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The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Total Eclipse/ Full moon of Elul/ Ani L'Dodi

We are now in the eight day period of time where the planet nogah/venus is gone from the sky and in conjunction with the shemesh/sun and shabbatai/saturn in the aryeh/lion. We are in the great Hebrew month of Elul, the month of compassionate return in our relationship to the divine Mystery, the source we call HaShem. The signs are always everywhere for the initiate on the journey within the temple/school that is our olam/world and our olamot/universes. There are great planetary and lunar changes this month as well as the ongoing trembling of the winds, oceans and earth's crust. The acronym that is the letters for the month of Elul, aleph-lamed-vav-lamed, is taken from the holiest of Songs, Shir HaShirim chapter VI verse 3; "Ani l'dodi vedodi li, I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine". The Earth and the lovers who find themselves here in this sacred house are being shaken awake. The verse from the holy song ends with haroaah be'shoshanim. The traditional shepherd among the roses is also the powerful shout-roaa-among the flower of the omakim, the ten depths/omakim that make up the olam/world of the individual within the creation. We are to be shaken in this month of return as each moment we face the reishit/beginning that is "aleph be'Tishre", the first of the month of Tishre(Rosh HaShanah) having the same letters as the first word of Torah- Bereishit - in the beginning. In these seven weeks from Tisha'B'Av to Rosh Hashanah that hold the seven "lower" sephirot/directions we have the reappearance of the planet Nogah/Venus as morning star this week the fourth which corresponds to the depth Netzach/Mosheh Rabbeinu and Nogah/Venus. The following week on Elul-14 we have a very long total eclipse, over an hour of totality, of Levunah/moon which week corresponds with the sephirah Hod/Aaron HaCohen Gadol and the priesthood that uses the moon for establishing the priestly sacred calendar dance of time. This eclipse is an awesome sign of the marriage of the depth and silence - sun and moon- within the succah-tabernacle of living Earth. The following week then corresponds to yesod/foundation which holds the moon herself who is the foundation being of the seventh week and sephirah/Malchuth- Earth/Adamah. So where are the two lovers in all this, that this month is about? We have mentioned them as the gnostic bythus/depth and sige/silence. These two in the eternal embrace as the Hebrew omak/depth and domiyah/silence: Keter/crown and Malchuth/kingdom. As above/so below; as outside and inside. I am hers and she is mine. He reddens the moon in eclipse and she shakes the Earth with tempest and earthquake. The Sepher HaZohar begins with a verse from Shir HaShirim about the Shoshanah, the Rose flower of the human being and dance of the Habanot, the maidens, the initiates in this growing vine of love and adventure."As a rose among thorns, What, he said does the flower symbolize? It symbolizes the community of Israel. the flower possesses thirteen leaves, so the community of Israel is vouchsafed thirteen categories of compassion which surround her on every side."Zohar I-1a. This very month of compassion where we are to bring the ending, the acharit to the reisith, to the beginning in every moment. It is within this month of compassion that the first "day" of the olam/world began with the 25th of Elul. The first of Tishre being the sixth "day" and appearance/creation of the Adam, male and female. And here the "lovers" appear again in the numbers(the 25 letters of the shema) of the great Mathematician - the kamea of me'adim having the 25 boxes with the 13(petals-mercies/echad=13) in the middle and the kamea of Nogah/Venus with the 25 in the middle box. I am hers and she is mine, wheels within wheels and an unfolding flower of the depths, HaShoshanat Haomakim, on every human journey. The Shalom Shalem is being born from this flower.

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I saw this bit of advice from this site -


9 -The Kabbalistic Meditations for the month of Ellul can help one find his soul mate.

Could you tell me more, if you have any information, as to where to find these meditations in English?

Any kabbalistic (or other Jewish) advice for a woman to hasten finding her besheret?