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A site based on the healing of the ancient wisdom of the Geocentric worldview. The understanding of sacred texts and wisdom is based on a relationship to the Source. This Central Source is the Fount from which the three distinct movements of the Earth globe flow. These three turns-rotation,revolution and precession are a great secret/sod and key to the profound teachings of the mekubalim/kabbalists. These movements provide us with the experience of shanah/time, olam/matter and nephesh/soul(being). The Earth turn called precession is the slow wobble that causes the polar skies to change slowly over a 26,000 year cycle.
The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Grandmother Spider, the Planet Venus and the Dawn of Peace

The ancient astronomers found associations between the visible planetary spheres and number grids called Kameas or magic squares.These mathematical "novelties" help students of the old geocentric based wisdom streams understand cycles and changes in humanity and the epochs of civilizations. The planetary grids themselves weave together patterns that connect math and astronomy with the knowledge of ancient wisdom lineages. Their associated legends, sacred scriptures and prophecies are thus better understood and connected. Our times are witnessing an obvious synchronistic pulse of change since we are coming to an end of the eight year window between the rare astronomical phenomena called the transit of the planet Venus when the planet is seen to move across the face of the sun as a black disk. In several months from now during the Tibetan year of the water dragon, the Hebrew year 5772, and Gregorian June,2012 we will witness this rare transit of Venus. The kamea/magic square corresponding to the planet Venus(see picture 7X7 grid) gives us the significance of this transit since it is the 25th time it will occur since the second Jewish temple was destroyed(70ce) and the Christian era began. What is known as the central palace or innermost box of the Venus grid is the number Twenty five as can be seen. This number is significant both because it is in the center of the whole grid as well as being associated with the other "morning star", Mars, who is one of the Grandsons of Spiderwoman in her legends of Native America, and is revered as the peacemaker morning star by ancient American wisdom traditions(Skidi Pawnee). The planet Venus is associated with the ancient American legends of the Spiderwoman who weaves our living world in the physical in part due to her regular visible cycles and the fact that over an eight year period she makes a pentagram(golden mean) design associated with her conjunctions with the sun, in the sky. The synchronistic significance is that we are now entering the dawn of a new epoch of civilization that many ancient traditions knew about and recorded. This is an epoch of balance and beauty(Mars and Venus). Another significance of the number twenty five is that the kamea of Mars is a box of twenty five numbers as can be seen from the picture(grid of 5X5), the central box of this Mars grid is the number thirteen which in the Hebrew wisdom is associated with the words echad/unity and ahavah/love.

Below is the table of the transits of Venus across the face of the sun for the last two thousand years. the twenty fourth one occurred in June 2004 and the next one completing the eight year window will occur next June.It will not happen again for over a hundred years.

Transits of Venus

Six Millennium Catalog: 0001 CE to 2000 CE

Transit Contact Times (UT)

------------------------------------- Minimum Sun Sun Transit

Date I II Greatest III IV Sep. RA Dec GST Series

h:m h:m h:m h:m h:m " h ° h

0060 May 23 23:20 23:34 03:23 07:11 07:25 87.4 3.817 20.25 15.939 3

0181 Nov 22 19:36 19:52 23:39 03:27 03:42 114.3 15.895 -20.48 4.064 4

0303 May 24 03:27 03:42 07:28 11:13 11:28 157.7 3.977 20.71 16.089 3

0424 Nov 22 19:01 19:17 23:05 02:54 03:10 9.6 16.033 -20.86 4.201 4

0546 May 24 07:35 07:50 11:31 15:13 15:28 232.3 4.138 21.13 16.239 3

0554 May 22 03:42 - 04:51 - 06:00 933.6 3.990 20.72 16.093 5

0667 Nov 23 18:20 18:36 22:24 02:11 02:27 99.2 16.172 -21.21 4.338 4

0789 May 24 11:33 11:48 15:24 19:00 19:15 307.6 4.300 21.52 16.389 3

0797 May 22 06:41 07:18 08:32 09:45 10:23 866.6 4.151 21.14 16.243 5

0910 Nov 23 17:28 17:44 21:28 01:11 01:27 207.9 16.312 -21.53 4.475 4

1032 May 24 15:18 15:34 19:03 22:32 22:48 373.4 4.463 21.87 16.539 3

1040 May 22 10:02 10:29 12:23 14:18 14:45 791.8 4.314 21.52 16.393 5

1153 Nov 23 16:45 17:01 20:38 00:15 00:31 307.6 16.454 -21.83 4.613 4

1275 May 25 19:00 19:17 22:37 01:57 02:14 444.9 4.627 22.18 16.689 3

1283 May 23 13:04 13:27 15:44 18:01 18:25 733.6 4.477 21.87 16.542 5

1396 Nov 23 15:43 16:00 19:25 22:49 23:06 424.3 16.595 -22.10 4.750 4

1518 May 26 22:28 22:45 01:56 05:06 05:24 505.3 4.791 22.45 16.838 3

1526 May 23 16:13 16:34 19:11 21:48 22:08 666.7 4.640 22.18 16.692 5

1631 Dec 07 03:51 04:59 05:19 05:40 06:47 939.3 16.912 -22.64 5.045 6

1639 Dec 04 14:57 15:15 18:25 21:36 21:54 523.6 16.738 -22.34 4.888 4

1761 Jun 06 02:02 02:20 05:19 08:18 08:37 570.4 4.957 22.69 16.988 3

1769 Jun 03 19:15 19:34 22:25 01:16 01:35 609.3 4.805 22.44 16.842 5

1874 Dec 09 01:49 02:19 04:07 05:56 06:26 829.9 17.056 -22.82 5.182 6

1882 Dec 06 13:57 14:17 17:06 19:55 20:15 637.3 16.881 -22.56 5.025 4

Monday, July 18, 2011

verse 5772 of torah the Hebrew year of Water Dragon

As mentioned often in this blog the understanding of worldview by means of dimensionality and centrality in the universe is a key to understanding and living the wisdom of the ancient sages of our world's religions. The three kinds of movements of our holy globe Earth are connected to spanning out the five continuums(dimensions) and their vertices, called the omakim/depths in the ancient hebrew. These Ten "depths" are also a key teaching in Buddhism as the ten spans of the universe of manifestation. The first 52 words of Torah explain all that goes on to make "Yom Echad" day unified/One, and the continued manifestation of the world. The "first" continuum is heaven and earth and this is connected to the movement called precession which is the slow wobble of the globe. This is called the axis or dragon/Teli in the teachings of the mekubalim/kabbalists. The orbital/revolutionary movement of the globe about the sun is connected to the continuum of time called the shana/year by the mekubalim and the omakim/depths Tohu and Bohu in the first paragraph of Torah. The rotational movement of the globe is connected to the realm called lev/heart(soul) and related to the three continuums of space; up/down,front/back,left/right and in Torah light and dark, day and night, evening and morning. These are so interconnected a mekubal may discover a different relationship with all this then the hinted at one stated here. this is not a dogma but an investigation which for a person whose life walk is the wisdom/Beauty way is part of initiation.
The mekubalim understood the walk of life as the aboriginal elders all around the world, as a cyclical dance rather then a linear construct as many people in the popular four continuum without a center worldview. This is why the hebrew sages made it part of the yearly cycle to read the Torah as a way of making sacred in our own lives this great circle. As an ongoing part of this blog for several years now we look at the Torah verse that corresponds by number with the hebrew calendar year. This is less meant as a prediction for the future year beginning in the fall but more to be understood as a tool to accessing the center of the wheel of life which is why we sing the five books in the yearly cycle. The 5772nd verse of torah could actually be the first verse since it begins with the word vayomer which means that the Source speaks or will speak, which itself is considered an ongoing act of creation and sustenance. The first three words are "Vayomer asterah panai" which could have several aspects of meaning as all Torah does. " Devarim/Deutoronomy chapter 32:20; "And he will say "I shall hide my face" is a usual translation although we may hear it saying that the in the scintillation of the creative vibration of the universe the Source is hidden so individuals may live and grow and act freely. The rest of the verse speaks of the acharitam/the "end of days" and the specific generation that will rediscover their true inner living faith/amen. It is an amazing verse and we may hear it unfolding even now in the circular dance of the Earth paradigm described above. The value of 72 - the "upcoming" hebrew year is the gematria(number value) for the word Chesed=lovingkindness. The tibetan/Asian year called water dragon begins during this year 5772 and this is a synchronicity with the "revealing of the Source" as connected to the Teli/axis or dragon in the books of the mekubalim. The now very popular Pueblo/Hopi and Mayan prophecies also connect to this unfolding. These are the upper waters of love that characterize the new "flood" that the sages said would cover the earth in our times.