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The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Brightest Supernova ever/Zohar prophecy Balak

This has just been reported from astronomers and can be found in "The Chandra Chronicles" on the web, about a recently discovered exploding star very far from our galaxy:
"Which stars make the most luminous supernovas? The recent discovery of Supernova 2006gy (SN 2006gy), a supernova that produced more light than any previously recorded supernova, has stimulated a lively discussion of this issue, and may provide insight into how very massive stars die.
3-Panel of Chandra, Lick & Infrared Images of SN 2006gySN 2006gy was first detected by an optical robotic telescope as part of the Texas Supernova Search project on September 18, 2006. It brightened slowly for about 70 days, peaked at a luminosity or intrinsic brightness equal to that of 50 billion suns - ten times brighter than its host galaxy - and began a slow decline."
Now read the prophecy from the Sepher HaZohar at the end of the section on parsha Balak:
"We have learnt that HaShem will one day build Jerusalem and display a certain fixed star flashing with seventy streamers and seventy flames in the midst of the firmament, and it will shine and flash for seventy days. It will appear on the sixth day of the week on the twenty-fifth of the sixth month, and will disappear on the seventh day after seventy days." Zohar III212b.
The date that the supernova was first spotted- September 18, 2006 was the twenty-fifth of Elul which is the date mentioned in Zohar. It shone and brightened for seventy days as stated in Zohar. The Zohar then continues to discuss the falling of great towers in the "city of Rome" and some folks have compared this to the 9/11 tragedy which happened on Elul 23. The 25th of Elul, the date the star was first recorded is also in some traditions the first "day" of the beginning of the creation since we count six days to Rosh HaShanah which is considered the 6th "day" when Adam Rishon was created. This date of Elul has another synchronicity since it is the 8th day from the birthday of the Baal Shem Tov, the time he came into the covenant of Abraham and Sarah. The yahrzeit/anniversary of his death is coming up on Shavuoth/feast of weeks and the great celestial wedding day.
The Zohar continues to explain events after the star is "seen" at the time of the geulah/redemption and the enlivening of the dead, the global soul awakening. Incredible synchronous events display and help reveal the new epoch we are living in at this moment. May the radiant light of "50 billion suns"! that we have just become witnesses to, help speedily bring the shalom shalem.

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