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A site based on the healing of the ancient wisdom of the Geocentric worldview. The understanding of sacred texts and wisdom is based on a relationship to the Source. This Central Source is the Fount from which the three distinct movements of the Earth globe flow. These three turns-rotation,revolution and precession are a great secret/sod and key to the profound teachings of the mekubalim/kabbalists. These movements provide us with the experience of shanah/time, olam/matter and nephesh/soul(being). The Earth turn called precession is the slow wobble that causes the polar skies to change slowly over a 26,000 year cycle.
The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Full Moon in Aqrav/scorpio-The Center of the Tree Etz Chaiim

As previously stated as a major theme of these writings, the entire creation can be summed up as a temple/school of tiered initiation for those on the journey of coming into an intimate conscious relationship with the source of all that is. There are names and titles that refer to the levels of initiation which can be found in the wisdom teachings both written and oral. The sister of Moses/Moshe is a very special character in understanding this temple tradition. Her relationship to her two brothers tells us a lot that can be filled in with oral teaching and the revelation of the moment. Miriam(Mem-raysh-yod-mem) is a Mar-Yam, a Chieftess /keeper of the soul ocean. She had the Chayah soul of the complete Adam-male and female. In many other cultures of the past this woman who undoubtedly shown like a beautiful morning star would have been worshipped as the goddess herself, the Mother Earth. Her being substance needed to come in a particular human form that had not yet happened in this physical world and so the work of her two special brothers began.
The entire world at this time is moving through a rite of passage into a new level of temple initiation. With the return into physical form of the prophet known as Eliyahu HaNavi we have a different experience of being alive and those who die have a different experience of death. This is because Eliyahu has the root of the Ruach soul for all of humanity. This in the basic Native American Shamanic terms means he is the spirit of the entire plant world, which holds the element water and is called the world Yetzira in Kabbalistic texts(place of Ruach soul).
Many have asked why the ancient Rabbi’s pinpointed 5760/2000 as a pivotal-threshold year. The missing number/gematria amount which when added to 5760 equals the full 6000 is the key. This number is two hundred forty. This = mem-raysh in the Hebrew letters. This is the word tile Mar. This was the title implied in Miriam’s name. The Sepher HaBahir, the book of brilliance uses this title of initiation in verse 26 when refering to the sage Mar Rehumay. It is also the same letters of a word that is the name for one of the ingredients of the priestly temple incense derived from a tree. Here we have the plant world again! She who is the mar of the sea is Miriam in the Torah. She has the power over the deep well of Earth. Her brothers have special connections that the Zohar for this week speaks about. Moshe/Moses brings the manna, sustenance from heaven and of course this is in a sense Torah herself. Aaron has the power over the sacred clouds and as High priest he is in charge over the clouds of incense that also join heaven to Earth.
The world is now being prepared for an initiation spoken of in the Zohar on the torah parsha for this week, Emor. This is a description of the entire Earth community-Israel being married to the heaven world consciously. “After she has prepared the king and crowned him she goes to purify the Matrona(Binah=Matrona=67(5767)) and those that are with her. Imagine a King who had an only son whom he united in marriage to a noble lady. What did his mother do? All that night she spent in her storeroom, and she brought forth there from a noble crown set with seventy precious stones to crown him with; she brought forth silken garments and clad him therewith and adorned him royally. Then she went to the bride and saw how her maidens were arranging her crown and her garments with jewels….”Zohar III-98b. This is all about the time of the great circle of festivals that we are in now experiencing both in he year and in the greater wheel of millennia. This is a new initiation for the entire Earth where the divine throne has been fully secured within the physical crust of the Earth. Those who are initiated in the practical work will understand the precious stones and the special mention of the material silk.
The full moon in the sign of the aqrav/scorpio will be on Wednesday on the 29th day of the omer as we enter the sphere of tiphereth if we are counting up the tree for the 49 days. Then we count four more from 29 days to bring us to the 33rd day on Sunday-Tiphereth of Tiphereth. This is the holiday of kabbalists when the author of the Zohar has his yarhzeit, his wedding with the divine as it is called. So we are in the season that has the marriage of upper and lower worlds as it’s theme. We are said by tradition to be in the very center of the seasonal wheel with the feast of Shavuoth-weeks being in Torah tradition a one day festival. This anomaly, a one day Chag festival, signifying the uniting into one of the upper and lower seas(binah & malchuth). The other two yearly festivals are Sukkoth/booths and Pesach/Passover which are each seven day festivals as prescribed by Torah. The noble lady, the soul of the Earth is said to be bedecked with the seventy precious stones, the lineage roots of all the languages of the entire Earth community. In trhe deeper mysteries we have the marriage of her unification in humanity establishing one of the seventy-two sacred soul root guardians as the true living Torah on Earth. This is sameck-ALEPH-lammed, Sael which equals 91 by gematria=AMEN(91)=YHVH(26)+ADNI(65). This involves the full joining of the two soul oceans here in the physical/ Can you feel it? This is happening now. The full moon phase is also depicted in the Zohar as a marriage day with the moon/Shekinah shining with the full light of the radiant sun. This full moon on May 2nd-Iyar14/omer29 is happening at the twelfth degree of the sign of the akrav/scorpio(and eagle). As discussed in an earlier post the ancient kabbalists gave guardianship over the 72- quinaries or five degree sections of the zodiac to the 72 guardian angels. The one who is associated with the 11-15degrees of Akra/scorpio is Saeliah from the root name Sael! Sael remember is the transformed samael with the mem removed. The conquering of death as we have known it. The Zohar for this week also tells us that this time of year is as the Tree in the center of the gan/garden, the Etz Chaiim. At least three great ceremonial traditions find this time of the yearly cycle very important- the full moon time coming up is the birthday, yahrzeit and enlightenment day of the Buddha in Buddhism, the Wesak(and Beltane season is the first week of May) festival in the earth pagan traditions and the time of Lag B’Omer in Judaism. What began to emerge in winter at TuB’Shevat as the new year of the Tree shows a blooming presence now during the season of first fruits and the receiving of the Etz Chaiim on the mountain of Sinai.

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