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A site based on the healing of the ancient wisdom of the Geocentric worldview. The understanding of sacred texts and wisdom is based on a relationship to the Source. This Central Source is the Fount from which the three distinct movements of the Earth globe flow. These three turns-rotation,revolution and precession are a great secret/sod and key to the profound teachings of the mekubalim/kabbalists. These movements provide us with the experience of shanah/time, olam/matter and nephesh/soul(being). The Earth turn called precession is the slow wobble that causes the polar skies to change slowly over a 26,000 year cycle.
The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Full Moon in Aqrav/scorpio-The Center of the Tree Etz Chaiim

As previously stated as a major theme of these writings, the entire creation can be summed up as a temple/school of tiered initiation for those on the journey of coming into an intimate conscious relationship with the source of all that is. There are names and titles that refer to the levels of initiation which can be found in the wisdom teachings both written and oral. The sister of Moses/Moshe is a very special character in understanding this temple tradition. Her relationship to her two brothers tells us a lot that can be filled in with oral teaching and the revelation of the moment. Miriam(Mem-raysh-yod-mem) is a Mar-Yam, a Chieftess /keeper of the soul ocean. She had the Chayah soul of the complete Adam-male and female. In many other cultures of the past this woman who undoubtedly shown like a beautiful morning star would have been worshipped as the goddess herself, the Mother Earth. Her being substance needed to come in a particular human form that had not yet happened in this physical world and so the work of her two special brothers began.
The entire world at this time is moving through a rite of passage into a new level of temple initiation. With the return into physical form of the prophet known as Eliyahu HaNavi we have a different experience of being alive and those who die have a different experience of death. This is because Eliyahu has the root of the Ruach soul for all of humanity. This in the basic Native American Shamanic terms means he is the spirit of the entire plant world, which holds the element water and is called the world Yetzira in Kabbalistic texts(place of Ruach soul).
Many have asked why the ancient Rabbi’s pinpointed 5760/2000 as a pivotal-threshold year. The missing number/gematria amount which when added to 5760 equals the full 6000 is the key. This number is two hundred forty. This = mem-raysh in the Hebrew letters. This is the word tile Mar. This was the title implied in Miriam’s name. The Sepher HaBahir, the book of brilliance uses this title of initiation in verse 26 when refering to the sage Mar Rehumay. It is also the same letters of a word that is the name for one of the ingredients of the priestly temple incense derived from a tree. Here we have the plant world again! She who is the mar of the sea is Miriam in the Torah. She has the power over the deep well of Earth. Her brothers have special connections that the Zohar for this week speaks about. Moshe/Moses brings the manna, sustenance from heaven and of course this is in a sense Torah herself. Aaron has the power over the sacred clouds and as High priest he is in charge over the clouds of incense that also join heaven to Earth.
The world is now being prepared for an initiation spoken of in the Zohar on the torah parsha for this week, Emor. This is a description of the entire Earth community-Israel being married to the heaven world consciously. “After she has prepared the king and crowned him she goes to purify the Matrona(Binah=Matrona=67(5767)) and those that are with her. Imagine a King who had an only son whom he united in marriage to a noble lady. What did his mother do? All that night she spent in her storeroom, and she brought forth there from a noble crown set with seventy precious stones to crown him with; she brought forth silken garments and clad him therewith and adorned him royally. Then she went to the bride and saw how her maidens were arranging her crown and her garments with jewels….”Zohar III-98b. This is all about the time of the great circle of festivals that we are in now experiencing both in he year and in the greater wheel of millennia. This is a new initiation for the entire Earth where the divine throne has been fully secured within the physical crust of the Earth. Those who are initiated in the practical work will understand the precious stones and the special mention of the material silk.
The full moon in the sign of the aqrav/scorpio will be on Wednesday on the 29th day of the omer as we enter the sphere of tiphereth if we are counting up the tree for the 49 days. Then we count four more from 29 days to bring us to the 33rd day on Sunday-Tiphereth of Tiphereth. This is the holiday of kabbalists when the author of the Zohar has his yarhzeit, his wedding with the divine as it is called. So we are in the season that has the marriage of upper and lower worlds as it’s theme. We are said by tradition to be in the very center of the seasonal wheel with the feast of Shavuoth-weeks being in Torah tradition a one day festival. This anomaly, a one day Chag festival, signifying the uniting into one of the upper and lower seas(binah & malchuth). The other two yearly festivals are Sukkoth/booths and Pesach/Passover which are each seven day festivals as prescribed by Torah. The noble lady, the soul of the Earth is said to be bedecked with the seventy precious stones, the lineage roots of all the languages of the entire Earth community. In trhe deeper mysteries we have the marriage of her unification in humanity establishing one of the seventy-two sacred soul root guardians as the true living Torah on Earth. This is sameck-ALEPH-lammed, Sael which equals 91 by gematria=AMEN(91)=YHVH(26)+ADNI(65). This involves the full joining of the two soul oceans here in the physical/ Can you feel it? This is happening now. The full moon phase is also depicted in the Zohar as a marriage day with the moon/Shekinah shining with the full light of the radiant sun. This full moon on May 2nd-Iyar14/omer29 is happening at the twelfth degree of the sign of the akrav/scorpio(and eagle). As discussed in an earlier post the ancient kabbalists gave guardianship over the 72- quinaries or five degree sections of the zodiac to the 72 guardian angels. The one who is associated with the 11-15degrees of Akra/scorpio is Saeliah from the root name Sael! Sael remember is the transformed samael with the mem removed. The conquering of death as we have known it. The Zohar for this week also tells us that this time of year is as the Tree in the center of the gan/garden, the Etz Chaiim. At least three great ceremonial traditions find this time of the yearly cycle very important- the full moon time coming up is the birthday, yahrzeit and enlightenment day of the Buddha in Buddhism, the Wesak(and Beltane season is the first week of May) festival in the earth pagan traditions and the time of Lag B’Omer in Judaism. What began to emerge in winter at TuB’Shevat as the new year of the Tree shows a blooming presence now during the season of first fruits and the receiving of the Etz Chaiim on the mountain of Sinai.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Four Keys/sword of Metatron/32 Paths

In the Sepher HaZohar commentary for this weeks parsha, Acharei Mot, is a seemingly obscure writing about the four keys that are mentioned in other places in Zohar. These are referred to in the aggadah/legends as being given to Eliyahu/Elijah and having the power of openings- bringing rain, bringing bread, opening the womb(of a sterile woman) and opening the tomb(raising the dead). Obscure references to these keys and there relation to the megraphia, the shovel of fire(a sacred vessel), can be found in a couple of places in the Zohar. Here in this section the four keys are related specifically to the four directions of the world but they are blended colors together rendering one color. Out of these four keys with the color of four precious stones we have related the connection to the sixty strong warriors led by one youth. From the Song of Songs in reference to the guardians of King Solomon’s bed, this youth always refers to Metatron , one of the two Cherubim that supports the throne of initiation. In fact we have a description of the very sword of this being, which is quite unusual and for people into the practical received kabbalah it has been a reminder of the whispered teachings about the fashioning of the kedoshim, the holy vessels of Solomon’s wisdom. These “vessels” are directly related to initiation and the tikkun olam, the repair of the world by bringing the sacred throne into the physical, always involving the two guardians, the cherubim.
The youth girded with the sword is said to stand in thirteen worlds(ten directions(endpoints of five continuums) and three “zero” forms of light(ain soph). The sword is described, “There is a crystal mirror on this sword. On the top of the sword glistens the color red in the midst of the crystal” Then it continues, They (the valiant warriors)turn forward in several ways and no one knows them except one WORM that swims among the fish of the yama/the sea. All rocks that pass over them break up.” Those familiar with the legends can discern the obscure reference to the shamir, which is sometimes described as a small worm, the size of an omer/seed, that breaks all hard rocks and was used by Shlomo/Solomon to build the temple. All of this has to do with the lineage of initiation of Solomon and an earlier reference to Solomon and Hiram point this out in a surprising way. It tells us that with his wisdom Solomon explained to Hiram that he was not a deity as he had proclaimed himself! Hiram had stated that he sat in the seat of the Elohim. Therefore Solomon had explained to Hiram the difference of a temple-school of initiation verses the land of magic that Abraham left where magicians thought themselves to be the seats of power they discovered. This in a sense saved Hiram from great difficulty and caused peace to occur between them. “ And Adonai gave Solomon wisdom. And how did Solomon display this wisdom that HaShem gave him? First in this way that he made Hiram assume a more modest frame of mind. For we have been taught that Hiram at first set himself up as a god, as it is written,” Thou hast said that I am a god, I sit in the seat of Elohim(Ezek.28:2)”. Solomon however with his wisdom induced him to give up these claims, and he deferred to him, and therefore it is written, “and there was peace between Hiram and Solomon”.(ZoharIII-61a). We also know from the Book of Enoch that Metatron himself got in big trouble for sitting in the world of the throne and thereby leading astray one of the four sages, called Acher, who entered paradise. This sage thought there were two powers in heaven when he saw Metatron sitting and the Cherub was punished with sixty lashes of fire for this infraction. We have here a teaching about what we are here for and what we are not here for. Peace is spreading in this world as people come into understanding the deeper wisdom of a world built by a temple-school of initiation. Love pours out of the source of the creation and can be accessed by all peoples who
learn the ways of the waters that come and go from the great Yam, the sea of beingness. Miriam as stated earlier was a Chieftess of the Sea, a Mar-Yam and the water of wisdom flows from the deep places freely. The entire world is at the threshold, the brink of this leap, this quantum leap from an empty four continuum competitive race to where?, to loneliness. The horrible slaughter
on the college campus, with 32 people and the killer himself, the 33rd death, reveals in a horrific form the twisted mirror image of the fulfilled being journey. We are told that the concealed paths of the life journey , in the first line of the Seher Yetzira, the primer of Kabbalah, are Beshleshim vaShteim - 32. We know this hints at a five continuum world, for a five-D hypercube has 32(lev/lamed-beth=heart=32) corner points. This means that each fully alive and in Love and wisdom-Chesed- human being lives in the center of a vast world of being like a cube with 32 corner points surrounding them. Any other person we meet in our life journey can be like one of these point like portals connected to the big Yam, the sea of soul. We are the 33rd centerpoint, like the great 33rd day of the counting of the omer, when only good stuff happened. LagbOmer, the 33rd day brings us to the tiphereth of tiphereth if we are counting up the tree of life/Etz Chaim, the place of beauty and balance, opened to a great love. The “Jewish” take on purgatory, the gehinnom is a place severed from the flow of loving friendship, comrades walking the journey that connects the two oceans, the souls of this world-the kingdom, and the upper world-Binah, where we climb to open, the yovel, the jubilee gate of fifty that opens the upper waters of love to the entire globe.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Fiftieth Gate of Binah/The Divine Throne

The vertice or endpoint of the fourth continuum of time is called Binah, understanding. In the worldview of the kabbalist we live in five continuums which encompass ten special vertices or "endpoints" . These move from empty space-time coordinates to directions fecund with meaning and beauty. This way of orienting in the world is likened to the famous Navajo prayer that includes
“In beauty may I walk,
With beauty before me may I walk
With beauty behind me may I walk
With beauty above me may I walk
With beauty all around me may I walk
It is finished in beauty(from the night way chant)
This prayer sanctifying the beauty of all the directions of our journey here, is pure Kabbalah. We are in that period of the yearly cycle that we conciously remember daily our walk up the mountain called Har Sinai to receive illumination. This especially involves the fifth continuum and our way of acknowledging the being realm. We count seven times seven days and the fiftieth day is the festival of Shavuot, the receiving of the eternal revelation. These days are woven together with the spheres of our life’s journey that are actually the ten possible directions we may journey in the creation. They end in that sphere or omak/depth called Binah, understanding. This “place” contains the fiftieth gate and is said to actually hold the divine throne of initiation. This is the very place that souls/beings come from. This is their source place. The number value of the word Binah =Beth-yod-nun-heh- 2-10-50-5= is 67. As the readers are here reminded often, we entered a special period of history in the year 5750 with the return of Eliyahu/Elijah at the Pesach/Passover as prophesied in the Book of Splendour/Zohar. This forty year period now parallels the forty years in the desert that we read about in Torah. So you can see that there is a synchronous journey happening right now between our yearly festival cycle and the larger multi-millennial cycle. We are on course for a global Sinai awakening that is involving a major evolutionary leap in understanding right smack dab into the five continuum world view, from a flat Earth to a spherical one! In our little climb while counting the omer/grain-seeds some Kabbalists have mapped this out as going from the upper gate=Binah to the gate of Kingdom, Malchut, which is a vertice/endpoint of the fifth continuum of being. Arriving fully in Malchuth actually unites the two “mothers” Binah and Malchuth(upper and lower realms, being and physical), the divine throne is secured in the physical and the “Creator is on the Throne”, the goal stated in Sepher Yetzirah, the primer of kabbalah. We do have a special day marking a base station on the climb of Sinai, if you wish. This is LagB’omer, the holiday of Kabbalah on the 33rd day of the climb. This is May 6th this year. There is great potential in these 50 days since as explained the beginning of the historical liberation into a world of peace actually began at the Pesach of 1990/5750 and so we might expect great miracles of awakening as we are in the walk of becoming a people, an enlightened global community ready to receive the living Torah of peace at Sinai. Since we are now in the 18th year since the forty year period of the ingathering began and the number of this Hebrew year is 67 we can see the relationship to the sphere of Binah(value=67)which is said to hold the 50th gate of liberation into the place of illumination. Since another level of the nature of the omer/seed has been revealed in the world as the crystal Shamir from the tradition of Aggadah/legends and the magical lineage of Solomon, we are in a revealing of the true Torah at the level of Malchut/kingdom, the crystalline stardust of Earth. The Sepher HaZohar , the kabbalistic masterpiece of literary wisdom from ancient times speaks specifically of the place of Binah in the section on this weeks Torah parsha, Tazria. After talking about the Creator as a sower of seeds as the manifold works of the creative process, It says, “ From wisdom everything is made and accomplished. Hence by understanding it is established(Mishlei 24:3). It therefore says, “in wisdom have You made them all in Binah.” and in the Aramaic; “veal coolam bechockmah ayseta beBinah” (Zohar III-43a). Many people are coming into this deep place of understanding. This place that holds the wisdom of how the continuum or realm of being, is a primary player in the creation. Life is not only an apparent byproduct of long evolutionary cycles and chemical mixes. Life is an active manifestation of the realm of being which is primary to the continuum of time itself. Life manifests through time, whose gates are called Chockmah-Binah(wisdom-understanding) in Kabbalah, and space(six other sephirot)as the seeds, the omerim from the being realm(keter/crown-malchuth/kingdom road in kabbalah).These being seeds/souls develop into their unique patterns of beauty and richness. The world right now is like a pressure cooker to bring folks into direct revelation of the choices of what direction we face on our journey. We are all walking Har Sinai now!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Mouth of Miriam’s well/ the crystal omer/seed

We are now counting daily the omer seed grain to number and remember the journey from liberation from Mitzrayim at the Passover, to illumination at Shavuot on the Har/Mount Sinai. There we receive the holy tablets. Involved in all this are the ten things spoken of in the last post, from the ancient Hebrew legends/aggadah. Everyone knows the story of the shattered first stone tablets but it is only through the oral torah and teachings that we may understand why Miriam had the stone that was the well of water and wisdom for the people in their journey to illumination and people hood. The written torah tells us that when Miriam died, the mouth of the well closed up and the people were thirsty in the desert. This means that a great wisdom apparently died with her(or went underground!), a wisdom involving how to carry and treat the sacred stone given to the people. This is where the famous striking of the rock with the scepter of Moshe/Moses, another of the ten things created in the twilight of the first Sabbath, comes on the scene. For those who know the mysteries, this scepter is itself made of a sacred rock, called a sapphire, a play on the word sepher which also means book in Hebrew. In the ark of the covenant held in the mishkan, the tabernacle, we are told three items were contained therein. The tablets from Sinai, the scepter of Aaron, and the flask of manna. All of these were listed in the list of the TEN things created in the twilight. And all are related to the crystal seed called the shamir, the smallest of all the listed items. The shamir was needed to build the beith HaMikdash, the Temple of Solomon. The word shamir has the same root as the word for shomer,- keeping or guarding something sacred as the Sabbath. Yes indeed here we have the holy of holies of the initiatory lineage involving the kedoshim, the sacred vessels from the Temple. This is the greatly guarded and kept secret of the received kabbalah. The word shamir also contains the word Shem, the Name, a sacred name of the Divine Mystery. So where is Miriam involved in all this? She who was and is the keeper of the neshamah of the Earth, the Shekinah herself, knew something about how in community the special crystal seeds need to be carried and kept so that the mouth of the well of wisdom would flow for the people. The count of the fortynine of the Omer from liberation to enlightenment and the gates of understanding opening within person to person, gives us a hint at what we might do with the crystal gates in order to make a little more visible the third holy house. This is the long awaited third Temple which actually encompasses the entire Earth now in this special forty year period of time. The calendar and holy days are giving us some interesting synchronicity in this special work of making a world at peace. All the five Christian calendars have coincided this year in their simultaneous celebration of the Easter holiday. This is actually happening at the sixth day of the Pesach festival. A hint at how important the Christian prayer form has been in this past fifth and sixth millenium. read the past post on how this prayer form has ensured the bringing in of the Angel guardian of Rome into the hebrew lineage tradition. This is now contained in a sense in a microcosmic form, encompassed within the eight day festival of the Pesach. A hint at the global resurrection that the haftorah of Ezekiel, which was chanted on the Sabbath, gives us a view of happenning in our times, right now. The opening of the mouth of the well of Miriam, the return of the sacred crystal shamir/seed is enveloping a global reawakening to a world view that contains the being realm as a primary player in the universe. We keep praying for peace - all around the world.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Well of Miriam/The stone Omer

The legends, aggadah, teach us that ten very special items were created in the twilight of the very first Sabbath. These ten items carry great significance, for they render to us the essence of the tenth song of redemption. They have an intrinsic interrelationship that reveals to us the great secrets about the light without end and the relationship of this light to the material creation. The ten things are listed as follows;
The mouth of the Earth(which engulfed Korah)
The mouth of the well(which supplied water in the wilderness)
The mouth of the ass(which spoke to Balaam)
The rainbow(as a sign after the flood)
The manna(from heaven)
The rod(of Moses)
The shamir(for building the temple)
The shape of the written characters(on the tablets)
The writing
The tablets
There is a symmetry here that reveals how these ten things may be related to the ten directions we have to move in in this five continuum creation. The first three are mouths and the last three are part of the tablets from Har Sinai. These all speak therefore in a sense. They therefore in a sense encompass the three dimensions or continuums of the physical space- the six faces of the cube of space described in the Sepher Yetzira. The four remaining things may then be understood as encompassing the other two continuums- time and being/soul. The smallest of all these things is the Shamir. The Shamir we are told in the legends was used by Solomon, Shlomo Hamelech, to cut the stones needed for the building of the Holy temple, the Beit HaMikdash. It is said to be like a living precious stone, as hard as a diamond and about the size of a barley grain, an OMER.
We now begin the count of the omer to mark the gates from liberation to illumination, from freedom to the enlightening great peace, the Shalom Shalem. In a sense, like the sephirot, the spheres or depths of the Kabbalists, all the ten sacred things can be wrapped up into each other. The essence of essences is a seed like gate the size of an OMER. This is the stone that Daniel predicted would come and establish the great peace. This knowledge contains the reality of what the rock is, that was a well, that Miriam carried in the wilderness. This rock kept the people alive. This well has returned to Israel and is for the entire Earth. The counting of the Omer is the walk of remembrance given to the holy peoples. The Earth is rooted in the crystal seed. Heart of Heaven, Heart of Earth. Be prepared for great miraculous happenings in your personal life walk and in the global turn. We have the “ mouth of the well".