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The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Full moon of the Aryeh/Lion Sabbath TuB'Av

We arrive this Sabbath on the full moon of Av. This is a little known ancient celebration where the daughters of Yerushaliyim dance in the fields and vineyards and call to their men. This 15 of the month of Av, the aryeh/lion is compared to King Solomon who was the fifteenth generation from Abraham and completed the building of the first beith haMikdash/Temple. His kingdom saw complete peace for many years during his reign the moon it is said remained full all the time. He completed the flow of the waters from the Tree of Life between above and below and this completion is inherent in the celebration of the full moon of the aryeh/lion when the summer sun begins to cool precisely at the fullness of the Levanah/moon. The hidden light is within the moon before she was diminished as the aggadah relates. This light is coming out of captivity in the second half of the lunar month and it is hinted at in the added letter teth in the esray devarim/ten sayings(commandments) from this weeks Torah parsha. The letter teth is not found in the first version of the Ten statements from the sefer Exodus/Shemot. This letter teth is the initial for the word tov/good when first mentioned in regards the original ohr/light in Sefer genesis. The same letter is only found contained in one of the twelve stones on the breastplate of the high priest, the stone of Shimon, called pitdah. Each Hebrew month has a shevat/tribe and the tribe of the month of Av is Shimon/Simeon. Shimon's name comes from the word to hear, as in Shema which prayer is also featured in this weeks Torah parsha. The hearing of Israel is the teshuvah/return which is a key to these seven weeks of consolation as we dance these summer days winding towards the autumn and the time of the trumpets. Tradition tells us that we received the second luchoth abanim/crystal tablets on Yom Kippur. This is forty days on Sinai starting the second time on Elul1. Yom kippur is connected in the gemara directly to this TuB’Av full moon. The words on the second tablets are found in this weeks parsha with the added ninth letter teth hinting at the rebuilding of the great earth holy temple(destroyed on the ninth of Av) that is the waters from the upper Tree of Life/Etz Chaiim streaming through the moon in full glory and watering a healed Earth mother Malchuth/kingdom of sacred life.

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Anonymous said...

Rav Gedalia Gurfein, a teacher in Jerusalem, recently published a book in memory of his young son called, "Good Morning Moon". Made me smile, as does your dvar Torah.

thank you
shabbat shalom,