post points out, the word barzel/iron has a significant relationship to the four directions of space and the four wives of Jacob, the mothers of the children of Israel. This four lettered word contains the word raz in it’s middle, which means secret. The metal iron we are told in Zohar on Vaera(24b) is born from the coldness and dryness of the element earth ALONE. The other three metals mentioned, gold, silver, copper are born out of combinations of the qualities of the directions and elements with the earth (hot,dry,wet,cold) . Barzel is really the deepest point in the creation physically, in a sense, engendered out of the cold and dry Earth alone. The most profound name=HaShem(YHVH) has a mathematical value of it’s Hebrew letters equaling 26 which is the atomic number(number of protons in a single atom) of the element iron. We know from modern science that the absolute cold zero in temperature does not exist in reality, in the created world. Scientists have been searching for it! It would mean the lack of all energy, movement, vibration and change. What is this complete absence of change? I like to think of the "no change"(absolute zero) and the All change"(entire creation)as the endpoints of the fifth continuum(traditionally called good and evil/ tov v'ra in the Sepher yetzira), the crown/keter("absolute zero") and the kingdom/malchut(all change). So the direction of Barzel/iron being the coldest born out of earth stuff is related to the crown itself, the unutterable mystery as well as the kingdom which is Earth. And this unutterable name is encountered by a man in this part of torah. The sages of torah have always said that HaShem is both beyond change and is the very source of change. We are at the heart of the mystery of initiation right here. We are the "dancing tree" with the stream of living metal-iron coursing in our life's blood(adam=aleph(unity) in dam/blood). The human we are told here in Zohar is made of all the elements, directions, winds of change. We are the only created beings that carry all ten directions of the creation, as Moses did, and so we can come into encountering the most profound name of the Creator. We know now that we must have experienced the deepest kind of love, the source of true weeping beyond words. We must find the essence of all the depths or directions we may move within and towards as human beings. This is why the barzel/the deep iron contains the initials of the names of the four mothers of Israel(Bilhah,Rachel,Zilpah,Leah) and all peoples on this journey to the directions of the earth. From here, from the place where we are, we may begin our journey in the desert of Horeb, where the burning bush is encountered and on to the trembling Har Sinai, the full revelation of the mystery of the source of all that is(YHVH) and isn’t(called the ayn soph, the no end). The iron is in our blood. It is also in the sacred stones of the Kedoshim/holies,(one called purple, argaman in Zohar-Vaera23a).”) which is found in the holy vessels of Israel including the ark of the covenant and the breastplate of Aaron as well as his staff. We offer this red iron blood to HaShem in the Jewish naming covenant. Moses we are told in this parsha almost died because he forget the covenant. His wife Zipporah(she who is the dawn) saved his butt on this one by remembering the covenant. The fire/aysh within the iron of the Bris/covenant makes up the very first word of the Torah -BethResh-AlephShin(fire)-YodTav, BR-(ASh) YT-Brit. The rose of Israel, the Shoshanah HaOmakim from the great Song of Songs, contains these mysteries in her colors and qualities. We are told these colors are the red and the white. The red(blood) is the color of the sacred rose, the white(tears) is the color of it’s essence. This is the flower of the omakim, the depths or ten directions. The initiate carries them all consciously in his/her life walk. When we do so we are walking Har Sinai,as a blossoming flower. We have walked through the fire and so we can find ourself fully. We can receive the true name. the Torah is the garment of this name. The Zohar is it’s shining splendour. As Daniel predicted, “And the knowledgeable will be radiant(Zohar)like the bright expanse of the firmament, and those who lead the many to righteousness will be like the stars(kochavim) forever and ever"(Dan.12:3). And a bright sword of the Cherubim(a kochav/comet) is coming by our Earth this very moment with an orbital period in the hundreds of thousands of years(comet mcnaught-see the photo included))! These stars are spoken about throughout the Zohar, especially in terumah. In the Tosefta/addendum to the Zohar on this weeks parsha Vaera, we have a reference to the "bright blade of the revolving sword that guards the way to the etz chaim, the Tree of Life. This is the sword of the Cherubim that guard Eden mentioned in Beresheit/Genesis. These stars are mentioned in various mystery teachings(especially the popular Rudolf Steiner)as an interface with the realm of both the Seraphim and the Cherubim. Remember from previous posts that these kochavim/hairy stars have been recently found by scientists to contain one of the gems found in the breastplate of Aaron, the peridot or olivine crystal. This stone is green and it has a similar content(including iron) although different lattice structure, to another silicate crystal that is often found in the color purple-red. The Zohar says about this, "one of purple hue which gathers light into itself"(Zohar:Vaera23a). This stone which includes iron as well in it's structure, was also on Aaron's breastplate. These two stones, one green and one red contain exactly the same five elements. They have a different matrix crystal structure however. They make up two of the twelve special stones. The signs are everywhere. The gates of Eden have opened.

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