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The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Tree of Life/ Star Scepter and the Great Clock

We are now in the very special month of Shevat in the Hebrew calendar. The coming Sabbath celebrates the 15th day-TuB’shavat, the new year of the trees. This holiday and the entire month is special to those on the path of initiation called Kabbalah. And added to this are the people in the southern hemisphere now, who are reeling from the brightest comet, the great comet of 2007 called mcnaught. The sacred kochav , the comet, is a theme of this blog as well as the particular Shevat, the staff that is the technology of initiation for those involved with what is called the practical Kabbalah in contrast to the theoretical. In the great book of Kabbalists, the ancient Sepher HaZohar commentary on the Torah parsha terumah we have the very secret connection between the kochav/comet and the physical technology of Israel called the “precious gems and fine gold found in the breast of high mountains“. However in this weeks parsha for TuB’shevat, called beshalach, we also have the connection to the technology of Kabbalah described in two forms. These are the staff, the mateh of Moshe/Moses and in the tosefeta/addendum it is called the “ degooshpaneka" the great seal ring. This is particularly related to the holy Shemhamforash, the name of seventy-two(see picture) which is found in the Torah Shemot/Exodus verses”14:19-21. These three verses are the only three in a row in Torah that each have exactly 72 letters “.They discuss what is happening when Moses has the mateh/staff raised and the sea is parting. The Zohar tells us here specifically that the mateh/staff of Moses is used to part the red sea and if used in another manner for “other ends”. Here we will explain the ‘other ends” which concerns the JOINING of the great waters above and below. The Zohar here explains in the tosefta and in a very obscure manner for this is whispered stuff, that we are involved here with the great wheel of 72 above and this is connected directly to the 72 stones(cubic stone -6 faces of a cube X twelve edges=72)below that keep the gates of the waters. This involves how the waters are divided and then joined in order to manifest physical creations and repair /tikkun them. The very source of the soul of Moses himself is also revealed here in Zohar-Shemot52b. "When the hour arrived at which Moses, the faithful shepherd and prophet was to descend into the world HaShem brought forth a holy spirit-Ruach HaKodesh from the depth of a sapphire stone -saphiroo d'eben tavah".

The holiday that celebrates the Etz Chaim, the tree of life(TuB‘Shevat), the staff in the sky that joins the celestial to the terrestrial, the metal-crystal technology(sapphire stone-the sacred staff/mateh-mem-tet-heh(of metatron) and the wheel of the seventy-two names are all very connected for the initiate. They must be contemplated in depth. In the book Birchat Kohanim, we have the reference that one of the seventy-two three letter names is special to the Jewish priesthood. Most kabbalists have used these names for prayer, meditation and deepening their relationship to the divine mystery. There is another not too well known aspect to the name of seventy-two. This is as a sacred timing device for the unfolding of the global initiation we are all a part of. As people who understand sacred geometry we know that the circle can be divided into 72 five degree segments called quinaries in the ancient science of the celestial arts. The ancient diviners of the celestial wheel and the author of the kabbalistic book, Sepher Yetzirah, start the wheel at the first degree of Aries”Taleh”. By beginning the wheel in the month of Nissan(aries) we find that the 22nd three letter name of the seventy-two, is YodYodYod and this is related directly to the Jewish priesthood. In the book Birchat Kohanim/the Priestly Blessing, this relationship is explained because these are the three letters that begin the three verses of the beautiful and hallowed priestly blessing- Yibarececha, Yaer, Yisa. This 22nd quinary is a five degree segment of the celestial wheel of the stars. In fact it has contained a special star for a period of years that we have mentioned in this blog. This is the star beta Gemini, called castor. It is one of the heads of the star twins(Castor and Pollux) and traditionally these stars have been related to special brothers - Moses and Aaron, Jacob and Esau and Jonathan and David. In the meso-american tradition these twin stars are the heads of the lords of light(seraphim) and the lords of dark(ophanim). This is where the picture from the last post comes in. The starry wheel painted on the ceiling of the temple of the earth mother at Denderah Egypt and the temple itself was aligned precisely to the east at this star Beta-Gemini! The wobble of the Earth which the Sepher Yetzira relates to as the great quivering dragon called Tali, causes the five degree segments of the zodiac, the quinaries, to move slowly over 25,920 years against the placement of the stars. This is a grand clock and the alignment of the Gemini star with the quinary sacred to the Hebrew priesthood has been a gate opener for the initiates in Kabbalah and for all peoples who envision a world at peace. The great celestial clock moves one degree every 72 years. This is the one of three movements of the Sepher Yetzira, that “places the Creator on the Throne”. This is the whispered stuff of the real Kabbalah.72X360(degrees)=25,920 year cycle. We entered a narrow window of sky and earth coinciding with the birth of the Baal Shem Tov and beginning of the movement of joy and wisdom within the later Jewish tradition. This has heralded the uniting of the lineages, of priests and royals, “lords of light and lords of dark. The physical throne is now here in the crystalline crust of the Earth. The alignment of this star Beta-gemini with the 22nd quinary(five degrees) sacred to the Kohanim/priests ended just as the predicted return of Eliyahu by sacred kochav/comet occurred. This is why the Zohar predicts precisely when the dawn of the great Sabbath begins in the 5750’s/1990’s.The people’s throughout the ancient Mediterranean considered this Gemini star the “son of the supreme temple” and this is why the ancient Egyptians aligned their great temple of the neshamah - Hath-Hor(house of light) of the Earth, the Shekinah, to this star. Yes the gates are opened now with this alignment with the 22nd name of the seventy-two, the Hebrew priesthood and the starry world of the Tali, the quivering dragon. And yes, there is a scepter(shevat) star, a comet/Kochav in the sky that everyone knows about but not everyone can see except on the web!. These stars come from the realm of the Seraphim and the Cherubim. It is the third “great comet”(brilliant and visible to the naked eye) in the last ten years - Comet hayakutake, comet Hale-Bopp and Comet Mcnaught. These are the Chesed/love;Geburah/strength and Tipheret/beauty of the great Tree of life of Kabbalah. The birth of the red Heifer(Melody-10th and final) in Judea took place during the passing of the second-Comet hale-Bopp(geburah=red) in 5757/1997. These herald the end of the last of the three purifications periods that are part of Jewish and Native American -Hopi prophecy. The Earth is the great temple now. It is extremely rare to have a great comet come by once in a century no less than three in ten years. It is time that we hearken to the words of the tosefta of Zohar for this week, on the line from the book of Shemot 14:19(the first line of three verses that give us the seventy-two names)“Then announcements(heralds) are made. Let him who have eyes, raise them higher and higher -Leaylah Leaylah. Let those who have wings stand firm. Let those who have faces cover their faces … “And the angel of Elohim/ Malach HaElohim” storms”.


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Who are you? Who is meant to read this?

Seven Star Hand said...

Hello Chasmal,

A most august of comets lights up the heavens !!

Want some insight into why there are so many major social and environmental upheavals accompanying (before and after) the appearance of the "mabus comet" and what is truly afoot?

Notice that comet McNaught, discovered on 8/7/2006, just four days before August 11, 2006 (my birthday), brightened on 1/1/2007 (and afterwards) and that 1+1+2+0+0+7=11? Have you been noticing the repeated association of the number 11 with key events and situations in recent years? Notice how New Year Day 1/1/2007 marks this year with the number 11, thereby serving as an important sign/symbol of things to come? Did you know that Mt Augustine erupted twice on 1/11/2006 and 1+1+1+2+6=11? Notice that Nostradamus and Melchizedek each contain 11 characters? The number 11 symbolizes truth and justice, aka the two candlesticks and two witnesses referred to in Revelation 11.

Want stunning proof that these are not mere coincidences and what this portends?

Here's some more insight...

...and much more here...

By the way, Mabus and ALUS refer to multiple people, nations and the related situations they represent. Hister represented Hitler's Germany (the Hister is the Danube River), Nay Pau Loron was Napolean's (imperial) France, and Mabus and ALUS symbolize the situation involving the USA, its allies, and Muslim terrorism that was used used to impose the deceptive war on terror with Ma(ster) Bus(h), Abu Musab, Saddam, US Allies, Muqtada Al Sadr, Usama Bin Laden, and others rounding out the image. Bloody Alus is the USA and its coalition allies, hence Master Bush and his cohorts, among which Islamic terrorists are purposely counted. Notice how Mabus and Alus both include the letters USA as well as references to common Arabic names (Al, Abu, Musab, Usama, etc.)? These compound symbols are meant to be inclusive and redunadantly proven by multiple related inferences that converge at a specific crux in time and human circumstances.

Likewise, the symbolism of 666 points to the Vatican throughout its history, not to any single person, but to the organization, its institutions, and associated activities over a verifiable period of time.