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The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Sunday, February 04, 2007

The signs of the Initiate: The Imam Mahdi could be a Jew!?

This is a very good time to discuss the signs that mark an initiate according to the Sepher HaZohar, the ancient Book of Splendor, and the Qumran, Dead Sea Scroll, tradition. It is a good time because in Islam there is an uproar about the imminent arrival of their complete man, the Adam Qadmon, the guided one called Imam Mahdi. There are details of how he must look when he appears at any moment including, an aquiline nose, the complexion of an Arab, a mole on his right cheek and the BODY OF A MAN OF ISRAEL. This is not my mistake or twisting of the words. Check out innumerable webpages that includes this description from ancient Islamic traditional texts. Of course those who follow this blog will understand. The redeemer initiate of all traditions is none other than the Adam Qadmon, the complete human who carries the unified soul root of all humanity. The Imam Mahdi appearing as a Jew follows in this wisdom and would rectify the spin of ethnocentricity from both great religious traditions. It undoubtedly has already occurred as other signs from the Islamic tradition have already marked the period of the Imams “arrival”. This include the appearance of a flaming Comet from the east(3 bright ones have appeared in the last 10 years) just as Torah and Zohar and other prophecies of Native America and the Asian traditions affirm.
The Zohar on the parsha Jethro for this week has a whole section on the physiognomies, including the letters on the face of an adept-initiate into the wisdom tradition. “For the masters of the inner wisdom the features of the face… are moulded by the impress of the inner face which is concealed in the spirit residing within. This spirit produces outward traits which are recognizable to the world. A person has a spirit in which the letters of the alphabet are designed. For a time those letters enter into the face. The face appears with those letters upon it. But this semblance lasts for a short time only, save upon the faces of adepts in wisdom, on whom it is always visible.”(Zohar II-73b) Further details of the specific placement of the “letters” are given in the Idra Zuta Kadesha, The “Lesser Holy assembly” book found within the text of Zohar. Continuing In Zohar II 78b we have an exposition of the specialness of the constellation of the Teomim, the Gemini twins, and why the twin tablets of har Sinai are given to the people in the month that the twins rule. The Zohar says, “Among all the other signs of the zodiac there is none possessing mouth or tongue but this one has both and the two are one.” In the previous post from last week we discussed how the names of 72 are also a timepiece for reckoning when the special Gemini star-enters the window in time, that allows for the completion of the Adam Qadmon in the physical with the coming of Elijah the prophet. This brings us back to the prophecies of the Imam Mahdi. The traditions have him closely tied to Elijah and Moses whom they call Khidr and Musa. In the kabbalistic tradition these two personages are very involved with the attainment of the Adam Qadmon level of humanity. The discussion in Zohar about the symmetries of the twins and the sapphire tablets of Sinai are meant to be directly related to the signs that mark initiates and further study could be done. The writing from the Qumran scrolls called “The Birth of Noah” contains appropriate related physiognomic information if the reader wishes to continue some incredible study in this area, and if a person thinks they or a child they know may be a candidate for this stage of initiation. As mentioned in another post the Tibetans also have a well developed body of knowledge in this tradition so that they may easily locate their reincarnate Tulku-lamas. All the information is available from the Tibetan, Islamic and Jewish traditions to confirm the signs of a global initiation, in the bodies of people and in the stars in the sky. Spring is coming! Har Sinai is trembling below our feet.


js said...

You are flying, dear Chasmal! There is a special teacher here in Jerusalem who suggests that the Adam Kadmon is not a man, but a couple - a man and woman together. Now that would be a tikun! Makes me laugh the deepest truest laugh to think of it!


Anonymous said...

who is this special teacher? What is the source for this? This is indeed intriguing and I would love to look into this further?

Anonymous said...

The Imam Mehdi can possibly be a term imposed by your Kabbalistic priests in to the hadith literature of Muslims. Mehdi which is not mentioned in Qur'an, can't be a fundamental pillar of Islam. The purpose of Islam is different than founding one world dominion. It simply serves to implement the rules of G-d to real believers who will get their rewarding in afterlife. Life on earth is only a challenge. Not goal to build heaven on Earth...

Anonymous said...

Imam Mahdi is said to be from the direct lineage of Prophet Muhammad. Shiites say he is teh last Imam in their Twelver series. Most Muslims believe he is alive and in occultation, and will return at the End Time. And frankly, most f the prophesies of the End Time and the Imam's return are coming true.