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The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Kabbalah, Mayan calendar, Nostradamus and the NINE

We have just finished the 576th decade of the Hebrew calendar(5760-5769) which according to the son of the Chida, Reb Abraham Azulai would be a decade of great purification leaving the entire globe covered with the waters of the mikvah of healing.
If we take the only Nostradamus quatrain that mentions a specific date:
"The year 1999, seventh month, A great king of terror will descend from the skies To resuscitate the great king Anglolmois, Around this time Mars will reign for the good cause."
In giving interpretations of Nostradamus original quatrain Century X, 72nd quatrain in Old French, one has to understand that a few words within the verse have many interpretations. The original French is as follows.
L’an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois,
Du ciel viendra un grad Roi deffraieur.
Resusciter le grand Roi d’Angolmois.
Avant que Mars regner par bon heur.
“The SEVENTH month of 1999”
And we notice the kabbalistic pointers of the century number 10 and the quatrain number 72 and we therefore say that the SEVENTH month may refer to the Hebrew seventh month of Tishrei then the date the French seer is talking about is the Rosh HaShanah 5760!
This as previously mentioned is the famous date that Rabbi Abraham Azulai predicted would see the purification of the entire world by the flow of the upper waters as also mentioned in the Sepher HaZohar. The mikvah he explains has a volume equal to 5760 eggs.
The now very popular Mayan prophecies of their great calendar change has for those who understand the deeper level of calendar mechanics and prayer forms more great synchronicities with the Hebrew vision of the great Sabbath of the prophets. There is way more to all this then just one date. The great changes of worlds would be happening from the end of the Aztec count, on August 16, 1987 till the change in the Mayan count in 2012. This the mekubalim will see parallels a good part of the kibbutz golios/ingathering of exiles as the Zohar predicts to begin in the year 5750/1990.
We also have the only real written prophecy of the Mayan Calendar about the "end date" saying that at the consummation of the Mayan epic which Carl Johan Calleman says is actually October 28, 2011; NINE galactic deities/forces, will appear. From the writings of Carl Johan Calleman on his web page
“There are for instance those that believe that the end date of the Mayan calendar only marks the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new. On my own part I however think that we are approaching something much more profound than just a point in a cycle that again will be repeated. The only Mayan inscription from ancient times, the Tortuguero monument, which describes the end ( of their calendar says that nine cosmic forces will then manifest. Empirically, there is also overwhelming evidence from modern research that we are approaching a point in time when nine evolutionary levels (so called Underworlds) of the cosmic plan are simultaneously going to be completed. This would imply that we are approaching not another cycle or another shift, but the end to all shifts, which have been driving evolution since the beginning of the universe. Such an end to all shifts could conceivably provide the basis for a harmonious eternal peace on Earth.”

The "end date" given by Carl Johan calleman-October 28, 5772; is Tishre-5772 - notice the year SEVENTYTWO within the decade of 770=tesha=nine. 72 is the value of CHESED=Lovingkindness and the number of the Shemhamforash.
Being that the Hebrew date 770 is the decade we have just entered and it points to TESHA, The decade of tesha so to speak; tesha=770=the word NINE we have a great synchronicity showing how the geulah/redemption of a deep Shalom Shalem/complete peace is unfolding now.
The quatrain says at the end that Mars will reign happily before and after so if this does refer to the 576th decade of the Hebrew calendar then before means the geulah would have begun before - in the 575th decade as the Zohar predicts in Terumah, and the after is our present time, the 577th decade of many more initiates coming into the awareness of the global geulah.
Why is the NINE again significant for Hebrews and Mayans? We have mentioned before that the joining of the Earth/Malchuth sephira (10th or 2nd according to S.yetziara))to the upper NINE sephirot in a new way is bringing a global geulah/redemption . This nine brings us back to the kamea/box of nine which is a favorite of the mekubalim and corresponds to the level of the upper three sephirot and the “place” of birth of the continuums of time and space. The value of the entire box of nine numbers equals 45 which is the value of the word ADAM. In this box of threeXthree All columns, rows and diagonals add to 15 which is the value of the most ancient name of haShem; Yod-heh=Yah. This name is the name given to the sephirah of wisdom and the birth of the place, the fount of Ayin(70) from where the olamim/universes evolve out of according to the sepher yetzirah and other sources. In the sepher yetzirah this sephirah of Wisdom is the primal mother element of water(Torah is water) and the source of our world.

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