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The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blessing the Sun of Chesed/Lovingkindness

The Sun of Chesed/lovingkindness and Birchat haChamah
The rarest of Hebrew blessings is now being prepared for the day before the Passover festival on April 8th. The 28 year cycle of Birchat HaChamah is based on the cycle of the planet Shabbatai/saturn, which has a solar orbit of 28 years. This blessing will begin the 207th cycle of 28 years of the Hebrew calendar. 206X28=5768 and so this year 5769 begins the 207th which is the gematria value of the Hebrew word for light/ohr(aleph-vav-resh=207). This also coincides with a new grand solar cycle of the indigenous Mayan and Meso-American traditions. We are now in their sixth sun called Sun of Flower/Xochlitol Ahau. As mentioned earlier the very picture of Sun=Flower is the Zia sun symbol which is the symbol of the state of New Mexico and is actually a depiction of a “smoking mirror“, a total eclipse of the sun. The 28 year cycle which is about the planet that veils time(Shabbatai/Saturn) and all about the “reishit and the acharit“, the dimension of time of beginnings and endings and the relationship to what is eternal. The importance of the indigenous American calendars became clear at the end of the Aztec calendar which the scholar and wise man Tony Shearer elucidated in his book, “Beneath the Moon and Under the Sun”. The Aztec calendar ended on August 16th 1987 and everyone might remember the grassroots festival, the “Harmonic Convergence” on that day. That was the Aztec year 5720 and the Hebrew year was 5747 and a month later it was 5748 for the Jews. This was precisely the 28 years apart of one cycle of the planet that the Aztecs revered as a veil for the deity called Tezcatlipoca(Saturn/Shabbatai)The fact of this difference in two calendars whose counts are in the thousands of years is astounding. It is a pointer to the significant cycle of 28 years. The relationship to the moon cycle of 28 days is also significant)In 1987/5720/5748 we were only two years from the important Hebrew year of 5750/1990 when the Sefer HaZohar predicted the beginning of the 40 years when we transition to a new world. This years blessing of the sun is quite significant, coming precisely in the middle of this period of time. The Zohar has a beautiful passage on the beginning of the Sefer Vayikra of Torah that traditional Jews are beginning to sing this time of year.
“ As soon as the morning was light (haBoker ohr), the men were sent away”(Gen XLIV,3)He said, We have learnt that when morning comes and judgement passes away and lovingkindness(Chesed)seeks to awake, then all who come from that side hasten to their place to prepare blessings for the world; and this is the meaning of the words,”the morning is light(ohr)”, light being synonymous with “good”. Note the following series of grades. ’Night is one grade, as we know. Then “morning light” is another grade, which we also know, a higher grade which always accompanies the other. THE SUN IS A THIRD GRADE (caps are mine here)known to us which establishes all and gives light to all. Thus the “morning light” receives light from the sun, and in turn gives light to the night, so that they are all linked to one another. When this “morning light” awakes, all men are gladdened to go about their business. And now that the day has dawned it is time for us to go on our way.” Zohar III22b(trans after Sperling)
For the American indigenous calendars we are ending both a small 5200 year solar cycle(1987-Aztec to 2012-Mayan) as well as five of these small 5200 year cycles which actually completes a great processional cycle of 26 thousand years. Remember the Earth wobbles once every 26 thousand years which is the precise distance-26 thousand light years to the center of the galaxy. The fact that the 207th blessing of the sun cycle actually equals the gematria of the word in Hebrew for light Aleph-vav-Resh=Ohr is revealing to the unfolding name of flower for the solar period we have entered. The flower is produced from the eternal stream of Chesed/lovingkindness as the theme in Zohar.Yes the first day of the week, Sunday is now a sacred day in a new way in the olam haBo, the “coming world” that we have entered and an extension of the sacred Sabbath, seventh day of the week. Zachor/remember Shabbat Sunday we become a part of a new celebration of the week of days in this flowering world. The seven “days’ of the week in the Sefer Bereishit is a key for understanding the works of “creation” and the unfolding flower of peace.
Verse 1: In the beginning El-him created the heavens and the earth.
Verse 2: The earth was unformed and desolate, and darkness covered the surface of the abyss. The breath of El-him hovered above the surface of the water.
Verse 3: El-him said, "Let there be light(Ohr)." and there was light.
Verse 4: El-him saw that the light was good, and El-him divided the light from the darkness.
Verse 5: El-him called the light day(yom), and the darkness He called night(laylah). It became evening and it became morning, one day (Yom Echad)
(from Metsudah Chumash with Rashi,Hebrew and English, online)
These "seven days" in bereishit are a grand key of understanding for the mekubalim. day one and day four begin a horizontal cycle of time within the vertical descent of the sacred seven. Light emerges on day one/yom echad, but the sun and moon appear on day four. Cycle and time then breaks from the vertical nature of the seven days on day four and so we say the blessing of the sun on Wednesday=day four. one/four times the full seven "days" (4X7= 28) so we have the 28 cycle of years of the sun blessing. however this year is different and the gates of kedusha/holiness that connect day four to day one and the original ohr/light have opened for our olam/world. Likewise a special relationship exists between day two and day five; and day three and day six. The sabbath rests in the middle of the six pointed mogen david of these "days".

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Irvin Kovar said...

This very positive news is it not, the light that is entering? How long? When you said 1990 + 40 years are you saying that we are transforming as a people from now until 2030?