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A site based on the healing of the ancient wisdom of the Geocentric worldview. The understanding of sacred texts and wisdom is based on a relationship to the Source. This Central Source is the Fount from which the three distinct movements of the Earth globe flow. These three turns-rotation,revolution and precession are a great secret/sod and key to the profound teachings of the mekubalim/kabbalists. These movements provide us with the experience of shanah/time, olam/matter and nephesh/soul(being). The Earth turn called precession is the slow wobble that causes the polar skies to change slowly over a 26,000 year cycle.
The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Prophecy of the awakening/Zohar vayera

The now very famous prophecy for a full global awakening is found in Zohar Vayera 119a. It first mentions a partial awakening on or by the time that the sixty years passes the threshold of the sixth millennium. If the intent is actually a beginning awakening “by” the year 5760 then this corresponds to this writers own experience and study of the unprecedented happenings in the years 5750 and 5751. Various commentaries discuss what the date of the “threshold” might mean. Rabbi Abraham Azulai points to 5760 in his Sepher Hesed Abraham(19thc-ce), as the important pivotal year in prophecy. Remember 24 hours in a day. Six days have 24x6=144 hours. Each hour a forty year generation renders 144X40=5760. We then entered the seventh “day” generationaly in 5760, the threshold from the sixth to seventh millennium was then passed over. The fact that this year 5760 coincided with the Gregorian Christian year 2000 is very noteworthy since this is the rendering of the crossing into the final millennium of the seven in Christian timing. If this indeed all points us towards 5760 as the year Zohar is telling us is the threshold then we must ascertain that six and one half years after this point does possibly mean this Pesach/Passover season. Six years brought us through the year 5766 and the half is half way into this year 5767 which brings us to this month of Nissan. Zohar tells us this is when a full awakening would occur. Our times are indeed auspicious for another leap, another level into a global soul remembrance. One translation of this incredible and timely prophecy goes like this, “When the sixtieth year shall have passed over the threshold of the sixth millennium, the God of Heaven will visit the daughter of Jacob with a preliminary remembrance(p’qidah). Another six and a half years will then elapse and there will be a full remembrance of her;”(ZoharI-119a). The words for passed over the threshold are in the Aramaic-“evourah dedasha”. The word dedasha means door and the word evourah means passing or passed but it has other shades of meaning. It is also the root for evrounot which means to intercalate, a reference to the specific action of calculating sacred calendar timing.
At looking at just the numbers in my posts last year at this time, it did seem like it was speaking of Pesach 5766 but the intent is really for a full six years and one half -after- the threshold which is then our time right now! We most likely are now passing another great gate into the techiyas hametim, the enlivening of the dead. Another level of soul awakening. The high profile discussion and anouncements from the Moslem world about the imminent arrival of the 12th Imam-Imam Mahdi is having global affects on the awareness of the Earth as great mystery Temple of initiation. His description dealt with in a previous post explains a lot about the unification of the seventy lineages.We always pray and hope for another quantum leap of awareness, great miracles, which is the essence of it all anyway, life is such a miracle!, and the great Shalom Shalem.Peace and a Great Pesach!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Light is the Raz/The Secret

The Zohar tells us for this coming week in the part “The Faithful Shepherd” within the section on Zav, that the Raz=resh-zayin(207value) which is the word for secret, is the awr=aleph-vav-resh(207value),which means light. This weeks Torah portion is all about the altar and the holy of holies in the temple mysteries. So this is all about working with this world of densified light=matter, in relation to the upper world of endless light. Einstein knew this relationship intuitively and wrote it into an equation. The Zohar is a book whose name which means splendor itself implies the splendorous light. This is the light ain-soph-awr- the infinite light without end - a negative(ain means no-thing) phrase which is the Hebrew wisdom tradition’s form of the Zero. This same zero was held in great esteem by the ancient Maya Indians of the Americas. In fact the highest level of initiation in the American wisdom lineages was and is called the “Zero chief“. The American indigenous lineages of initiation have used the circle=zero shaped medicine wheels to reflect the stages of the temple initiations. These wheels are found in the Zohar as well and delineated in the book Eshel Abraham, an antique commentary on Zohar. The wheel or circle is a big Zero and has always represented the divine in the physical. Remember the letters of the Hebrew alphabet - 22- divided by the sacred -7-number of the Sabbath and her cycle gives us the closest number approximation of Pi =22/7 the intrinsic irrational relationship of the circle; circumference and diameter. The Sabbath as the diameter that bridges the circle of all possibilities(the 22 Hebrew letters)is the weekly prayer form that has made our global work successful. The throne of initiation had to come fully into the physical with at least three great religious prayer traditions honoring the seven day week. The secret is light. We are making this light -without end- fully conscious and fecund with our daily walk on Earth. The secret- Raz- is also at the heart of the word for iron-Barzel- whose letters as we have mentioned before represent the initials for the four mothers of Israel(Bilhah-Rachel-Zilpah-Leah) - the priestly lineages that encompass the entire Earth. Each of these women are as the wings of the two Kerubim - four wings that support the throne from which souls are engendered in the fifth continuum. This weeks Zohar parsha also reminds us of the relation between the kerub called Mettatron and the name Shaddai - both names having the value 314. The kabbalists have always had the precise era of the great redemption encoded here in these words and numbers. The active work in the world of assiyah(doing) has been of the kerub called Sandalphon who is said to weave the prayers together in this world for the upper world.. This has been the occupation of Elijah Ha Navi-Elijah. The other work is that of the Kerub Mettatron who is discussed extensively in the Hechalot(palace)literature. He has seventy names himself and so the great ones that have appeared among the men and women of the various nations have had his help. Remember at the end of the written Torah it tells us that Moshe rabbeinu-Moses- was the greatest prophet to have arisen among the people of Yisrael. It does not mention all of the worlds' peoples. Shaddai as Mettatron has been fully involved with many of the seventy nations of the world. This has been the work of uniting the various lineages. The secret of the times of completion of the works of this awr-light- among the nations is that the sacred name Shaddai is related to the sephirah - yesod(foundation)-also called zaddik which is given to the sixth millenium-5000-5999 of the Jewish calendar(each of the seven lower sephirot equal one millennium). Shaddai=Shin-daleth-yod=314 which occurs in ONLY two dates in the Hebrew rendering of the dates in this whole fifth millennium. These are 5314 and 5714. The first date involved the life of the Holy Lion- the great kabbalist the Ari. The second date began the true beginning of the epoch of this final geulah-redemption that we are living NOW. This date has been hidden on every mezuzah of every house, and the shearim-gates, of the Jews for millennium. And here we are. The famous book Sepher Raziel- tells us that the secret of the mezuzah is the hidden Barzel-Iron. This involves the completion of the unification of all the seventy lineages(Shema=shem-ayin-from previous post) and the face to face meeting of the Kerubim here in our Earth. Blessings for the great Sabbath. We have achieved all the dates and we are now at the 18th holiday of redemption since the work of the Kerubim took a novel turn in the world in 5750. 18 = Chai and the kerubim are connected to the Chayoth, the living creatures. The Zohar tells us emphatically for the parsha Zav that we have entered a new epoch that does not require the Temple sacrifices to unite the upper and lower worlds. This has been accomplished: “How many lights were created before the world was created? He answered: Seven(sephirot): namely, the light of the Torah, the light of Gehenna, the light of the garden of Eden, the light of the Throne of Glory, the light of the Temple, the light of repentance, the light of the Messiah. Similiarly seven lights were attached to Aaron, and he lit the lower lamps from the higher. Rabbi Eleazar quoted the verse: “ All was from the dust”(Eccles)”We have learnt he said that everything is from the dust, even the orb of the sun. But from what dust? From that which is under the Throne of Glory. In the Book of Rab Yeba the Elder it says that paths went forth in all directions and then met again to give light, like the dust that is thrown in all directions and yet returns again to dust. The dust was that of the Sanctuary, which again was from the supernal dust.”(Zohar III34b) After this incredible explanation of how light is matter in various forms the Zohar continues to tell us, on this commentary on parsha Zav which is about the various sacrifices on the altar of the ancient Temple,” He who studies the Torah needs neither peace offerings nor burnt offerings, since the Torah is superior to all and the bond of faith: wherefore it is written, “Her ways are ways of pleasantness and all her paths are peace"(Prov.III,17)"(Zohar III35a). The Zohar on the parsha Zav then finishes by telling us of the smell of the fresh myrtle branches that keep our upper soul with us after the Sabbath day moves into the week. We have it all here in the simple yet profound forms of nature all about us. Yes, the act of smelling a fragrance of a tree may unite the upper and lower worlds now. This is the month of miracles!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Earth is a ball!/Spring miracles

This coming Tuesday is the first day of Nissan, Rosh Chodesh, a brand new lunar cycle and the vernal equinox, the first day of spring. The length of the day is exactly equal to the night. Last weeks Torah portion ended the book of Shemot with a detailed explanation of the mishkan, the tabernacle. The Zohar on this tells us a lot about the function of this technology in relation to the living creatures, the ophanim and the seraphim. It tells us that this technology was completed on the first day of the month of Nissan. This links the month of miracles with this very special technology built of certain metals and special colors, with the “placing the Creator on the throne” through the redemptive process. This is a major theme of the temple mysteries and the wisdom tradition. The basics of all kabbalistic work both practical and theoretical is built on the principle that the entire creation is made of five continuums and not just the four continuum world view generally acccepted in the world today(3 of space and one of time). In the Zohar’s commentary on the first parsha of the Torah for this week, Vayikra, we have an astounding statement about how the Earth is actually a sphere. “ “in the book of Rab Humana the Elder it is explained further that all the inhabited world is circular like a ball, so that some are above and some below, and the strange appearances of certain races are due to the nature of the air but they live as long as other men. Further there is a part of the world where it is light when in another part it is dark, so that some have night while others have day. Also there is a place where it is always day and where there is no night save for a very short time.”(ZoharIII10a)The Book of Splendor, the Zohar appeared during the 1300’sCE when most all of the world was still sure the Earth was flat. Here we have the details of a full leap in understanding about the nature of the world and it’s functioning. Likewise the Sepher Yetzira which first appeared in manuscript form in the 8th or 9th century CE gives us the details of the five continuum world view which still is only understand and lived by a very small minority. The Yetzira chapter 1:5 tells us: "Ten sephirot of nothingness: Their measure is ten which have no end
A depth of beginning
A depth of end

A depth of good
A depth of Evil

A depth of above
A depth of below

A depth of east
A depth of west

A depth of north
A depth of south

This simple stating of five continuums with ten vertices(endpoints without end) is astounding.
The global soul awakening that is happening now, in this period called the “ingathering of exiles” is exactly about this leap in world view as the leap from the flat Earth to spherical Earth was a few centuries ago. . Another stage in the awesome nature of the creation is being realized. A part of this leap involves the return to the world of the technology of the mishkan, which joins the beings of the fifth continuum - “upper world” with the physical manifestation in a way that the Zohar likens to a man and woman in a face to face “embrace”.
Happy spring and the month of miracles!
make love, not war!
The Tree is in Flower

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Source of all the colors/ Jeweled Throne

The Zohar on the Torah parsha for this week Vayaqhel, continues to elucidate(from last post) about that “point” in the terrestrial world that connects the throne world itself in the the fifth continuum(being world), to our physical world. The quote is; “Now, although we said that the Lower Eden is on earth, and it is indeed so, nevertheless the subject is a most recondite one, the fact being that the Supreme Point mentioned above has its part in the lower world as well as in the upper world, the Lower Garden being the portion of that Point through which it communes joyfully with the souls of the righteous on earth, and thus is filled with celestial and terrestrial delight, communing above with the Righteous One and below with the product of the Righteous One(the souls of the righteous).”(Zohar II211a)The Zohar continues a little later with, “ And above the firmament that was over their heads was as the appearance of a sapphire stone, the likeness of the one(Ezekiel,26). This firmament , said Rabbi Simeon, is as the lower firmament…above that firmament, there is the sapphire stone, that precious jewel by which it is adorned”(Zohar217a)Here by the Aramaic we have the Eben saphir being described as “a margalet tava” a precious pearl, however here the term margalet is a plural instead of the singular in the translations which is actually Hebrew instead of the usual margalin plural that the Zohar uses. This is however the same jewel rendered red or purple in color and it is the heart of the technology of the Hebrew mysteries. It is also described as the Argaman=purple and this word contains the initials of the angel beings of the four winds , Raphael, Gabriel, Michael and Nuriel. In this portion of Zohar it also goes into an in depth explanation of these four chiefs and their relation to the four Chayoth.
This precious jewel is a stone found in the earth’s crust. This is the most holy sepher/saphir book whose passing on from person to person is a big part of the whispered path of initiation that is called kabbalah. This portion in Zohar also encapsulates the magnum opus/the great work of the unification of all the human soul lineages in the physical; “The term Shema(hear) is esoterically analyzed into Shem(name) and the letter ayin(=70), that is one Name comprising seventy names whilst remaining a unity. ”(Zohar II 216a) Here is also implied the unification of the sacred lineages of the seventy nations of the world as the ultimate work of the temple mysteries in the physical. This word for one in the prayer of the Shema,Echad, itself has the gematria number value of thirteen as does the word Ahavah, love. The stone develops as the cubic form does in the Earth’s crust the twelve sides of the dodecahedron from the twelve edges of the basic cubic form and the center point, the hidden point is the thirteenth. The ark of the covenant is mentioned and it’s shape is discussed. This section with the title, Vayaqhel; and he gathered is s summary of the gathering of lineages from all quarters of the globe and the heavens in order to bring the spouse of HaShem into a physical creation. She is the very holy holy Sabbath and the completion of the unfolding work of the nine degrees of chayot Hakodesh, the holy living creatures in the created world. This coming spring/Passover is the eighteenth Nissan/pesach season coming since Eliyahu/Elijah has returned in the physical. This 18 is the chay(chet-yod=18) that carries the unfolding seed of life in the creation. It is the root word of the Chayoth, the living beings who hold the Throne of initiation. We pray for the great peace she brings into the world.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

the jeweled mateh - vajra dorje

Here is an awesome prophecy hidden in the Sepher HaZohar for this weeks Torah Parsha;
" Now all the children of the east who inhabit the mountains of light will be worshiping the light which heralds the sun before it appears. For the sun himself has many votaries, but these are the worshippers of his harbinger, which they call the “deity of the shining pearl” and their oath is by ela-h of the shining pearl. Yet say not that this is idle worship for there is a wisdom in it known from former ancient days. When before the rising of the sun the light shines forth, the angel appointed to rule and guide the sun steps forth with holy letters of the supernal blessed name inscribed upon his brow, and in the power of those letters opens all the windows of heaven and flies out. Then he enters into the aura of brightness which surrounds the sun and waits there till the sun himself arises to spread his light over the world. And the same angel who is the guardian of the sun is appointed also over gold and rubies; therefore the sun worshippers and the votaries of dawn worship the angel, and by certain spots and signs which they know from tradition and which they perceive in the sun, they find the place of gold and rubies.”(Zohar II 188a) The phrase “deity of the shining pearl” is in the Aramaic” elaha d’margala Danaher”. This paragraph contains a play on one word which is pretty messed up in the various translations. The margala is singular for jewel or pearl and then the Aramaic plural is margelan and is translated as rubies or jewels. It is specifically called “red” in the phrase “margelan soomakan”. This jewel holds the great key for the nature of the technology of the Hebrew priesthood. It is also found as the root of one of the seventy names of the angel Metatron from the book of Enoch. We continually have themes about the great secrets in this book Zohar that are found woven into and hidden and then restated for those who can understand what this is about. We have here the “signs” or “letters” or “spots” on the brow of the initiates who herald the dawn of the illuminating light in the world. This restates the theme from the signs on the baby Moses in Shemot to the details of the signs as letters on the faces of initiates in Zohar on Yitro. Then in the Lesser holy assembly book within Zohar we have the exact placement of these letters on the face of Zeir Anpin. Here in this portion on Ki Tisa we have again the technology that interfaces with the being world as the sacred jewel, the margala and the jewels as margelan. We again have the sacred letters as a sign on the brow of the initiate. Last weeks parsha commentary gave us the form of the sacred jewel by the number twelve of those on the breastplate. The number twelve is that of the edges of the cubic form or the sides of the dodecahedron which shape cubic crystals develop sometimes into, in the earth’s crust. It is all here, the holy form of the scepter of Aaron as the staff/mateh of the angel Chief of the Seraphim, the beings who make the stars and the sun shine. The modern preoccupation and search of Indiana Jones and his cohorts for the lost secret treasure is really a hidden theme revealed in the Zohar. This is the map to the treasure. This is the whispered kabbalah. Since we are right now in the dawn of the radiant source of the sun and all the suns as stars the secrets are coming into the light of the day. The shadows of this revealing solar light are also now being found with news such as the continued misunderstanding and abuse of special numbers and values(and misuse of political power) such as the 666 as the value of the kamea of the sun, the number expressing the radiant lightning bolt of emanation. The nature of this radiant source is a gift called in physical terms the mateh or staff in the Hebrew and the vajra dorje in Asian traditions. The Asian prophecies(Tibetan and Hindu) predicted the exact year it would come back into active possession in the human world as related to the form of the animal the white horse(form of the kalki vishnu). The special year 5750/1990 as predicted in Zohar was in Asia the year of the white(iron/barzel) horse. The ingathering is a global phenomena. We are all relations.