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The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Thursday, December 27, 2007

a new fire/Ehieh Asher Ehieh

The Zohar commentary on this weeks Torah parsha for Shemot, the first portion of the book of Exodus makes it very clear that Moses/Moshe Rabbeinu was born out of the Devekut, the spiritual cleaving between his parents, Amram and Yocheved. Indeed he was drawn out of the waters of infinite Love. It says speaking about Amram:” and the Holy One, Baruch Hu, assisted him, for we learned the Schechinah dwelt on their bed and that their intention when they cleaved together was on the Schechinah. Therefore, the Schechinah was not removed from the son whom they bore, so as to fulfill what is written:” And you shall sanctify yourselves and you shall be holy”(Vayikra 11:44). A person sanctifies himself from below, so the Holy One, Baruch Hu, sanctifies him from above. As their intention was the cleaving of the Schechinah, so did the Schechinah cleave to their very actions”(ZoharIIShemot Ashlag trans)
We have the beginning of the active technology of initiation appearing as the mateh/scepter of Moses here in this chapter that begins the sepher of the geulah/redemption. This was foreshadowed in last weeks parsha that ended the book of creation/genesis. In Beresheis chapter 49-spelled mem-tet(49) in verse five-heh we have the secret reference to the scepter/mateh-mem-tet-heh of Aaron and Moses, in this verse Levi’s blessing begins and he is mentioned. These blessings of the son’s of Yakov contain secret/sod information regarding the scepter technology that comes into the foreground in the book of Shemot/exodus. We also have a prophecy for how many years after the ingathering(that began in 5750/1990)that the active form of the scepter would begin. The appearance of the “new” kochav/comet during the full moon of Chesvan began after seventeen years was complete since 5750. The verse in Torah tells us that Jacob lived 17 years in mitzrayim/Egypt before he was gathered to his ancestors.
In this parsha of Shemot we have the source of time appearing to Moshe out of a different kind of fire. We know of three kinds of fire from the three pillars of the letter shin and the ancient traditions of India speak of the three aspects of this element so important to Hindu ritual. The traditions of ancient India are referred to in Zohar as from the “book of the wisdom of the east”. We have electric fire like lightning, chemical fire like wood burning and the candle, and solar fire which we now call nuclear fire. The fire mentioned in Shemot seems closely aligned with the fire of the sun and stars. The appearance of the comet outburst is most likely related to this third kind of fire that the Source appears from at this point in Torah. We have a new name for haShem that the commentators tell us implies the eternal-all inclusive of the continuum/aeon we call time.
The country of the United States has achieved a milestone in honoring the sacred Chayah/life and the Source of all that is. The thirteenth state(and DC)New Jersey has now abolished capital punishment forever! We pray that achieving the special number of thirteen-the number of founding colonies, and the value of the Hebrew word for unity/echad and the value of the word for Love/ahavah, means an acceleration in this process is at hand. The United Nations also recently passed a resolution asking for a global moratorium on all state sanctioned murder. Activists in this special work lighted up the ancient Roman Colosseum as a sign of victory and hope in response to the move by the UN.Baruch HaShem!


Anonymous said...

shavua tov,

כלי חמס

instruments of violence? is this the reference to the mateh that you mention in 49:5? trying to understand. rashi says that these instruments of violence in the "craft" (umanut) of murder were wrongfully in the possession of shimon and levi - that these instruments were usurped from Eisov.

can you share more on the mateh? is there significance that it's first use by moshe under hashem's directions was as a snake? 2nd in turning water to blood? is there any significance to the fact that both are often symbols of the feminine?

thank you!

Chasmal said...

Dear js, good to hear from you again. Yes, in the pshat this is both a red herring to distract as well as a sign of warning. there is danger in this knowledge/technology, remember the previous kings of edom/universes that were destroyed out of imbalance-study the book of concealed mystery.the deeper remez and sod of this verse - find the caf-tav-resh-the crown hidden in a word in this verse. these are hidden razim/secrets! the words you quote - "instruments of violence" refer to the craft/art of smelting the special alloys known to the mekubilim of the metals/alchemy. as you know js the zohar gives us the wheel of the metals as a key for finding the shalom/shalem of mother Earth.