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The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Monday, June 24, 2019

Chapter Two of "The Turtle Talks Torah": Elijah the Prophet and the Heights of the Angels

Chapter Two: Elijah the Prophet and the Heights of the Angels
            One of the most illustrious and colorful figures in the traditions of the Jewish legends is Elijah the prophet, called Eliyahu in Hebrew.  At every Passover Seder ceremony in the Jewish festival cycle, the youngest child goes to the door with Elijah’s special cup of wine. The child sings for the hoped for return of the prophet who is said, according to the ancient Hebrew prophets, to return to the human world to herald in the time of the redemption. Legend also tells us that Elijah left in a chariot of fire, which brought him directly to the heaven world. In the ancient writings such as the pseudipigraphical books of Enoch, comets are considered fiery chariots that carry sacred messenger angels from heaven to Earth. It is also said within the legends, the aggadah of Jewish writings, that the soul of Elijah became an Ofan. This is an angel in the order of angels called the Ofanim or wheels. They are said to be the very beings that move the planets. In the book of Enoch, also called the Sefer Hechalot(Book of Palaces), we are given the height of the various types of angels in numbers of years “journey”. The height of an Ophan’s body is said to be a distance of 2500 years. This fact brings us to a very special connection to the Buddhist tradition, which we will develop and discuss, in a later chapter. It is from an ancient Buddhist sutra that states that the world will proceed through five stages of 500 years each(2500 years) before a new Buddha cycle or “Wheel of Dharma’ will renew the world.  We are also told in the Jewish legends that Elijah will be one member of an eight-member cabinet in charge of governing the world when we enter the era of redemption and Peace. (Ginsberg’s Legends of the Jews on Elijah). This “council” of eight lofty beings also is found in the Cheyenne medicine wheel tradition as the chiefs of natural law, the Shee Nah Meeah or balancers of existence(from H.Storm) in the twenty count of the developed medicine wheel of all that is(see image at the bottom)). This too has some connections to an interesting group of eight beings in Tibetan Buddhism, the celestial bodhisattvas, which we will discuss in the chapter on Vajrapani, a Buddhist Bodhisattva figure of great importance.
            The heights of the angels in years gives us an insight into a deeper level of the Jewish tradition as a wisdom school of initiation. There are types of ceremonies and prayers that connect one generation to the next and form an unbroken line of prayer involving the very blood of the people(covenant of Abraham), over many thousands of years. A deeper understanding of the worldview within the Kabbalah which will be discussed in a later chapter in more detail is essential to understand how ongoing rhythmic prayer connecting many hundreds of generations and thousands of years has a very special targeted efficacy for a certain purpose. This targeted journey of prayer is also hinted at in the text Sepher Yetzirah This is an ancient primer of Kabbalah. Here it says that the covenant of Abraham, called today the Bris milah-covenant of the flesh is “between the ten toes of the feet”. This is explaining a naming prayer form as connected to our journey- feet-walking-through time and over many centuries. Other midrashim/stories from Talmud and Zohar on the structure of creation also explain the journey in hundreds of years to go from one spherical heaven to another of the seven “heavens” that surround concentrically the Earth globe. The very purpose of the ongoing prayers of the Jewish wisdom tradition and the other great wisdom lineages around the Earth will be a main theme developed in this writing. The goal of this has a simple name in the Hebrew. It is called the Tikkun Olam. This originally was conceived to depict a work that will fully heal the Earth and the living world in a single great event, bringing in an era of unending peace and prosperity. It is now more popularly used as a verb form, to tikun the world, to help repair especially through mitzvoth, or good deeds. This “doing” of deeds and prayer is what we have been told would bring the event called Tikkun Olam, a healed world.
            The Jewish wisdom tradition involves a great body of ceremonial cycle and prayer forms that connect the people together throughout many generations. One of the very earliest of these prayer forms is seen as the covenant of the flesh, the Bris milah, which was given to the first true Jewish priest, our father Abraham, and as we will see as this story unfolds, how it also belongs especially to our Mother Sarah. This covenant is a naming ceremony involving the flesh and blood of our bodies. It changes us physically and It is geared to the number eight, performed at eight days, and this is an important rhythm that we will see, helps unfold the meaning of this magical work of ancient prayer.  When a naming prayer ceremony involving the blood and flesh is set to a rhythmic pattern, both the eight days of the octave of music as well as the Fibonacci series of numbers(to discuss in a later chapter) it takes on a growing efficacy as the tradition moves through time. In the Talmudic legends (legends of the Jews, Ginsberg) we are told that each of the seven heavens is a distance of five hundred years journey.(see image of seven heavens)
The heavens surrounding the Earth center from the book: On Mystical Shape of The Godhead by Sholem
The space between each heaven is also said to be a five hundred years walk and each heaven itself is  five hundred year journey. It takes five hundred years to get to the very first heaven. We can then calculate that it takes 3500 years to make it to the fourth heaven. It would take another 250 years to get to the very center of this “heaven” and “Temple”.This place, in the aggadah or legends, is said to house the supreme Beit HaMikdash or heavenly temple from which the waters of love flow to all the worlds. The Jewish tradition counts our naming covenant with HaShem, the creator, to the time of Abraham and Sarah, the Father and Mother of the Jewish people. They are said to have lived about 3750 years ago. This “journey” of 3750 years is a journey on a path of prayer that would help bring the waters of love to flow freely from the heavenly temple and bring the tikkun Olam, the world repair mentioned in the previous chapter. The deeper understanding of this naming covenant did not come into my own mind until my thirties, when I discovered that the eighth day of my own life, when I came into the covenant, was a calendar day of special significance in both the pagan European and the Christian sacred calendars. This has given me another direction to understand the big Why? of this form of prayer. I learned how the naming prayer form was an ancient form of “shamanic/aboriginal” prayer when I studied with a circle if indigenous elders. My entire life has been filled with “magic” and miracles and I perceive a big part of this personal orientation to stem from the synchronicity with the sacred calendars involving my own naming ceremony at eight days. All the various religious tradition that have grown from ancient wisdom lineages have particular types of naming ceremonies that also may harmonize so to say along with other religious calendars. This is especially true of the religious traditions that follow the sacred seven day week which has been an ongoing of wheel of  rhythmic prayer for many thousands of years.
From the English translation(Wescott version) of the ancient text Sepher Yetzirah that describes the naming covenant in chapter VI: 4. “After that our father Abraham had seen, and pondered over, investigated, and understood these things, he designed, engraved, and composed them, and received them into his power (hands). Then the Lord of all appeared unto him, made a covenant with him, and kissed his head, and naming him after his own name, called him his friend; and as it is written, completed a covenant with him and with his seed forever, who then believed on God, the Tetragrammaton, and it was imputed to him for righteousness.
God ordained a covenant between the toes of his feet, that of circumcision; and a covenant between the fingers of his hands, that of the Tongue(which is Torah, kabbalah and creativity). He bound the essences of the twenty-two letters on his tongue, and God disclosed to him the secrets of them. God has carried these through waters, He has borne them aloft through fire, and He has stamped them in the storms of the air; He has distributed them among the seven stars, and has assigned them to twelve celestial constellations. Amen.”
The efficacy of human generative blood and prayer forms is an ancient understanding. It has had horrible consequences when societies have gone to the horrific extreme of sacrificing the human life that is the most precious gift we are given. The test of the Jewish Patriarch Abraham in being asked to sacrifice his own son Isaac is found in close proximity in the Hebrew bible to the giving of the covenant of circumcision, a non-lethal form of using the precious fluid of life in a prayer form that directly connects the generative function through time with prayer and the promise of a world that is filled with the beauty of human life in step with the divine mystery. As many shamanic aboriginal “rites of passage” ceremonies it brings the individual into a complete presence/awakening in the moment by bringing all the senses into a heightened state of excitation.(see image of Mayan cave ceremony) This completely joins the person’s soul with their physical body and at a naming ceremony particularly in the presence of their greater community.. The beginning of the covenant of Abraham in time is a pivotal junction in the active work of the wisdom lineages of the temple/school, which is at the foundation of a world like ours. Many different peoples have been chosen for varied aspects of the great work that involves the making of a healed world. The Jews were chosen for this specific form of naming covenant and this is very much at the root of their unusual and at times extremely difficult history. The efficacy of this form of prayer is targeted I believe at the greater collective soul level of the community and all of humanity. It does not necessarily make the individual a more connected person so to say to the divine realms but it does so on a collective level over many generations and many centuries.
             The calculation from these ancient Jewish legends of the distance in years of the heaven world and the dimensions of great angelic beings in distances of years brings us to a new awareness of the function of the global prayer paths. This points us to a fundamental understanding of why a covenanted body of prayer, and people and the linear continuity in time has been such an important part of the work that is restoring the sacred Earth world. I began to study and learn of the wisdom tradition about Elijah and the kabbalah when I was about 11 years old in Hebrew school. There was the story of the rabbi’s enigma as it was first presented to me as a child in Hebrew School,  - “can God make a rock bigger than he can pick up”? an enigma that we were told was unanswerable and even dangerous to attempt to figure out!  A lot later - I learned the answer many years later. In brief the very huge rock is Tzedeq=righteousness and justice. It has been created by the Source of love, God, but it is our human task to help HaShem lift up this rock of justice here in our Earthly world. In fact this gets to the very purpose of creation in bringing the divine flow and presence into the most physical realms of the vast creation and to the human part and function of this drama.
Before I had learned the solution of this conundrum I was learning that the making of an initiate in the line of the legendary personage the Adam Baal Shem was possibly the making of my own life’s journey .The lineage of the Rabbi Adam Baal Shem is the more recent key name for a tradition of initiation that is intimately linked to a branch of the Kabbalah, the Jewish wisdom, called the practical Kabbalah. This knowledge involves the use of the mineral world, the metals and stones and plants and animals in relation to the work of tikkun Olam. This is the very most “classified” and whispered knowledge of Kabbalah. It may only come through direct revelation from the heaven worlds and the beings within these worlds. It is part of the teachings related to the sacred Chanupa/Pipe that the White Calf Woman gave to her Native American peoples where the Chanupa is an alchemical vessel that connects the human souls to the various other portions of the entire divine and physical realm which really are not ever fully separate..
The legend of the Rabbi Adam Baal Shem comes from the Hasidic body of teaching stories and legends which are also connected to the body of original Talmudic aggadah/legends. The Rabbi Adam is said to have discovered the original book of the angel Raziel, the angel of secrets who some say is also a form of the angelic Ophan,Eliyahu. This book was given to the first Adam by the angel. It was said to be made of sapphires and encased in gold. It contained all the secrets of the world and the myriads of beings in the various palaces and firmaments that make up the created world. The book has a specific procession of owners who have passed it on to each other from the first human. We will see later that this line of initiatic succession has an exact parallel with other aspects of the secret technology of the Jewish wisdom tradition, and the transmission of the Kabbalah itself. The Rabbi Adam found the book one day in a cave. This cave was connected to the other cave called Machpelah, where the biblical legends say that the Patriarchs and Matriarchs of the Jews are buried. The Rabbi took the book and brought it home with him. He learned how to pronounce the most revered name of HaShem and all the secrets of the most profound wisdom from studying it.  After many years, when he was about to die, the legend tells us the details of how he passed on this book to the next in line, the famous Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov. This man called the BESHT was the founder of the Hasidic movement in Judaism in the 1700s ce.
            . The teacher/rabbi’s in my early Hebrew school experience quickly rambled over the “kabbalah” part of the Jewish literature curriculum. The rabbi once said to the class that no one really knew what any of this “mystical” rabble meant anymore and no one could figure it out. In my eleven-year-old mind I thought, “I will figure this stuff out!” and my search for the “Kabbalah” began. I read everything I could about it all in my Jewish books and then went to a bookstore in NY to find the Sepher HaZohar/Book of Splendour. The old man in the store laughed me out of there saying with a wave of his hand that it was all too intellectual stuff for a lad like me to be concerned with. My first readings were mostly about the science and study of gematria - the number game that gives values to Hebrew letters and words.  The very first of an intellectual/conceptual “synchronicity stood out in my mind as I began my study. The value of the Hebrew word for serpent (Nachash) equals the value of the Hebrew word for Moshiach/messiah! Being a nature boy who loved searching out snakes in the woods and keeping them for pets, this little fact from gematria somehow amazed me and helped inflame a passion for learning more. The Messiah stuff was always a charged issue, being taken and transformed so radically and with grandiosity by the Christian world. There were so many questions in any child’s mind about this subject. In the Jewish tradition I learned each human being is a candidate to be this redeemer. It is for each of us to build this new renewed world of Peace together, to lift up that rock of justice in our world and be our own leaders in this journey.
 My interest in anything that had to do with snakes led me to a curious story. This was a Persian fairy tale that I read when young. It had the picture of a serpent finger ring and it is called Bahram and the Snake Prince. In reading the story one discovers that the ring pictured on the front is the ring of the King of Serpents and it was given over to the great magician king called Suleiman in the Islamic writings. This ring of Solomon is also mentioned in the pseudopigraphic writing called the Testament of Solomon, which dates to around the second century CE. In this story the Jewish King Solomon has a special ring with which he is able to summon all the demons and genii and find out information about them and then set them to work building the first temple, the Beith haMikdash. One being who is summoned by Solomon stands out apart from all the rest because he claims that it is a number made of three Hebrew letters that neutralizes his ‘evil” imbalance. He states that the three letters are the number 644. There are of course only three letters in the Hebrew alphabet (which also have numerical value) that could possibly make this number, Mem(40) - Daleth(4)- Mem(600)(final). I knew this right away because these are my own initials of both my English and Hebrew name. I had another example and synchronicity that meant to me that I was directly tied into an ancient lineage of initiation in the mystery schools I was now engaged in studying. I do believe that this kind of synchronicity may be found in the life of any individual that is called into this work of healing our world especially when it is rooted in ancient lineage traditions. The Sepher HaZohar also mentions the magical ring of King Solomon as functional to join the Shechinah fully with the physical Earth I have come to understand that the ring is the last in a series symbolically on one level that refers to kinds of technology that has four transformations throughout Jewish history and this will be further developed in the chapter of the ancient technology of the Jewish people.
             A most important and most famous prophecy about Elijah is from the book of the Hebrew prophet Malachi. He says in the beautiful language of the great prophets that the coming of Elijah will directly precede the arrival of the great and awesome day of the HaShem. He says that Elijah will cause the parents to turn to their children.... and the children to their parents. Elijah is a magical guardian of sorts who is also said to be present at every bris milah and naming ceremony of the children. What is amazing about him is that he can be found I have discovered to hold a very lofty station in other religious traditions besides the Jewish. In Islam he is called Kidr, or the green man, and he is a supreme magical being who can appear in distant places in the twinkling of an eye. He is a trickster and teacher of sorts who is highly revered and even feared for the divine work, which he carries out. In Christianity Elijah has played a very prominent part especially as the herald of the redemptive times  and the “great day of the Lord”. Some Christian tradition says that John the Baptist was an incarnation of his. In my own studies of Tibetan Buddhism I believe I have found the place of Elijah as the same personage called Vajrapani, the celestial bodhisattva among a circle of eight beings who is given the quality and function of magic and power. He travels at incredible speeds and distances and wields great power and performs spectacular feats of magic. His name implies that he has a special connection to the Vajra, which is a Sanskrit name for a diamond or jeweled thunderbolt wand. We will discuss this connection to the Jewish technology and the “Book of Raziel” made of sapphires,in chapter eight. In my own experience of the jeweled technology in the tradition of kabbalah, Elijah also has a close connection to these great mysteries of the “tools’ that interface between the physical Earth world and that of other dimensions not as apparent. It is this connection with instruments and sacred tools such as the pipe of the calf woman and the scepter of Aaron that reminded me of the Kokopellis on the rock walls from ancient New Mexico. Kokopelli is commonly called the humpbacked flute player and he is a common personage on the rock art and in the material culture of Native Americans of the southwestern US. Sometimes he has antennae, which connect him to the insect and animal world and the possibility of awareness between many realms. Stories about him from the oral traditions have him performing magical trans-human feats and travels at great speeds and distances.
Ancient petroglyph of Kokopelli
The part of his name KOKO in the Hopi language means god or divine being. He is undoubtedly connected to our magical and illustrious figure of Elijah who has a varied role in all the traditions in which he is found but is supremely a guardian of the initiates into the wisdom lineages that are responsible for bringing the beauty of the deepest wisdom of precious life into the earth world and human awareness. In Jewish tradition Elijah is also often connected to music sometimes a flute or violin play an important part of the legend about him.
            In my own experience on the side of the mountain in California when the sacred comet of Wohpe passed the Earth, this brilliant many faceted magical being who we call Elijah or Kidr, Vajrapani or Kokopelli showed himself with immense beauty and varied mystery and specifically at one point as the Tibetan Vajrapani bodhisattva form with the accompanying sound of the thunderbolt piercing the starry night sky and springtime soil. The coming of a star made of a spirit /soul fire was mentioned in the holy book of the Zohar where it speaks of these sacred comets,”Kochavim” with tails and in one place it says,
Sepher HaZohar: Terumah,folio II:146b:” When love, thus consummated according to these four directions, ascends aloft, it meets a celestial Chief who is appointed over one thousand nine hundred and ninety firmaments(1990) and over the outward flowing of the thirteen streams of pure balsam which descend from the mysterious supernal Dew: That outflow is called the “Might Waters”.”
I somehow knew the first time I read this in the 80’s that this was talking about the return of Eliyahu who is the celestial prince and his could happen in the year 1990. Now I have had discussions with a traditional Hasidic Jewish person who told me that the Jewish sages would never use a Christian/secular year in their writings. But what if that was the year that with coming of Eliyahu’s presence back into the world that the last of what is called the four exiles of the Jewish people, the “Roman/Christian exile” would end? That would be a year perhaps to include in celebration and hint at? The text of the Sepher HaZohar explains this year 1990 in two other forms also which we will discuss later for it reveals a hidden timeline that we have entered called the final forty years of ingathering or “kibbutz golios”.     
The core mystery within the Jewish tradition involves the human being in being able to complete the holy name of HaShem, the divine mystery within our physical world. The four letters of the holiest name in the Hebrew are said to each represent on one level one of the four human senses, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and and touch and also four of the soul interfaces we have with the divine. These are called, nefesh,ruach,neshamah,and chayah. In the image of the medicine wheel here I have these situated around the wheel with the fifth level at the center where we meet our origin and Source called Yechidah.
Twenty Count Earth Wheel fro Storm's book "Lightningbolt" with Hebrew soul names added by me
 Placed as the four quadrants of a wheel and developed from the center these four letters and senses surround the core of the wheel, which is the central mystery of the four-lettered unpronounceable name, called by many Christians Jehovah or Yahweh. In the Jewish tradition The Source of love, the deity has a name although it is one that is very difficult to pronounce as we usually pronounce words and names. Humanity is here to complete that difficult to pronounce sacred name and bring that Source of goodness into our Earth world.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

The Turtle Talks Torah: the book: ChapterOne "Return of the Star Maiden(Shechinah)"

The Turtle Talks Torah

Chapter One: The Return of the Star Maiden(Shechinah)
            She comes on a brilliant traveling star filled with the sound of the thunder chiefs. Her name is the White Buffalo Calf Maiden and the Lakota plains Indians call her and her star Wohpe.
            In August of 1994 a female white buffalo calf was born. This was the first female white calf ever known since the legend of the appearance of Wohpe, the White Buffalo Calf Maiden, came to the plains Indian peoples thousands of years ago. Wohpe is always associated with the coming of a sacred star fire - a comet. This return of the calf maiden who said she would return at the end of the age to usher in an era of peace, called the mended hoop, in Plains Indian terminology, has now occurred. How she would incarnate has always been a great mystery. This mystery is being revealed in this writing and the world may be very surprised at who she really is. Connected to this return is the ancient prophecy of the Mesoamerican priests who said something very interesting about the incarnation of the midnight sun, the smoking mirror brother chief called Tezcatlipoca? His real identity would be a big surprise as well, when he returned.
            The pipe of the star maiden - Wohpe, the White Buffalo Calf Woman was a gift to the Plains Indian people(and all peoples). She brought it during her legendary visit thousands of years ago. The traditional story tells us that two Lakota hunters were out scouting game when they spotted a bright shimmering apparition on a distant hill. As they approached they saw a beautiful maiden dressed in calfskin and carrying a bundle. She was the most beautiful being they had ever seen. She lived with the people for a while and gave them an entire spiritual teaching and way of life. She brought seven special rites to the people and the “Chanupa” or sacred pipe was one. It involves a special technology for the interfacing with all the "creature teachers, the stones, the plants and animals". It is an alchemical vessel that was a gift specifically suited to the Lakota culture, people and land. It pulses with all of the elements that the creation is made of. The pipe carries prayer as well as transmits blessing. This gift as well as other sacred bundles being kept in America is a technology to bring blessing to the land and her people. All of the prophetic traditions speak of a new "holy land" from which blessings will flow like beautiful watercourses all over the Earth. It was twenty nine years ago that the star of Wohpe(called by different names in various traditions) headed past our globe of beauty. This brought a new spirit fire. We are in what the native Pueblo elders call the fifth world and this beckons a new level of responsibility. LIFE as embodied in the Earth globe is supremely sacred. The Earth herself is an embodiment of the divine with levels of soul interface that mirror the soul connections of living beings. Americans walk a HOLY land. We will speak more of the series of worlds according to American Indigenous worldview in the chapter about the Hopi tradition and prophecy. The following is now a story of how I first was prepared for the coming of the star “Wohpe”.
            This star was hurdling quickly towards the earth in the fall of 1989. I was holed up in a little trailer on a mountainside in the Sierra Nevada. A voice of Mr. Science himself came on the local community radio station and he told the world that an Australian named Austin had spied a new comet. It looked like a “great” comet rapidly increasing in brilliance - and the hopes of the astronomy world was kindled. I pulled out that little fine binding of a book the Hebrew book Zohar. I read and reread the parts about the fire in the tail of the comet and the precious jewels found in the breast of “high mountains”. Certain jewels are said to be connected to special comets, who’s passing complete the true purpose of the jewels and fine gold. I just knew this comet was the one spoken about in the ancient book Zohar and this would be an area of increased study and contemplation over the next few months.
            The authority on the importance of the "stars with tails people", the comets, during the transition from fourth to fifth world (of pueblos and six nations world view) is
Grandmother Twylah Nitsch. Her book Other Council Fires Were Here Before Ours
(1991) has a lot to say about the sacred fire of the comets. She relates the Iroquois teaching that five comets will pass by the Earth at the end of the fourth world in a series of seven worlds. One of these will "fertilize the egg of Mother Earth" and bring about the millennial era of the great peace and the dawn of the fifth world of Illumination. This one very special star had come to fulfill the beautiful destiny of a healed Earth. The chieftess of the mineral kingdom explains in the story (from Other Council Fires were Here before Ours) how the exploits of a previous world and civilization that had been destroyed will have passed on something that will enable us to move into the fifth world of illumination when the comet beings pass by the Earth. More about this special technology as this story unfolds.
From Storm's book "LightningBolt" with Hebrew soul levels added by this author
            A fuller understanding of who White Buffalo Calf Woman is may be gained by a study of the teachings of Sweet Medicine and the Way of the Brother Arrows which is found in the Cheyenne tribe’s use of the medicine shields and wheels. The Cheyenne chief Hyemehosts Storm has made available these incredible teachings for serious students of the American Indigenous medicine ways. Whereas the Calf woman is placed in the south of the circle called the medicine wheel of the great twenty count(see image), she holds the place of the Spirit of the Plants. Sweet Medicine is in the north and is the spirit of the animals. We will discuss these special Twin beings in a later chapter for they reappear as twin hero males both in the Mesoamerican teachings and in the North American wisdom teachings. Sweet Medicine is considered a great prophet and holy sage who like the Calf Woman for the Lakota, brought the Cheyenne tribe their way to live and pray. The traditional legend includes a story of Sweet Medicine as a young man who is drawn on a vision quest to the holy mountain called Bear Butte. An entrance opens for him to go into the heart of the mountain and there he sits in the cavern and finds himself in the center of a circle of forty four spirit beings(thunders). They give him four sacred medicine arrows, which are the focus of the great medicine bundle of the Cheyenne in the same way the Pipe bundle is for the Lakota. These special arrows are fitted with stone points made of sacred crystal. The Peace Chiefs teach the initiate how to use the sacred Brother Arrows for providing for both material and spiritual needs for the people. Now each of these two Plain’s Indian tribes has a special sacred technology made of special minerals, plants and animals. They are an interface with all the worlds that surround and support our human world, including the stars. We see how the indigenous Americans have been given specific wisdom traditions that involve a deep respect for the Earth and maintaining of a sacred relationship to all of our “relatives” that make up the spectrum of organic life and inorganic substances. Their special relationship to the American continent has given them the insight and ability to have helped prepare the land for the fulfillment of the prophetic visions that have seen the mending of the hoop of all the Earth’s peoples and place the American continent in a central role for this magnum opus. Sweet Medicine holds the place of the north in the medicine wheel, opposite the southern placement of White Buffalo Calf Woman. He is the spirit (collective soul) of the entire animal world as the Calf woman is the spirit (collective soul) of the entire plant world. These two are also embodiment of the sacred twin persons or great persons, called Waahkan and Skan. They together embody the great mystery who is the source of all that is. In their male brother forms among the Aztecs they are called Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca, in the American Indian Navajo legend they are called Born of Water and Monster Slayer.
            White Buffalo Woman brought seven special holy rites to the Lakota people. This number seven holds a lofty place in wisdom traditions around the world. Among the first ten numbers the number seven is a prime that has no other factors (except one and 7) or products within the first 10 integers. This was of extreme importance to the ancient schools of sacred math in Greece and Mesopotamia. It always refers or is related to the "Great Mother" of all beings. The number 7 is also the diameter of a circle with a circumference of 22. This 22/7 is the closest whole number approximation of the value Pi. In the Jewish tradition there are 22 Hebrew letters and the seven of the seventh is like the diameter of the sacred circle, connecting everything together. In the western religious traditions it appears as the basic seven day ceremonial cycle, the three religions if Islam, Judaism and Christianity all having one day out of seven as a holy Sabbath day of prayer. The most beautiful of stellar constellations is the Pleiades who are also known as the seven sisters. Some elders will say that it is from these stars, the stars of the ancestors that the calf woman came from on her journey to the Earth peoples. One of the seven rites was that of the Chanupa or sacred pipe. She is perhaps most closely identified with this instrument than with any other aspect of her visit. The bowl of the pipe is made of a red form of hematisized clay called catlinite. The Calf woman showed the people the quarry from where to make the bowls. She said that this red stone contained the very blood of the people within the mineral world of the Earth. The importance of the element iron that colors the substance red will be an unfolding theme in this book. The stem of the pipe was made of wood and this represents the plant world, which grows from out of the earth. Twelve eagle feathers hung from the stem. These represent the animal world, which grows from the plant world, which is rooted in the mineral earth. The human takes and holds the pipe. These four aspects of the pipe, mineral, plant, animal, and human connect us with the four ‘worlds’ in the Jewish wisdom tradition called Kabbalah. We will also develop this connection throughout this writing. These four worlds schema is of great importance and serves as a basic frame of reference for an unfolding journey. The human takes the holy pipe and with the fire of spirit touches the plant material in the bowl. The breath of the human makes this spirit fire visible and it travels through the bowl and stem of the pipe as the holy spirit of mother life breaths throughout the entire creation. The four worlds that are seen reflected in the nature and substance of the holy pipe of the buffalo calf maiden are also represented as a succession of stages in the history of the development of the Earth and the human world. White buffalo Calf Woman left the Lakota people and told them that she would return to the earth to bring them into a new world of peace. One sign of her return would be the birth of the female white calf. The present keeper of the calf maiden is a Lakota by the name of Chief Arvol looking Horse. He states in a message on his website, “Following the birth of a White Buffalo Calf in 1994, the Keeper of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe for the Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Nations, Arvol Looking Horse, was directed to honor the Four Directions with ceremony on June 21st. According to Lakota Star Knowledge, the birth of Miracle, a female white buffalo, signaled a time of earth changes and the coming of the mending of the Hoop of All Nations. “ It is the very return of the calf maiden which is signaled by the birth of the female white calf that marks our entrance into the fifth world of Native American wisdom teaching. The medicine shield maker and author of the best seller about the plains Indians wisdom tradition, Seven Arrows is Hyemehosts Storm. This quote is from his letter/essay called, ‘The holy Tree of Life” about the plant world, the great Tree and the divine “Greatperson(s) or great mystery,
            “Yes, we have reached out to you -- GreatPersons -- as you Danced with us -- when you were Rose Bushes, all the Berry Bushes, the Herbal Family, every Tree and the Dance Tree -- this is where we touched your heart.
We are humanity and we will Dance with you Tomorrow.
And so we lay our Medicine Blankets at your roots (Leaves-Fall-Down - End of a yearly Cycle -- beginning of another) -- and we cry. We sit our children with us in deep contemplation -- like the Snow we are gathered from Clouds. We have seen people rise up and burn the delicate, rape the unsuspecting, kill the innocent and cheat the Spiritual.
Explosive Slings, Arrows, war and brutal feudalistic bondage was thrown against every hope and all human achievement -- yet, your Dancers somehow prevailed.
This was done because we saw the Moon, the Stars, the Sun and Greater WahKahn - SSKwan in your Medicine Leaves. The Dance is not alone in this short time -- but is a Long-Count-Dance that will be danced when everything has gone by. Fifty Thousand years is this Dance Time -- and we will Dance with you -- Sacred Tree. Yes, this is our Fifth world and we are smiling. “
            Yes, the return of the White Buffalo calf Maiden to the Earth world signals our movement into the epoch called the Fifth World amongst many Native American wisdom teachings. We will more deeply discuss what this means for a new humanity, a peaceful and wondrous world being born and a new people awakening to this awesome rebirth.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

TURTLE TALKS TORAH and Counts the Omer!

When the study of the hidden Jewish wisdom tradition became of interest at the age of 13 or so this rare American turtle(pictured) also came into my life at the edge of a pond at a summer camp. What i did not yet know at the time was how the geometric pattern of her shell, and that of most turtles in the world contains a "map" that explains the connections between science,math,and the world's religions rooted in the ancient aboriginal EARTH wisdom. The Earth is our true common mother and she does interface with the five levels of soul in the ancient wisdom tradition that we as humans are said to also have. These are mirrored in the five senses.
While doing a class project involving DNA tests for my students and myself the connections between DNA and the Tree of soul called Etz Chaiim in Hebrew became very clear. The DNA molecule itself is based on the Golden mean/fibonacci ratio, the very signature of divine soul in living organisms. The need for our ongoing great religions and their prayer forms throughout thousands of year also fit into this picture. The CHAYAH soul is the female root living soul in each of us(sometimes latent however) and in the Earth where she is called the Mother, First woman, Shechinah and I now believe the "mitochondrial Eve" of genetic science had this female soul root. We are all connected to our original clan mother through our soul interfaced DNA. She manifests in ourselves as well as in the trees, plants, rivers, oceans and all waterways throughout our holy globe of Earth.
She appeared in the guise of an individual spirit woman to the Plains Natives of America(see image White Calf Woman) and surely to other peoples around the Earth. The Jewish Matriarch Sarah Imeinu had this soul root connection.

If we count all the scutes(scales) of the upper(carapace) and lower(plastron) shells of most turtles we have 37 upper and 12 lower which gives us the sum of Forty Nine.This number is popular to Jews who are counting the Omer right now and to Buddhists who know this is the count of the Bardo realm days between death and rebirth(Tibetan Bardo Thodol). This is also the umber of squares in the magic square attributed to the realm of Nogah/Venus.a 7 X 7 square/kamea.
I discovered my own mitochondrial clan/sub-clan in our class study and that information was both wonderful and surprising and explained particularly the need for the coexistence of the ongoing unbroken prayer forms of Judaism and Christianity in Europe and America for these 20 centuries. Thanks Mom! and
Happy Wonderful mothers day to all!

The Kamea/magic square connected to NOGAH/Venus and the sphere of the fifth heaven(7X7)

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Turtle Talks Torah on the joining of Tzedeq and Shabbatai(planets Jupiter,Saturn and Pluto)

The "Curse of Tecumseh" and entering a new cycle:
The wheel of Eretz HaKodesh/Holy Earth and the five "books" of soul levels,senses and dimensions down the middle

As stated often here the work of humanity and the wisdom traditions such as Judaism has been to reconnect the Earth globe to a close connection to all five levels of soul that mekubalim(kabbalists) teach us about. What each level represents has been blogged about often here.This is now bringing us into a new Earth and we pray for the unfolding great geulah sheleimah and Peace. The five dimensions and levels of soul may be seen down the backs and many specie of turtles throughout  the world. Most folks have heard of the folk legend of how several US presidents elected in zero years died in office starting with the infamous Indian fighter general William Henry Harrison in 1840. The link attached includes a back story on this and there are many others online. The astronomical/astrological roots of this is with the grand Jupiter and Saturn conjunctions called by the ancients the "Great Chronocrator" signaling specific eras of socio-political change throughout thousands of years. And of course many have believed the triple conjunction of these two big boys in Pisces(fish) in 7 BCE was the "Star of the Magi" signaling the age of Christianity(fishers of men) and a new religious "king" to be born. For Jews it heralded the destruction of the second Temple in 70ce, the creation of the talmud and the beginning of the era of rabbinic Judaism.
What is significant is that we are beginning a new great cycle of these conjunctions in air signs, first degree of AQUARIUS(cue the music folks) beginning the winter solstice Dec.21,2020, just after the November election when the two big planets are conjunct in Capricorn along with Pluto at their respective south nodes(where their orbits intersect the Earth's ecliptic). This conjunction btw is happening right now with Pluto and Saturn and it heralds the great upheaval and splintering of socio-political and religious structures we are living through right now. It also signifies the revealing of True valid religious wisdom lineages versus the false religious dogma of fundamentalist sects. This religious fundamentalism that is part of the root of the racism and hatred and corporate fascism we are living through. True religious wisdom is corroborated by modern science and the mysteries being revealed in science(dark matter, string theory, black holes, quantum change). This is a new religious/spiritual unfolding around the EARTH as sacred embodiment of the the divine soul/spirit realm(raqian in Hebrew) heavens/stars and the most ancient Tree of LIfe(Etz Chaiim in Hebrew) that is the true heart of wisdom lineages. These wisdom lineages are both indigenous and connected to the great religious streams. I have blogged and posted on this present conjunction, one of the most significant of our era. It is also extremely rare. The horrid racism, bloodshed and divisive nationalist fighting is the bringing to the daylight the deep fissures in our society(shadow=kellipah) so as to be ready for a great renewal that is the great Peace. The new era is being born right now. We must see this miracle of new birth amidst labor pains so as to take active positive roles as midwifes in this new world epoch.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Turtle Talks Torah of the Passover swim with the Upper Waters of the Sacred Tree

This turtle knows the waters, the Earth and also MATH!
This vision of an indigenous Native elder is about our times and the unfolding flowering TREE of Peace. It is not about a new age speculative religion based on the star world or a tropical drug plant. Although a person may find real knowledge in diverse traditions and paths integrating this into real wisdom is of another order. May all people find their true origin and help bring peace into their lives and our world. This teaching of Black Elk is a wise indigenous understanding that has elements a person may find in the Jewish wisdom teachings from the Sepher HaZohar concerning the luminous lodge of colors, the "rainbow lodge" of the sarim/Grandfathers and the "daybreak star" that is wisdom. This colored lodge of initiation is "above" the realm of the stars which some of the ancients worshipped.Also the ancient Mateh/staff of Moses is mentioned as the "red(gold) stick". This sacred Mateh, the ancient technology of the Jewish wisdom tradition from the ark of the covenant has returned to the people of Yisrael. It also has many elements in common with the Christian prophecy found in the New Testament book of Revelation of John as well as the different colored horses in the Hebrew text of Zechariah. It is a positive vision that also explains the turmoil and trouble of the fascist corporate pharaohs that have come into the socio-political forefront of history now.
"Black Elk saw two men descend with flaming spears. They took him, on a cloud, to a great plain. There a bay horse greeted him, accompanied by prancing horses of different colors: black, white, sorrel (red), and buckskin (yellow). (Later, the colors of these horses would represent the four directions.) Leaving the horses, Black Elk went into a rainbow-covered lodge, the lodge of the Six Grandfathers (the powers of the four quarters, or four directions, of the universe and of Mother Earth and Father Sky).
The third Grandfather, the power of the red dawn rising in the east, gave Black Elk the sacred pipe, the power of peace. The daybreak star appeared, and he was told he would have the power to awaken others. Powerful knowledge would come to this land, and peace would come, through knowledge and wisdom.
Then Black Elk took the bright red stick(mateh in the Hebrew) and cast it into the center of the earth. The stick became a Sun Dance tree, a waga chun, a cottonwood tree. A peace pipe descended to the tree's base, spreading deep peace, and the people sang with delight. The daybreak star rose. Black Elk was told that the star would be as a relative to the people; those who saw it would see much more, because the star represented wisdom.
The sixth Grandfather was really Mother Earth, the Earth Spirit. The Earth Spirit took Black Elk outside the lodge and told him the Earth Power would be with him. In time, the two-leggeds would desperately need Mother Earth's help.
Then Black Elk saw that the sacred hoop of his people was only one of many hoops, all joined together to make one great circle, the great hoop of all peoples. In the center of the great hoop stood a powerful, sheltering, flowering tree, and under it gathered children of all nations.
At the end of Black Elk's vision, two spirit men gave him the day-break-star herb of understanding. He dropped the herb down to the world below, and it flowered, spreading its power out into the whole world. In time, he was promised, his people would be free and would help spread this power of peace and understanding.Black Elk's Vision linkBlack Elk's Vision Links

Friday, February 08, 2019

Turtle Talks Torah and the True Eben Shetiyah , Temple Foundation Stone Book summary:

Elijah Brings the Star Maiden        The Turtle Talks Torah Teachings
Chapter One: The return of the star maiden and the story of White Buffalo Calf Woman
The birth of the white calf in 1994, how this also fulfilled the Jewish Red Heifer prophecy, Para Adumah

Chapter Two: Elijah the prophet and the height of the Angels
The Hebrew shamanic lineage and it's work, how the prayer form needed to continue for 3750 years to bring the final Earth tikun/realignment with the Source. The Hechalot literature, Midrash and Sepher Yetzirah show us the true shape of the world and timeline of the wisdom lineage. Fibonacci, the octave, sacred math and the Bris Milah as a special form of prayer.

Chapter Three: Vajrapani and the uniting of the Celestial Bodhisattvas of Tibet the mystery of the Karmapa's reincarnation; new interpretation of the prediction letter and who the eight celestial bodhisattvas of Tibet are in Jewish angelology.

Chapter Four: The making of the Fifth world in the Native American Prophecies Jews and Tibetans help mend the hoop in America according to American Indian tradition
Chapter Five: The Stars made of the Sacred Fire the comets as the ministers of fire in legend and fact out of the Zohar. The nature and function of the Keruvim (Cherubim)
Chapter Six: The Earth as an embodiment of the divinity. The true location of the Eben Shetiyah, foundation stone of the third holy temple
Chapter seven: The Shechinah and the planetary soul
Chapter Eight: The technology of the Jewish priesthood; where is the ark of the covenant and the temple vessels? How they have reappeared. Ibbur or soul impregnation and it's function in joining lineage streams. 
Chapter Nine: How the medicine wheel traditions in America and in Hebrew writings help bring us to the true center. The Earth is realigned with the original Source and Center of all that is. What is Tikun Olam?

Chapter Ten: The Turtle Talks Torah, the simple Earth based astronomy/astrology from ancient Hebrew tradition. The kameas or dimensional grids and the sephirot. The Earth is a full embodiment of the divine with five distinct levels of soul interface. The Sepher Yetzirah predicted the planets Uranus,Neptune and Pluto as aligning with the "three mother letters" and the three planetary turnings.

Chapter Eleven: The Tibetan prophecy of Shambhala and where the holy cities are located in Buddhism, Judaism and Christianity. The fifth Buddha Amitahbah, the never ending luminous Red One.(Hebrew- Amit=True, Ahbah=parent) The Holy City in Gnostic Christianity and the true sacred nature of the number “666”. How the number is calculated from a natal birth chart. The book of Revelation with a Jewish interpretation of Temple building and initiation, King Solomon’s legacy. The whispered teachings of the mekubalim/Kabbalists. The Dead Sea scrolls and the location of the New Jerusalem
Chapter Twelve:  The revealing of the Clan mother lineages through DNA and the Shechinah as first woman and first being. The "mitochondrial Eve". The Etz Chaiim, the Tree of Life
Chapter Thirteen: The Shir HaShirim: The Song of All Songs
n honor again for the Losar, the Tibetan New Year and the Jewish season of Adar, happiness that began with the new moon here is another view of "The Jew In the Lotus" so to speak. The Merkabah chariot of the nine degrees of Chayot HaKodesh/Holy Living Creatures as delineated in the ancient teachings("The Early Kabbalah"-Paulist Press) have a direct correspondence in pattern and quality to the five Dayani Chohans and their realms. These are the directional Buddhas(luminous color holders) of Tibetan Buddhism and their four Tara consorts. The merkaba is said to have four chayoth of the faces and four of the wheels/ophanim and the ninth is the Holy Wheel of the Earth herself. Bringing in the luminous "Red One" into the central wheel(Earth) has been the great work of all the religions. It is also mentioned in the original Hopi Pueblo prophecy that was revealed before the plastic new ager doomsday shamans twisted it up. As Frank Waters in his book mentioned first the Blue Star kachina arrives on the scene. This I have detailed on this blog with the precise elements, the technology involved and the named comet and the exact year, 5750/1990 as written in the Sepher HaZohar and predicted in the Torah. The Hopi then said that "something Red" would then arrive bringing us into the fifth world. The details of this are also mentioned in the book, "Other Council Fires Were Here Before Ours" by Grandmother Twylah Nitsch and Jamie Sams. The Red Pure Land Heaven of the western directional Buddha realm brought into the central office in Tibetan Buddhism fits the big change bringing us into a new epoch. And yes we have the non luminous color "Red" as a kellipah, a false shell so to speak masquerading as the the Truth on the socio-political central stage. The Earth as known by the indigenous peoples around the globe is a full embodiment of divinity. It is humanity that with our five levels of soul connection realigns the globe with the original Source of love and brings us through millennia of prayer forms and good deeds into a world where Peace holds the center.. Amitahbah means in Sanskrit the never ending luminous light and in Hebrew- Amit= True and Ahbah= Parent. This realm brought into the center aligns in Jewish prophecy with the Olam HaBa- the "coming world" of perfection. It took all the great religions to make this new paradigm a possibility.

As those familiar with the Turtle Talks Torah Teachings all the above is mapped out on the back of most common pond turtles and many other species. Five scutes down the center- five levels of soul, five dimensions, human senses and Buddha families and directions and the Chumash, books of the Torah. Those five are surrounded by Eight - the celestial bodhisattvas and their angelic equivalents, and those are surrounded on the bottom Turtle edge by twentyfour- the total number of bodhisattva forms- the eight each have three forms-mild, fierce and dragon forms 8X3= 24 and the total number of books in the Jewish Tanachk-scriptures. Mitakuyeh Oyasin- we are all relatives- one family!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Turtle Talks Torah of the Eben Shetiyah/Foundation Stone of Earth Temple and the Secret of the Aleph

It is in tradition that the six Hebrew letter alephs (alephim in Hebrew) in the first verse of the Hebrew bible contain a great mystery. The first three words each contain one aleph and three of the last four words each contain one. "1 בְּרֵאשִׁית
א בְּרֵאשִׁית, בָּרָא אֱלֹהִים, אֵת הַשָּׁמַיִם, וְאֵת הָאָרֶץ. 1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth."The most comprehensive origin name of the Hebrew YHVH when the letters are written out with THREE alephs give us one of four extended holy name forms of YHVH, that one having the value of Forty-five: Yod-vav-daleth,Heh-aleph,Vav-aleph-vav,Heh-aleph(gematria=45) It is said that with the full manifestation of the physical creation that the first three alephs(from the holy original name YHVH)  and the first three words of Bereisheis/Genesis fell. These are the initial letters of "Ohr"=light; Adm=human, and Emet=Truth. These fell into the last three alephs in that first verse.
The seventh and last word of the first verse(sabbath/seventh word) is the name for EARTH/Eretz. The Earth(Holy of Holies) is meant to be the Sabbath of space/materiality as the seventh day is the Sabbath of Time. The ALEPH in this word needed to be lifted back up with humanity= ADAM to restore the original "OHR"=light and the singular EMET=TRUTH in our world. That aleph was hidden in the Eben(aleph-beth-nun) Shetiyah- the foundation stone that was said to be placed by HaShem in the center of the Earth and the entire universe. It became a part of the Holy of Holies of the original Temple built by King Solomon. The recovery of that stone and the elevation of the ALEPH is the key to the times of the Third Temple said to not be a building like the first two by the Ramchal, Rashi and the Rashbi..
The number Forty-Five is also the total value of the magic square/Kamea of Shabsai (see image) aligned with the seventh heaven where the micono the seat of the Creator is said to be. It is also the gematria of the name ADAM. The Forty-Fifth of the seventy-two famous holy names(see image in into of blog)-SAEL of HaShem is another key in how we live in the times of the Third Temple. We pray for Peace. 1 בְּרֵאשִׁית
א בְּרֵאשִׁית, בָּרָא אֱלֹהִים, אֵת הַשָּׁמַיִם, וְאֵת הָאָרֶץ. 1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

Hebrew kamea square of Shabbatai=total of "45"

Magic Square/Kamea of Saturn/Shabbatai=total="45" column totals = "15"=YAH