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A site based on the healing of the ancient wisdom of the Geocentric worldview. The understanding of sacred texts and wisdom is based on a relationship to the Source. This Central Source is the Fount from which the three distinct movements of the Earth globe flow. These three turns-rotation,revolution and precession are a great secret/sod and key to the profound teachings of the mekubalim/kabbalists. These movements provide us with the experience of shanah/time, olam/matter and nephesh/soul(being). The Earth turn called precession is the slow wobble that causes the polar skies to change slowly over a 26,000 year cycle.
The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

The mystery of the Sar/Prince of Rome

This artwork of an ancient Roman legend of Pluto, Persephone and Orpheus, is a Rosetta Stone of sorts for the wisdom traditions. It also helps us in understanding the true shape of the world. In the aboriginal traditions all physical "elements" and things have a spirit being association in the other 'continuum" that the ancients called the soul/spirit world. In the western traditions some of these are referred to as angels(book of Enoch3). The key here is that the Roman deity of the under earth, the chief of the metals and wealth, is none other than the Sar, the angel prince of Rome. In the Hebrew lineage tradition there is an angel prince for every nation or language group. What makes the Sar of Rome so significant is that ,he is also a specific metal chief, sometimes these are referred to as the Seraphim. He is also connected to the one level of soul at the root level called nephesh. There are five distinct aspects of the human soul in the Hebrew tradition. The three persons in this painting all have distinct associations in the world of beings and planets and elements as well as in the popularly accepted realm of symbol and archetype. Music as Orpheus, the planetary spirit of Jupiter, carrier of the knowledge of the schools of Pythagoras and Plato is the great awakener here to the goodness of the world.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

The New Planet is about a new world with a new Daat/Knowledge Dawning!

            This new "tenth" planet(Pluto is a real planet)being discovered may represent in the ancient Hebraic "map" of it all the quality called "daat" which is Knowledge. This is a a knowing of how it all is, the true shape of the universe and where we are in it.                     Dane Rudhyar, a famous 20th century astrologer predicted it would be discovered and that it carries the "seed" quality within Pluto's realm, and he related it to Persephone, the Lady who ate the 'forbidden fruit" of knowledge within the underworld realm of Pluto. It;s discovery aligns with the discovery of the true Center(and seed) of the creation. This new planet has a predicted orbit between ten and twenty thousand years which means it is in a synchronous pulse with the precesional wheel of the Earth, a 26,000 year cycle- the great secret of the ancient wisdom lineages. This is a whole vast order of magnitude in orbital cycle beyond the other planets.The Earth as embodiment of sky and the true center of the creation may be rediscovered with a little digging. The ancient Hebrew text the "Sepher Yetzira" has a map based on the Hebrew letters and ten vertices(endpoints)of a five dimensional worldview that has a place for all these new non naked-eye planets. It tells us that there are three "mother" letters and elements that are the aleph,mem and sheen. These have the qualities of three elements and the three distant planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. The seven double Hebrew letters correspond with the seven familiar celestial bodies(planets) of the ancients(the moon is the Earth soul, projected into sky). The twelve simple letters correspond with the zodiacal frame of reference. The "seven" and the "three" correspond with the nine planets and the sun and the ten omakim/depths popularly called sephirot/spheres. Therefore the new tenth sphere(planet) aligns with the mysterious eleventh sephirah called Daat/knowledge. So in this change of civilizations or worlds the "One" Source of the "three", "seven" and "twelve" is becoming known(Daat) in a new way.The ancient Hebrew text the "Sepher Yetzira" has a map based on the Hebrew letters and ten vertices(endpoints)of a five dimensional worldview that has a place for all these new non naked-eye planets. It is a treatise steeped in the math and geometry of the ancient schools of Plato and Pythagoras. The planetary spheres also involve qualities within the human being, the world of nature, and the elements, and their spirits. and so the key to the whispered mysteries of ancient temple building which aligns the human world with the divine 'shefa", flow of bounty, is opening up now.
 The three wheels in this ancient Hebrew medicine wheel(image above),printed in 1701ce. in the Sepher Eshel Avraham(The Book of the Tree of Abraham)aligns with the three ways the earth globe turns. These are rotation, orbital revolution, and precession. The central circle is the four metals- gold,silver,copper and iron and relates to what folks popularly know as the four yugas, world epochs, of ancient Hindu teaching. This turning of course aligns with the 26 thousand year precesional cycle. The discovery of the new planet is another sign that we are in a great change of yugas, or civilizations called Shemittot in Hebrew. All this is predicted in wisdom lineages within the great religions and aboriginal teachings.. And yes it all includes a global purification where the fearful, hateful shadow within individuals, nations, religions etc. is showing itself openly as essential for a real healing. refuah Sheleimah- Healing please and Shema-Listening to each other.

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Finding the true shape of the Universe with ancient Hebraic and aboriginal worldview

Finding the Center and the true shape of the Universe with ancient Hebraic and aboriginal worldview: Incorporating the soul realm into modern transformational astrology: Self and Source: I and Thou:
When we work with the ancient Hebraic (and Egyptian, Arabic, Chaldean) and geocentric/aboriginal worldview, as well as following the development of modern personality and psychological/humanistic astrology(heavily influenced by Greco-Roman archetypes) a unique perspective may evolve. The ancients viewed the planets as markers of vast hechalot/heavenly palaces that surround the Earth sphere in onion like layers which is all related to movement/vibration. They viewed the Earth as a nexus between a physical universe and a far vaster and complex soul realm. We have the knowledge in a revealed form that the Earth is actually animated by three stupendous turning movements, rotation, revolution and precession, where our sun only turns in two ways, rotation and revolution. The truth of how the Earth globe moves was once a closely guarded secret in the mystery schools. Many people still do not understand how this works. With this we may fathom how it is that the Earth is actually in the center of the whole deal since she interfaces with three vast vibrational fields because of that slow precessional wobble of approximately 26,000 years.  It isn't a coincidence that it takes precisely that much time-26,000 years for light to travel to the galactic center from our Earth. This reveals to us that this third great movement of the Earth brings us into a synchronous pulse with the galactic center.  Although we may not directly experience this vibrational field interfacing this Earth movement we have a clue here as to where part of the soul realm may interface with the physical realm. The native elders say that when we die, "drop our earthly robes", we put on our robes that include the bigger medicine wheels of the spirit world.  In the ancient temple traditions humanity has and is undergoing transformations that are called initiations and these relate to our ability to access consciously the heavenly palaces. In the Hebrew initiation tradition of the mekubalim (kabbalists) these are called passages of the "Priest", "Sovereign", "Scribe" and "Judge". In this view we may see a global initiation right now involving the Hechal/palace of the Levanah/Moon. This may be called the Moon Kiva/temple within the Earth.

The Kamea/grid of the moon (image enclosed) is the most complex(there is a number grid for each of the seven "planetary palaces") with eighty-one seats/halls of initiation (small boxes within). It incorporates so to speak the forty-five planetary chiefs/(chayot in Hebrew) of the Saturn hechal(total value of that Kamea/square=45) with the thirty-six seats/sovereigns of the sun/shemesh grid which are star/solar beings. 45+36=81 The religions/prayer-forms that have followed the lunar calendars ( Jews, Moslems, Tibetans. Certain Pagans and aboriginals) have played a key role in unifying the soul tree/realm in the physical creation.  Along with the sacred solar calendar count of Christianity these various ceremonial calendars have played a big part in a global healing and awakening. . We needed thousands of years to cover this work called the magnum opus by alchemists. The ancient astrology includes the relationship to a vast and complex soul/spirit world which also interfaces with the nature spirits of the elemental “kingdoms” including plant, animal and mineral. The three outer “transpersonal” planets spoken about so much these days in modern astrology, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, are aligned in the Hebrew with the three letters called “mothers”(Sefer Yetzirah) and directly relate to the three ways the Earth globe turns as well as the octaves/spirits of the planets Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.  In the soul realm they involve the elemental chiefs called the Sarim in Hebrew. The understanding of the Sarim is a key to world events since these beings play a big role in the prophetic traditions including Islam. In Islam they are referred to as the Imam Mahdi, the Dajall and Isa. You may find hundreds of videos and Islamic teachings about these three although mostly with only a partial and "spinned" understanding of what they are about.
So we may see with the big aspects like Pluto square Uranus spoken of often in modern astrological circles a realigning of modern psyche based humanistic astrology(Uranus) with the very soul roots(Pluto) of the ancient religions and aboriginal wisdom traditions. We are in a global Earth soul awakening as grandmother Twylah Nitsch related in her book, “Other Council Fires Were Here Before Ours”.  This treatise explained about this “fifth world” of “Illumination” we have entered as the Mayans, Pueblos and others have predicted. The movement through the seven worlds explained in these Seneca oral teachings parallel the initiation through the seven Hechalot/Planetary palace heavens(see image of the seven grids with Hebrew numbers) and the seven underearths in ancient Hebraic teachings.

Monday, December 28, 2015

The Solar Year 2016 and the unfolding Peace

The sacred solar(Gregorian) and lunar(Jewish and Tibetan) calendars are paths for humans to connect consciously with the elemental chiefs(dragons/bodhisattvas in eastern lore) that cause the Earth to turn in three specific ways as well as manifest the world we experience.

The kamea/grid of nine digits(see images) holds the key as to how the synchronous merging of prayerforms over thousands of years by the global wisdom lineages has unfolded like a flower. This new solar year of 2016 is pregnant with great auspicious potential in our endeavor to manifest a global Peace. People versed in the Hebrew wisdom lineage will recognize the significance of the numbers 2-1-6 appearing in that order in the year 2-0-1-6 for the first time since the year 216 ce(times of Jewish sage Judah HaNasi, compiler of the Mishnah). This number is the total number of letters in the sacred 72 part(3 each) expanded name of the Source of love - 72X3=216. These "72" are the cover image of this blog of course. The sum of the digits 2-1-6 also equals nine. The magic of the "nine" associated with the elemental chiefs called the Chayoth HaKodesh/holy creatures in Hebrew, is being revealed in a new way. As in previous TurtleTalksTorah the intrinsic quality of the kamea of Nine is "15"- the value of each row,column, and diagonals. "15" is also a Hebrew name of deity(Yah) since letters are also numbers in Hebrew. The key here is that the square of "15" = 15X15=225 and with the year 2016 we are entering the 225th nine year period of the solar calendar count. (224X9=2016)The square of an essential value like the "15" may be associated with it's unfolding in a manifest form.  The intrinsic quality of the kamea/grid of nine of  the planetary Hechal/palace of Shabbatai/Saturn is both justice and Peace in the ancient Hebrew source texts. It is not by chance that we will be electing the "45"th CEO of the United States this year and "45" is also the total value of the Kamea/grid of Nine. For people versed in the aboriginal American wisdom tradition the Cheyenne elder "Sweet Medicine" was initiated by the hayoth HaKodesh in his vision cave experience at Bear Butte many centuries ago. He sat in the center (45th) of a circle of FortyFour great winged lightning chiefs and was given the brother arrows bundle of the Northern Cheyenne. He was the male counterpart to White Buffalo Calf Woman who appeared to the Lakota. He carried a soul root of the American continent and her peoples and the US government is built upon the Native cosmology with the supreme court of nine justices(nine underworld judges of the Mayan), the Eagle chief in Washington and the congress as the Lords of Light and Dark as they are called in Meso-America. To this very day the Northern Cheyenne Nation has a council of FortyFour peace chiefs as a mirror of the initiation of Sweet Medicine. Our present fortyfourth president has the Hebrew name for "lightningbolt" and so our transition to the Fortyfifth president holds auspicious potential for a great stride in revealing a real Peace. The pyramidal/triangular form of the Kameas(see image), the number grids, show the nine steps that culminate in the "45" at the bottom level connected to the physical.  The value of "45" is also the value of the Hebrew word 'Adam" as well as one of the values of the four extended ways of writting the tetragrammaton name(YHVH) and so we are in a full unfolding of the original soul root of all humanity. We are all family!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgivikah II and putting ENOCH back into Chanukah

This thanksgiving will be held on the night of the full moon of Kislev, the miraculous moon/month that Chanukah is celebrated. This celebration is about the dedication of the Jewish Temple called the Beith Hamikdash within our own homes and lands all over the holy globe of the Earth. The sacred oil called shemen in Hebrew is first mentioned in the Torah in the section where Jacob uses a special rock as his pillow in the wilderness and has his famous dream of the sulam, the ladder that connects heaven to Earth. This rock holds the secret of the true Eben Shetiyah, the foundation stone of the temple that connects heaven and Earth. Then he awakens and anoints the rock with the shemen/oil, this being a hint to the oil of the Temple and the holiday of Chanukah celebrated during the dark of the month of Kislev. This story is always read during the month of Kislev. The full moon is the same blessed light that we bring into our homes a few days later during the darkest days of the month and the shanah/year cycle.
The root of the word for Chanukah is Chanoch which is also the name of the first human shaman to understand the mystery medicine walk of the evolved human to a point that it is said that he walked fully with HaShem, the Source of Love. Tradition tells us that he became a very special angel called Metatron and all this happened before the Jewish religion historically began. By studying the planetary mysteries and other wisdom lineages we may understand that he visited other peoples and brought them the "knowledge of the East" as it I called in the Sepher HaZohar. He came to these peoples as the being called Vishnu in ancient India.(see the image of the Vishnu yantra with the Mogen David in the center) All the wisdom lineages are part of the holy tree of life that permeates the great Temple building tradition whose goal is to manifest the Peace that is in the heavens right here on Earth. May the blessings of the light of the sacred Shemen/oil bring the great Peace(with a capital P since this is a sacred name of deity in the Hebrew) to all of us here living in the Earth.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Jewish and Aztec/Mayan calendars, the Lunar Eclipse of Sukkot and the USA

Our times hold the auspicious beauty and bounty of a new synchronous cycle between the ancient Meso-American calendars and the priestly calendars of the Hebrew and Tibetan lineages. The priestly calendars are rooted in the Moon cycles and the planetary cycle of Shabbatai/saturn called Tezcatlipoca in the Aztec. The grid of the nine numbers called kamea(magic square)as seen in the Tibetan calendar image(in the center)is the key. It also unites the place of the USA and the american government in the great change we are experiencing. The nine little boxes are equal to the nine dark lords of the Aztec underworld and the nine judges on theUSA supreme court. The total value of the grid is=45 and we are now picking the 45th president. This square is related to the Hechal/palace of the planet Saturn in the ancient Hebrew worldview and this planet is all about JUSTICE. The Jewish and Aztec calendars are precisely 28 years apart in their sacred count of time since the "beginning". In August, 1987 at the harmonic convergence the Aztec calendar marked 5720 years and the Hebrew calendar was about to enter it's 5748th year. The 28 years difference is approximately the cycle of the planet Saturn, called Shabbatai in Hebrew, about the sun. We are now 28 years- about a full cycle of saturn since the harmonic convergence and the end of the Aztec count in 1987. Synchronicity has gone exponential. The moon hechal(palace)now holds what the Hebrews call the micono, the seat of the Source that in ancient days was reserved for the more "distant" hechal(palace) of Shabbatai/Saturn. The Moon and Saturn have an intrinsic day to year synchronous cycle/relationship- the Moon has a 28-30 day cycle and a 28-30 year cycle for Saturn.


Thursday, September 10, 2015

The moon of the maaznyim/scales and the Shofar

TurtleTalkTorah for the moon of the scales, the maaznyim. Great secrets may be discovered when a person studies and truly listens to the teachings of wisdom traditions other their own path. Keys may be revealed that unlock mysteries. This is how it has been set up as a test. Aboriginal peoples have clan systems that involve the animals, plants, celestial bodies and elements. Rivalries in the socio-political arena may be mirrored in ancient animal rivalries as the photo here o...f the wasp laying her eggs in the still living but paralyzed abdomen of the spider. Spiders are great at weaving webs that catch mostly winged insects such as the wasps. Ancient Jewish midrashim/legends explain these rivalries culminating in the epic battle between two great "beasts", Leviathan/water and Behemoth/earth-fire. When their struggle ends Peace will manifest on Earth according to the legends. I have previously offered the possibility that the out of balance shadow animal of water is mirrored in the hatred and intolerance of religious fundamentalism. While the out of balance shadow animal of earth is mirrored in corporate greed. Ancient astrology because it is connected to the totem animal clans and the "elements" of the ancients holds some very good frames of reference in understanding how all this is playing out. We may particularly look at the three essential qualities in astrology called "cardinal", "fixed", and "mutable". For mekubalim/kabbalists these are the "three" causal level of the elements called the three "mothers" and relate to three special letters in the Hebrew. It is these three elemental qualities that the great animal clan rivalry concerns at a root level. "Cardinality" is the fire of beginnings; "Fixicity" is the water that holds and gestates and "Mutability" is the air that changes it all up. In my own understanding the wisdom lineages and their religious branches have been about the joining at the essential levels - the soul realm- of these ancient qualities/totems within the human world. Kind of like a marriage of royals that joins kingdoms and establishes Peace. The moon of the mazaniyim/scales-libra is about walking this balance. The Ram of the ram's horn(aries) holds the quality of cardinality=beginnings from the ocean. The turtle holds the quality of fixicity of the sacred soul lake. Lake and Ocean; wolf and lamb.