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A site based on the healing of the ancient wisdom of the Geocentric worldview. The understanding of sacred texts and wisdom is based on a relationship to the Source. This Central Source is the Fount from which the three distinct movements of the Earth globe flow. These three turns-rotation,revolution and precession are a great secret/sod and key to the profound teachings of the mekubalim/kabbalists. These movements provide us with the experience of shanah/time, olam/matter and nephesh/soul(being). The Earth turn called precession is the slow wobble that causes the polar skies to change slowly over a 26,000 year cycle.
The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Friday, March 31, 2017

From exile to FREEDOM: The Turtle Talks Torah, the big sea crossing is NOW

The basic turtle carapace with the five scutes down the center surrounded by eight more(also may be seen as three surrounded by a wheel of ten) and then the twenty four as a wheel around the bottom edge.
The pattern here is lifted right from the back of the turtle shell by the Aztec/Mayan priests.
Between December 31, 2015 and December 14, 2018 we are engaged in the great testing of our republic. We are the appointed caretakers of Earth. For people schooled in the knowledge of the diverse wisdom lineages from around the globe we know that the entire physical universe(4-D) is as a speck of dust on the surface of an ocean of being/soul(5-D). The pattern on the ancient turtle(see image) reveals the secrets of the true five dimensional shape of the world. The ancient Asian cultures fashioned their calendars to the turtle pattern as did the Aztec/Mayan calendar priests(see images) and the ancient Egyptians. On the very top of the Turtle carapace are three scutes(plates) surrounded by a wheel of ten and then the bottom edge is a wheel of twenty four. The turtle who is a manifested 5-D symbol(five central scutes down the back) of the Earth globe reveals how the sphere moves in THREE very distinct turns. Daily rotation, yearly revolution, and the vast cycle called precession(26 thousand years).These turnings give us the experience of our world in TEN manifestations(omakim/depths or sephirot)). The first fifty two words of the Hebrew bible name these TEN depths of our experience. Sky/Earth:Above(tohu)/Below(bohu):Light/Darkness:Day/Night:Morning/ Evening. The ancient sky-watchers of diverse traditions discovered that when these three great Earth turns are multiplied by the twenty four division(scutes)s as counted on the lower wheel of the turtle shell we get Seventy two divisions of the wheel of sky/Earth. These may be used to mark the great changes of societies and civilizations when related to the movements of the other celestial spheres(planets). These are five degree segments of celestial longitude called quinaries by some ancient peoples. Five times seventy two equals the 360 degrees of the full circle. The three trans-Saturnian planets(Uranus/Neptune/Pluto) are directly connected to the three basic turnings of the Earth globe and the Jewish sages predicted their existence in the ancient text Sepher Yetzirah when the Hebrew letters were assigned to different celestial objects and "elements". 
The Hebrew wheel of the seventy two "names" aligned with celestial degrees of longitude.
As dealt with in my blog the entire Jewish ceremonial calendar is geared to a full solar revolution cycle of the planet Pluto of 247 years long(13 turns of the 19 year calendar) and also the monthly lunar-moon cycle. This great cycle is geared to the big changes of societies called yugas in Sanskrit, shemittot in Hebrew and worlds in the Pueblo culture. The planet Pluto just moved into a new one of the 72 - quinarie-five degree segments of sky on December 31, 2015. The Jewish teachers charted the seventy two segments as sacred names and aligned them to the Shemhamforash, the great name of seventy two(see image). This is an especially significant five degree segment in that it holds the south nodal axis point of the planet Pluto itself which is where a planet's orbit intersects the Earth ecliptic. This is the point in a cycle that a planet directly manifests it's nature in the physical Earth sphere. The segment(15 to 20 degrees Capricorn) aligns with the Hebrew name Yod-Yod-Lammed and it is especially important as discussed by the Rashbi in the Sepher HaZohar on the Torah parsha Beshalach. This parsha, section of the Torah is where the seventy two names themselves are to be found. Just a few days after Pluto entered this section of the sky wheel the most neo-conservative SCOTUS justice died of natural causes and left the court divided(and missing a judge for the longest stretch ever) as well as highlighting this division in our country. The Planet Pluto cycle is the key to renewal, rebirth and FREEDOM. This is a juncture to a new level of responsibility and it sometimes comes with a great testing. It is time now to get right with who we are grateful to. For our very lives and the welfare of our sacred planet and our individual souls is being tested.

The Tibetan calendar is also geared to the pattern on the turtle shell.
The ancient Chinese sage, Lo Shu's turtle square and basis for the I Ching and Taoist teachings. The numbers are the same as the Hebrew Kamea(magic square) of Saturn.
Here is the Asian wheel of the I Ching with the number and patterns taken right off the turtle shell.



vincent said...

I was gonna ask you that; about the I Ching. Legend has it the turtle fell from the sky, right?
Doesn't it have 64 stations and not 72?
Is doing an oracle kosher? (as a non Jew/Noahide)
I once made a painting with I Ching symbols among other things when i was much younger, i did not know all what i know know. (cosmic JEWISH related stuff) But it seems subconsiously i was on to something. Since there is a problem now with Korea. Just look at their flag. It might also be End Time related, related to certain Midrashim possibly. (fairly easy to google or know about). Dutch secret service was very interested at the time in my painting (?)
How do you see that, any special connection we should know?
Or Trump should?
Or should i just read your article again?
Was my painting of the last symbol of I Ching just a coincidence? But than what is a coincidence?

Michael Margolis said...

Vincent - you always ask some great questions. These reveal your own serious and developed path of scholarship in the wisdom lineages. Right now the most important answer for you would be that the sixty-four hexagrams of the I Ching PLUS the original EIGHT elemental trigrams equals the full seventy-two. 64+8=72 The seven kameas or dimensional grids of the planetary heavens hold the keys to all these. the 8X8 square is the mercury/kochab grid with the sixtyfour boxes. all develops from the square of Shabbatai/Saturn. The Turtle in one legend anyway came out of the river(of etrnal life) to give over the teachings to the sage Lo Shu- author of the I Ching. Talk to you more- thanks for the intriguing questions. B'Shalom

vincent said...

High Mike,
Although i appreciate it, i know it is tricky to try to find common ground in all these esoteric teachings. We can all figure that it will have to be so. The universal truths and wisdoms in all the world's metafysical teachings. Israel is supposed to have almost perfect knowledge. They score 6 out of 7. Some knowledge can be found amongst the peoples, all be it after all these years often in a poluted and corrupted way. Some Holy Sparks got lost, as the Chassidic teachers say. Go look for them amongst the mud and elevate them. Not a simple task. You have to know all that much. Maybe one day, we can bring everything and everyone all together and work it all out. But do the wise men - and women (?) - of the world really want to do that under Jewish guidance? Hence they did not corrupt, water it all down, for no reason ! And Hitler was very much into "magic" also. There is such a thing as Kabalah from the other side. Practical kabalah from the ohter side that would be real magic. Never really worked for me, but it is tempting.
Another issue is for example; Eliphas Levi gives different kamea's that he claims came from Paracelcus than you and this App i downlowded give. And i don't even know if you can call it an argument for the sake of Heaven, as they have in the Talmud.
Anyway; i don't even understand these kamea's. Okay, the Wise of ancient Days figured them out. Mathematicians with a spiritual universal eye for things. The faculties of the planets according to the Hebrew letters, and then what? The size and rotation of the planet and how hot it is, or what? Tarot might have something to do with it. Which is not kosher.
Anyway, do you do Sigils also, or is that nonsense you think?
I play with it on this App.
Found a couple of nice Sigils. One in particular. But they use Modern Western Gematria. So is that valid, or not? We might get lucky since A = 1 also, and so on. But the noun and vowel issue?
Woudn't that be great to find some great Sigil? Could that really enhance things for mankind?
I turned it into a Seal. Not of Salomon, but the Seal of Vincent, (LOL - tempting, there you have it, one must stay humble)
But now i need you to verify.
We could work on this together.
What do you say?
Appreciated anyway Mike !
P.S. i am a Noahide with some Jewish genes.

Kamea Sigils Free - Android Apps on Google Play

Kamea Sigils Free - Android Apps on Google Play
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vincent said...

You'll have to excuse me, what do you reckon?

Not convinced?
Do: Keter Chochma (on Shabatai), Binah Mosiach, Chochma Shlomo (Salomon) Judea, & (for example) Barack Obama Muslim President USA

Michael Margolis said...

Hello Vincent- the western " magical" tradition with the sigils and ink/parchment deals is from these folks not having a full understanding of the kameas/grids as dimensional tools to understand the geometry of 5-D. That is my take on it anyway again a person needs to internalize the ancient geo-centric view to begin to get it- not easy. The Rabbis only gave out a little of their knowledge. The Jewish prayerform- religion is itself "practical Kabbalah" on a people wide incorporation over millenia. maybe study some of the shamanic teachings there of northern europe will help you get to grok the geocentric- if you are interested in that which I take you have some scholarship in already? . Keep studying though it may all bring knowledge for you. We are each on a unique individual journey- so we may find different gems along the way. Thanks for your additions here.

Michael Margolis said...

oh yeah, Vincent- thanks for posting a link to the blog on fb, appreciate it!