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The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tisha B'Av and the 72 days of Chesed/the Shofar

From the 17th of the Hebrew month of Tammuz till the Rosh Hashanah of the next year there are 72 days. These 72 hint at the names of HaShem in the world of yetzirah, of angels and the 72 star gates explained in previous posts; also the value of 72 equals the word Chesed/lovingkindness. The Zohar for this weeks Torah parsha Mattot reads; “Come and behold. It is written: “for I have said, “The world is built by Chesed”(Tehilim) What is Chesed? It is one of the King’s supernal sefirot. For the Holy One, Hakodesh Bruch Hu, named the soul of Yisrael Chesed, on the condition that it would build. Thus, Chesed will never cease…”ZoharIII,259b.(trans after Ashlag).
We are in these 72 days now as we have entered the traditional 3 weeks of mourning fro 17Tammuz to TishaB’Av,and we enter the fifth Hebrew month of Av next week which corresponds to the fifth omak/depth of the lower sephirot called Hod. Hod is the vessel of the holy temple and this month of Av is the month the temples were destroyed and also is the month that the third temple becomes revealed to the olam/world continually in a new way. The word Hod means splendour and has the gematria value of 15. 15 equals the divine name Yah; Yod-Heh- and is the key value of the kamea number grid of Shabbatai, the Sabbath, the grid or famous box of nine that we discuss often in this blog. See Rabbi Ibn Ben Ezra’s book “The Secret of the Torah” for more details on the box of nine. Each day of the week has a box, a planet, a heaven and an element. What is quite significant about the box of nine is that each row and column equals the 15 value of Yah and Hod and the total value of the square, the numbers from one to nine equals 45, the value of the word Adam/human and odem/ruby. The Hebrew letter associated with the month of Av from Sepher Yetzirah is the letter teth which also has the value of nine. This is the ninth of the month of AV which name is the Aleph-Beth ; Av contains the letters-Aleph-Beith. This day can herald in each of us the time when the whole earth is the sacred Malchut sephirah where many peoples are experiencing the beauty and freedom of all the other NINE omakim/depths. As we walk these sacred days of chesed, these 72 days in the awakening of a new divine age/eon we approach a new turn of the wheel/shanah and the Hebrew year 5770 which date contains the word tesha=Tav-Shin-Ayin which is the number 770 but the word tesha is the word for the number NINE!!! We are already experiencing the awakening of the complete Adam, the value of the box of nine which corresponds to the holy Sabbath of the week. As mentioned in a previous post the unifying or touching of Netzach and Hod(called also the Kerubim), the nodes of the moon dragon has allowed the flow of “upper” waters into our world and this causes the sephira of Malchut to join with Yesod in a new way (see picture above from the Sepher Eshel Avraham/1701 which is a rare depiction of this change in sephirot)which changes the number of sephira in a sense to nine. The world is already experiencing this unprecedented global awakening and transformation. This will become more profound during the NINE days from Av1 to Av9 as the moon dragon/north node moves into the mazzal of the gedi/Capricorn. The shofar is made from the horn of a ram(aries) or a goat(Capricorn) and so here is another synchronous event implying the sound of the shofar, the goats or rams horn, each which is an animal corresponding to the mazzal called cardinal. The cardinal signs, Aries,Libra,Capricorn and the Crab/cancer all are called cardinal signs- involved in initiating the ratzon, the will of HaShem, the divine in our world. The three kinds of mazal/signs(cardinal,fixed,mutable) align with the three columns of the traditional Tree of the sephirot. All the practicing mekubalim will be hearing this sound of awakening as the helical turn of the shofar vibrates the omakim/depths of the Tree within and without. The Rosh HaShanah of this new wheel of the year that we can already hear will be celebrated on the Sabbath when it is said Hashem is the one who sounds the Shofar.
Good Shabbos!!

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