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A site based on the healing of the ancient wisdom of the Geocentric worldview. The understanding of sacred texts and wisdom is based on a relationship to the Source. This Central Source is the Fount from which the three distinct movements of the Earth globe flow. These three turns-rotation,revolution and precession are a great secret/sod and key to the profound teachings of the mekubalim/kabbalists. These movements provide us with the experience of shanah/time, olam/matter and nephesh/soul(being). The Earth turn called precession is the slow wobble that causes the polar skies to change slowly over a 26,000 year cycle.
The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Pesach Red Moon

this beautiful ancient Egyptian time capsule of a wisdom painting holds a kind of knowledge for our awakening now. the folks that made this particular work of art did not worship animals in a way that some people think. they held a heart centered lineage tradition. the Passover actually celebrates a hand-off of the baton of sorts of priestly lineages dedicated to the flowering of the Earth. the ram headed dude in the center displays the fact that the essence quality he holds ...had not yet fully evolved within humanity yet - so we have an animal head on a human body. these three personages are a key to knowing who the mysterious three men who visited Abram and Sarai were all about. It also teaches us about the ram that was sacrificed in place of Isaac and his famous two horns. In these three we have here the essences of olam/matter, nephesh/being and shanah/time. astrologers call them the qualities of cardinality/matter-fixicity/soul and mutability/time. they are woven together with the three ways the Earth globe turns- precession/rotation/revolution. the ram head's helical horns/shofarim show us that this image is related to the precessional wobble of the globe that manifests the twin helixes above(heaven) and below(Earth). The lady nepthys is weaver of the Earth rotation, she gives us the dark blessed night and the waters of soul/being(moon) while the lady isis is the year cycle of earth-sun. It has all really been an ancient love story like shir hashirim/song of all songs. two lovers, one who holds the Night/leilah(wolf) and the other who carries the Day/yom(lamb) needed to touch. And so we have this Earth, this creation and this flowering. the image is from the book "Egyptian mysteries" by Lucie Lamy. Hag Sameach

Thursday, January 29, 2015

What is the Foundation Stone? Part II:

Secrets of the Seven Day Week:(and why a Sabbath is so important)
 Secrets of the Seven Day Week:(and why a Sabbath is so important) The enclosed diagram gives over the secrets of our seven day week and the Earth centered worldview of ancient peoples. It also explains why the ancient wisdom tradition established our week and the order of the days.
Part I: The mathematics of the circle makes the division by seven parts yield an irrational fraction. The sacred circle of the seven day week has the goal of embodying the (irrational)mystery of the sky/shamayim fully within the Earth. Seven is the only number of the ten whole digits that has no factors out of the lesser numbers and or produces no products out of the greater numbers.
The order of the days of the week is explained by this diagram. Each magic grid and "planet" is in the order of their apparent motion in the sky. The slowest starts in the bottom left corner with Saturn and the smallest 3X3 grid and the day Saturday, and the apparent speed increases and the size of the grids increases as you go clockwise around the circle. In the ancient worldview these are the planetary heavens that encircle the Earth as sheaths like that of onion layers. The heaven of Saturn is the outer(upper)most and the heaven of the Moon is the closest.To discover the secret of the order of the days of the week you need to place your finger at "Saturn" in the lower left and trace along the line of the star up to the "sun" - Sunday and then along the line down to the "moon"-Monday and so on. This is why the days are ordered as they are. to be continued......

Sunday, January 18, 2015

What is the Foundation Stone?

What is the foundation stone?

The eben shetiyah is the Hebrew name for the foundation stone in the Hebrew wisdom tradition. It is the place where the heavens-shamayim and the Earth-haaretz meets in our physical world. It is also a key to our new epoch/world and the true shape of the cosmos.  In Europe it was known as the "axis mundi" or world navel and in ancient America it has been called the Sipapu by the Pueblo peoples. The simple language of astrology in it’s ancient Hebraic and Ptolemaic form provides an opening to understanding what the eben shetiyah is about and why it is important to us today. A big part of the ancient astrology that is missing so to speak from modern astrology is the dimension of soul-nephesh and how this interfaces with time-shanah and space-olam. This has been replaced in a sense by archetypal “energies” and patterns built from Jungian depth psychology where the psyche/mind has taken the place of the reality of the ocean of soul. The realm of soul  is actually  a whole and primary dimensionality along with space and time whereas in the new modern view  it has been replaced by the psyche/mind which is viewed as only a byproduct of biological animal evolution and a secondary development out of time/space. This displacement of soul with psyche and the schism of worldview created by a misunderstanding how the ancient scientists and thinkers understood the geocentric model has made for a great mix up of the ancient truths about the shape of our awesome creation. A further mix up has been the personality based modern astrology that uses archetypal patterns related to the Greco-roman mythology and their gods which in most cases does not incorporate the true essential qualities of the planetary spheres. We must remember that in the ancient Hebraic worldview the planetary spheres were really understood as spherical onion like layers with the Earth at the center. The physical planets were only localized condensations of these planetary heavens. The Sepher Yetzirah gives us the true qualities of the planetary spheres and this is a big opening in a truer understanding of the “map” or bigger topography of the cosmos.

We may repair the worldview schism by using the basic “map” given to us in the Hebrew primer of the wisdom tradition called the “Sepher yetzirah” and the basics of Ptolemaic astrology along with what astronomy has revealed to us through recent historical discoveries. To simplify all the elements so this post is not too long the book tells us that the number values THREE/SEVEN/TWELVE are a critical pattern that corresponds to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet as well as elements in astrology. In traditional astrology these are the THREE- Triplicities of cardinality, fixicity, and mutability. The SEVEN- are the five visible planetary spheres and the sun and moon. The TWELVE- are the zodiacal signs which are the frame of reference of the wheel created by the Earth’s tilt and revolution about the sun. The secret to how this basic frame of reference reveals where the foundation stone is and the Source of it all, is in the three recently discovered non-naked eye planets – Uranus/Neptune/Pluto.

What we may learn from the aboriginal understanding of the cosmos is that the sky is only a projection of the of what the Earth holds. The key to this is in the THREE ways that the Earth moves- rotation/revolution/precession. These THREE connect us to the THREE triplicities in traditional astrology, the three “mother elements” in the Hebrew wisdom and the THREE outer planets discovered since the use of the telescope. The THREE realms of the creation – soul-nephesh, time-shanah, and space-olam are mentioned in the Sepher Yetzirah. These are directly connected to the three movements of the Earth globe. These three ways that the Earth turns have been a great secret in the mystery  because the processional wheel  is so slow that it took multi-generational records of astronomical observations to understand it.

This brings us back to what is the Foundation Stone of the physical creation? – where the heavens and the Earth meets. This sacred pace called “Makom” by the mekubalim/kabbalists was at one time in the land of ancient Judea for the Hebrew people at the site of the first holy temple and it has occurred at other places for different peoples around the Earth. It is not only in one place and geography is not the only determining factor. We will continue this for the next post. To really get the gist of this a person must understand the above ideas well.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Where is the Eben Shetiyah?

unusual to hear a Pueblo elder speak for a couple of hours on the "raw people"- spirit beings and the indigenous wisdom teachings. especially good for his references to the "sipapu or shipapu". this is the birth canal that connects worlds or realms. In the Hebrew this holds the mystery of the Eben shetiyah - the foundation stone that connects the shamayim(heavens) to the sacred Eretz(Earth), the mystery of the holy beith hamikdash-temple. the fighting over "sacred places" will cease when the truth of what this is about is understood and the entire Earth is respected as a sacred temple. soon please


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The One Source we call HaShem

HaShem is the UNIQUELY original Source(soul);Center(makom-space)and beginning(ziman-time) seed of the tree/Etz Chaiim of all that is. As unique individuals our relationship to Source/HaShem may inform us as to where we are and who we are. ich und du

In counterpoint(for my tree hugging pagan friends) how is HaShem one/united with the Shechinah? this is where the real secret/sod of the mekubalim rings in. for the ways the Earth sphere moves/dances was always a closely guarded secret for the wisdomkeepers. Her rotation manifests as day and night(soul); Her revolution(about the sun) manifests as time/shanah-the seasons(light and dark) and Her precessional wobble manifests space/makom(heaven and Earth,tohu and bohu,morning and evening. these you will hear as the ten omakim/depths(sephirot) listed in the first words of Torah.

The sacred Makom/place we have  now is related to what is known as the Eben Shetiyah, the foundation stone of the Beith HaMikdash HaShleishi- the" third holy House" or sanctuary. this is a time/place/soul where all the three "holy of holies"- kadosh kadoshim of time/shanah, place(space)/makom and soul/nephesh are unified in the physical world.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Astrological Natal Chart of Moses

Within this incredible piece of art from the famous ancient Egyptian papyrus scroll of Ani dated precisely at the time that the Jewish scholars tell us was the time of the life of Moshe Rabeinu can be found a precise astrological birth chart. I will be adding pertinent information as we move through a new cycle, a new "Shanah" of the Hebrew calendar to explain the message and knowledge contained in this piece of art. It helps recapitulate the ancient geocentric worldview of the ancient peoples including the Hebrews and the Egyptians. The roots of an ancient wisdom are revealed in this picture as well as the "wisdom of Egypt" which the Torah tells us Moshe was fully schooled in as an initiate. It contains the basic radical knowledge of astrology and the five dimensional world including "Soul". It also reveals  the importance of what the mekubalim/kabbalists call the "Shemhamphorash", the famous seventy-two part name of the Divine Source which is found in the Torah Sefer Shemot. It  reveals the true shape and center of our Olam/universe and the nature of the Source of all life. A full understanding of astrology in the ancient Earth centered form as well as the planetary hechaloth/palaces and the hebrew letters as they all relate according to the wisdom of Sefer Yetzirah are the keys to unfolding the wealth of this artwork and time capsule.This scene commonly known as a "judgment" or weighing of soul scene is also the depiction of initiation of a judge in the temple tradition. The five levels of soul roots that make up the complex of the human being according to mekubalim are all included in the picture. the enthroned "osiris" in a "cocoon" of falcon down is the individual neshamah soul, the twin goddesses are the nephesh(nepthys) and Chayah(isis) root souls. the other two "soul roots" - ruach and yechidah are there as well, the ruach in the falcon hovering and turning with the sky wheel "above". The yechidah is superbly hidden as in the the name of "72" herself in torah. It is quite a complete teaching that is inclusive of other popular prayerforms and even reveals their work in building the big temple Earth. It is linked to the email teaching above from the rabbi in discussion of what a "sukkah", a tabernacle is and what we are celebrating during this moon of tishrei.
This art/book picture is the proverbial "sword in the stone". The aggadic story has the Mateh shel Moshe, the scepter of Moses sojourning in miztraim/Egypt in the house of the pharaoh man and being taken by Reuel the priest of Midian and placed in his backyard where it could only be removed by the man worthy to be his daughter's(Zipporah) husband. Only Moshe is able to remove it from the ground where it is rooted. Likewise only a Sovereign initiate Arthur of the pen-dragon, and his Knights of the great wheel could find the sword of Wisdom painted on this Papyrus of the "Book of Going Forth By Day".
To really understand the above picture it helps to view the world as a grand temple of initiation - we are all on this path - uniquely our own journeys. the old schools understood at least four different kinds of initiation- priest/shaman, sovereign, scribe and judge.
Tishrei 11, 5774:this is the Rosetta stone of the mystery traditions. for those who understand the basics of ancient earth based astrology= the triplicities(cardinal-fixed-mutable which relate how the Earth turns-rotation,revolution,precession), the four "elements",the twelve part circle(center=thirteen)of spatial reference and the seven "heavenly hechalot"/palaces and their chiefs we have a map that explains the "SHAPE" of the creation. The mekubalim will use the sepher yetzirah to reference the basic "alphabet" - the one-three-seven-twelve. the qualities of the seven as given in the yetzirah-Peace,Grace,Dominion,Seed,Wealth,Wisdom and Life are the materials with which we build the SUKKAH that is our Temple Earth. The three obvious "dieties" on the papyrus are along with being three of the five soul roots that make up the human being are also the triplicities of astrological wisdom. this is a key to match up the "uraei"/serpents which represent the wheel of astrological longitude. Initiation involves building our own Sukkah.This is refuah sheleima.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

The place of the "third temple" and the Para Adumah mystery solved

The most enigmatic of ancient Hebrew ritual is that of the Para Adumah, the making of the red heifer. Even Solomon with all his wisdom admitted to not being able to understand this. We now may understand that this was an attempt to "complete" in a way the Hebrew prophetic Temple tradition which could only be completed by a full global migration/diaspora and the discovery of an ancient wise people on the other side of the ball of the Earth who have a ceremony that explains the "making of a red heifer". (The Sepher HaZohar makes a point in folio three of stating that there are a "people" who live on the opposite side of the Earth where it is day when it is night in the middle east and night when it is day). These people have what is called the "Throwing of the Ball" ceremony, they are the Lakota peoples. The divine presence, the Shechinah herself, the spirit of the fresh water, visited these people thousands of years ago with the sign of one of the faces of the Ophanim(Ezekiel's vision) as a pure white bison calf, hence her name White Buffalo Calf Woman. This land of the Rocky Mountain Range is so sacred to have been visited by the Shechinah that this also solves another mystery. This concerns Jacob's dream with his head upon the rock and the famous ladder of angels. Actually the ladder went through the middle of the ball of the Earth and the heaven world(and the olam haba, "world to come") was the mountains of North America on the other side. Here is the telling of the Throwing of the Ball ceremony where the ball is the divine mystery in the shape of a ball of red buffalo fur.

Throwing of the Ball Ritual - Tapa Wanka Yap:
"In Native American philosophy the fundamental interconnectedness an oneness of all beings forms the basis of all other aspects of their understanding of the universe. Therefore, any cause has its effect both on the entity involved, as well as on the whole, and events never stand isolated. Living and acting in harmony with the Great Spirit is the basis of all ethics. It saves one from harming others and oneself, leading ultimately to a return to the Great Spirit, from which we all come, and to wholeness instead of loneliness or separateness."
Plains Indians teach their children to cease thinking and acting for the sake of one's own gain, but to think and act for the betterment of their family and tribe. They tell them to "Do right, because it is right, and not to gain for yourself." When they do the right thing the Great Spirit, Wakan Tanka knows and sees that it has been done correctly.
"The American Indians hold sacred the virtues of truthfulness, courage, generosity, and reverence for life. They practice direct communication with the Great Spirit, whom they call Wakan Tanka, through seven sacred ceremonies. As told by Black Elk to Joseph Epes Brown, these include:"
The Throwing of the Ball Ritual is done only by the traditionalist Native Americans, if its done at all any longer. The ritual is only one of many rituals being lost to posterity and many young people do not even know of it.
The ball represents Wakan Tanka or the universe. The game symbolizes the course of a man's life, which he should spend in trying to catch the ball even though the odds of catching the ball are against him.
A Lakota man named Moves Walking had the vision describing this rite but did not speak of it until much later when High Hollow Horn had a dream telling him Moves Walking knew of a seventh rite from White Buffalo Cow Woman that should belong to all the people. High Hollow Horn went to Moves Walking and told him of his dream so Moves Walking agreed to share his vision.
A buffalo skin ball filled with buffalo hair that is first painted all red representing the world. Blue paint (representing the heavens) is used for the four dots that are made at the four quarters. Then two blue circles are made around the ball to make two paths joining the four quarters. This painted buffalo ball represents the material and spiritual aspects of the universe.
The following items are used in the ceremony besides the ball; a pipe, kinnikinnik, sweet grass, a spotted eagle feather, knife, hatchet, sage, bag of earth, red and blue paint, a buffalo skull and a food rack painted blue. Each of these items are used in ceremonial prayers before the players begin the game.
The ritual uses four teams and four goals. Each goal was set on one of the four sacred directions; east, south, west and north.
A very young Sioux girl stands in the center representing Wakan Tanka as eternally youthful and pure with no darkness. She also represents the first stage of the four stages of  life and Mother Earth and future generations. She throws the ball to each goal and everyone at the goal scrambles to catch the ball. Only one of those trying to catch the ball will end up with it.
The goals represent that Wakan Tanka is everywhere, including all of the four directions.  Then the young girl throws the ball straight up into the air and all the teams try to get it. This represents the power from Wakan Tanka that descends on the people. When one person finally has possession of the ball it is given back to the young girl. The ones that catch the ball are given a valuable present such as a horse or a buffalo robe. These five winners represent the few people who reach a special closeness with Wakan Tanka even though many seek that closeness.
To receive a great blessing, each of the people participating  must choose to reach for the ball, while acknowledging or understanding that not everyone will be able to catch it. After the five catches of the ball, a prayer of thanks and acknowledgment is made and Wakan Tanka is asked to help the people retain its relationship with him and help them walk the sacred path without ignorance.
Then everyone sits down to a huge feast of traditional Native American food.
Native American wisdom is present in all of the tribes and passed on in many ways. But it is a shame to lose the old, traditional ceremonies and the understanding of why they were done.
According to Black Elk, the Throwing of the Ball is the 7th and last of the 7 Sacred Rituals given to the people by White Buffalo Cow Woman."
In the final paragraph of the book and of this rite, Black Elk says:
“At this sad time today among our people, we are scrambling for the ball, and some are not even trying to catch it, which makes me cry when I think of it. But soon I know it will be caught, for the end is rapidly approaching, and then it will be returned to the centre, and our people will be with it. It is my prayer that this be so, and it is in order to aid in this “Recovery of the ball”, that I have wished to make this book.” From the book "The Sacred Pipe" and the internet site