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A site based on the healing of the ancient wisdom of the Geocentric worldview. The understanding of sacred texts and wisdom is based on a relationship to the Source. This Central Source is the Fount from which the three distinct movements of the Earth globe flow. These three turns-rotation,revolution and precession are a great secret/sod and key to the profound teachings of the mekubalim/kabbalists. These movements provide us with the experience of shanah/time, olam/matter and nephesh/soul(being). The Earth turn called precession is the slow wobble that causes the polar skies to change slowly over a 26,000 year cycle.
The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Friday, July 27, 2007

Nogah/Venus and the seven weeks-Rosh HaShanah5768

The most joyous of days in the Hebrew calendar is on Monday with TuB'Av, the full moon of the month of the Aryeh/Lion in the summertime of life. We are also now in the seven weeks of consolation/49 days between TishaB'Av and the new turn of the wheel-Rosh HaShanah-of the very magical calendar. This year is very special and as is stated in previous posts these few days between the 9th and 15th- we are experiencing an awesome planetary dance involving me'adim/Mars and shabbatai/Saturn in the lion and the bull. Other planets are also very involved and now it is a good time to discuss Nogah/Venus. The kamea associated with Nogah is shown above with the "49" boxes that connect us with the 49 day cycles(7X7) and the number 25 is in the central palace box and connects Venus with Me'adim/Mars who has the 25-5X5 kamea and the 25 letters of the Shema. The outer boxes of both kameas-Mars and Venus are 24+48=the 72 wings of the Seraphim and the sacred names. These seven weeks parallel the seven "lower" sephirot or depths/omakim that involve the emotional world(7 "days"of manifestating a world). The three weeks of "mourning" involved the three "highest" sephirot of the "intelligent" world. The emotions make manifest the more rarefied spheres so to speak. Today the planet Nogah/Venus goes into her 40 day retrograde(moving backwards) period that occurs every 20 months or so. This forty day period is very symbolic and archetypal in the wisdom traditions around the globe. We can especially relate to the forty days that Moshe Rabbeinu spent on Har Sinai, this weeks parsha is about the sacred tablets of stone and the ten suggestions as the Zohar calls the "commandments". The planet Nogah/venus corresponds to the 4th of the seven midot/sephirot-netzach, and during the fourth week of this seven week period-on Elul 8/August 22, Venus reappears in the sky as a bright dawn star after being gone from the sky in conjunction with the Shemesh/sun for eight days. Venus has been the evening star for many months up till now. This is a spectacular synchronicity! All of this gets quite involved since the venus cycle is geared to the number eight-years and we are also within the eight year period of the very rare Venus transit of the sun-2004-2012 which only happens about once a century. The last was 1882, a year very significant to the eventual founding of the State of Israel. This eight year period now, we are witnessing the whole world manifesting the peace of the true holy land that the entire mother Earth is experiencing. We are speaking about wheels within wheels, cycles within cycles and how the planets veil the heavenly spheres in a way that is helping bring the true redemptive dawn to the entire world. Nogah(means dawn)/venus in the kabbalistic tradition involves Moses, Mordechai and Esther(whose name means venus/star) and the "lower" limbs/legs of the complete Adam qadmon in netzach and Hod, which correspond to the planets Venus and Mercury. As stated elsewhere in these writings we began the forty year period of the prophesied ingathering of exiles in 5750/1990 and this summer we are completing two full eight year cycles of Nogah/Venus which began in the summer of 5751/1991 during the dissolution of the soviet union. In fact the eight days that venus was gone from the sky in the summer of 1991 were very tumultuous and significant in that whole process. The entire geulah/redemptive period began at that time and we are now experiencing this process at a more comprehensive level of manifestation. Since the planetary dance is so closely aligned with the sephirot and the sacred calendar cycle we can truly expect the Roar of Peace to continue to get louder as we approach the physical sound of the festival of the Shofar/trumpets. The Ram's horn is directly connected to the heaven of Me'Adim/Mars and the sign telah/aries which is also connected to the month of Nisan and the geulah. The three hags/festivals of the Hebrew calendar are intimately connected. The redemption from slavery/constriction happens in Nisan, haShem sounds the Ram's horn in Shavuoth-49 days later and then 49 days after the 9th of Av, we, the priestly people must sound the trumpet that gathers the entire Earth into the Shalom/Shalem, the peace of the Malchuth/kingdom(7th of the seven weeks) of sacred Life. The three omakim/depths of Gevurah(strength)-Tiphereth(balance)-Netzach(eternity) are veiled by the planets/spheres - Me'adim/mars, Shemesh/sun and Nogah/Venus and they hold within their dance the eternal beith haMikdash, the temple of eternal life in the being/soul continuum. These seven weeks, we as guardians of the temple Earth, dance in fields of life and marry the lovers of omak/depth(crown) and silence/ dumiyah(kingdom). Baruch HaShem.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

the Dazzling Red One/bright morning star

The Holiest of all the ketuvim/writings is Shir HaShirim/Song of Songs which unravels in incredible splendour the dawning of a physical creation blossoming with the beauty and bounty from the Source of all. This source is often referred to in the song as the Ain/zero-nothing and with this key this sometimes inscrutable sealed book may be understood. For out times now in the last week of the three traditional weeks of mourning, we may speak about the establishment of the third Beit HaMikdash/Holy Temple. Some of the great sages such as Rabbi Moses Chaim Luzzato and Rashi have taught that the 3rd holy house is eternal in the fifth continuum/being world, and it would just need to be "hooked up" so to speak in a special way to the physical Earth. The Zohar tells us that the gates of the destroyed temple were sunk into the Earth; "and further, it is because thy goodness is hidden within thee that the gates of the temple sank into the ground, as it is written, "Sunk(Tabe'u)in the ground are her gates"(Lam.II,9)"ZoharI,28a. Here is a key which the Song of Songs is very much involved with. The crystalline mineral world is our connection with the third holy temple and our own nephesh/blood soul. We are through our own initiations as humans of the adamah/red Earth re-connecting our souls and hence all the worlds that interpenetrate the sacred Earth. This is happening now. One verse in the Song is especially good for the next few weeks as that powerful planetary square takes place between Shabbatai/Saturn in the aryeh/lion, and Me'adim/mars in the shur/bull. Verse V:10 in Shir HaShirim and notice the number value of this verse. The V=5,the letter heh and the 10=the letter yod= fifteen=Yah. For 15 is the key column and row value of the kamea/magic square(see image above of 3X3 grid) of Shabbatai/Saturn and the total value=45=adam and odem: "My beloved is all radiant and ruddy, distinguished among ten thousand." Short but oh so sweet! Here in this verse is the depth of a secret that reveals a level of initiation that this sealed song is concerned about. Another translation could be "My beloved is the dazzling brilliant red morning star prominent among the numerous and myriads of heavenly chiefs." the word edom(ruddy) is the root for the Hebrew name of the present morning star/Me'adim/mars who is in the strong Earth sign of Shur/Taurus and squaring Shabbatai/Saturn in the Lion. This is about the gate and key to the heaven and soul level of the Chayah where the Adam Rishon/first, male and female reside. From here in this palace flows all potential sexuality into our world. This edom/Adam has numerous deep kabbalistic connections including the Adam qadmon/complete human, Esau-edom/Rome and the Kings of Edom whose metal crowns fell into the Earth(Zohar/Book of Concealed Mystery) and needed to be lifted up again. The magic square of Me'adim/mars whose image is above reveals important "sealed" information about this palace. It has twenty-five boxes (5X5 grid)which are the number of letters in the Shema/ the Jewish proclamation of faith. The middle box has the value of thirteen which is the value of the Hebrew word Echad, the last word of the Shema. Each row and column and diagonal add up to 65= the value of Adonai. This is the name associated with malchut/kingdom.This is a "little" of why the bright red morning star is so important. Next Tuesday is the ninth of Av-Tishab'Av and Tuesday has Me'Adim/Mars as the planetary ruler. This is what the Zohar has to tell us about this special palace of Me'adim;"When that spirit enters the Palace of Love the love-yearning for the supernal kisses is aroused, those concerning which it is written:"And Jacob kissed Rachel"(Gen.XXIX,11), so that the kisses of the supernal love are duly brought forth, and they are the beginning of the awkening of all supernal love, attachment and union. For this reason the Hymn(Shir HaShirim) begins with the words:"Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth."Now who is "he"? He who is hidden within the supernal concealment......This is the starting point of all esoteric mysteries, itself being unknowable(ain)...."ZoharII,146b.
In the same way it is said that calamities have come upon the holy people because they could not handle the rarefied power of an earth linked with the beith HaMikdash to the fifth continuum/heavens, so has the understanding of M'edom-m'edim been hidden. This planetary chief/Rav of the marvavah/myriad star chiefs, veils a very special hechalot/palace. We on earth are connected in a new way to this firmament as did the ancient first Temple allow a certain conduit of blessing come into the earth from the being world. The Shalom Shalem/ Peace is actually the very ground nature of our world now because of this connection. The true nature of the great peacemaking morning star, as the Native Americans tell in their legends, is being revealed in a renewed creation. They predicted the return to the earth world of the blessing-healing power of beings associated with this sphere, the feathered dragons/serpents who in Hebrew are the holy Seraphim. We must walk carefully on and with the beloved Adamah/Earth. The true love/Ahavah= 13 = Echad/unity is the blessings of the Holiest of Songs.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fair as the moon/yafa calevonah and bright as the sun/barah cachamah, from the holiest of songs, Shir HaShirim, chapter VI verse 10. The zohar in volume one-170a tells us that this verse defines the four stages of the global redemptive process as we move into a world fully experiencing the deepest peace of life. The moon going towards the sun gives us the very middle stage which is where we are at this very moment. Yafa calevonah is usually translated fair as the moon but it can also imply the peh, the mouth of the levonah/moon, levonah can also mean the "white" as well as the moon. The moon also implies the character in Torah of Joshua who the Zohar tells us is as the moon compared to Moses who is as the sun. So we have a hand off so to speak again as the people of the mother Earth enter the true holy land. From the moon, like Joshua, to the sun, like Moses. In the Torah the hand off was in the other direction from the sun to the moon. What people are individually feeling now depends on their own personal stage of initiation into the wisdom temple of the Earth. The general global clamour is towards the great peace. By far the majority of the folks in the world want to live and love and enjoy the bounty of the physical creation. So people might ask now, when do we enter the stage three, "bright as the sun" when the whole world "sees" the light of the geulah? When enough people can "feel" the light is when we move into the brightness. This might be right now in the "three weeks".The answer is the movement stage we are in is a test for initiation and is an initiation. As stated in previous posts the 5767th Torah verse is twelve words that ends with ztur yeshouatoh/rock of "salvation". Here we have a word that refers by it's root to the man Joshua and therefore to the "moon" stage of the geulah. The elder mekubel Rav Kaduri may have been refering to this with the cryptic "message" ascribed to him. But who or what is the tzur, the rock? Moses sings about this "rock" in the book of Torah that we are about to read over the Sabbaths in the following weeks of the shanah. In fact we chant the 5767th verse of Torah on the first sabbath of the "new" year of shanah/turning transformation. But remember last weeks parsha of Pinchas ended with the mitztvot of keeping Rosha HaShanah. What does it all mean?- we are right now in the days of awe of a new big Shanah; a grand turn of the wheel of life. Very blessed are those who can feel the radiant sun while the world is in the swirling grip of the moon as she pulls the ocean with storm and tide(Malachi's final prophecy).

This weeks parsha tells us about the cities of refuge given to us for those who seek balance and rest in the stormy world. The sages tell us these six cities are the six words of the Shema and the forty-two, are the words of the Ahavta. We must express our ahavah/love with all of our heart, soul and power. We are all at different stages of transition from the "wilderness"(sepher bamidbar) of an Earth in a global shanah/change, to the Peace of a holy land. May we all walk carefully in balance.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

"let there be light"

there is a kabbalistic tradition that relates the three weeks from the fast of Tammuz 17 this week, to the ninth of the month of Av, as holding the importance of the three "upper" depths/sephirot- crown, wisdom and understanding. The seven weeks of consolation from Tisha'B'av to rosh Hashanah hold the importance of the seven "lower" sephirot/depths. Those who study theoretical kabbalah and have read this blog know that the ten omakim or depths are the very directions that hold the "space" of this creation. The priestly people have not all been ready to understand and live the three "upper" sephirot and so great calamities have occurred during these three weeks and hence the two fast days. the tradition states that there is a time reserved for these three weeks to be lived by the people at the stature of the sacred "space" that they hold. Therefore "Yahi awr veYahi awr/let there be light and the light is"(from sepher genesis), is equal in numerical value to Tammuz17. This original light supports the entire ten depths and the created world. This light embodied in the creation is what we may feel and know as the shalom shalem, the pervading great peace that some may feel or understand is now filling the world in a conscious form. All beings on earth are being affected by the changes this era of change is bringing us. People who are feeling and knowing this "light" are being empowered as peacemakers and creative doers. Those people who are not yet at this stage are being hindered in their imbalanced walk on the sacred mother Earth. This hindrance may bring them in the direction that will help their healing. As more folks fully choose to be in synchronicity with the "will", the keter/crown of the "original light", the global tikkun/healing will become more obvious to the many. This "place" from where the global healing comes is called the "ayin ghedi" the fount of the kid, in the Song of Songs. The kid of Capricorn is the cardinal power of earth which holds the will of the divine(let there be light) in the physical. There are three special groups of four astrological signs. Many are familiar with the fixed signs as the faces of the creatures supporting the throne from Ezekiel's vision. The cardinal signs include the goat, the the crab, the ram/lamb and the balance. This month of Tammuz is related especially to these cardinal signs and the Sepher yetzira gives us the crab for this month, when the shemesh is in this sign. So on the little wheel of the year and the greater wheel of change we are in a time where the creative will/keter of the Divine is becoming manifest in Earth. This does flower as great happiness and simcha/joy. Let there be simcha!