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A site based on the healing of the ancient wisdom of the Geocentric worldview. The understanding of sacred texts and wisdom is based on a relationship to the Source. This Central Source is the Fount from which the three distinct movements of the Earth globe flow. These three turns-rotation,revolution and precession are a great secret/sod and key to the profound teachings of the mekubalim/kabbalists. These movements provide us with the experience of shanah/time, olam/matter and nephesh/soul(being). The Earth turn called precession is the slow wobble that causes the polar skies to change slowly over a 26,000 year cycle.
The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Thursday, July 16, 2015

TurtleTalk for Rosh Chodesh AV-the moon of the LION/aryeh

TurtleTalkTorah for the moon of the month of Av, the moon of the aryeh/lion. yes the turtle may roar this month. this especially since the NINE is big in this Hebrew month-the fast of the month is on the ninth day when Jews mourn for all that has been lost in their history, all the missteps, all of the nightmare. yet we just got pics sent back for the first time EVER of the NINTH planet and the date of this Hebrew year is tav-shin-ayin-heh which spells the word-tesha which is... the word for NINE. Yet this year the ninth of the Hebrew month of Av falls on the holy Sabbath, which is a remez/hint at something very good, so Jews who observe the fast do it on the tenth day. The most famous turtle in the wisdom lineages is that of the ancient Chinese sage Lo Shu(image enclosed) which has the box/kamea of NINE numbers-nine little boxes with the numbers one thru nine so that they express a beautiful pattern of symmetry and magic. as expressed in previous TurtleTalks this grid in the ancient Hebraic worldview corresponds with the sphere of the planet Shabbatai/Saturn and holds the power of JUSTICE among other qualities. The fast of the Ninth of Av is about the rebalance in experience between exile and redemption both inside and out-in the social-political and economic spheres as well as in individual religious freedom issues. Horrifically we saw NINE holy beautiful people martyred here in America, for their freedom to worship the Source of goodness and to just be the beauty that they are. They had welcomed the stranger into their house of worship-about the holiest action taught of in the Jewish wisdom of Torah. This happened as we completed NINE months of this Hebrew year whose number date is also the word for nine. The ashes of the the man who discovered the ninth planet flew by that globe precisely on the day that a nuclear peace deal of great importance was completed. The mission to Pluto took just over NINE years.That man lived in the state which is known as the home, the birthplace of the nuclear weapon.The discovery of the Ninth planet occurred precisely as the goodness of the world was challenged by a global force of hatred(1930) and we entered the age of the nuclear weapon. As stated previously the total value of the box/kamea of Nine is equal to 45(sum of the numbers 1 thru 9) and the United States is beginning the process to pick her 45th CEO. The box of Nine is also a mirror of the Nine seats on the supreme court of the USA(which holds Justice-the quality of Shabbatai) which has helped bring in some great miracles this year. The silent Turtle of Justice may be roaring if we could but listen just as the Ninth planet shows us her Heart of crystalline water in deep space. Live and Love, this Rosh Chodesh of the Moon of the Lion.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Heavenly Shoreshim/ROOTs Being Revealed

A big synchronicity(miracle) is happening as a spaceship will be sending back close crisp photos of the planet Pluto for the first time ever next week. This is the Hebrew month/moon of Tammuz which has the quality of "seeing"-Reyeah according to the Sepher Yetzirah. What is especially great is that the Sepher Yetzira explains the geometrical structure of the planetary world according to the Twenty two Hebrew letters and this includes a primary function for the Three "mother" ...letters - aleph/mem/sheen. I do understand that these three primary letters also correspond to the three distant invisible planets,(pluto-neptune-uranus) also the qualities of cardinal,fixed and mutable and also the three ways that the Earth moves-rotation,revolution and precession. The five naked eye planets and the sun and moon correspond to the seven "double" letters in the Sepher Yetzirah and the twelve remaining letters are the twelve zodiacal signs that are the frame of reference of the sky as an expression of the Earth. Earth is embodiment of sky and the divine.This actual close-up SEEING of the little planet pluto is synchronous with the revealing of the mystery of the three mother letters and the first letter of Hebrew- the ALEPH. The picture of the cube enclosed reveals how the letters, the planets and signs all go to create this cubic/physical olam/world. The cube has twelve edges-the months,tribes and zodiac;six faces and the center point=the seven- five visible planets and the sun and moon; and the THREE axis which correspond to Uranus,neptune and PLUTO. The basics of the Jewish religion are also found in the cube- the three axis are the patriarchs, the six faces are the matriarchs(four wives of Jacob and Sarah and Rebbeca) and the twelve edges are the Tribes. The eight corner points(vertices) is the covenant at eight days.The Center point is the Mystery of HaShem/Source. The sky is an outer projection of all that is the Earth and what she embodies, the circle of divinity-Shechinah. The secrets of the turtle and her colors are opening. So deep mysteries are being revealed close-up now. Good Shabbos of healing to all!

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Pesach Red Moon

this beautiful ancient Egyptian time capsule of a wisdom painting holds a kind of knowledge for our awakening now. the folks that made this particular work of art did not worship animals in a way that some people think. they held a heart centered lineage tradition. the Passover actually celebrates a hand-off of the baton of sorts of priestly lineages dedicated to the flowering of the Earth. the ram headed dude in the center displays the fact that the essence quality he holds ...had not yet fully evolved within humanity yet - so we have an animal head on a human body. these three personages are a key to knowing who the mysterious three men who visited Abram and Sarai were all about. It also teaches us about the ram that was sacrificed in place of Isaac and his famous two horns. In these three we have here the essences of olam/matter, nephesh/being and shanah/time. astrologers call them the qualities of cardinality/matter-fixicity/soul and mutability/time. they are woven together with the three ways the Earth globe turns- precession/rotation/revolution. the ram head's helical horns/shofarim show us that this image is related to the precessional wobble of the globe that manifests the twin helixes above(heaven) and below(Earth). The lady nepthys is weaver of the Earth rotation, she gives us the dark blessed night and the waters of soul/being(moon) while the lady isis is the year cycle of earth-sun. It has all really been an ancient love story like shir hashirim/song of all songs. two lovers, one who holds the Night/leilah(wolf) and the other who carries the Day/yom(lamb) needed to touch. And so we have this Earth, this creation and this flowering. the image is from the book "Egyptian mysteries" by Lucie Lamy. Hag Sameach

Thursday, January 29, 2015

What is the Foundation Stone? Part II:

Secrets of the Seven Day Week:(and why a Sabbath is so important)
 Secrets of the Seven Day Week:(and why a Sabbath is so important) The enclosed diagram gives over the secrets of our seven day week and the Earth centered worldview of ancient peoples. It also explains why the ancient wisdom tradition established our week and the order of the days.
Part I: The mathematics of the circle makes the division by seven parts yield an irrational fraction. The sacred circle of the seven day week has the goal of embodying the (irrational)mystery of the sky/shamayim fully within the Earth. Seven is the only number of the ten whole digits that has no factors out of the lesser numbers and or produces no products out of the greater numbers.
The order of the days of the week is explained by this diagram. Each magic grid and "planet" is in the order of their apparent motion in the sky. The slowest starts in the bottom left corner with Saturn and the smallest 3X3 grid and the day Saturday, and the apparent speed increases and the size of the grids increases as you go clockwise around the circle. In the ancient worldview these are the planetary heavens that encircle the Earth as sheaths like that of onion layers. The heaven of Saturn is the outer(upper)most and the heaven of the Moon is the closest.To discover the secret of the order of the days of the week you need to place your finger at "Saturn" in the lower left and trace along the line of the star up to the "sun" - Sunday and then along the line down to the "moon"-Monday and so on. This is why the days are ordered as they are. to be continued......

Sunday, January 18, 2015

What is the Foundation Stone?

What is the foundation stone?

The eben shetiyah is the Hebrew name for the foundation stone in the Hebrew wisdom tradition. It is the place where the heavens-shamayim and the Earth-haaretz meets in our physical world. It is also a key to our new epoch/world and the true shape of the cosmos.  In Europe it was known as the "axis mundi" or world navel and in ancient America it has been called the Sipapu by the Pueblo peoples. The simple language of astrology in it’s ancient Hebraic and Ptolemaic form provides an opening to understanding what the eben shetiyah is about and why it is important to us today. A big part of the ancient astrology that is missing so to speak from modern astrology is the dimension of soul-nephesh and how this interfaces with time-shanah and space-olam. This has been replaced in a sense by archetypal “energies” and patterns built from Jungian depth psychology where the psyche/mind has taken the place of the reality of the ocean of soul. The realm of soul  is actually  a whole and primary dimensionality along with space and time whereas in the new modern view  it has been replaced by the psyche/mind which is viewed as only a byproduct of biological animal evolution and a secondary development out of time/space. This displacement of soul with psyche and the schism of worldview created by a misunderstanding how the ancient scientists and thinkers understood the geocentric model has made for a great mix up of the ancient truths about the shape of our awesome creation. A further mix up has been the personality based modern astrology that uses archetypal patterns related to the Greco-roman mythology and their gods which in most cases does not incorporate the true essential qualities of the planetary spheres. We must remember that in the ancient Hebraic worldview the planetary spheres were really understood as spherical onion like layers with the Earth at the center. The physical planets were only localized condensations of these planetary heavens. The Sepher Yetzirah gives us the true qualities of the planetary spheres and this is a big opening in a truer understanding of the “map” or bigger topography of the cosmos.

We may repair the worldview schism by using the basic “map” given to us in the Hebrew primer of the wisdom tradition called the “Sepher yetzirah” and the basics of Ptolemaic astrology along with what astronomy has revealed to us through recent historical discoveries. To simplify all the elements so this post is not too long the book tells us that the number values THREE/SEVEN/TWELVE are a critical pattern that corresponds to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet as well as elements in astrology. In traditional astrology these are the THREE- Triplicities of cardinality, fixicity, and mutability. The SEVEN- are the five visible planetary spheres and the sun and moon. The TWELVE- are the zodiacal signs which are the frame of reference of the wheel created by the Earth’s tilt and revolution about the sun. The secret to how this basic frame of reference reveals where the foundation stone is and the Source of it all, is in the three recently discovered non-naked eye planets – Uranus/Neptune/Pluto.

What we may learn from the aboriginal understanding of the cosmos is that the sky is only a projection of the of what the Earth holds. The key to this is in the THREE ways that the Earth moves- rotation/revolution/precession. These THREE connect us to the THREE triplicities in traditional astrology, the three “mother elements” in the Hebrew wisdom and the THREE outer planets discovered since the use of the telescope. The THREE realms of the creation – soul-nephesh, time-shanah, and space-olam are mentioned in the Sepher Yetzirah. These are directly connected to the three movements of the Earth globe. These three ways that the Earth turns have been a great secret in the mystery  because the processional wheel  is so slow that it took multi-generational records of astronomical observations to understand it.

This brings us back to what is the Foundation Stone of the physical creation? – where the heavens and the Earth meets. This sacred pace called “Makom” by the mekubalim/kabbalists was at one time in the land of ancient Judea for the Hebrew people at the site of the first holy temple and it has occurred at other places for different peoples around the Earth. It is not only in one place and geography is not the only determining factor. We will continue this for the next post. To really get the gist of this a person must understand the above ideas well.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Where is the Eben Shetiyah?

unusual to hear a Pueblo elder speak for a couple of hours on the "raw people"- spirit beings and the indigenous wisdom teachings. especially good for his references to the "sipapu or shipapu". this is the birth canal that connects worlds or realms. In the Hebrew this holds the mystery of the Eben shetiyah - the foundation stone that connects the shamayim(heavens) to the sacred Eretz(Earth), the mystery of the holy beith hamikdash-temple. the fighting over "sacred places" will cease when the truth of what this is about is understood and the entire Earth is respected as a sacred temple. soon please


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The One Source we call HaShem

HaShem is the UNIQUELY original Source(soul);Center(makom-space)and beginning(ziman-time) seed of the tree/Etz Chaiim of all that is. As unique individuals our relationship to Source/HaShem may inform us as to where we are and who we are. ich und du

In counterpoint(for my tree hugging pagan friends) how is HaShem one/united with the Shechinah? this is where the real secret/sod of the mekubalim rings in. for the ways the Earth sphere moves/dances was always a closely guarded secret for the wisdomkeepers. Her rotation manifests as day and night(soul); Her revolution(about the sun) manifests as time/shanah-the seasons(light and dark) and Her precessional wobble manifests space/makom(heaven and Earth,tohu and bohu,morning and evening. these you will hear as the ten omakim/depths(sephirot) listed in the first words of Torah.

The sacred Makom/place we have  now is related to what is known as the Eben Shetiyah, the foundation stone of the Beith HaMikdash HaShleishi- the" third holy House" or sanctuary. this is a time/place/soul where all the three "holy of holies"- kadosh kadoshim of time/shanah, place(space)/makom and soul/nephesh are unified in the physical world.