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The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Saturday, May 12, 2012

49th transit of venus since Abraham & Sarah!

On June 5th a very rare event will happen in the sky. The planet Venus will pass in front of the sun and appear as a black dot crossing the solar face for several hours. This is called the Transit of Venus in astronomical terms. What is wonderful is that if we refer to the tables of this event throughout history we find that this very transit coming up is the forty ninth time this has happened if we go back to the one that occurred in 1649 B.C.E.. Since Rabbinical authorities date the birth of Issac to Abraham and Sarah in 1713 B.C.E.  and the 1649 B.C.E. transit of Venus was the first since the birth of Issac we may count the one coming up on June 5th as the Forty Ninth since the beginning of the Jewish People and the beginnings of Islam and Christianity as well.
In the ancient geocentric world view of the Hebrews and other aboriginal Earth connected traditions the planets represented layers like that of an onion encompassing the central Earth. Each of the planetary hechalot/palaces are connected to the cycles of the physical planet and have a kamea, a number grid associated with it's qualities and connections to the human world. Pictured below is the Kamea of venus with her forty nine little boxes numbered from one to forty nine. This 7X7 grid and the Hechal/palace of venus is directly connected to Life and the cycles of unfoldment that allow life to evolve in the physical world.
Saturday May 26th we finish a yearly count of forty nine days between Passover and Shavuot.  Shavuot, the receiving of revelation of Source is the Fiftieth - the Freedom of Jubilee.
With this synchronicity of the forty ninth transit of Venus since the Jewish covenant began - some  thirty seven centuries ago we do pray that we are entering a Jubilee era of Justice and Peace .
Two other connections to the dance of Venus and the Hebrew wisdom may be mentioned. First. in the Holiest of the ketubim/writings- Song of songs- we have the woman lover singing that the Sun has scorched her and made her appear black which is what happens to the planetary disk of venus during the transit. And this very Hebrew year 5772 we may see this event recorded/predicted in the 5772nd verse of Torah - Devarim 32:20-"Asterah panai meyhem" which is often translated "I will hide my face from them" but the word asterah is an ancient word for the planet Venus(ishtarah) and it contains the name of the Jewish heroine-Esther as well as meaning hidden. Panai means face and in the transit we do in a sense see the hidden black face of the planetary sphere.
Other wisdom traditions have also seen these planetary cycles as relevant to great changes for the better in a world of evolving beauty.

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