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The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Parsha Pinchas and the Book of Seven Seals/Seven eyes

In the traditional written Torah scroll the letter vav in the first sentence of parsha Pinchas, the letter in the word shalom(shin-lamed-VAV-mem) is a broken vav. Most commentators say that the vav is diminished because the “peace” of the covenant given to Pinchas was gotten through violence so it could not be complete. The mekubalim have the sod/mystery level since the six value of the vav corresponds to the six omakim/depths related to the days of the week; that need to be healed in order to bring a complete peace. The healing of course involves the reestablishing of the original light of the levanah/moon which was diminished with the change involving the Tree of Daat/knowledge and the Etz Chaiim; the tree of life. The mysteries of Solomon deal directly with this completing of the shalom; Solomon’s Hebrew name being the word for peace. He was the fifteenth generation of Israel and the fifteenth day of the lunar month is the full moon. Legend says that the moon was full perpetually during a period of the reign of King Solomon. The Zohar on the parsha Pinchas gives us instruction of how to heal the trees and the moon. The little book inside the main body of the Zohar, “the Faithful Sheperd” contains amazing commentary on how to heal the Tree in earth.” Netzach and Hod are the two halves of a body, like two twins/teomim, which is why they are called heavens/shechakim. The two of them together are vav vav of veshet, from the aspect of the left, and they are the two molar teeth from the aspect of the right.” Zohar III-the faithful shepherd of Parsha Pinchas/trans. After Ashlag. If we continue in our understanding of the healing of the “six” “lower” depths then we can see how these two teomim/twins need to be joined so as to allow the flow of the upper waters into our world which has reestablished the holy temple in Earth. This corresponds to the reuniting of the “head” and “tail” of the lunar being from the ancient Vedic legend in last weeks post. The various wisdom traditions around the earth have been given different keys to the full understanding of these mysteries. The Hebrews had the crystal book that the gnostic Christians openly wrote about in their book of revelation, calling it the book sealed with seven seals. This sepher/sapphire is called the stone with seven eyes(ayin=founts)by the prophet Zechariah. This book in the Hebrew wisdom was given to the original Adam, male and female by the angel of secrets. It is said in legend to be made of sapphire and encased in gold. In the pseudipigraphical literature we see it again; “Above the Seraphim is a prince, more exalted than all princes, more wonderful than all ministers, Radweiriel YHWH is his name and he is in charge of the archives. He takes out the scroll box in which the book of records is kept and brings it into the presence of the Holy One” chapter 27;1 & 2 of the Book of Enoch from Old Testament Psuedopigraphica by Doubleday. The Hebrew lineage keeps the book; and the legend of the Adam Baal Shem gives us more details about this line of initiation as the way of a true scribe. The gnostics made the book famous in their writings as sealed with seven seals, and the sufi mystics of Islam were given the secrets of how to open the seals of the sacred book. For this book has been guarded by the gates of time herself(Binah/upper mother) and only those given the true keys have the daat to open this Sepher/sapphire. The gates of time have been explained in previous posts since they are seen as the “Teomim” twin stars that move through the 72 star gates over the turn of the earth related to the movement of vast periods of time and civilizations. The book of sapphire has been opened in our times and the knowledge of this is now being revealed as we have entered the 207th period of the blessing of the sun which brings us to the special angel chief mentioned in bahir as uriel whose name contains the word ohr-aleph-vav-resh which means light whose value is 207 in gematria. The full value of this chiefs name, auriel, is 248 which also equals the value of the angel chief in charge of the sacred crystal book - raziel=248. Those mekubalim will know that the the 248 are the “positive” number of mitzvoth of the 613 total which number equals the word ohrot=“lights’=613, the plural of ohr which equals 207. And so the 248 are the physicality of body, the number of bones and organs in the original body of Adam Qadmon. Our times are times of the opening of this special Sepher/sapphire. The true peace of the word Shalom in the first lines of this weeks parsha Pinchas is now ours. From Sepher HaZohar on Pinchas’ “The lord buildeth Jerusalem”(Psalms)-he and no other. It is for this building that we are waiting, not a human structure which cannot endure. The Holy One , Baruch haShem, will send down to us the first house and the second house together, the first in concealment and the second openly. The second will be revealed to show all the world the handiwork of the Holy One, Baruch HaSem, in perfect joy and gladness. The first which will be concealed, will ascend high over that which is revealed, and all the world will see the clouds of glory surrounding the one which is revealed and enveloping the first one which ascends to the height of the glorious heavens. It is for that building that we are waiting. Even the future city of Jerusalem will not be the work of human hands, all the more so the Temple, HaShems habitation.” Zohar III221a(trans Sperling). This Hebrew month by tradition is the time on the 17th of Tammuz that the original crystalline stone from har Sinai were shattered. The pieces were by tradition kept and we pray that this holy chodesh/month of Tammuz and Av, the months of Netzach and Hod; Yerushalim(Netzach=eternity) and the Temple(Hod=kavod) the people sense this peace that is healed.

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