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A site based on the healing of the ancient wisdom of the Geocentric worldview. The understanding of sacred texts and wisdom is based on a relationship to the Source. This Central Source is the Fount from which the three distinct movements of the Earth globe flow. These three turns-rotation,revolution and precession are a great secret/sod and key to the profound teachings of the mekubalim/kabbalists. These movements provide us with the experience of shanah/time, olam/matter and nephesh/soul(being). The Earth turn called precession is the slow wobble that causes the polar skies to change slowly over a 26,000 year cycle.
The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The new dawn star/"Peacemaker" and the Solstice eclipse

"Selected sky events in the coming weeks/months/years--

Here are scheduled "In the Sky" events visible in Colorado(and NM)

Source: US Naval Observatory Astronomical Almanac,

Local information and updates:


MERCURY: EVENING STAR 2011: Mar, July, Oct/Nov

MERCURY: MORNING STAR 2011: Jan, May, Sept, Dec


VENUS: MORNING star Jan-Jul 2011, then EVENING star Sep-Dec 2011


MARS: MORNING STAR much of 2011: Apr-Dec. Next opposition/close approach in 2012."

As previously mentioned the rare solstice eclipse occurred on a Yom haShleishi/Tuesday whose planetary chief is Meadim/mars according to the mekubalim. This means that the color of the eclipsed levanah/moon as red is directly related to the color of the planetary heaven of meadim/mars and the intrinsic quality of this hechal/"palace". The positive qualities of this change for the Earth will be become more visible and "real" as we approach this coming month of April/Nisan when the planet meadim/mars appears as the Dawn star on the eastern horizon. The event of the eclipse was like the beginning of the underground growth of a tree which really begins to wax as we enter the Hebrew months of Shevat and Adar in the spring. The physical planet Meadim/mars was and is actually conjunct, very close to the sun, at the eclipse and so not visible in the sky now. There is a lot of mis-information about the qualities of this planetary chief due to the dominance of the popular Greco-Roman mythology which stresses only the kelippot/shell(negative/imbalanced) value of the planetary heaven. This has kept hidden the true "value" of the red Dawn star. The ancient Skidi-Pawnee sky watchers of Turtle island called this Dawn star the "Peacemaker" elder brother of the more well known planet Nogah/venus who is really the "evening star".

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