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A site based on the healing of the ancient wisdom of the Geocentric worldview. The understanding of sacred texts and wisdom is based on a relationship to the Source. This Central Source is the Fount from which the three distinct movements of the Earth globe flow. These three turns-rotation,revolution and precession are a great secret/sod and key to the profound teachings of the mekubalim/kabbalists. These movements provide us with the experience of shanah/time, olam/matter and nephesh/soul(being). The Earth turn called precession is the slow wobble that causes the polar skies to change slowly over a 26,000 year cycle.
The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Chariot of the Eagle

We are at the new moon, Rosh Chodesh of the secret autumnal month of Chesvan. This month of the mazal/sign of the scorpion/akrav also holds the face of the Eagle of the four faces of the Chayoth HaKodesh. akrav/scorpion has in it's hebrew letters the word aekra-beith,(ayin-kopf-resh-beit) which means foundation/aekra of the beit, the house=temple. This month holds the secrets of what the temple of mysteries is really about. We read the early sections of the Sefer Bereshiet/Genesis in the early weeks of the new shanah, the cycle of seasonal change and the unfolding flower of initiation. These are the times of the deepest mysteries of Solomon’s temple and the unfolding peace of the living Sabbath in the awesome temple we call Earth. The fifty chapters of the book of genesis, the first of the five books of the Torah, are the seeds for the making of the connecting channel that joins the throne and the seven heckalot/palaces of the soul realm with the physical chariot of the universe. It all begins with the first seed, the bereishit, b’reishit-in the the first and the fire(esh-Aleph-sheen) of the seed/aleph unfolds within the adamah, the red earth blood/-dam=44). In this weeks parsha of Noach we have the sacred ark which contains the “window” called the tzohar, that the aggadah tells us is a special glowing ruby carbuncle that lit the ark within it’s darkness. This is the second form of the technology of the Hebrew mystery tradition nas it is revealed in the history of the tradition (sapphire book of raziel/light stone in the ark/scepter of Aaron/ring of Solomon).This in kabbalistic literature is part of the sacred central column that joins heaven and earth, the upper mother and the lower mother in that holy of holies which the Song of Solomon contains. Remember that the Song tells us that Baal hamon, the ancient pagan diety of wealth is the guardian of this mystery vine! This vines joining brings humanity through the shar hanun, the fifty gates that are hinted about in the fifty chapters of the Sefer Genesis. These gates open us to the river of holiness, the flood gates of kedusha. This world of Earth and "Kingdom" is the place where the seed renewal of all that is takes place. This is the mystery of the temple. From the Zohar, “ So now we have learned a secret , that Noah needed the ark so he could unite with it and preserve the seed/zereaah dichola, of the whole world. As it is written, “to keep seed alive”(Beresheit 7:3)”Zohar I59b(translation after Ashlag). It is all about the sacred Waters and the river of the upper fresh water that is a flowing blessing and peace for the world. “Now it is written above in the account of the creation that a river went out from Eden,to water the Garden and from thence it parted(gen II:10)That stream which flows perennially entered the garden to water it from the supernal waters, and brought gladness to it, making it produce fruit and seed for the universal content; and so the stream gladdened the Garden, as it is written, “and He rested on the seventh day””Zohar I59b(trans.after Sperling) In those famous scrolls buried at Qumran, the last of their community it is said died at the stronghold of Masada, we have the prophecy of the final flow of these sacred fresh waters into our Earth Temple in our times, a flood of purification(from the fragment "Birth of Noah" or"Elect of God"), the living Sabbath. The accounts of the Zohar continue this mystery tradition from the Qumran comminity of vision. The people of the world now whose country has the greatest military might ever assembled are choosing to acknowledge we are already living with this great Peace. They are choosing leaders in this waxing moon of the month(Chesvan=eighth month)) of the rebuilding of the Holy Beith haMikdash/Temple who will bring about the unfolding of Peace like the lightning flash of the Chayot HaKodesh that this Zohar section on parsha Noah goes on to describe in detail with visual description and accompanying thunderous sounds in Zohar I-71b. The global soul of the earth has been unified by the work of the seventy Sarim/Princes of the nation-language roots of the human Tree. Daniel’s famous herald at the end of his book in mentioning the Sar of Israel means that all the Sarim are united to bring about the unfolding wheel of the Chayoth, the chariot of initiation in Earth. In the aggadah/legends the month of Chesvan complained to HaShem because Solomon's temple was completed in Chesvan but not dedicated till the following Tishrei. To make amends for the slighting of this month that has no holy days/hagim, it was written that the third Beit hamikdash/Temple would be dedicated in this month of the eagle/chesvan. The value of Dam/blood is 44 in gematria. The fortyfourth of the great Eagle Chiefs in Washington reflects the eagle face of the four faces of the wheel of initiation. “They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore. “ Isaiah 2:4 Halleluyah

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Foundation of the Sarim

We have entered a motzei shemmitah year, the eighth year of a sabbatical cycle. The widespread economic crisis is only another sign of miraculous times. As the great mekubal Reb Avraham Azulai foresaw that the borders of eretz Yisrael would spread to encircle the entire globe. We have entered a siman tov/sameck tet year 57-69. The sabbatical cycle as given in Torah is a reminder and respect for the sacredness of the Earth and her riches. It reminds us of the correct relationship with wealth as a gift from the Source which must be handled with reverence. The managers may rent out rooms in the “hotel” in a respectful way. When the “Owners” of the hotel comes to visit everything is set right in a just fashion. The builders of this hotel understand the integrity of the building and the quality of the foundation. An adjustment is taking place, the owners are visiting! The pueblos and some other of the American Indian tribes knew that the “owners” would visit this Hotel Earth in a new way at this time. They also knew that two ancient priesthoods would come to America and make this new hoop of peace possible. The Tibetans and Jews have arrived here. The hoop of the priesthood has been united at the soul level.The physicality of the third Beith haMikdash is now here in America as ancient peoples from the Qumran caves to Chaco Canyon knew this would unfold like a beautiful flower. An ancient people living in America were known to the Rashbi, who authored the sepher HaZohar. He said that that the Earth was round and on the other side of the ball lived a “small” people. The “elohim”/powers of the Hopi Indians are all carved out of the root of the cottonwood tree. The many masked impersonators of all the powers of the source that form, sustain, empower and destroy all that is of the universe. The four worlds of our four continuum world are discerned in the four sections of the ancient Hopi doll kachinah as well as in the statue of the metals depicted in the book of Daniel. These four “worlds” or sections of the creation also correspond to the four continuums of time and space. Each is “Be’limah”, out of nothing as the Sepher yetzirah, the primer of kabbalah tells us. These four also relate to the four levels of Torah interpretation, P-R-D-S; from peshat/literal to the sod/secret hidden. Many folks may easily get stuck in just one or two of these levels of interpretation and miss the whole enchilada as the locals might say. This is liking building only one wall of a sukkah/tabernacle. Those stuck in the literal are obvious as many fundamentalist folks from all the religions can be seen for there worldview. What may be even more of a difficult trap is those who interpret Torah at a deeper level like the symbolic, but do not develop the roots into the fourth/ deep secret place and hence do not understand the ramifications of a global soul awakening. Many boomers have studied and been greatly influenced by people like Jung and Campbell who have given the wisdom tradition and the religious vehicles a palatable makeover as great myths and paths for an individual to develop toward a healed psychological person hood. This is OK(I’m OK) but it is only a veneer, a surface level of what the wisdom school temple of initiation is about. Study the native aboriginal traditions and you will find the levels of initiation that the big temple involves. These degrees of initiation are not only psychological passages in the human mind and life path. The animal lodges of initiation are not just psychological stages of development. The sephirot and the Tree of Life is not only a concept map toward psychological wholeness. The “central column” of kabbalah is not only the window of the “ark” that joins the upper mother waters with the lower mother. There is a physical component to these mysteries. Arranging the physical materials of the temple mysteries so that blessings flow into this world is a real work. At this stage some of the literal Torah becomes the deepest sod/mystery. The Jews have built the sukkah, the makeshift lodge of initiation that celebrates the intangible in the changing flow of the seasons. Some of the very orthodox Jews are in hope that David Hamelech will come this year; ben david bo/ “son of david comes” is gematria equal to samech-tet/69 of our year 5769. David historically laid the foundation of the first holy temple which Solomon then finished. The foundation of the temple is built and established over many millenium, many ages of dream and fashioning.The Ramban(Nachmanides) ends his commentary of the last parsha of torah, the Blessing of Moses, with a mention of Daniel’s very physical vision for the ketz, “the end” of days. The beings known as the “Sarim”, the princes make their home in Earth. Hag sameach!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Days of Awe

We are in the eye of the Hurakan as the ancient meso-american deity of earth(Maka) and sky(Skan) is called. These are the days of awe. In the last of the portions of the Torah Moses sings his special song and the verses in this song correspond to the years of the jewish calendar that we living right now. This song contains an admonition to the children of Israel and the commentaries of Zohar and the Ramban tell us that this is because Moses knew that the people would be entering a land where the divine presence, the Shechinah herself dwelled and he was preparing them for this awesome happening. We are now in this relationship in these days of awe. From the Zohar; “Why did Moses reprove Israel thus in this song? Because they were about to enter the land where the Shechinah would dwell in their midst." Zohar III299a. We are thus now living in a holy earth where the living Sabbath dwells, the divine presence and this living Peace, this goes unrecognized by so many who huddle in fear. The Ramban’s(Nachmanides) mystical commentary on HaZinu begins with verses about the special stone, the stone with seven eyes that the students of Kabbalah would understand. This stone is sung about in the Song of Moses in HaZinu. And in the Zohar on the Song. “As an eagle that stirreth up her nest. Rabbi Jose said:”there is no creature so devoted to her young as the eagle, being as kind to them as it is cruel to others.Zohar III298b. Here we are in an election in america where we pick the commander in the office of the eagle of America. The forty fourth president and his name is Barack, Hebrew for lightning bolt and his wife has the name of the guardian angel of Israel! The miracles of the dwelling of the great Peace are everywhere and this is our great test, the admonition and rebuke of the Song of Moses, wakeup!! We walk on a holy mother Earth! The Plains Indian people tell us in their teachings, from Sweet medicine who like Moses,had the soul of the mountain, of Bear Butte, that the Rock, Inyan is the oldest of the Wakan, the divine forms. From the grandfather rock and his spouse, Maka the Mother earth flows all that moves and breaths with spirit, Skan, the Sky father.From Sky(Shamayim-heaven) manifests the winds and the Wakinyan, the winged thunders(44 winged thunders surrounded Sweet Medicine, the Cheyenne Moses, in Bear butte). Native teaching and cosmology informs the students of the ancient Jewish mysteries of the relationship between the divine beings and the three mother letters which are the original elements. We are again in a time the year 5769, when the exact alloy of the precious metal that allows beings to move between continuums, is known . The year sixtynine=sameck-tet or siman tov; a good sign for the recognition of the presence of the great Harim/mountains of goodness on earth. The Pueblos of America call these mountains that endure eternally, the corn mother(Moriah) whose life force grows all that is and the corn chief who carries the seed (Sinai)of renewal. The wheel of time, the Shanah unfolds the flower which reveals the Sabbath. Our work of the holy peoples has been simple in a way. We needed to bring the center of the continuum of being(the fifth) into time and space which scientists and the sepher yetzira tell us has no center or even a perimeter. The word in the Shema, meodecka, very, contains the word for human-adam and the word for ruby rock-odem. A stone, an Inyan grandfather, the eternal rock/Tzur-tunkashila of the Dakota Indian and the Polish Jew needed to join with the nefesh soul of humanity. Back to the secret Raz within the Iron-Barzel, the central core of earth, and the original Kabbalah, the Book/Sefer of the angel of secrets/Raziel which is given to the first Adam.The Book is open.