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A site based on the healing of the ancient wisdom of the Geocentric worldview. The understanding of sacred texts and wisdom is based on a relationship to the Source. This Central Source is the Fount from which the three distinct movements of the Earth globe flow. These three turns-rotation,revolution and precession are a great secret/sod and key to the profound teachings of the mekubalim/kabbalists. These movements provide us with the experience of shanah/time, olam/matter and nephesh/soul(being). The Earth turn called precession is the slow wobble that causes the polar skies to change slowly over a 26,000 year cycle.
The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Thursday, December 27, 2007

a new fire/Ehieh Asher Ehieh

The Zohar commentary on this weeks Torah parsha for Shemot, the first portion of the book of Exodus makes it very clear that Moses/Moshe Rabbeinu was born out of the Devekut, the spiritual cleaving between his parents, Amram and Yocheved. Indeed he was drawn out of the waters of infinite Love. It says speaking about Amram:” and the Holy One, Baruch Hu, assisted him, for we learned the Schechinah dwelt on their bed and that their intention when they cleaved together was on the Schechinah. Therefore, the Schechinah was not removed from the son whom they bore, so as to fulfill what is written:” And you shall sanctify yourselves and you shall be holy”(Vayikra 11:44). A person sanctifies himself from below, so the Holy One, Baruch Hu, sanctifies him from above. As their intention was the cleaving of the Schechinah, so did the Schechinah cleave to their very actions”(ZoharIIShemot Ashlag trans)
We have the beginning of the active technology of initiation appearing as the mateh/scepter of Moses here in this chapter that begins the sepher of the geulah/redemption. This was foreshadowed in last weeks parsha that ended the book of creation/genesis. In Beresheis chapter 49-spelled mem-tet(49) in verse five-heh we have the secret reference to the scepter/mateh-mem-tet-heh of Aaron and Moses, in this verse Levi’s blessing begins and he is mentioned. These blessings of the son’s of Yakov contain secret/sod information regarding the scepter technology that comes into the foreground in the book of Shemot/exodus. We also have a prophecy for how many years after the ingathering(that began in 5750/1990)that the active form of the scepter would begin. The appearance of the “new” kochav/comet during the full moon of Chesvan began after seventeen years was complete since 5750. The verse in Torah tells us that Jacob lived 17 years in mitzrayim/Egypt before he was gathered to his ancestors.
In this parsha of Shemot we have the source of time appearing to Moshe out of a different kind of fire. We know of three kinds of fire from the three pillars of the letter shin and the ancient traditions of India speak of the three aspects of this element so important to Hindu ritual. The traditions of ancient India are referred to in Zohar as from the “book of the wisdom of the east”. We have electric fire like lightning, chemical fire like wood burning and the candle, and solar fire which we now call nuclear fire. The fire mentioned in Shemot seems closely aligned with the fire of the sun and stars. The appearance of the comet outburst is most likely related to this third kind of fire that the Source appears from at this point in Torah. We have a new name for haShem that the commentators tell us implies the eternal-all inclusive of the continuum/aeon we call time.
The country of the United States has achieved a milestone in honoring the sacred Chayah/life and the Source of all that is. The thirteenth state(and DC)New Jersey has now abolished capital punishment forever! We pray that achieving the special number of thirteen-the number of founding colonies, and the value of the Hebrew word for unity/echad and the value of the word for Love/ahavah, means an acceleration in this process is at hand. The United Nations also recently passed a resolution asking for a global moratorium on all state sanctioned murder. Activists in this special work lighted up the ancient Roman Colosseum as a sign of victory and hope in response to the move by the UN.Baruch HaShem!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

machpelah is complete/ pluto in the gedi/capricorn

The last two Torah parshot, Miketz and Vayigash have had no mention of the most exalted name of the Life giver - YHVH. The brothers have gone down into the deep material world of Egypt/mitzrayim and the beginning of the exile from the holy adamah/Earth is foreshadowed for the priestly peoples. We have the most exalted name appearing again in this weeks parsha of Vayehi. It is in a most interesting place, during the blessing of Jacob for his son Dan. Dan as said earlier is the tribe of this dark winter month of tevet and it also corresponds to the mazal/star sign of the gedi/kid. Astrologers will know that this sign is part of the cardinal four signs that have to do with the will of the Source manifesting in the world. These blessings of Jacob's sons are according to oral Torah hidden prophecies for our times when the light of the geulah/redemption is grower brighter by the day and night. The Torah says " Assemble yourselves and I will tell you what will befall you in the End of Days"Beresheit 49:1. The end of days is in Hebrew, " beacharit hayamim" and this is a phrase denoting the change in aeons that the Earth is experiencing right now. It says of Dan that he will unite all the tribes, he will be as a nachash/serpent that bites a horse's heels/ayekvey. The heel is another sign of the very "end", the heel, of a long phase of history of the exiles. Then it says a prayer for the yeshuatecha/salvation to HaShem. This is the only place YHVH is found in the last three parshot of the book of Beresheis which cover the beginning of the long road of the work of raising the sparks of kedusha/holiness from the depths of the Earth. These blessings were prophecies of the future that is happening now and here only with the tribe who is the serpent that goes the deepest of creatures, we have the exalted name. The big connection for us now is the sign/mazal of Dan as the gedi/capricororn. As spoken of before, the planet pluto veils the most hidden of the sephirot/keter, the crown, the depth of the continuum of being, the soul world. This planet takes 248 to make a swing around the shemesh/sun. The ancient sepher Hechalot/ the book of palaces gives us the dimensions of three kinds of angelic celestials. The wingspan of a Kerub is precisely 248 years distance! The planet pluto and the Earth herself hold the vertices of the central pillar, the continuum of being/life. In the last week of January, in Shevat we have pluto moving into the cardinal earth sign of the gedi/the kid where it will be for many years. Pluto has not been in an Earth mazal for decades. We also have the moon's nodal point/ where her orbit intersects the ecliptic, moving into aquarius where it was in the year 5750 when we moved into this special historical period of the Kibbutz goliot, the ingathering of exiles. The moon's nodes swing through all the signs in a little over 18 years and so we will be experiencing a greatly accelerated movement of the global purification and peace process. The comet holmes in peretz/perseus will also be moving by the star algol/Lilith at TuB'shevat at the same time that Pluto moves into the goat.We are right now getting a sharp focus on it all as the planet mars/mea'dim goes into opposition at midnight at zenith in the night sky of the night of December 24th/Tevet15- the full moon. What a star on the top of the tree that so many christian people bring into their homes. Most do not know that this tree is the very tribal Jewish shamanic symbol of the Etz Chayim, the tree of sacred Life that binds us all together.We are all related!

The Torah parsha for this week ends with Jacob being brought for burial to the special cave of Machpelah where the eight matriarchs and patriarchs are together like in the kamea of the 3X3 with the Five of life and the letter Heh of the great name in the middle box. Here is the key to the techiyas HaMetim, the enlivening of the dead that some are even now beginning to sense happening as we discover who we really are and what this is all about. the Zohar hints at the stone connection to Machpelah in the commentary for this week about the Eben shetiyah, the foundation stone."When HaShem created the world, He established it on seven pillars..... the world did not come into being until HaShem took a certain stone, which is called the foundation stone, and cast it into the abyss so that it held fast there, and from it the world was planted. This is the central point of the universe, and on this point stands the Holy of Holies" Zohar I231a(Sperling trans). This stone of special crystal, the cave of machpelah and the kamea of Shabbatai 3X3 are all the secret of the gate of the awakening of those asleep in the dust.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

winter lodge/ sparks of kedusha

We are now deep into the “black lodge” of the winter month of Tevet. In native traditions this is the time to light the fires of the oral wisdom tradition and warm the heart and mind with the legends and stories. In the Torah parsha for the week we are uniting as a people deep down in the land of Mitzriyim/Egypt all seventy children of Jacob. This is the beginning of the united sacred tribal people going into the depths to bring up the sparks of kedusha/holiness and join the sacred ohr/light with the fecund darkness of the material creation. The powerful King, Judah and the righteous dreamer of prophecy, Joseph come together in this part of the story as these aspects in the individual on the path of initiation must join in order to keep to the path of the ancient temple tradition. Here with the descent into the material of Egypt we also have according to the oral teachings, the birth of Yocheved at the gates of entering Egypt, she is the mother of Moshe Rabbeinu, the redeemer of Israel from the Mitzryim. Torah is always teaching us about the movement of polarities. The exile is just beginning historically when the seeds of redemption are being planted also. In history the siege of Jerusalem by the King of Babylon is remembered on the tenth of Tevet as in the summer the 17th of tammuz remembers the siege by the Romans. The Sepher Yetzira, the primer of kabbalah, gives a Hebrew letter to every month and this month of Tevet we have the letter ayin whose value is seventy. It has been the work of the 70 souls who descended into mitzryim to raise the sparks that unite the 70 nations of the globe into the covenant of peace, the Bris Shalom, as is mentioned in the haftorah for the week. As we began Chanukah we counted 40 days from the appearance of the new comet in Peretz, the constellation of the breaker. We will make a count of 70 days during this month of Tevet as we keep the hidden lights of Chanukah, the Ohr Haganuz, the light of redemption/geulah, alive in our beings. The tribe for the month of Tevet is Dan and we see in this parsha that of all the brothers he has only one son, named Chushim. His symbol is the serpent who knows the underground paths of the Earth and so from this often maligned tribe we have only one child born, whose name contains the very same letters of moshiach-chet-shin-yod-mem; = mem-shin-yod-chet. The serpent in Hebrew, Nachash, also has the value of 358 which equals the value in gematria of the word moshiach. From these depths of the material weaving of the creation we will find the light of the geulah for a healed Earth. As above so below.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Wheel of the Eight/Earth temple/Chanukah!

This week we light the eight lights of the menorah that honor the success of the priestly peoples in raising the sparks of kedusha/holiness and making the Mother Earth into a temple of praise for sacred Chayah/Life. In this weeks Torah parsha/Miketz, always sung on Chanukah, we have the meeting of the two brothers Joseph and Benjamin after 22 years of bitter separation. Joseph has been given the signet ring of the Pharaoh who is said in commentaries to represent HaShem as the sovereign of Earth. This is the only mention in Tanach of the signet ring, the other is in the scroll of Esther. She gets the ring of the Persian King, who is also said to represent the rule of HaShem on Earth. The ring as part of the sacred temple technology of the Hebrews becomes important in the literature of Kabbalah and Zohar as well as the pseudopigraphical writings. The actual letters of the word Chanukah - Chet-nun-vav-caf-heh are also found in the three words describing the animal that is dined on by the brothers; tevcha tevach vehachen -Bereishis,43:16. These five letters are not in order but this is the only place in Torah where the letters that spell Chanukah with the vav are found in a row. This presages the continuation of the holy Temple tradition through the exiles right after Joseph's freedom and rise to power presages the geulah/redemption globally. Later Joseph has his silver goblet put into Benjamin's sack. The goblet represents the sacred traditions of the precious temple vessels. The sacks of the tribal brothers represents their territories and it is in Benjamin's territory that the Beit haMikdash is destined to first be built. Benjamin's meal portion when the brothers dine, is said to be five times the portion of his brothers. These are the five levels of soul that the complete human becomes initiated into as part of the temple tradition. The word for light/Ohr is also mentioned five times in the book of Beresheis/Genesis. We have discussed previously the importance of the numbers five and eight in the Fibonacci series and in the Kameas/planetary/day number grids. The holy of Holies in the Temple incorporates the sacred cube in it's geometry and the cube has eight corners that correspond to the eight boxes of numbers in the 3X3 grid of the Sabbath. The number five is in the central box. The peoples of the earth are being consciously initiated into a new level of initiation involving the Kamea of the Sabbath and the planet Earth as a holy wheel/ophan. This is also spoken about as the kinoor of eight strings that comes into play during this new epoch we are entering. We are going beyond the natural bow/keshet of seven that is the sign of this month of Kislev. We are lighting the fecund choseych/darkness of the world in a new way.the sky chiefs/celestials are helping us become aware of these changes with the new stars that have been appearing. This is all directly connected to the special cave of Machpelah where the patriarchs and matriarchs reside. This holiday celebrates the awakening/enlivening of those "dead" and asleep. The lights are the lights of awakening!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Wheel of the Earth/Chanukah dedication

This wheel is a teaching for initiation and Peace. We are beginning this teaching wheel to help inaugurate the Earth as the Beit HaMikdash/Temple.
It includes the seasons, directions and Hebrew festivals as a cycle of beauty to bring the people together in a dance of joy and peace.
Nisan air Spring
South water Miriam
Rosh HaShanah
Sarah West
Chanukah fire Winter Midnight
Moses Gold
Oral torah

Center Sabbath
Wheel of Earth

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Peretz and Zerach/ the twins are Born to the Great Tree

In this weeks Torah parsha of Vayeishev we have the story of Joseph and his sale by his brothers after putting him in a pit. This presages the exile of the Hebrew peoples after the destruction of the Beith HaMikdash that was presaged in last weeks parsha by the wounding of Jacob's thigh. These parshot always lead up to the time of Chanukah which symbolizes the light that heals these difficulties arising from the tension between siblings on their way to initiation. Chanukah also involves the secrets of initiation of the great temple/school. What is amazing is how in this parsha we have the root of the future exile of the priestly people, we also have the hint and means for the redemption- the global redemption - with the birth of Twins/Teomim to Tamar whose names means palm tree. She is the holy Etz Chaiim/Tree of life embodied by the community of Yisrael. She is also a carrier of the staff of Judah! which is called the mateh in Torah. This mateh means she is closely aligned with the very special wisdom of initiation. Her sons are thus, Peretz who is described as the moon and ancestor of the Davidic dynasty; and the sun- Zerach, who thrust his hand out first but then withdrew it and so Peretz was then born first fully. This is the prophecy that first a bright shining light will appear for an instant first ,like the sun or a star, and then the dynasty of David Hamelech would arise to restore the sovereignty of HaShem to the Earth. the comet that brightened in a day more then any other in recorded history, has appeared shining=Zerach, in the starry mazzal of Peretz(perseus the breaker). And we are fast approaching the end of a forty day period(since the comet appeared) to light the first light of the eight days of dedicating the Holy temple of the Mother Earth. Twins, the sun and moon are born from out of the great Tree who is Life. And when ever the moon dims during her cycle since the comet has burst on the seen in Chesvan, we have the bright enormous dust cloud of the new comet brightening into visibility.This sphere like cloud of dust is now twice the diameter of the sun. Scientists/Astronomers are just scratching their heads at this happening. " and the light of the moon will be as the light of the sun" from the words of Isaiah. All in the mazzal of Peretz.The eight days of light we celebrate on the 25th of Kislev, starting next Tuesday night- are the light of the world of geulah, a celebration of freedom from oppression and exile. The Shechinah is home and accepted, the divine face of the Mother Earth is shining.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

the thigh of Jacob/blue star/comet of Jacob

Sky and Earth, depth and silence-Father and Mother are speaking to us. This weeks Torah portion is about Jacob striving with the angel and becoming Israel. the wounded thigh presages the destruction of the Beith haMikdash; the diaspora of the holy peoples and the refuah, the healing that we are now seeing unfolding before our eyes. From the Zohar on Vayishlach-"Observe that the lower grades form a hierarchy, one above the other, and each different from the other, yet all linked and interlocked with each other. So is kingdom separate from kingdom, yet is each linked to the other. All the grades are held, as it were, by one chain of a certain measurement, which in turn is divided into three smaller chains which reach down and are tied to the STARS and planets, so that each grade is assigned one star or planet. Those STARS in their turn operate under the grades above."Zohar I-177b.(Sperling trans) The appearance of the new comet/Kochav in the thigh of Peretz is a loud shout that the third Beith HaMikdash is now established in the Earth. As we approach the 25th of this month of the Keshet/Bow the light that is illumining the Choseyhk/the fecund darkness will become more visible, with the will of HaShem. The Zohar tells us(Balk221b) that the star of Jacob is linked to a shaking of the ancient Holy Land - 45-miles around the ancient cave. the recent earthquake in the ancient land of Judah measured 4.5 on the Richter scale- a gentle shake with a loud message. the number 4.5 is also associated with the planetary space between Tzedeq/Jupiter(4) and Meadim/Mars(5), this is where the comet and asteroid belt lies, the home of Comet Holmes. The original dates of the appearances of this star will be significant to the students of Kabbalah. In 1892 the kochav first appeared on the lunar date of Chesvan 16. This last appearance was the solar date of October24th. Our work has been the raising of the sparks of kedusha/holiness from the darkness and uniting the soul roots of humanity. Edom has been brought into the sacred temple of initiation. The sky chiefs are speaking now. The Earth and all her peoples are going through a new Shaar/Gate of initiation. Baruch HaShem!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

the lampstand/pleiades and Algol as Lilith

This is the month-Kislev which holds the secret of the Shemen, the sacred oil that is the very light of the name-HaShem. This word for light is ohr, and it is the 25th word of Torah and on the 25th of this month we celebrate this light that is the light of our own soul=neshamah which contains the word shemen in itself. The new light in the sky is also illuminated by the light of the sun which radiates the solar form of fire. It first appeared when the scientists were discovering radioactive substances(1890's-ce). These are actually rocks in the Earth that radiate light like the sun and stars. The talmud tells us that HaShem will take this hot fire of the sun out of it's pouch and heal the righteous with it. Is the use of this fire as an anointing oil, the very sod/secret of this new epoch we are entering? Is the appearance of this new star in Peretz/perseus(also the head of the ancient American water serpent-kukulcan, it's tail is the Pleiades)the validation that the light of the moon is as the light of the sun. Did Shlomo HaMelech/Solomon's wisdom of the dark of the moon involve the making of the ancient mystery of the ner tamid-the ever-burning lamp? The new bright comet Holmes first appeared near the full moon of Chesvan now and 115 years ago. Will it light up again as we approach this next full moon or will it establish a rhythm we can discern? The ancient meso-Americans saw the constellation perseus(where the comet resides) forming an ancient winged water serpent with it's tail rattle ending in the Pleaides which Hebrew astronomers called the seven lighted temple lampstand(see photo above). The new bright comet will move over the star Algol on TuB'Shevat(1/21/08) and this star was called Lillith by the Hebrew astronomers. She is associated with the dark of the moon, the creepy things in the lailah/night and the shell/kellipah of the moon herself. Has she been fully integrated into the tree of life in Earth now? This means the third temple has been renewed/dedicated-Chanukah! here in the Earth. Only the work in Earth, in the adamah of the holy peoples could have accomplished this. This weeks Torah parsha is about the oil anointing of the special stone that was Jacob's pillow. This stone technology is an ongoing theme of this blog and both written and oral Torah. Oral Torah tells us that the original staff and secret book given to Adam Rishon from Raziel, the angel of secret things, was passed down to Jacob. Aggadah tells us his "stick" had a glowing sapphire in it. Is this the interface between the physical and the being realms? Does this new bright Kochav/comet link the ancient scepter/mateh technology of the ancient Hebrews with the kochavim/stars. The Zohar is filled with references that validates this connection. The Zohar on vayechi speaks about the angel of the mateh/scepter-Metat, being born from the ancient upper Mother whose hair is made up of kochavim/comets. May we be blessed this month of the holy lamp of Kisklev with the light of the geulah that brings the peace of the Earth mother to all peoples.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

the Light/Lamp of kislev

Music of the Eighth string/Kochavim:
The appearance of the kockav/comet Holmes on the twelfth of Chesvan is part of the ongoing music of the unfolding symphony of the Earth entering a new epoch. There are many synchronicities that support the possibility that this new “star” in the mazzal of Peretz/perseus the breaker, is a sign amongst the eighth level of heavens-the fixed stars, after the seven heavens of the planets and days of the week and seven lower sephirot. This expresses the womb like sphere of the upper “mother”, Binah. This ongoing dance of the kochavim/comets over the past several years is a part of the eighth string of the lute said to appear during this new world we are entering. The seven stringed lute is that of the natural world and is mirrored in the rainbow that is also implicit in this new Hebrew month of kislev, the month of the keshet/bow, which we are entering. The eighth or octave level of growth is the eight branched menorah that we light on the 25th of this month. This is the only Jewish holiday beginning in the dark of the lunar month. This lamp brings the light, the ohr, which is the 25th word of Torah in Bereishis, into the seven leveled bow of Kislev, the mazzal of kislev is the archer and the bow. The Torah portions for these couple weeks involve the archer and hunter Esau, an aspect of raw geburah/power in relation to the development of the initiate Yaakov who is struggling to cleave chesed/love and chockmah/wisdom to the raw power of the man eat man world. The prophecy in Torah states clearly to Rebecca/Rivkah, twins are in your womb and the older(Esau) will serve the younger(Yaakov). Power will come to serve the blessed work of love on Earth. This ninth month from Nisan in the lunar agricultural cycle is the month of birth and Yaakov was born in last weeks parsha and Israel is born this coming week, from his initiatory struggle with his adversaries in life. If the comet star that appeared in Chesvan near the full moon is the one directly connected to the scepter of Aaron as the Torah prophecy predicts” I see Him, but not now; I behold Him, but not near; a Star shall come out of Jacob; a Scepter shall rise out of Israel. (Numbers 24:17),
we will in the coming days and months come to understand a message revealed through it’s brightening and movement. The revealing of a connection between star and scepter will reveal the fifth continuum of being to a world coming to understand the primacy of soul and being. A rhythm is already apparent in that the two times in recorded observation that this comet made an outburst into visibility are November 6th, 1892 and October 24th, 2007. These are Chesvan 16 and Chesvan 12 on the Hebrew calendar, 115 years apart. There are 40 days between the recent outburst in Chesvan and the eve of Chanukah on Kislev 24. The star of Yaakov is said in Zohar to shine for forty days and nights which precedes the geulah/redemption.
“and then will this cause the seventh window to open to the whole world, whose star is the “Star of Jacob”, concerning which Balaam said: There shall come a star out of Jacob(Num.XXXIV,17). This star will shine for forty days and forty nights…..”Zohar II-172b(sperling trans.)
The lights of Chanukah represent the Ohr HaGanuz, the original light before creation which was stored up for the time of geulah/redemption. The 1892 dimmer appearance and first recorded observation of the comet, in Chesvan, was followed seventy days later with another small outburst on Tevet 28. If a rhythm with the moon cycle becomes apparent than this connects this kochav directly with Isaiah’s prophecy about the moon shining with the light of the sun and the Zohar connects these two prophecies of Isaiah and the star of Jacob in Numbers. This supports the revealing of the soul world and our being connections to the celestial bodies. As already stated the two brights comets that passed the earth in 1996/1997 CE, Hale-Bopp and Hayukatake, both crossed paths in the same area of the constellation Peretz/perseus that this comet is now staying in. The previous two comets crossed paths at about the place in Peretz/perseus of the star algol, called in Hebrew Rosh HaSheitan. The head of the adversary. On this coming Tub’Shevat/January 21st, the present Kochav makes a near precise passage of this star as well. Tub’shevat is the month of the shevat, the scepter/staff that is a great sod/mystery-secret in Kabbalah. This month of Kislev, we as a holy people are to bring the light of this new octave/eighth into the fecund Choseyhk/darkness of the womb/world. We light the menorah from right/chesed=love towards the left/gevurah/power and therefore reveal the balanced manifestation of divine light in our world as beauty/tifereth. The world of peace is in the heart of the Earth.

Monday, November 05, 2007

"like the stars of the heavens and like the sand of the seashore"

The great matriarchs of Israel have possessed the fourth level of soul called the chayah which originally belonged to Cheva/Eve as the mother of all living. In Zohar for this weeks parsha on Toldoth we read
“And the men of the place asked him of his wife; and he said: She is my sister. Like Abraham before him, he referred with these words to the Shekinah, which was with him as well as with Rebecca his wife; for like Abraham he carried out the injunction: “Say unto wisdom: Thou art my sister”(Prov.VII,4) They were further entitled to call her sister in virtue of the verse, “My sister, my love, my dove, my undefiled”(S.S.V,2), for it is for this that the righteous cleave to HaShem”Zohar I,140b(Sperling trans.)
We know from the writings of Kabbalah that the Chayah level of soul was passed on down through the matriarchs and so we also have the association with the sacred well as in the well of Miriam, the very fountain of life and wisdom for the people. It is the conscious joining of the chayah soul and the neshamah soul that is a critical part of the work of making the entire Earth/Adamah a holy land. In the parsha of Vayera which we sang two weeks ago we related how HaShem became visible with the three visitors to Abraham. That week an invisible star increased in brightness a million fold in a part of the night sky that has associations with the work of the holy peoples. The Torah portion of Vayera is a beginning for the sacred temple school in this cycle, relating the birth of Issac to Abraham and Sarah in their old age and the covenant at eight days with the visitation of HaShem and the angels. In the ancient Roman Christian calendar the actual day that the star became visible during that week is the feast of the “Archangel Raphael” and some torah commentaries say that he was there as one of the angels to help heal Abraham from his Bris in old age. Many synchronicities abound with this new light in the night sky. In the Hadith/tradition of Islam, Raphael is called Israfil and it is given to him to sound the final trumpet with a blast of truth. Israfil is interesting since it contains the names, Israel, Seraph and Raphael all in one. The Islamic tradition about this star of the Imam Mahdi, the twelfth Imam, as related about in the last post, also connects the star itself with the active working of the Staff of Moses/Mosheh. This star may indeed be the one connected to the inauguration of the Temple technology on Earth. This would fulfill the prophecy that the third temple would become visible and completed on Earth in this month of Chesvan. This manifestation of this light in the sky if it is shown to be directly related to a human endeavor with the “temple technology” would validate the five continuum worldview of ancient Kabbalah that gives the being/soul world, a prime place in this unfolding flower of Earth and the Olamim/universes. The Zohar says of this forty day star that heralds the geulah/world of peace, “and then will this cause the seventh window to open to the whole world, whose star is the “Star of Jacob”, concerning which Balaam said: There shall come a star out of Jacob(Num.XXXIV,17). This star will shine for forty days and forty nights…..”Zohar II-172b(sperling trans.) This week we continue in Torah with the developing of the story of the twins in Rivkah’s womb and the birth and journey of Jacob himself. His star is shining in our hearts and minds and prayers.
The photo above of the newly brilliant star in the thigh of Peretz/perseus can be found from the article in Sky and Telescope online which reports that deep blue streamers of gas are now emerging into a tail visible in telescope images. The Native american Hopi prophecy speaks about the coming of the fifth world of peace which is heralded by a new star in the sky:
That time is not far off. It will come when the Saquasohuh (Blue Star) Kachina dances in the plaza and removes his mask. He represents a blue star, far off and yet invisible, which will make its appearance soon. The time is foretold by a song sung during the Wuwuchim ceremony. It was sung in 1914 just before World War I, and again in 1940 before World War II, describing the disunity, corruption, and hatred contaminating Hopi rituals, which were followed by the same evils spreading over the world. This same song was sung in 1961 during the Wuwuchim ceremony.
The Emergence to the future Fifth World has begun. It is being made by the humble people of little nations, tribes, and racial minorities. (Book of The Hopi By: Frank Waters ).
The newly visible star that is always above and visible all night will stay in the same mazzal of stars through the springtime. The same constellation holds the star Algol,Rosh HaSheitan, the chief shaar/gate of the adversary. The verse from Bereishis that titles this post ends with, "and your offspring shall inherit the gate/shaar of its enemy."Gen.22-17
The Earth is being healed. Baruch HaShem

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Crown of the Seraphim/Comet Holmes

the million fold brightening of the newly visible kochav/comet in the constellation of perseus/Peretz is wonderful to view. The golden glow is spreading out night after night and may widen as large as a full moon according to some astronomers' predictions. The star has appeared in the thigh region of the figure and this relates to the progeny of the line of Judah and Peretz, who we know as David. This also fulfills the prophecies in the world of Islam of the appearance of a comet and a star in the east that will look like the moon, that is a sign of their return of the Imam Mahdi. For them it is also a sign that the scepter of Mosheh/Musa/Moses is now being held. In next weeks Torah parsha on Chayei Sarah, the words end with a list of the twelve princes who descend from Ishmael. The last is in the Hebrew, Kadimah. We recognize the parallel to the twelve Imams of Islam and Kadimah being the root for Adam Kadmon, the complete and original Human. The works of the priestly lineages is to unite the 70 soul roots of all of humanity and bring peace to the world with a new awakening to how we are all related in the being world.

This star has become visible during the week that we read in Torah of the visible appearance of HaShem to Abraham with the three stranger visitors. Two of the visitors then visited Lot. Lot becomes the progenitor of Ruth the Moabite and with the line of Judah and Peretz, the line of David springs. This month of Chesvan as stated before is when the first Beis Hamikdash was completed and when the third is to appear complete from the fourth heaven. The Torah tells us that the swords of the Kerubim guard the way to the Etz Chaiim/Tree of Life. Two bright comet swords; Comet Hale-Bopp and Comet Hayuketake, have come past the Earth in the last ten years and crossed the same constellation perseus/Peretz, where this golden globe has now appeared. We may count the days from this new stars appearance and find the 49th and 50th days are the last two nights of Channukah this year. From the Zohar we have:

"Zohar-Balak 221b We have learned that in the future the Holy One will rebuild Yerushalyim and show one steady star, flashing with 70 pillars of fire, and with 70 sparks which illuminate (receive light) from it in the middle of the sky. There will be 70 other stars which are commanded and controlled from it, and they will illuminate and flame in the sky for 70 days. "

This star then is a sign that the soul sparks of the nations, the 70, will have been united. 70 days from when this newly visible Kochav/comet has appeared brings us to the first day of the new secular year. Edom has been brought into the priestly lineage.

We pray for peace with the daily wheel of this sacred Earth.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

bright kochav/comet has appeared in the sky/MarChesvan 5768

"In the past 24 hours, a spectacular event has taken place involving the periodic comet P/Holmes (17P). Its predicted brightness is about magnitude 17 however last night it was discovered by the Spanish amateur, Juan Antonio Henríquez Santana to have undergone a tremendous outburst having attained magnitude 10 at that time (Oct 24 0h UT). It was a similar outburst in 1892 that led to its discovery. Latest reports (Seiichi Yoshida, Oct 24 13h UT) indicate that it is stellar in appearance and 3RD MAGNITUDE in brightness: so bright in fact that it is readily visible to the unaided eye. That's almost one million times brighter than normal ! Fortunately for UK-based observers the comet is well placed for observation and is visible throughout the entire night. Its position at 0h UT tonight (Oct 24/25) will be: R.A. 03h 53.0m, Dec. +50 08' Its appearance will probably be that of a fairly bright naked-eye star moving at an apparent rate of close to 10 arcmin per day at PA 298 deg. It!is currently 1.63 AU (245 million km) from the Earth. Observations are strongly encouraged and should be reported to Jonathan Shanklin, Director of the Comet Section."
This comet has brightened in the constellation the Greeks called Perseus which is related to the Hebrew name Peretz. He you may recall is the son of Judah in Torah who is the progenitor of the line of King David. Some ancient Hebrews considered this constellation the David who is triumphant over his adversaries.

We are moving to the full moon of Chesvan this Shabbos when we sing parsha Vayera about the visitation to Abraham and Sarah of the divine presence and the revelation of a healing for the tzaddik/righteous person that foreshadows a global healing for the Earth. The third temple is becoming visible for those awake.

Baruch HaShem

Sunday, October 21, 2007

the Wheel of Eight/the Lyre of eight strings

We are in the ancient eighth month, the time when the pleiades culminates at zenith at midnight. This is a revered place on the wheel of the year. In the tradition of the whispered kabbalah this is the time that the entire globe, "round as a ball", as the Zohar tells us in volume III-Vayikra 10a.becomes aware in a new way, a "temple" becomes completed. Remember the first manuscripts of this great book appeared about 200 years before Copernicus told the world that the Earth was a sphere. Now we are moving again from a "flat earth" to a "round earth". This "round" now being about the ocean of being/soul that the entire physical universe floats within. The integration of the teachings and wisdom of a temple school is found also in Zohar and other texts as the great wheel, the day, the month, the year and a lifetime. Ezekiel's vision of the wheel of initiation is found in the Americas as well in the medicine wheel teachings. The wheel can be worked with the four spokes giving eight points on the round and the continuum-road of self through the center vertically. Here we find "wheel of Earth" as the ancient text of kabbalah quoted last year at this time gives us. The Earth is made into wheel of Earth when the crown of the Seraphim is completed here. This crown has a distance of 502 years according to the Sepher Hechaloth((Hebrew Enoch). This number may also be found by adding up the years of the three Jewish patriarchs lives. There are also two ways of calculating how long it would take in years of duration to bring the Wheel of Earth Chayoth fully united to the Earth sphere herself. The Sepher HaAggadah/Book of Legends gives us one calculation. We are told that it takes a distance of 500 years to get to the first heaven. 500 more years distance to traverse the first heaven and so on through the seven heavens. Therefore you will find that it takes 3500 years to get to the fourth heaven. The legends tell us that it is in the fourth heaven that the eternal third Temple may be found. This same calculation can be found when adding up the distances in years of the spans of the celestial beings as found in the Book of Palaces/Hechaloth. 2500 years for the body of an Ophan, 248 years for the wing of a Cherub and 502 years for the crown of the Seraph. With two wings we have a creature built of a 3498 journey in years. We have come 3500 years since the beginning of the Covenant with Abraham and Sarah as given in last weeks Torah parsha Lech Lecha- Go and make a sacred Earth of this land of Adamah. Bring in the eternal temple chariot supported by the celestial beings fully integrated with the holy Mother Earth. Nine degrees of these celestial beings from the ancient text. In the center of the eight spokes is the Wheel of Earth. The eighth month in an eight year and we sang Lech Lecha on the eighth day of Chesvan! We are in a time that we have gone past the natural wheel of seven with the discovery of matter that radiates light. Students of the alchemical Kabbalah will understand the wheel of the seven days and seven metals that hold the power of each day. Saturday traditionally corresponds to the "heaviest" of the metals in atomic number-82. Our times however are punctuated by the fact that we know about metals so heavy they radiate light like the stars. These times are spoken about with a warning from the Talmud, "The Holy One, Blessed is He, takes the hot sun out of its pouch, and the righteous are cured by it while the evil are judged by it. (Nedarim 8b; see the Pri Tzaddik, Parashas Bo 1). Some Rabbis because of this inference are sure there must be a nuclear nightmare before the redemption/Geulah may begin. They are not aware of what we have right now. There will not be a nuclear holocaust. How can this writer of this little blog be so sure? The third eternal temple has already been consecrated in a sense by the light of a material with the atomic number 88. A piece of the sun, found in the Earth's crust. How is this for the number workings of HaShem? The musical workings and creative dance of the natural world is said to be orchestrated with a lyre of seven strings. The covenant at eight- the eighth mitzvah of Abraham after the seven given to Noach. Torah tells us we are to make a holy wheel of this entire sacred planet.In The times of the ingathering we are to listen for the Harp of Eight strings. Who may hear this sound, this sweet music? The wheel of the octave, the ogdoad, the eight legged weavers of the Earth, the nine degrees of Chayoth, weaving a tapestry of various beautiful colors in Earth and sky. We have a temple, "round as a ball"Zohar III-10a.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Additional weekly teaching story/the Rainbow Lodge

This is an ancient Native American teaching story about the Rainbow lodge; the Temple of initiation in the Americas: Notice here that the

Lodge Chief, the invisible one, has a sister. She is the Shekinah, the Mother Earth herself.

The Invisible One
A Micmac Legend
There was once a large Indian village situated on the border of a lake, Nameskeek' oodun Kuspemku. At the end of the place was a lodge, in which dwelt a being who was always invisible. He had a sister who attended to his wants, and it was known that any girl who could see him might marry him. Therefore there were indeed few who did not make the trial, but it was long ere one succeeded.
And it passed in this wise. Towards evening, when the Invisible One was supposed to be returning home, his sister would walk with any girls who came down to the shore of the lake. She indeed could see her brother, since to her he was always visible, and beholding him she would say to her companions, "Do you see my brother?" And they would mostly answer, "Yes," though some said, "Nay," -- alt telovejich, aa alttelooejik. And then the sister would say, "Cogoowa' wiskobooksich?" "Of what is his shoulder-strap made?" But as some tell the tale, she would inquire other things, such as, "What is his moose-runner's haul?" or, "With what does he draw his sled?" And they would reply, "A strip of rawhide," or "A green withe," or something of the kind. And then she, knowing they had not told the truth, would reply quietly, "Very well, let us return to the wigwam!"
As they entered the place she would bid them not to take a certain seat, for it was his. After they had helped to cook the supper they would wait with great curiosity to see him eat. Truly he gave proof that he was a real person, for as he took off his moccasins they became visible, and his sister hung them up; but beyond this they beheld nothing not even when they remained all night, as many did.
There dwelt in the village an old man, a widower, with three daughters. The youngest of these was very small, weak, and often ill, which did not prevent her sisters, especially the eldest, treating her with great cruelty. The second daughter was kinder , and sometimes took the part of the poor abused little girl, but the other would burn her hands and face with hot coals; yes, her whole body was scarred with marks made by torture, so that people called her Oochigeaskw (the rough-faced girl). And when her father, coming home, asked what it meant that the child was so disfigured, her sister would promptly say that it was the fault of the girl herself, for that, having been forbidden to go near the fire, she had disobeyed and fallen in.
Now it came to pass that it entered the heads of the two elder sisters of this poor girl that they would go and try their fortune at seeing the Invisible One. So they clad themselves in their finest and strove to look their fairest; and finding his sister at home when with her to the wonted walk down to the water. Then when He came, being asked if they saw him, they said, "Certainly," and also replied to the question of the shoulder-strap or sled cord, "A piece of rawhide." In saying which, they lied, like the rest, for they had seen nothing, and got nothing for their pains.
When their father returned home the next evening, he brought with him many of the pretty little shells from which weiopeskool, or wampum, was made, and they were soon engaged napawejik (stringing them).
That day poor little Oochigeaskw', the burnt-faced girl, who had always run barefoot, got a pair of her father's old moccasins, and put them into water that they might become flexible to wear. And begging her sisters for a few wampum shells, the eldest did but call her "a lying little pest," but the other gave her a few. And having no clothes beyond a few rags, the poor creature went forth and got herself from the woods a few sheets of birch bark, of which she made a dress, putting some figures on the bark. And this dress she shaped like those worn of old. So she made a petticoat and a loose gown, a cap, leggings, and handkerchief, and, having put on her father's great old moccasins,--whcih came nearly up to her knees,--she went forth to try her luck. For even this little thing would see the Invisible One in the great wigwam at the end of the village.
Truly her luck had a most auspicious beginning, for there was one long storm of ridicule and hisses, yells and hoots, from her own door to that of which she went to seek. Her sisters tried to shame her, and bade her to stay home, but she would not obey; and all the idlers, seeing this strange little creature in her odd array, cried, "Shame!" But she went on, for she was greatly resolved; it may be that some spirit inspired her.
Now this poor small wretch in her mad attire, with her hair singed off and her little face as full of burns and scars as there are holes in a sieve, was, for all this, mostly kindly received by the sister of the Invisible One; for this noble girl knew more than the mere outside of thins as the world knows them. And as the brown of the evening sky became black, she took her down to the lake. And erelong the girls knew that He had come. Then the sister said, "Do you see him?" And the other replied in awe, "Truly I do, --and He is wonderful." "And what is his sled string?" "It is," she replied, "the Rainbow." And great fear was on her. "But, my sister," said the other, "what is his bow-string?" "His bow-string is Ketaksoowowcht: (the Spirit's Road, the Milky Way).
"Thou hast seen him, said the sister. And, taking the girl home, she bathed her, and as she washed all the scars disappeared from face and body. Her hair grew again; it was very long, and like a blackbird's wing. Her eyes were like stars. In all the world was no such beauty. Then from her treasures she gave her a wedding garment, and adorned her. Under the comb, as she combed her, her hair grew. It was a great marvel to behold.
Then, having done this, she bade her take the wife's seat in the wigwam,--that by which her brother sat, the seat next the door. And when He entered, terrible and beautiful, he smiled and said, "Wajoolkoos!" "So we are found out!" "Alajulaa." "Yes," was her reply. So she became his wife.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Ark of Initiation/Autumnal Lodge of Colors

We have now entered the rainy month of Chesvan when the first Beith HaMikdash/temple was completed and when the third Holy House is destined to be revealed to the whole world. We have spent the days of the last two months of Elul and Tishre, 58 days sweetening our souls. The Torah parsha Noach always begins in the month of Chesvan. The value of the name of Noach-nun-cheth is 58. He is the righteous initiate in the temple mysteries who has received the good heart with a relationship to HaShem as we have sweetened our own hearts with the days of teshuvah, awe, and festival(58 days in all). He also has received the mystery of the crystal interface with which to build a holy house, an ark which is to receive the light of the forty day flood. This is parallel to the Sinaitic revelation of forty days. It is only a destructive flood to those who cannot withstand this flood of the upper waters of celestial light. Noach is one of the people mentioned in the legends/aggadah that receives the original secret book of sapphire given to the first Adam by Raziel, the angel of secret things. Noach is said to have used this jewel to light the ark and distinguish day from night during the forty days. The Zohar goes deeply into the colors of initiation which are related to the colors of the special jewels and the covenant of the keshet/rainbow. The colors are directly related to the vision of Ezekiel, the foundation stone of the holy temple and the faces of the four holy creatures/Hayoth HaKodesh.. This month of Chesvan embodies one of these four faces, that of the Eagle. This month involves the great depths(snake, scorpion) and the most awesome heights(eagle). It is the alternating heights and depths that bring the initiate into the most profound levels of the lodge of colors, the tree of the omakim, the directional depths of a shamanic life journey. The Zohar for the parsha Noach tells us,” The firmament is imprinted, at the four corners of a square, with four figures, of a lion, an eagle, an ox, and a man…Further the firmament with its enclosed square contains the gamut of all the colors. Outstanding are four colors…green, red, white, and sapphire, which is made up of all these colors. Hence it is written, “ As the appearance of the bow that is in the cloud, in the day of rain, so was the appearance of the brightness round about. This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of HaShem, containing, that is to say, all shades of all colors” Zohar I-71b. The Zohar then connects the Eben Shetiyah, the foundation stone of the temple tradition to this bow of colors of initiation. We have in the Torah this teaching about the rainbow: “ This is the sign of the covenant that I give between Me and you, and every living being that is with you, to generations forever”(Bereisith 9-12) These are the colors that the Kabbalists explain as directions on the great Tree. They are degrees of initiation with corresponding tastes, smells and textures. The eleven ingredients of the temple incense is a part of this mystery tradition. The sacred tree of life gives us resins, flowers, and fruits that awaken our senses to the bounty of Adamah/Earth. We learn about the fruits of the Tree throughout the great Shanah/wheel of the year. The gifts of the Source continually unfolding, flowering and ripening with color and fragrance. In the beginning of the Zohar on this weeks parsha Lech lecha we have a beautiful poem that sums up the lodge of colors, better known as the Tree of the Omakim/Depths or sephirot.
1) One mounts to one side.
2) One descends on that side.
3) One enters between the two.(Abraham and Sarah and the covenant)
4) Two crown themselves with a third.(the Keter-crown-vertice of fifth continuum(crown-kingdom) towards the unchanging“good“)
5) Three enter into one.(the three patriarchs and the priesthood)
6) One produces various colors. (Tiphereth radiates the seven colors "below")
7)Six of them descend on one side and six of them on the other. (spatial directions of this world)
8) Six enter into twelve.(the tribes as embodying the temple building and the edges of the cube of the stone)
9)Twelve bestir themselves to form twenty-two.(the cube=12 edges,6 faces, 3 axis and the center stone=22)
10) Six are comprised in ten.(the six are the matriarchs-Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, Leah, Zilpah, Bilhah)
11) Ten are fixed in one. (Malchut=vertice of 5th continuum as tabernacle stone and Shekinah)(Zohar I-77a)
The seven colors of the six walls of the tabernacle-cube and the seventh center stone of foundation, the special sapphire, are the brighter rainbow being revealed now to the world. The Zohar tells us this bow of colors would brighten in the days of the third temple, meaning its significance would deepen. Those people who have come upon the Native American teachings of the medicine wheels; with the colors and the winds and the elements as well as all living beings and their places on the wheel of initiation, can not help but get the shivers as we come to recognize this lodge of initiation coming from the people’s wisdom of the Earth lodge and joining with the bow in the sky lodge. Heaven and Earth are joining and this Temple that is eternal in the heavens is becoming visible here in sacred Earth. In this eighth month of the wheel we can go out at midnight as the Zohar tells us to do and see the scintillating constellation of the Pleiades, the seven sisters directly overhead at Zenith-the top of the starry sky tree. Cultures all over the Northern latitudes celebrate these nights as especially "Hallowed"(November first-Gregorian) because these seven rainbow stars of the ancesters crown the sky tree at midnight this time of year. A full, sweet and beautiful month of Chesvan, a month of colors, to everyone!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

"The flowers appear on the Earth"/The Keshet Lodge

We begin anew the cycle of our sacred circle. This circle that defines the divine immanence in our world is the 22 Hebrew letters and the living Torah. This shamans magic circle is how we affect the Earth in becoming the tabernacle that glows with the primordial light. The prologue of the book of this light, Sepher HaZohar, describes this sacred circle of the numinous, thirteen petals, the attributes of mercy, and five strong sepals, the gates of redemption. These are the number of words in the Torah that separate the first mention of the creative power - the Elohim. Eighteen words in all 13 + 5 = 18. We are now in this year 5768 completing the first 18 years since the year 5750 when at the passover we entered the period called the ingathering. The eighteen also equals the value of the Hebrew word for life and the number of wings of the three strangers who first visited Abraham and began a covenantal arrow through time that would bring "the time of singing and the voice of the turtledove in our land" as the Song of Songs and the prologue of Zohar relates to us. The three (3)strangers,the five(5) sepals of the Rose,the covenant at eight(8)days and the thirteen(13)petals we recognize as the important numbers in the Fibonacci series-the golden mean unfolding as the signature of Life -the fifth continuum of being in the physical universe. This is the life=18 of the Chayah who is the bundle of life of the being world that supports the physical creation. Ezekiel saw all of this including the Chayah on the sacred sapphire throne. This prologue of Zohar also tells us about the souls who appear in our time to announce the fulfillment of the great work; "Thus when Joseph entered the Holy Land he planted them there, and thus they "appeared on the Earth" and revealed themselves there. When do they become visible? When the rainbow/keshet betokens that "the time of pruning is come"...and who is it that upholds the world and causes the patriarchs to appear? It is the voice of tender children studying the Torah; and for their sakes the world is saved..." Zohar I-1a.

The rainbow is the visible key to the most secret and sacred of the lodge of initiations- the seven colors that the celestial beings may wear as the sign of their office. Our Earth lodge has entered a new time, the fifth world amongst American Native Elders, where the planet Herself has joined with the rainbow chiefs in a new cycle. The planet Meadim/Mars in the sky is being a bright herald signifying this change to the entire world as mentioned in the previous post. This globe gets ever brighter in the sky as we complete the first eighteen years of the ingathering. We pray that the people will listen for the sound and see the rainbow lodge of color. For the traditional Jews we are entering the completion stage of the Nineteen blessings of the Amidah, the standing prayer. The nineteenth is completed with the Birchat HaChamah, the blessing of the sacred Sun at the eve of the pesach,5769. Our very footsteps are dancing a holy rhythm.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

54 parashot/Meadim/Mars in the sky

This year the value of Chaiim/the living infuses all that we do and strive for. This word has the value from the Hebrew of 68-this year 57-68. This year is a leap year sabbatical year, with thirteen lunar months and all the 54-Torah portions are sung by themselves on the Sabbath.

Three strangers came to Abraham, they were connected to the celestial beings called the Seraphim/the feathered serpents of meso-america and each of the three had the six wings. 3X6=18. 18 equals life. The true identity of these beings who came to the man whose heart was on fire with ahavah/love, has been a big mystery. This is because one of these three could only be manifest with the success of the arrow of time of the priestly peoples. These Seraphim are traditionally related to the heaven veiled by the planet meadim/Mars. This sphere has been undergoing an awesome dance in the sky that will become increasingly beautiful as we move towards the winter solstice and the festivals of light. By the full moon of the month of Tevet/December 24,2007- Mars will rise exactly when the sun sets and travel through the night very high in the sky, setting exactly when the new morning sun rises. The planetary sun of the night. The planet will almost equal the brightness of Tzedeq/Jupiter. The planet will culminate at midnight exactly overhead in the latitude of the American southwest. The Pueblo elders will be noticing closely as the peacemaking morning star moves across the opening of emergence of the Earth temple kivas. We are emerging into the fifth world of a global temple school and the keepers of the true mystery tradition among the Jews, Navajos, Pueblos, Mayans, Buddhists,Moslems, Christians and Hindus all have their own special names for this transformation.Meadim is said to veil the Fifth very special heaven in traditional teachings of Kabbalah.

A very loud trumpet of freedom was sounded on the Sabbath of Sabbaths when Yom Kippur was celebrated on the Sabbath in a Sabbatical year ending with the eight of the octave/ogdoad. The most influential Mime of history Marcel Marceau returned his being to HaShem in his awesome dance of life. This man survived the Holocaust to live a life filled with passion. His life was dedicated to expressing the exuberant essence of self, of the living gift of the Source.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tekiyah Gedolah/ ketoret of Joining

L'Shanah Tova to all readers of these writings- may a great moment of transformation/Shanah- wheel of awesome change enter into your lives. The world is now in this great leap of radical renewal as the being world, the "upper waters" floods our lives. One of the whispered secrets of the ancient mekubalim, the Hebrew tribal shamans was that the box of 72 "names" as given in the Zohar II is a great clock face. The stars in the night sky are the hands and when the mekubalim would go out at midnight to pray as Zohar tells us, they could read the time of the great chronometer- the 26 thousand year wobble of the holy Earth as followed by the movement of the stars. As stated before, this is in a synchronous pulse with the 26 thousand light years, the time it takes light, to reach the galactic center. The dancing mekubal knows where she is in time! As all the tribal people who walk the beauty path; where we stand is the HaMakom- the holy place from - m' kom - where we arise. From the Omak/depth we arise-komi- within this sacred dance of life. To know where we are in the continuums of space & time & being - this is the gift of the Temple tradition. We are grateful for this. This year 5768 contains the 368- shin-sameck-chet-in the Hebrew date-which is equal to the 368 minah weight of ketoret- sacred incense used in the Beith HaMikdash/Holy temple. This is a very special shemittah/sabbatical year. The entire value-5768- equals the value of Ha-eben shetiyah-the foundation stone. This crystal "stoneflower" is the book of remembrance. The cup of blessing. The crystalline interface that allows this bundle of life/Chayah to become Earth-Adamah. May the sacred incense offering bring the heaven world and the fifth level of soul, the Yechidah in joining with Earth to establish an entire world awakened to the Source from where peace comes. This Shabbos-Yom kippur- is the Sabbath of Sabbaths when we pray five times and bring in our most rarefied Yechidah soul/fifth level, to awaken the globe, the Mother Earth, to the experience of Sabbath. The is the tenth of the seventh month, the Holy of Holies of time. May the prayerful incense and those celebrating life in the moment and the place, bring the trumpet horn/qeren of awakening to this fragile beauty of the planetary tabernacle.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

the tablets of crystal Earth/Shabbatai in betulah

Today the planet Shabbatai/Saturn enters the sign of the maiden/betulah(virgo) for the next two years and some. The past movement through the aryeh/lion is complete and we have seen the great changes in "leadership" as we move through this period of the ingathering and approach the phase that will bring the shalem, the greater complete sovereignty of HaShem into the physical Earth. This bigger change involves the planet that veils the crown-kingdom continuum, called pluto by astrologers. This physical globe is set to enter the Earth sign of the gedi/kid in the coming months where it will reside for some twelve years and this sign belongs to the four signs that incorporate that level of initiation of divine will in the physical. Some of us are already experiencing this in their personal lives, others are preparing for this next global phase of this forty year period that we entered in 5750/1990. Shabbatai is a herald so to speak within the sign of the maiden who in Hebrew tradition is the matriarch Rebbecca. She gives birth to the sacred twins-Yakov and Esau and their struggle and journey is the journey of the priestly peoples bringing about an Earth that can embody the most rarefied levels of the light of the divine Source in a physical manifestation. Nine months after the sign of betulah in the wheel of the year, the birth takes place, we have the sign of the Teomin, the twins. This in the wheel of the yearly shanah/transformation was when the first tablets, twins, came down from the Har Sinai, to a people not yet ready to embody the omakim, the great depth of the divine effulgence. However the second set of tablets of sacred Earth crystal were brought to the people after the time that Moshe rabbeinu/Moses spent forty days on the mountain, from the first of Elul to the tenth of Tishre. The eternal complete Luhoth abanim-tablets of stone, were brought to the people of Earth on Yom kippur. This engraved stone would allow the union of all the worlds with the wheel of the earth. As mentioned in a previous post the nine degrees of Chayoth HaKodesh/holy wheel creatures, are all brought together only in a physical creation, the ninth degree in the ancient Kabbalistic text is called "Wheel of Earth". In fact herein lies the very secret sod for why a physical creation manifests from the Divine Source. In the sepher HaZohar for this weeks Torah parsha we have a portion about the special Shirah/song sung by Moses and the uniting of upper and lower worlds through the engraved holy Earth. " Rabbi Simeon said: What is the most perfect hymn? One that is addressed by both the lower to the higher and by the higher to the lower, and which then combines the two. From whose example do we know this? From this song of Moses...For so we have explained in the presence of Rabbi Simeon, that Amen draws blessings from the Source to the King and from the King to the matrona, from A(aleph) to M(mem) and from M to N(nun)(AMN=amen) and when blessings come to N, from there they issue forth from higher to lower and spread through all."Zohar III-285a. The hint here for the initiates on the path of wisdom is that the word amen has the value of one of the names of the 72 discussed in the second volume of the Zohar. This name can only be fully manifest in the Earth creation. Our world is now experiencing in a widening circle of effects the manifestation of this name which has this value of AMN=91. This is the fruit of the line of initiates of the Adam Baal Shem within the Hebrew tradition. This is important now for yesterday, Chai Elul, was the birthday of the
Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov and on his eighth day of life, the coming 25th of Elul, is the day in the shanah of the year that the physical world is said to have come into manifestation. Six "days" later is Rosh HaShanah when the first Adam, male & female appears. The calendar wheel is an interface for all worlds and continuums and is in part how the priestly peoples sing the shirah, the song that unites worlds and brings the entire Earth into experiencing the seventh day which is the place of the mishkan/tabernacle.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Total Eclipse/ Full moon of Elul/ Ani L'Dodi

We are now in the eight day period of time where the planet nogah/venus is gone from the sky and in conjunction with the shemesh/sun and shabbatai/saturn in the aryeh/lion. We are in the great Hebrew month of Elul, the month of compassionate return in our relationship to the divine Mystery, the source we call HaShem. The signs are always everywhere for the initiate on the journey within the temple/school that is our olam/world and our olamot/universes. There are great planetary and lunar changes this month as well as the ongoing trembling of the winds, oceans and earth's crust. The acronym that is the letters for the month of Elul, aleph-lamed-vav-lamed, is taken from the holiest of Songs, Shir HaShirim chapter VI verse 3; "Ani l'dodi vedodi li, I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine". The Earth and the lovers who find themselves here in this sacred house are being shaken awake. The verse from the holy song ends with haroaah be'shoshanim. The traditional shepherd among the roses is also the powerful shout-roaa-among the flower of the omakim, the ten depths/omakim that make up the olam/world of the individual within the creation. We are to be shaken in this month of return as each moment we face the reishit/beginning that is "aleph be'Tishre", the first of the month of Tishre(Rosh HaShanah) having the same letters as the first word of Torah- Bereishit - in the beginning. In these seven weeks from Tisha'B'Av to Rosh Hashanah that hold the seven "lower" sephirot/directions we have the reappearance of the planet Nogah/Venus as morning star this week the fourth which corresponds to the depth Netzach/Mosheh Rabbeinu and Nogah/Venus. The following week on Elul-14 we have a very long total eclipse, over an hour of totality, of Levunah/moon which week corresponds with the sephirah Hod/Aaron HaCohen Gadol and the priesthood that uses the moon for establishing the priestly sacred calendar dance of time. This eclipse is an awesome sign of the marriage of the depth and silence - sun and moon- within the succah-tabernacle of living Earth. The following week then corresponds to yesod/foundation which holds the moon herself who is the foundation being of the seventh week and sephirah/Malchuth- Earth/Adamah. So where are the two lovers in all this, that this month is about? We have mentioned them as the gnostic bythus/depth and sige/silence. These two in the eternal embrace as the Hebrew omak/depth and domiyah/silence: Keter/crown and Malchuth/kingdom. As above/so below; as outside and inside. I am hers and she is mine. He reddens the moon in eclipse and she shakes the Earth with tempest and earthquake. The Sepher HaZohar begins with a verse from Shir HaShirim about the Shoshanah, the Rose flower of the human being and dance of the Habanot, the maidens, the initiates in this growing vine of love and adventure."As a rose among thorns, What, he said does the flower symbolize? It symbolizes the community of Israel. the flower possesses thirteen leaves, so the community of Israel is vouchsafed thirteen categories of compassion which surround her on every side."Zohar I-1a. This very month of compassion where we are to bring the ending, the acharit to the reisith, to the beginning in every moment. It is within this month of compassion that the first "day" of the olam/world began with the 25th of Elul. The first of Tishre being the sixth "day" and appearance/creation of the Adam, male and female. And here the "lovers" appear again in the numbers(the 25 letters of the shema) of the great Mathematician - the kamea of me'adim having the 25 boxes with the 13(petals-mercies/echad=13) in the middle and the kamea of Nogah/Venus with the 25 in the middle box. I am hers and she is mine, wheels within wheels and an unfolding flower of the depths, HaShoshanat Haomakim, on every human journey. The Shalom Shalem is being born from this flower.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

the season of the trumpets/ 49 days again

As stated earlier we are in the 49 day count(7 weeks of consolation) from the ninth of Av to Rosh HaShanah that does in a sense track all of the history of the priestly people wandering over the entire Earth and "walking in beauty", as the Navajo prayer goes. Making this a holy Makom as it was stated in last weeks torah parsha-Eikev, "Cal HaMakom", every place you walk will be made sacred. This 49 days we are in now are also coinciding with the important cycle of Nogah/Venus moving from the evening star phase to the dawn star in the fourth of the seven weeks. Rosh Chodesh Elul, the new moon of Elul comes during the special eight days when Nogah is in conjunction with the Shemesh/sun in the aryeh/lion, and not visible in the sky. During that week we read the parsha Shoftim and in the Sepher HaZohar we have a brief part of the Reeh Mehemnah/Faithful Sheperd ZoharIII-274b-275b concerning Shoftim/Judges. here the Zohar tells us that the number 49 is equal to the prayer of the Shema that unifies the worlds, the 25 letters of the six words of the Shema and the 24 letters of the Baruch Shem Cavod....equaling the 49. Here we are again in the seven weeks/49 day walk from destruction to the ingathering of the dance of history. The sacred walk away from Har Sinai to the return of Sinai by the building and revealing of the sacred temple who is the Mother Earth. At the beginning of the moon of Elul, the moon of return, we sound the shofar every dawn till the festival of trumpets. This is actually another 49 day count if we extend it to Hoshanah Rabbah during the feast of Sukkoth when we celebrate the Temple earth whose vault is the starry sky and whose walls are the tree boughs and leaves and fruits. The Zohar in this part reminds us that the 7 midot/sephirot of the Etz Chaiim/tree of live hold the 248 limbs of the complete human(also the number of words in the vahavta/shema) that reflect the positive mitzvoth. Our individual walk builds the tabernacle, a sacred temple of the trees and sky and Earth. " Blessed is he/she who is attached to the Tree of life, with his/her body and limbs, for they are a candle. Each branch is a candle of a mitzvah with the 248 positive mitzvoth."Zohar III-274b. The individual walk and the journey of history, the 49 days, have lighted that sacred fire of emunah/faith that is being felt through a shuddering planet Earth. We are to feel, see and hear the awe. The Zohar on Shofitim speaks to us about the sanhedrin/council of the 72, how this is the value of the word Chesed/compassion. ""the greater light to rule the day", it says, HaShem will command steadfast love/Chesed in the daytime. "and the lesser light to rule the night" means: and in the night HaShem's song shall be with me", the song of the levites that is the yesod/foundation. The son of Jesse/David lives upon the adamah/sacred Earth. "Zohar 275b. The living adamah/Earth joins the chai/life of the holy tree, the limbs of all humanity and the plants and the animals and the rocks, in the mystery dance that this ingathering is all about. The Zohar ends here by telling us about ten types of shirim/songs. With our ten fingers we build this pleasant tabernacle and holy temple whose vault is the starry night sky. With our ten toes we have walked through all of history and made this tabernacle a place of celebration. A dwelling for song and dance.

PS-long time friend of this blog, JS asked me about using the kameas/magic boxes. the book "Secret of the Torah" by Ibn Ezra has a good commentary about using the square of 3X3/9 and how it relates to the names. These grids reveal patterns in the continuum of being/heavens and how these patterns may manifest in the physical creation. Our sacred seven day week is directly related to the seven boxes. Time is holy. the 49 day counts are therefore always somehow related to the 7X7 grid of Nogah/Venus. That box has the number 25 in the central square which relates to the Shema and the grid of 5X5-Me'adim. If we study the interrelationships of the seven boxes we have a path of bringing in the chockmah conciousness beyond regular thinking. HaShem is the supreme mathematician. This brings awe into our life. American baseball fans may connect to how "we are all related" if they know who is wearing the number "25" in the center spotlight these days.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Nogah/Venus and the seven weeks-Rosh HaShanah5768

The most joyous of days in the Hebrew calendar is on Monday with TuB'Av, the full moon of the month of the Aryeh/Lion in the summertime of life. We are also now in the seven weeks of consolation/49 days between TishaB'Av and the new turn of the wheel-Rosh HaShanah-of the very magical calendar. This year is very special and as is stated in previous posts these few days between the 9th and 15th- we are experiencing an awesome planetary dance involving me'adim/Mars and shabbatai/Saturn in the lion and the bull. Other planets are also very involved and now it is a good time to discuss Nogah/Venus. The kamea associated with Nogah is shown above with the "49" boxes that connect us with the 49 day cycles(7X7) and the number 25 is in the central palace box and connects Venus with Me'adim/Mars who has the 25-5X5 kamea and the 25 letters of the Shema. The outer boxes of both kameas-Mars and Venus are 24+48=the 72 wings of the Seraphim and the sacred names. These seven weeks parallel the seven "lower" sephirot or depths/omakim that involve the emotional world(7 "days"of manifestating a world). The three weeks of "mourning" involved the three "highest" sephirot of the "intelligent" world. The emotions make manifest the more rarefied spheres so to speak. Today the planet Nogah/Venus goes into her 40 day retrograde(moving backwards) period that occurs every 20 months or so. This forty day period is very symbolic and archetypal in the wisdom traditions around the globe. We can especially relate to the forty days that Moshe Rabbeinu spent on Har Sinai, this weeks parsha is about the sacred tablets of stone and the ten suggestions as the Zohar calls the "commandments". The planet Nogah/venus corresponds to the 4th of the seven midot/sephirot-netzach, and during the fourth week of this seven week period-on Elul 8/August 22, Venus reappears in the sky as a bright dawn star after being gone from the sky in conjunction with the Shemesh/sun for eight days. Venus has been the evening star for many months up till now. This is a spectacular synchronicity! All of this gets quite involved since the venus cycle is geared to the number eight-years and we are also within the eight year period of the very rare Venus transit of the sun-2004-2012 which only happens about once a century. The last was 1882, a year very significant to the eventual founding of the State of Israel. This eight year period now, we are witnessing the whole world manifesting the peace of the true holy land that the entire mother Earth is experiencing. We are speaking about wheels within wheels, cycles within cycles and how the planets veil the heavenly spheres in a way that is helping bring the true redemptive dawn to the entire world. Nogah(means dawn)/venus in the kabbalistic tradition involves Moses, Mordechai and Esther(whose name means venus/star) and the "lower" limbs/legs of the complete Adam qadmon in netzach and Hod, which correspond to the planets Venus and Mercury. As stated elsewhere in these writings we began the forty year period of the prophesied ingathering of exiles in 5750/1990 and this summer we are completing two full eight year cycles of Nogah/Venus which began in the summer of 5751/1991 during the dissolution of the soviet union. In fact the eight days that venus was gone from the sky in the summer of 1991 were very tumultuous and significant in that whole process. The entire geulah/redemptive period began at that time and we are now experiencing this process at a more comprehensive level of manifestation. Since the planetary dance is so closely aligned with the sephirot and the sacred calendar cycle we can truly expect the Roar of Peace to continue to get louder as we approach the physical sound of the festival of the Shofar/trumpets. The Ram's horn is directly connected to the heaven of Me'Adim/Mars and the sign telah/aries which is also connected to the month of Nisan and the geulah. The three hags/festivals of the Hebrew calendar are intimately connected. The redemption from slavery/constriction happens in Nisan, haShem sounds the Ram's horn in Shavuoth-49 days later and then 49 days after the 9th of Av, we, the priestly people must sound the trumpet that gathers the entire Earth into the Shalom/Shalem, the peace of the Malchuth/kingdom(7th of the seven weeks) of sacred Life. The three omakim/depths of Gevurah(strength)-Tiphereth(balance)-Netzach(eternity) are veiled by the planets/spheres - Me'adim/mars, Shemesh/sun and Nogah/Venus and they hold within their dance the eternal beith haMikdash, the temple of eternal life in the being/soul continuum. These seven weeks, we as guardians of the temple Earth, dance in fields of life and marry the lovers of omak/depth(crown) and silence/ dumiyah(kingdom). Baruch HaShem.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

the Dazzling Red One/bright morning star

The Holiest of all the ketuvim/writings is Shir HaShirim/Song of Songs which unravels in incredible splendour the dawning of a physical creation blossoming with the beauty and bounty from the Source of all. This source is often referred to in the song as the Ain/zero-nothing and with this key this sometimes inscrutable sealed book may be understood. For out times now in the last week of the three traditional weeks of mourning, we may speak about the establishment of the third Beit HaMikdash/Holy Temple. Some of the great sages such as Rabbi Moses Chaim Luzzato and Rashi have taught that the 3rd holy house is eternal in the fifth continuum/being world, and it would just need to be "hooked up" so to speak in a special way to the physical Earth. The Zohar tells us that the gates of the destroyed temple were sunk into the Earth; "and further, it is because thy goodness is hidden within thee that the gates of the temple sank into the ground, as it is written, "Sunk(Tabe'u)in the ground are her gates"(Lam.II,9)"ZoharI,28a. Here is a key which the Song of Songs is very much involved with. The crystalline mineral world is our connection with the third holy temple and our own nephesh/blood soul. We are through our own initiations as humans of the adamah/red Earth re-connecting our souls and hence all the worlds that interpenetrate the sacred Earth. This is happening now. One verse in the Song is especially good for the next few weeks as that powerful planetary square takes place between Shabbatai/Saturn in the aryeh/lion, and Me'adim/mars in the shur/bull. Verse V:10 in Shir HaShirim and notice the number value of this verse. The V=5,the letter heh and the 10=the letter yod= fifteen=Yah. For 15 is the key column and row value of the kamea/magic square(see image above of 3X3 grid) of Shabbatai/Saturn and the total value=45=adam and odem: "My beloved is all radiant and ruddy, distinguished among ten thousand." Short but oh so sweet! Here in this verse is the depth of a secret that reveals a level of initiation that this sealed song is concerned about. Another translation could be "My beloved is the dazzling brilliant red morning star prominent among the numerous and myriads of heavenly chiefs." the word edom(ruddy) is the root for the Hebrew name of the present morning star/Me'adim/mars who is in the strong Earth sign of Shur/Taurus and squaring Shabbatai/Saturn in the Lion. This is about the gate and key to the heaven and soul level of the Chayah where the Adam Rishon/first, male and female reside. From here in this palace flows all potential sexuality into our world. This edom/Adam has numerous deep kabbalistic connections including the Adam qadmon/complete human, Esau-edom/Rome and the Kings of Edom whose metal crowns fell into the Earth(Zohar/Book of Concealed Mystery) and needed to be lifted up again. The magic square of Me'adim/mars whose image is above reveals important "sealed" information about this palace. It has twenty-five boxes (5X5 grid)which are the number of letters in the Shema/ the Jewish proclamation of faith. The middle box has the value of thirteen which is the value of the Hebrew word Echad, the last word of the Shema. Each row and column and diagonal add up to 65= the value of Adonai. This is the name associated with malchut/kingdom.This is a "little" of why the bright red morning star is so important. Next Tuesday is the ninth of Av-Tishab'Av and Tuesday has Me'Adim/Mars as the planetary ruler. This is what the Zohar has to tell us about this special palace of Me'adim;"When that spirit enters the Palace of Love the love-yearning for the supernal kisses is aroused, those concerning which it is written:"And Jacob kissed Rachel"(Gen.XXIX,11), so that the kisses of the supernal love are duly brought forth, and they are the beginning of the awkening of all supernal love, attachment and union. For this reason the Hymn(Shir HaShirim) begins with the words:"Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth."Now who is "he"? He who is hidden within the supernal concealment......This is the starting point of all esoteric mysteries, itself being unknowable(ain)...."ZoharII,146b.
In the same way it is said that calamities have come upon the holy people because they could not handle the rarefied power of an earth linked with the beith HaMikdash to the fifth continuum/heavens, so has the understanding of M'edom-m'edim been hidden. This planetary chief/Rav of the marvavah/myriad star chiefs, veils a very special hechalot/palace. We on earth are connected in a new way to this firmament as did the ancient first Temple allow a certain conduit of blessing come into the earth from the being world. The Shalom Shalem/ Peace is actually the very ground nature of our world now because of this connection. The true nature of the great peacemaking morning star, as the Native Americans tell in their legends, is being revealed in a renewed creation. They predicted the return to the earth world of the blessing-healing power of beings associated with this sphere, the feathered dragons/serpents who in Hebrew are the holy Seraphim. We must walk carefully on and with the beloved Adamah/Earth. The true love/Ahavah= 13 = Echad/unity is the blessings of the Holiest of Songs.