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A site based on the healing of the ancient wisdom of the Geocentric worldview. The understanding of sacred texts and wisdom is based on a relationship to the Source. This Central Source is the Fount from which the three distinct movements of the Earth globe flow. These three turns-rotation,revolution and precession are a great secret/sod and key to the profound teachings of the mekubalim/kabbalists. These movements provide us with the experience of shanah/time, olam/matter and nephesh/soul(being). The Earth turn called precession is the slow wobble that causes the polar skies to change slowly over a 26,000 year cycle.
The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Three Wells/Three Temples

The Ramban(Nachmanides) in his commentary on Genesis speaks of the three wells that Isaac dug that are mentioned in parsha Toldoth. He says that these allude to the three future holy temples. The first two were destroyed due to contention(esek) and sitnah(enmity) which is what the wells were named. The third well named Rehoboth means spacious and “The third well he called Rechovoth(spacious). This is a reference to the future House, which will be speedily built in our days, and it will be done without quarrel and feud, and haShem will enlarge our borders even as it says, … “and we shall be fruitful in the land,(Bereishiet25:22), which signifies that all peoples will come to worship HaShem with one consent.”Ramban (trans after Chavel)” “and they found there a well of living water”Bereishit 25:19) The hint here is that at the manifestation of the third temple the holy land will spread it’s borders to cover everything, hence the name “spacious” which is just what Reb Abraham Azulai predicted in his LeChesed Abraham for the year 5760.The Ramban may have gotten the hint of the inner meaning of the third well from Zohar on Toldoth::”The well and the issue of waters are one, designated by the name of “well”, it being at once the supernal never ceasing fountain and the well that is filled by it. And whoever gazes at that well gazes at the true object of faith. This is the symbol which the patriarchs transmitted in digging the well, in such a way as to indicate that the source and the well are indissoluble. And he called its name Rehoboth. By this he intimated that his descendants would one day tend that well in the fitting manner through the mystical potency of offerings and burnt-offerings, so that it’s springs should flow forth on every side as scripture says:”Let thy springs be dispersed abroad, and courses of water in the streets(Rehoboth)”(Proverbs V,16) hence here the name Rehoboth(streets, broad paces)..When a man has penetrated into the mystery of Wisdom and perfected himself therein, then Solomon tells him to” build his house“(Prov.XXiV:27),ie, to cultivate his soul in his body so as to attain perfection. Hence when Isaac digged and prepared the well in peace he called it Rehoboth(wide places) and all was done in the right manner.” Zohar I:141b (trans after Sperling)This parsha is usually read as we enter the month of the Keshet/bow, Kislev. This month has the only holiday that connects two months together- Kislev, the month of Benjamin, son of the right whose territory holds the place of the first two holy temples and the month of tevet, whose tribe is Dan, whose names implies the place of Din, judgment of the left, strength. The light of Hanukkah celebrates the bright oil of the holy temple which would come about in our times when the month of Dan which belongs to Esau/Edom/Christianity is fused with the month of kislev which is of Israel. This parsha of the birth of the twins from Rebecca’s womb sets the stage for the struggle of Chesed/Love and Power/Geburah/Din as the twins transform the globe into a temple of the flowing well of waters of peace. The wisdom of the Torah and sacred writings is said to have four levels sometimes referred to as wine, water, milk and oil. The oil/Shemen is sometimes said to be the deepest and at the holiday of winter that fuses Kislev and Tevet we have the deep mysteries of the oil/shemen as it illuminates our understanding and connection to the source. As previously mentioned we have the planet Pluto moving into the sign of Capricorn/Gedi today as we enter the season of Hanukhah which in our times involves the dedication of the third Holy temple called by the name of the third well Rehoboth which is spacious enough for all peoples . The true nature of the material fount of the Gedi will be revealed in the physical and we can already feel the flow of blessing into our Earth. The sacred Kedoshim, vessels of Solomon’s temple needed to be recovered and sanctified in the correct manner. The keys to how all this is done are contained in Solomon’s special book, The Song Of Songs. The appearance of the angelic Sarim/princes which are chronicled in Torah and the legends of other peoples make known to humans what the materials are that interface between worlds and make possible a flow of “the living waters”.There is a growing acknowledgement from elders in diverse traditions that we have entered a new era and the teachings of the “Sacred Arrows” as they are known in aboriginal America are being given again to the thirsty. We are entering the special month of the Keshet, the Bow with the arrows. This semicircle bow completes a full circle when joined with the Keshet/rainbow appearing in the last month after the flood of Chesvan, the month of the hidden Temple. The mazal of Tevet is of course the gedi/kid and this cardinal Earth sign holds great power which originally as a month of Esau/Edom/Christianity has played a large role in building the global temple that is hidden in Chesvan and rededicated in Kislev/Tevet. The planet that veils the Keter/crown is now in the mazal of Tevet. The light of the temple is illuminating the Earth.

Friday, November 21, 2008

The smells of eden/Cave of Machpelah

In summer of the secular year of 1994, a pure white bison heifer calf was born on the American continent. This fulfilled the ancient American Aboriginal prophecy about the return of the being called White Buffalo Calf Woman who brought great teachings to the plains Indian peoples. The birth of a female non-albino white calf was a sign of the great change in the turning wheel of worlds that native American cosmology is built upon. The planet Pluto was then in the sign of the Aqrav/Scorpion, or spider in some traditions. It is the sign of fixed water and represents deep initiation into cosmo-creation and the greater temple mysteries. The spider/eagle is one face of the four Chayoth/creatures that the visionary prophets saw supporting the wheel of the temple. The planet Pluto had also been in this sign of the Eagle when we entered the Hebrew year 5750/1990 which signaled a point of divine intervention as we were ¾ of a millennium through the sixth millennium on the Hebrew calendar. This meant we were entering the afternoon/evening of the sixth millennium/day and heralding the era of the great Sabbath/seventh millennium. The Native Americans also(In Other Council Fires Were Here before Ours by Twylah Nitch) had made it clear that the kochavim/comets, the “Stars with tails” would come close to the Mother earth at this time and bring a sacred healing fire to the earth. The sefer HaZohar is filled with the nature of the comets as interfaces with the soul world and the Hechalot/palaces. These comets are also referred to in aggadah/legends and Torah as the swords of the Kerubim that guard the way into the gan eden. A few incredible bright comets did indeed make a big show for stargazers around the world during the decade of the 1990’s/5750’s. In the beginning of the year 1995 Pluto entered the mutable sign of the Keshet/Sagittarius where it has remained until now. In 1997 the first pure colored red heifer cow was born in ancient Judea since temple times over two thousand years ago. Next week Pluto moves into the sign of the Gedi/kid/Capricorn for many years. This as mentioned previously as a cardinal sign involves the will of the divine as it pours directly into our physical universe. The invisible planet Pluto represents a veil to the deep level sephirah vessel of crown, the “place” of divine influx/emanation into the universe of worlds. The last time Pluto entered the Kid about 250 years ago saw the very early years of the Chassidic Jewish movement after the death of the Baal Shem, and the beginning of the American democratic ideal based on the principle of freedom of worship and separation of church and government. This weeks torah parsha is about the Life of the Matriarch Sarah. She is the life soul of all peoples as the Star maiden who came to the ancient Americas, called Wohpe, gave teachings to all the ancient American peoples. Her sign as a white bison calf means the mending of the hoop of peoples from around the entire Earth. At the end of the Torah parsha after Sarah’s body is interred in the special cave of Machpelah, we have Abraham marrying Keturah who the Zohar tells us was Hagar with a name change. Her son, Ishmael is then mentioned as the father of twelve princes. We are told that Ishmael lived out a life as a great Zaddik/righteous person. All of this speaks to the ability for great reconciliation and how all the language groups, the seventy nations, are critical to the healing of the Earth. The last of the twelve princes of Ishmael has the name Kedem which is the root of the word - complete/kadmon/original as in Adam Qadmon.. All peoples are essential to the complete change that we are experiencing in our times. The Life of Sarah is the life soul of the complete human, the manifest Chayah level of soul which was with the original Adam and Cheva. This phrase Chayei Sarah/life of Sarah, is mentioned twice in the first posuk/line of the parsha. Her life brings the twofold letter Heh in the name of haShem together in our world. Both Abram and Sarai are given a letter heh- when their names were first changed. They are the unfolding world where the two original lovers find each other in the physical creation. Abraham sees this couple as Adam and Cheva in the cave of Machpelah. His burial of Sarah in the doubled cave and the reconciliation with Keturah/Hagar insures the healed hoop of peoples. The name Machpelah include the root word for doubling again. The name of Keturah hints at the incense, the sweet smells of the trees of Gan Eden that renew our world at a more integrative level of Chayah, living soul. Abraham smelled these smells in the field of Machpelah which alerted him to the place of Adam and Cheva and Eden nearby. The Zohar tells us the whole story. And Abraham planted an Eshel/tree by the well. The Sabbath is here!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The sacred Fount/Tree of abraham

In this week in Torah we have incredible seed events. The three “men” visit Abraham. He holds the aspect of Chesed/kindness and his hospitality begins the shamanic lineage tradition that will bring the mystery temple into a burgeoning humanity. The Source of all that is as HaShem APPEARS to Abraham in this parsha. The tradition in aggadah/legends tell us that Abraham carried a sacred jewel around his neck. This stone was the same that Noach had which lit up the ark. This Jewel is the very sod/mystery level of Torah and the temple tradition. It is not only the deepest level of interpretation, it is the fountain, the ayin(70)that connects all together. It is the substance of the Har/mountain and Abraham on the Har Moriah says that “behar HaShem yeraeh“(Beres.22:14). This means that in or on the mountain, HaShem will or is seen. And HaShem appears! Tradition tells us that these few words point directly to the manifestation of the third holy Jerusalem temple. Zohar tells us that this one is not a building like the previous two were. The sacred jewel that Abraham wore around his neck was originally the sapphire book encased in gold that the angel of secrets/Raziel gives to the first Adam. This fountainhead goes from special personage to personage down through the history and it changes form a number of times as spoken about previously. It is the key to the very soul of the Zohar, which tradition tells us is the very soul of the Rashbi, the author of the Zohar. Three strangers visited Abraham, and Torah does not name them for us but there are many midrashim and commentary on who they are. We are told that two of them go to do some other work in Sodom and with Lot . Then the Torah tells us that HaShem appears to Abraham. This has led to a lot of speculation about who the third of the stranger angels could have been. Only with a deep study of the princes/Sarim that hang in the world of the throne can a person begin to fathom these mysteries. We do know that it was the kindness of our Abraham Avinu that helped bring in these beings. We are told in Beresheit 21:33 that Abraham planted an Eshel/tree at Beer Sheba. This tree is directly related to the vine of Solomon in the holiest of Songs, Shir HaShrim. Beer Sheba, the “well of seven”(seven is eternal cycle) the ayin gedi(from song of songs), which is the the fount of the kid and the tree of life are all about the deep roots of a temple tradition of initiation. The ability to understand the events of our days is directly related to an individual’s connection to this vine of initiation. In the last post someone asked me about the doom and gloom folks and their “visions” and speculations we find on the world wide web. Remember the web is a manifestation of the spider which is the mazal along with aqrav of this month of Chesvan, number eight(8 legs). The spider helps weave the temple. What we perceive of this world of unfolding miracle is based on out depth of connection to the roots of the Eshel Abraham. Then we can understand that the promise of HaShem to Abraham and Sarah is vast and beautiful and bountiful. It is way grander then what many interpret it to be. The Sepher haBahir directly links the eshel/tree-vine of Abraham to his aspect of Chesed. "All this Abraham did"and he planted an Eshel..."and he called there in the name of HaShem, Source of the universe" He would share his bread and water with ALL the people of the world...."Bahir 191(trans after Kaplan).Chesed, the aspect of Abraham, has the value of 72 and this means that all peoples and languages find the sacred fount to enrich the depths of their own traditions. As stated before we maintain the fact that the mishkan that holds the mineral roots of Abraham’s Eshel is present and sanctified this very day. The Sepher Yetzira tells us of the Hebrew letters-one above three, three above seven and seven above twelve. So the mystery of the three mother elements and the three letters aleph,mem,shin is directly related to the three who visited Abraham at Mamre. And the Source appeared. Again at the roots of the Holy Tree.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Flood from Shamayim

Our Father Abraham and Mother Sarah change the world in this weeks torah parsha. He goes and changes all. He brings the seventy nations of the 70 languages to approach the one source of all that is. This parsha Lech lecha is about the entire exiled history of the holy peoples as they transform the world to love the source and all that is. This month of Chesvan, the eighth month of the face of the eagle is about allowing the upper waters to flood the entire creation. This month that was promised the dedication of a global holy temple has the letter nun=50 from the Sefer yetzira, the primer of kabbalah. Abram and Sarai both get a new letter in their names with the giving of the eighth mitzvah of bris milah, the covenant of the flesh. The new letter is heh=5 and the long track of history has been to complete the name of HaShem with the final letter heh which happens when the Shaar haNun, the gate of fifty opens as it is now. From this gate of the upper heh-Binah, the upper mother heaven, the fresh water floods the thirsty world. We can here the fresh hope of peace in the oratory of the new American leader/Eagle. The flower is unfolding for us in our times. We are blessed to be a part of it all! The events in these torah parshot of Genesis are like seeds that unfold into the flower of history. This Lech Lecha is the great works and troubles of all of exiled history. Next week is Vayeira - “and HsShem appears” when the source appears to Abraham. The source appears as “Shaddai” and this year the Shadayim(mentioned in previous posts) is a word in the 5769th verse of torah. This corresponds to this year 5769. This is the world that is unfolding in completeness right now. Abe needed to unify the ayin, the 70 nations and so the work of Israel in her struggle to make the world a holy Makom. The 70 nations, the letter ayin has transformed to it’s phoneme, the letter aleph=1. The fortyfourth president, the 44 thunder chiefs/seraphim(read previous posts) plus the one equals fortyfive=the word Adam. The completed human flower open to the flood of the fresh water heavens. As also discussed previously the 45 is the value of Shabbatai’s/Saturn’s kamea, number grid. With the planet sphere that hides the Keter/crown being Pluto, and moving into the Kid/Gedi=Capricorn(ruled by Shabbatai/saturn) in a few days the “appearing” of the Source, the sacred fount of Ayin gedi(from the song of songs)to many more blossoming humans will be happening. People are making the choice, the Lech lecha, to honor the sacred. The fresh waters are flowing.