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A site based on the healing of the ancient wisdom of the Geocentric worldview. The understanding of sacred texts and wisdom is based on a relationship to the Source. This Central Source is the Fount from which the three distinct movements of the Earth globe flow. These three turns-rotation,revolution and precession are a great secret/sod and key to the profound teachings of the mekubalim/kabbalists. These movements provide us with the experience of shanah/time, olam/matter and nephesh/soul(being). The Earth turn called precession is the slow wobble that causes the polar skies to change slowly over a 26,000 year cycle.
The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Sunday, September 30, 2007

54 parashot/Meadim/Mars in the sky

This year the value of Chaiim/the living infuses all that we do and strive for. This word has the value from the Hebrew of 68-this year 57-68. This year is a leap year sabbatical year, with thirteen lunar months and all the 54-Torah portions are sung by themselves on the Sabbath.

Three strangers came to Abraham, they were connected to the celestial beings called the Seraphim/the feathered serpents of meso-america and each of the three had the six wings. 3X6=18. 18 equals life. The true identity of these beings who came to the man whose heart was on fire with ahavah/love, has been a big mystery. This is because one of these three could only be manifest with the success of the arrow of time of the priestly peoples. These Seraphim are traditionally related to the heaven veiled by the planet meadim/Mars. This sphere has been undergoing an awesome dance in the sky that will become increasingly beautiful as we move towards the winter solstice and the festivals of light. By the full moon of the month of Tevet/December 24,2007- Mars will rise exactly when the sun sets and travel through the night very high in the sky, setting exactly when the new morning sun rises. The planetary sun of the night. The planet will almost equal the brightness of Tzedeq/Jupiter. The planet will culminate at midnight exactly overhead in the latitude of the American southwest. The Pueblo elders will be noticing closely as the peacemaking morning star moves across the opening of emergence of the Earth temple kivas. We are emerging into the fifth world of a global temple school and the keepers of the true mystery tradition among the Jews, Navajos, Pueblos, Mayans, Buddhists,Moslems, Christians and Hindus all have their own special names for this transformation.Meadim is said to veil the Fifth very special heaven in traditional teachings of Kabbalah.

A very loud trumpet of freedom was sounded on the Sabbath of Sabbaths when Yom Kippur was celebrated on the Sabbath in a Sabbatical year ending with the eight of the octave/ogdoad. The most influential Mime of history Marcel Marceau returned his being to HaShem in his awesome dance of life. This man survived the Holocaust to live a life filled with passion. His life was dedicated to expressing the exuberant essence of self, of the living gift of the Source.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tekiyah Gedolah/ ketoret of Joining

L'Shanah Tova to all readers of these writings- may a great moment of transformation/Shanah- wheel of awesome change enter into your lives. The world is now in this great leap of radical renewal as the being world, the "upper waters" floods our lives. One of the whispered secrets of the ancient mekubalim, the Hebrew tribal shamans was that the box of 72 "names" as given in the Zohar II is a great clock face. The stars in the night sky are the hands and when the mekubalim would go out at midnight to pray as Zohar tells us, they could read the time of the great chronometer- the 26 thousand year wobble of the holy Earth as followed by the movement of the stars. As stated before, this is in a synchronous pulse with the 26 thousand light years, the time it takes light, to reach the galactic center. The dancing mekubal knows where she is in time! As all the tribal people who walk the beauty path; where we stand is the HaMakom- the holy place from - m' kom - where we arise. From the Omak/depth we arise-komi- within this sacred dance of life. To know where we are in the continuums of space & time & being - this is the gift of the Temple tradition. We are grateful for this. This year 5768 contains the 368- shin-sameck-chet-in the Hebrew date-which is equal to the 368 minah weight of ketoret- sacred incense used in the Beith HaMikdash/Holy temple. This is a very special shemittah/sabbatical year. The entire value-5768- equals the value of Ha-eben shetiyah-the foundation stone. This crystal "stoneflower" is the book of remembrance. The cup of blessing. The crystalline interface that allows this bundle of life/Chayah to become Earth-Adamah. May the sacred incense offering bring the heaven world and the fifth level of soul, the Yechidah in joining with Earth to establish an entire world awakened to the Source from where peace comes. This Shabbos-Yom kippur- is the Sabbath of Sabbaths when we pray five times and bring in our most rarefied Yechidah soul/fifth level, to awaken the globe, the Mother Earth, to the experience of Sabbath. The is the tenth of the seventh month, the Holy of Holies of time. May the prayerful incense and those celebrating life in the moment and the place, bring the trumpet horn/qeren of awakening to this fragile beauty of the planetary tabernacle.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

the tablets of crystal Earth/Shabbatai in betulah

Today the planet Shabbatai/Saturn enters the sign of the maiden/betulah(virgo) for the next two years and some. The past movement through the aryeh/lion is complete and we have seen the great changes in "leadership" as we move through this period of the ingathering and approach the phase that will bring the shalem, the greater complete sovereignty of HaShem into the physical Earth. This bigger change involves the planet that veils the crown-kingdom continuum, called pluto by astrologers. This physical globe is set to enter the Earth sign of the gedi/kid in the coming months where it will reside for some twelve years and this sign belongs to the four signs that incorporate that level of initiation of divine will in the physical. Some of us are already experiencing this in their personal lives, others are preparing for this next global phase of this forty year period that we entered in 5750/1990. Shabbatai is a herald so to speak within the sign of the maiden who in Hebrew tradition is the matriarch Rebbecca. She gives birth to the sacred twins-Yakov and Esau and their struggle and journey is the journey of the priestly peoples bringing about an Earth that can embody the most rarefied levels of the light of the divine Source in a physical manifestation. Nine months after the sign of betulah in the wheel of the year, the birth takes place, we have the sign of the Teomin, the twins. This in the wheel of the yearly shanah/transformation was when the first tablets, twins, came down from the Har Sinai, to a people not yet ready to embody the omakim, the great depth of the divine effulgence. However the second set of tablets of sacred Earth crystal were brought to the people after the time that Moshe rabbeinu/Moses spent forty days on the mountain, from the first of Elul to the tenth of Tishre. The eternal complete Luhoth abanim-tablets of stone, were brought to the people of Earth on Yom kippur. This engraved stone would allow the union of all the worlds with the wheel of the earth. As mentioned in a previous post the nine degrees of Chayoth HaKodesh/holy wheel creatures, are all brought together only in a physical creation, the ninth degree in the ancient Kabbalistic text is called "Wheel of Earth". In fact herein lies the very secret sod for why a physical creation manifests from the Divine Source. In the sepher HaZohar for this weeks Torah parsha we have a portion about the special Shirah/song sung by Moses and the uniting of upper and lower worlds through the engraved holy Earth. " Rabbi Simeon said: What is the most perfect hymn? One that is addressed by both the lower to the higher and by the higher to the lower, and which then combines the two. From whose example do we know this? From this song of Moses...For so we have explained in the presence of Rabbi Simeon, that Amen draws blessings from the Source to the King and from the King to the matrona, from A(aleph) to M(mem) and from M to N(nun)(AMN=amen) and when blessings come to N, from there they issue forth from higher to lower and spread through all."Zohar III-285a. The hint here for the initiates on the path of wisdom is that the word amen has the value of one of the names of the 72 discussed in the second volume of the Zohar. This name can only be fully manifest in the Earth creation. Our world is now experiencing in a widening circle of effects the manifestation of this name which has this value of AMN=91. This is the fruit of the line of initiates of the Adam Baal Shem within the Hebrew tradition. This is important now for yesterday, Chai Elul, was the birthday of the
Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov and on his eighth day of life, the coming 25th of Elul, is the day in the shanah of the year that the physical world is said to have come into manifestation. Six "days" later is Rosh HaShanah when the first Adam, male & female appears. The calendar wheel is an interface for all worlds and continuums and is in part how the priestly peoples sing the shirah, the song that unites worlds and brings the entire Earth into experiencing the seventh day which is the place of the mishkan/tabernacle.