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The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Seeing the new temple

This weeks Torah parsha leads us from the month of Av when the tradition is to remember the destruction in the world and the temples in particular. This weeks parsha Re’eh brings us to the month of Elul, the special month of teshuvah/returrn. This month we rebuild and so from Elul one, tradition tells us that Moshe Rabbeinu headed up Har Sinai for the second time- rebuilding for forty days which ends on Yom haKippur with the giving of the second set of crystal tablets of ten sayings/Esrai Devarim. This month of Elul the building of the second Beit haMikdash began and the torah parsha of re’eh means to see. We actually begin now in the year and in the long road of history, to envision the miracle of creation and the coming to pass of the visions of our holy prophets of all priestly peoples who work for the Shalom Shalem/complete great peace. The gematria value of Rosh haShanah=861 equals that of Beit HaMikdash=861, the Holy temple. The head of the shanah/wheel of change is the holy temple in time. The wheel of time and transformation is the temple that unfolds the flower of life in each of us. The month of Av is the month of the shevat/tribe of Shimon whose names means to hear. In Av we hear about the sacred work of building and destroying temples. In Elul we Re’eh, we see the rebuilding of the Temple represented on Rosh HaShanah. In the parsha of re’eh we have the mention of the three feasts where all of Israel goes to the temple in Jerusalem. This parsha of re’eh speaks of idol worship and we know from Zohar that this is rooted in anger and arrogance which the person actually worships their own liver, their own hatred and negative emotion. In the 5769th verse of torah where the verses have a hint to the upcoming year we have the line in Devarim about the Shedim, the worship of “demons” without power. Hidden here in the word is the opposite, the shadyim. These are the sacred Harim/mountains, the breasts of the almighty of Sinai and Moriah. These are Father seed and Mother life which as in Native aboriginal traditions are sanctuaries of eternity. These sing to each other in the shir HaShrim/Song of songs and find themselves in the Holy of Holies as in the initial letters of Elul from the Song of Songs, Ani Li V’dodi Li/ I am yours and you my love are mine - for eternity. Peace
This weeks parsha speaks about the sabbatical year and the freeing of slaves just before we enter the final month of the rabbinic year before Tishre and redemption. In the same way the parsha before Nissan that we read as we enter adar, the month before the end of the royal/agricultural year which begins in Nissan, we read about the yovel/jubilee and the freeing of slaves. In Nissan we leave slavery the first time. This year 5768 is the ending of a seven year cycle of time. This weeks parsha of re’eh speaks of the poor people who we must give tzedakah/charity towards. These poor ones may carry the wealth within as Abraham Avinu carried the entire Torah in his heart. The gematria value of poor person, avyon aleph-beth-yod-vav-nun equals 69 which is also samech-teth, the value of the coming year 57-69=samech teth. May we all as the peoples, the the avyon made of earth, participate in the enveloping great peace and the rebuilding of the earth temple. Miracles are happening everywhere- the eight of the Olympics born out of the kan zippor/bird’s (the Michael as guardian of Israel being the name of the swimmer who swept the eight gold-the most ever for one person) nest and the fastest man alive called lightning bolt. The first African American presidential candidate in a nation which black slaves helped build the dream, called Barack= lightning bolt in Hebrew. The temple is appearing globally if we would only SEE as many are already. Have a great Sabbath of Seeing!

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