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The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Five gates of the Song of Songs

The Five gates of the holiest of Songs is spoken about in Sefer haZohar on parsha Terumah. This is the very central lev/heart and soul of the Book of Splendor. "Shir hashirim asher lishlomo. Here are the five grades which shall unite in the world to come: shir(song) is one; hashirim(songs) are two, which together make three; asher(which) is four; lishlomo(Solomon's) is five. "Solomon is in the fifth; for the fiftieth day is the mystery of the Jubilee. Mark now. Solomon would not have been able to bring about the union above had not the union of the Shekinah with the world below been already completed in Her union with Moses; one could not have been without the other. All this is a supreme mystery, which yet is revealed to those of a wise heart. "Zohar Vol.II145a(sperling trans). As we approach this very important place on our shanah, the wheel of the year(transformation) - the middle of the month of Av (Tub'Av)we enter the four points on the wheel that particularly point out the way to bringing the whole Earth into the holiness of the third temple and the complete union of Earth Shekinah and the Source of all Life, the fount from the Etz Chaiim/tree of Life. The middle of the coming month of Av(summer) is opposite tub'shevat in the winter, the tree of life festival which is about honoring the tree Etz Chaiim as the fount of the holy house of life. The two other cross quarter points are the full moon of Chesvan in the fall which month corresponds deeply with the building of the temples historically and now in third temple times the unveiling of our incredible temple school here in the mother Earth. This Chesvan point is opposite LagB'omer, in the spring which is the yahrzheit of the Rashbi, soul and author of the Sefer HaZohar which carries the wisdom of our temple tradition. The parsha for this Sabbath is Pinchas and it ends with a list of all the yomim tovim/holidays of the entire wheel of the Shanah. these 22 holi-days of joy parallel the 22 days of mourning between 17 Tammuz, this Sunday and 9Av three weeks later. We are ready now as a holy people to receive the original crystal tablets which traditionally were given but not received this Sunday Tammuz 17 and hence shattered that day-40 days count after Shavuoth and Sinai. The Torah parsha this Sabbath ends with shemini atzereth which in the year is in the fall and is followed by simchat Torah. This fall festival of Sukkoth is nine months(gestation of the seed) after the seed of the holy Tree takes root at TubeShevat. So this year tammuz17 should be the simchat Torah following the Torah parsha on Shabbos that ends describing shemini Atzereth when all the Holy Peoples gather together for a sacred honoring of all Life and her source. Simchat Torah is the day following Shemini Atzereth at Sukkoth in the fall. The wheel of the Shanah is an intricately interconnected temple of initiation that reveals the places of initiation for those finding the center of the Sabbath in all that is. Any four cross quarter points find their balance and blooming in the fifth place of the center of the wheel. This brings us back to the five gates spoken of in Zohar at the beginning of the post. Solomon, the king who is peace rides the chariot built on the four wheels. The vine of the Tree of life spoken of at the end of the song is watered from the fount of ayn gedi. The ayin/70 fount is the shem-ayin=Shema. are we listening to this river worth the sacred aleph/1000 that flows from the tree of Life. This nahar/river is a flow of joy, a simcha=shin-mem-cheth; of the chumash/five books Cheth-mem-Shin. We ahve arrived again at the Holy of Holies. The yod like points that begin all the letters of the first verse of the Song of Songs-"Shir hashirim asher lishlomo"equals 26, the value of haShem. Have an awesome Shabbos!

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Rabbi Lars Shalom said...

this looks similar to something Ive written!!

shir(song) is one; hashirim(songs) are two, which together make three; asher(which) is four; lishlomo(Solomon's) is five.

there are two, awakening a third, then there is one watcher above the one sleeping, a little above the one weeping, and the one sleeping can hear from above; the one speaking, and tickling, so there are four couples, or two awaiting the couple trying to wake up, a door, and a series of stairs, winking and blinking, opening the eyes, little sheets of paper, flicking and flipping, opening to white light, gaps of white light, dark, then low, then quick, then light...


loving singing weeping
the one singing can hear from heaven is from heaven