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A site based on the healing of the ancient wisdom of the Geocentric worldview. The understanding of sacred texts and wisdom is based on a relationship to the Source. This Central Source is the Fount from which the three distinct movements of the Earth globe flow. These three turns-rotation,revolution and precession are a great secret/sod and key to the profound teachings of the mekubalim/kabbalists. These movements provide us with the experience of shanah/time, olam/matter and nephesh/soul(being). The Earth turn called precession is the slow wobble that causes the polar skies to change slowly over a 26,000 year cycle.
The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Chesvan and the Spirit lake/ Mazzal Akrav

From the words of Twylah Nitsch, the Seneca Grandmother in her book “Other Council Fires Were Here Before Ours”(1991): “Five stars with tails(comets) will pass by the Earth during the transition from the fourth to the fifth world of the Iroquoian creation story. One will bring a new fire which will purify the clan chiefs of the four elements.” This period of the Kochavim/comets corresponds to the Kibbutz Golios”, the ingathering of the exiles as described in the Sepher haZohar and by the great Jewish Sages. It would begin in 5750/1990. The Hebrew Aggadah/legends tell us that fire comes from heaven only rarely in the history of the people of Yisrael but the last time would be in consecrating the Beith hamikdash HaShleishi, the third Temple of Earth. It is in the month of Chesvan, the time of the falling leaves when the spider clan grandparents(mazzal akrav) awaken to the wheel of change. The chiefs who are the Sarim, the governors of the elements are making themselves known to the olamim/universes. This is an awakening to the lineages of initiation from the depths of the Kiva chambers below the Earth of the ancient aboriginal Americans to the shrines on the summits of holy mountains all around the globe. In the Hopi wisdom teachings, Grandmother spider(mazzal Akrav) mother Shechinah of the eighth month of Chesvan, has her twin grandsons WEAVER and ECHOER which hold the keys to the elemental clan chiefs and the twin Kerubim of the Jewish teachings. The mekubalim/kabbalists will see in the Weaver, the one who the aggadah tells us weaves the prayers of Yisrael into garlands for the Holy One, this Kerub is Sandalphon. The Sepher haBahir speaks of these two and the elements they wield. This is the deep pool of the great Mystery. The mystique of the fresh water lake in the eastern woodlands of America , the birth of the great statutes of natural law and her wheel where the ideals of the American government would be nurtured among the six nations of the Iroquois. The place in America that the Jews would find a free place of refuge to nurture our sacred ways. The wheel of natural law is echoed in the council of the eight judges and their chief, of the American Supreme court, the mysteries of the kamea of nine(3X3) and the planet Shabbatai. The Sepher Bahir tells us about the wheel of the 24 chiefs around their chief and the kamea of 25(5X5) and the only planet that holds the name of the element of the depths, the Mayim/water of Meadim/Mars. This planet who has rulership over the mazzal of Chesvan and the sacred blue lake that is home to the ancestors. As the Blue Spirit lake of the Taos Puebloans now reflect at midnight(only in Chesvan/November's first week) the starry seven beauties /Pleiades who are the muses of all that is good. Let their “Sweet influence”(Iyob/Job) hold the entire Earth and her peoples. In the yearly leyning of the Five books we now enter the love story of Abraham and Sarah, who loved so much that the divine presence took up rest in their tent and renewed the blessing for an enlightened peoples of the Earth.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

770=tesha=NINE and the Solar calendar synchronicity

We are now in the eighth month of Chesvan, the month where Abraham ascends from the valley of the kasdeem to the mountain of Har Moriah(place of Yerushalyim) and begins the great journey that builds the world into a holy temple for all the peoples. Tishrei is the sacred seventh month of the great hagim/holy days and is the month of the high mountains but Chesvan which has known the great flood and the babel of the languages and nations is destined to be the month that the earth as the third Beith haMikdash is consecrated.. From the chosheyk/darkness and still depth of a deep valley lake, an apt metaphor for the dark month of Chesvan whose mazal is the akrav/spider-scorpion, humanity has been transformed for millennia to a people who honor life. Many awesome synchronicities are guiding people to understanding the sod/mystery level of this temple building lineage tradition. The square aspect between the planets, Shabbatai/Saturn and Pluto is coming into exact position in the beginning of the scales and the gedi/kid right now. As this is happening we are experiencing the NINTH time that a special synchronicity is happening with the solar Gregorian calendar. This Chesvan is the NINTH time that the first of November is falling on a Yom rishon/Sunday since 5708 and the establishment of the State of yYisrael.This has spectacular implications for those who understand the work of the sacred calendars, the various prayer lineages and the unfolding tradition of temple building. The first seven words of Bereishis/Genesis point to our sacred seven day week and the first 52 words of Bereishis/genesis hint at the importance of the solar European calendar at the tikkun/repair of yom rishon/Day first into the “original” yom Echad. These words Yom Echad end the first 52 words of Bereishis, Day One. 52 are the number of weeks in the secular and religious solar year. The Yom Echad/Day Echad holds the light of the original illumination of the creation “before” any division. This is the yom v’laylah/day and night fully embraced and in the unity of the original illumination. The consecration of the third holy temple is reconnecting our HaAretz/earth to this original light. The work of Abraham and Sarah is also to illuminate the world into a way of truth where individuals honor each other. The ancient peoples all over the world regarded the first of November(in Chesvan!) as the true holy day and new year. The Roman calendar switched the new year to January but kept the true ancient European new year on the first of November as a sacred holiday, all saints day. It the sign of a deep synchronous adventure unfolding that this Hebrew year whose number Tav-Shin-Ayin=770=the word tesha which means NINE and this is the NINTH time since 5708 that the ancient Solar Holy New year of November first falls on Yom Rishon/Sunday just as Shabbati squares(becomes physical/tangible)Pluto. Shabbatai as Time/Binah and Pluto as Depth/Omak become manifest in a new way. The origins of this time in Chesvan(November first) as sacred are connected to the stellar fact that the mazzal of the Pleaides culminates overhead at precisely midnight on the first of November and hence the reverence for this special constellation of seven stars that has been revered by mekubalim and other holy peoples for thousands of years. The seven sisters constellation is connected with the sacred seven day week and so her place at zenith at midnight marks a great shanah/cycle of transformation. The constellation of glowing pearls decorates the starry roof of the global succah of a new epoch.
Good Shabbos!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Chesvan and the 50th gate of Shaar HaNun

This month of Chesvan approaching is the eighth Hebrew month, the month of the octave that goes beyond the seven which are the schemittot, the great cycles of the year and of time and of ages. The letter for the month of Chesvan from the Sepher Yetzira is the nun. This has the value of fifty and so this coming eighth month holds the sacred fifty gates called the shaar haNun, and the 50th gate of holiness. Chesvan is the month that the first Holy temple was finished and is predicted in the writings of the sages to be the month that the third temple is revealed. The first word and words of Bereishit/genesis hold the secrets of creation, space, time, being and her cycles. The seven schemittot/cycles are hinted at the seven words of the first posuk/line. Bereishit Bara Elohim Et haShamayim Vet HaAretz. In these seven words are six letter alephs. Each Aleph has a value of 1000 and so the six millenia of this epoch reveal the seven cycles of time and the transition to the shemini/the holy eighth/octave of going beyond time and cycle and into the holy of holies of space and the Temple. We are now in the revealing of the mystery wisdom of the sixth Aleph of the first posuk, within the word HaAretz/ sacredEarth. We celebrate Time and the shanah/cycle, year and turn in the seventh month of Tishrei with the high holy days and Succoth/tabernacles. The seventh month ends with the holiday of the Tabernacle and introduces us to the sod/mystery of the eighth month which is so connected to the holy temple but is the only month that lacks any hagim/holy days apart from the Sabbath and Rosh Chodesh. Completing the year of cycle/time is celebrated in our time by the new temple of sacred earth being revealed in Chesvan. The 365 negative mitzvoth/commandments hint at keeping and guarding cycle of sacred time(365=days in a solar year and sinews of connectivity in the body) and this leads to the 248 positive mitzvoth of space(248physicality of bones in the body). The full shanah comes to completion in the month of Abraham, when we start to sing about Abraham and Sarah. Abraham’s name is = 248 by gematria and his accepting the covenant at eight days brings us into the possibility within history and cycle of “going beyond cycle” at the EIGHT/octave and building the Holy temple, another level of sacredness of spaciality in the physical. As mentioned in the previous post all the world’s great religions have been essential in calling in the Sarim, the celestial governors of the 70 nations so as to bring back the lineage of the original Adam, the Adam qadmon, complete human, with the unified soul sparks of all humanity. History and cycle has made this great working of a global temple building possible. The angel who has custody of the crystal book of the Adam Baal Shem is called Raziel and his name like Abraham also has the gematria of 248. 248 positive and 365 negative commandments= the total 613 which equals the value of the word ohrot/lights. The left hand pillar of the traditional Tree of the sephirot is the pillar of time, the 365(time and cycle) in the womb of the sphere of Binah(acharith=endings) at the top, great mother holding the left column. The right column is spaciality, held by the custody of the angel of secrets in the sephirah at the top of this pillar, called reshith(beginnings) angel Raziel(=248). This eighth month of Chesvan when the aggadah/legends tell us that Abraham Avinu was given custody of the crystal book of Raziel/secrets which was first given to Adam and then it went to Noach to light the ark and then to Abraham. The passing on of the secret book of sapphire encased in gold is also parallel to the true depth of sod/mystery of kabbalah and building the Temple.We are at the time in history of civilizations, cycles, eons and the shanah/year, that a new stage of the creation and holy temple and the secret crystal sepher/book is revealed to all the olamim/universes. The physicality of this revealing dedication of Holy temple Earth is synchronous with the coming in of an exact square(90degree)aspect in the next couple of weeks between the planets Shabbatai/Saturn(veils Binah/time) and Pluto(veils the other upper sephirot of space/omak/depth) in the mazzal of the kid/Capricorn and the scales/mozanim/libra. The tangibility of the third beis HaMikdash/temple is being revealed now. We call for the Shalom Shalem, the great blessing of Peace.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

The Succah is the Third temple/ 5770

This season of the great joyous festival of Succoth/Tabernacles we are reminded of the building of the holy temple of Earth and her people which is the root of the mysteries of Shlomo Hamelech/king Solomon. Like all events and works in the Torah there are four levels of interpretation=PRDS - literal, metaphorical, analogical and secret and the understanding of these levels is the key to our own remarkable times. The Vilna Gaon hinted at these levels continually and the “work from below” that he mentioned repeatedly in Kol haTor/Voice of the Turtle” is the very secret level/sod of the physical mysteries of building Solomon’s temple which involves the special metals and gems that are at the foundation of making this physical creation, and the Tikkun/repair of the miraculous descent into the material world.
From a commentary on the Gra’s writing “Kol HaTor”: (from the internet
“For with the revelation of the Mashiach, and the 999 footsteps involved, the upper wisdom and the lower wisdom will be revealed, as written in the Holy Zohar: “In the 600th year of the Sixth Millennium, the gates of the upper wisdom and of the lower wisdom will be opened, the world will be repaired... in order to raise the Knesset Israel from the dirt, ” etc. All these are the mission of Rabbi Eliyahu, the Gaon of Israel, whose light will last till the day is established with the aid of the Rock of Israel and its Redeemer. Therefore, the Gaon tried to understand with his holy spirit also the seven wisdoms from below which are known to be like mixtures and samples at the bottom of the mountain, in order to explain the wisdom of the Torah and to hasten the Redemption -- whose great purpose is sanctification of God as is written: “and all the peoples of the earth will see the salvation of our God, ” also in order to repair the world in the Malchut of the Almighty, “
As mentioned above, the goal of our work is to promote the fulfillment of the commandment of ingathering the exiles and settling the holy land as the way of the beginning of the Redemption, as explained in the following chapters, -- in order to hasten the Redemption in deed with the awakening from below, and to rout the spirit of impurity from the land. Then there will be a unification of the Holy one blessed be He and the Shechina through the unification of the two meshichim in a union and strong, everlasting, bond, which is the mission of the two advocates of the Jews, Hanoch and Eliyahu -- Metatron and Sandal ) and together equal in gematria--a fact that is revealed in the great mystery of “Kol HaTor”). This is the path to our God so that the Shechina will return to Zion, and the Redeemer will come, speedily in our day, Amen. (from the internet”

The ‘seven wisdoms” from below(mentioned above) include the knowlededge of the metals and gems which also correspond to the days of the week and the seven “lower sephirot”. So the period of Tikkun that we are in now involves two specific workings to have brought us to this awesome time.
1)The special prayers of the wisdom lineages through the various religions with their distinct calendars. This for the Jewish people especially involves a lunar calendar geared/ corrected for the seasons and the naming covenant, and ceremony at eight days. This special form of prayer is directly involved with the joining of the seventy soul sparks/roots of the nations especially in Europe, America and Africa; in order to bring the completed Adam Qadmon who has all the soul roots joined. Edom as Christianity needed to walk their special solar calendar for centuries so we could bring in the Sar of Rome by the distinct prayer forms of many generations and therefore unify the soul lineages by joining the sarim-the angelic governors of the nations(Yakov saw this work in his vision of the Ladder). The Tibetans and their distinct conscious reincarnating lineages have done this same aspect of the work in Asia and India. Both wisdom traditions were expected to be exiled and migrate to America as found in the prophecies of the meso-Americans and the Pueblo and Iroquoian Indians. The final unification of the lineages would occur with the distinct “help” of these two exiled populations of priestly peoples(Jews and Tibetans) in America according to Hopi and Pueblo prophecy. The Mayans recorded there take on this in the prophecies of Chilam Balam. The joining of the powerful sarim/chiefs of Edom/Esau and Yismael needed the development of very large religions-billions strong with their faith, and their ceremonial calendars(Christianity and Islam and Buddhism) in order for these celestial Sarim/Chiefs to be joined into the great Temple work. The pseudopigraphical writings and the aggadah about the magical king Solomon and how he built the Temple with the help of “called in spirits” is a remez/hint to this aspect of the work.
2)The unification of the soul lineages needed the prayer forms of the wisdom lineages as well as the “work of the seven from below” which means the vessels of Solomon’s Temple which are an interface with the soul realm(inteface is called sipapu by the Hopi Indians) needed to be reworked and passed on down through the generations as the people migrated around the entire globe.(Read Stefan Zweig’s ‘Buried candelabrum” to learn about this very secret part of the redemptive process.)The actual activation and use of the vessels of the temple were part of the secret practices of the mekubalim/kabbalists and Sufi lineages with their special forms of prayer, incenses and movement practices. To discover how to open the “Book of seven seals”(stone with seven eyes” from navi Zechariah) as the early gnostics called the crystal book of the Adam Baal Shem has involved the sod/secret level of Torah. It has been understood by initiates that different wisdom lineages were given different aspects of the special work and therefore all have been essential to the global tikkun/repair.
These two distinct lines of the building of the Great Succah we call the Earth as the Beit haMikdash ha Sheleishi/The third Temple has been ongoing for many, many millenniums.
There are numerous great socio-political miracles(fall of Soviet Block) that are obvious signs that the work of the building of the Great Succah temple is being completed now and we celebrate this during the Yomim tovim and the hagim such as this week of Succos. And also the next Hebrew eighth month of Chesvan. These two Hebrew months are always nine months(of pregnancy) from the planting of the sacred seed(conception) of the Kabbalists holiday at TuB’Shevat/ The sacred Tree. The actual "birth" month depends on if there is an extra Adar or not(Tishrei is nine months from shevat with an extra Adar and Chesvan is nine months from Shevat without and extra Adar, as this year). Tishrei and Chesvan therefore are destined to be the time that the “Third temple” of a healed earth is celebrated as the first two physical temples were very connected to Chesvan and Tishrei(we pray for a beautiful Etrog/citron at Tu’B”Shevat). The unification of the Holy One and the Shechinah mentioned above in Kol HaTor we celebrate in the beautiful succah by holding together the four species of plants as the four letters of haShem’s name and waving them to all directions of the spacial olamim/universes.
Have a great Festival of the Succah!