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A site based on the healing of the ancient wisdom of the Geocentric worldview. The understanding of sacred texts and wisdom is based on a relationship to the Source. This Central Source is the Fount from which the three distinct movements of the Earth globe flow. These three turns-rotation,revolution and precession are a great secret/sod and key to the profound teachings of the mekubalim/kabbalists. These movements provide us with the experience of shanah/time, olam/matter and nephesh/soul(being). The Earth turn called precession is the slow wobble that causes the polar skies to change slowly over a 26,000 year cycle.
The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Saturday, March 03, 2007

the jeweled mateh - vajra dorje

Here is an awesome prophecy hidden in the Sepher HaZohar for this weeks Torah Parsha;
" Now all the children of the east who inhabit the mountains of light will be worshiping the light which heralds the sun before it appears. For the sun himself has many votaries, but these are the worshippers of his harbinger, which they call the “deity of the shining pearl” and their oath is by ela-h of the shining pearl. Yet say not that this is idle worship for there is a wisdom in it known from former ancient days. When before the rising of the sun the light shines forth, the angel appointed to rule and guide the sun steps forth with holy letters of the supernal blessed name inscribed upon his brow, and in the power of those letters opens all the windows of heaven and flies out. Then he enters into the aura of brightness which surrounds the sun and waits there till the sun himself arises to spread his light over the world. And the same angel who is the guardian of the sun is appointed also over gold and rubies; therefore the sun worshippers and the votaries of dawn worship the angel, and by certain spots and signs which they know from tradition and which they perceive in the sun, they find the place of gold and rubies.”(Zohar II 188a) The phrase “deity of the shining pearl” is in the Aramaic” elaha d’margala Danaher”. This paragraph contains a play on one word which is pretty messed up in the various translations. The margala is singular for jewel or pearl and then the Aramaic plural is margelan and is translated as rubies or jewels. It is specifically called “red” in the phrase “margelan soomakan”. This jewel holds the great key for the nature of the technology of the Hebrew priesthood. It is also found as the root of one of the seventy names of the angel Metatron from the book of Enoch. We continually have themes about the great secrets in this book Zohar that are found woven into and hidden and then restated for those who can understand what this is about. We have here the “signs” or “letters” or “spots” on the brow of the initiates who herald the dawn of the illuminating light in the world. This restates the theme from the signs on the baby Moses in Shemot to the details of the signs as letters on the faces of initiates in Zohar on Yitro. Then in the Lesser holy assembly book within Zohar we have the exact placement of these letters on the face of Zeir Anpin. Here in this portion on Ki Tisa we have again the technology that interfaces with the being world as the sacred jewel, the margala and the jewels as margelan. We again have the sacred letters as a sign on the brow of the initiate. Last weeks parsha commentary gave us the form of the sacred jewel by the number twelve of those on the breastplate. The number twelve is that of the edges of the cubic form or the sides of the dodecahedron which shape cubic crystals develop sometimes into, in the earth’s crust. It is all here, the holy form of the scepter of Aaron as the staff/mateh of the angel Chief of the Seraphim, the beings who make the stars and the sun shine. The modern preoccupation and search of Indiana Jones and his cohorts for the lost secret treasure is really a hidden theme revealed in the Zohar. This is the map to the treasure. This is the whispered kabbalah. Since we are right now in the dawn of the radiant source of the sun and all the suns as stars the secrets are coming into the light of the day. The shadows of this revealing solar light are also now being found with news such as the continued misunderstanding and abuse of special numbers and values(and misuse of political power) such as the 666 as the value of the kamea of the sun, the number expressing the radiant lightning bolt of emanation. The nature of this radiant source is a gift called in physical terms the mateh or staff in the Hebrew and the vajra dorje in Asian traditions. The Asian prophecies(Tibetan and Hindu) predicted the exact year it would come back into active possession in the human world as related to the form of the animal the white horse(form of the kalki vishnu). The special year 5750/1990 as predicted in Zohar was in Asia the year of the white(iron/barzel) horse. The ingathering is a global phenomena. We are all relations.

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