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The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Prophecy of the awakening/Zohar vayera

The now very famous prophecy for a full global awakening is found in Zohar Vayera 119a. It first mentions a partial awakening on or by the time that the sixty years passes the threshold of the sixth millennium. If the intent is actually a beginning awakening “by” the year 5760 then this corresponds to this writers own experience and study of the unprecedented happenings in the years 5750 and 5751. Various commentaries discuss what the date of the “threshold” might mean. Rabbi Abraham Azulai points to 5760 in his Sepher Hesed Abraham(19thc-ce), as the important pivotal year in prophecy. Remember 24 hours in a day. Six days have 24x6=144 hours. Each hour a forty year generation renders 144X40=5760. We then entered the seventh “day” generationaly in 5760, the threshold from the sixth to seventh millennium was then passed over. The fact that this year 5760 coincided with the Gregorian Christian year 2000 is very noteworthy since this is the rendering of the crossing into the final millennium of the seven in Christian timing. If this indeed all points us towards 5760 as the year Zohar is telling us is the threshold then we must ascertain that six and one half years after this point does possibly mean this Pesach/Passover season. Six years brought us through the year 5766 and the half is half way into this year 5767 which brings us to this month of Nissan. Zohar tells us this is when a full awakening would occur. Our times are indeed auspicious for another leap, another level into a global soul remembrance. One translation of this incredible and timely prophecy goes like this, “When the sixtieth year shall have passed over the threshold of the sixth millennium, the God of Heaven will visit the daughter of Jacob with a preliminary remembrance(p’qidah). Another six and a half years will then elapse and there will be a full remembrance of her;”(ZoharI-119a). The words for passed over the threshold are in the Aramaic-“evourah dedasha”. The word dedasha means door and the word evourah means passing or passed but it has other shades of meaning. It is also the root for evrounot which means to intercalate, a reference to the specific action of calculating sacred calendar timing.
At looking at just the numbers in my posts last year at this time, it did seem like it was speaking of Pesach 5766 but the intent is really for a full six years and one half -after- the threshold which is then our time right now! We most likely are now passing another great gate into the techiyas hametim, the enlivening of the dead. Another level of soul awakening. The high profile discussion and anouncements from the Moslem world about the imminent arrival of the 12th Imam-Imam Mahdi is having global affects on the awareness of the Earth as great mystery Temple of initiation. His description dealt with in a previous post explains a lot about the unification of the seventy lineages.We always pray and hope for another quantum leap of awareness, great miracles, which is the essence of it all anyway, life is such a miracle!, and the great Shalom Shalem.Peace and a Great Pesach!

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Anonymous said...

Who is the daughter of Jacob, what is the meaning of this phrase?
It struck me as interesting since Dinah is explicitely mentioned in scripture as Leah's daughter, not Jacob's.