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A site based on the healing of the ancient wisdom of the Geocentric worldview. The understanding of sacred texts and wisdom is based on a relationship to the Source. This Central Source is the Fount from which the three distinct movements of the Earth globe flow. These three turns-rotation,revolution and precession are a great secret/sod and key to the profound teachings of the mekubalim/kabbalists. These movements provide us with the experience of shanah/time, olam/matter and nephesh/soul(being). The Earth turn called precession is the slow wobble that causes the polar skies to change slowly over a 26,000 year cycle.
The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Zia and the Chayoth HaKodesh

The ancient Zia symbol on the state flag of New Mexico fulfills several prophecies from traditions as diverse as ancient Tibet and Israel. The symbol is a circle with sixteen streaming rays from four directions. It is not only an ancient Pueblo sun symbol but also the sign for the rare and awesome total solar eclipse. It can be found in an ancient pyramid of Egypt as a sign for the "city of light". The circle of 360 degrees multiplied by the 16 streaming rays equals 5760 which was the Hebrew year in the year 2000 on the secular calendar. This year was prophesied by the great Rebbe Abraham Azulai as the year that would see a global purification and movement into a new epoch. This number also completes 144X40 year long generations=5760. In ancient Tibet there are prophecies of a new hub for the dharma/wheel of truth teachings to spread and encircle the new epoch of peace. The flag of Shambhalla would fly over the place, discernible as an ancient mandala - the kalachakra wheel of time. The Zia flag of New Mexico is also a stylized form of this ancient Tibetan mandala. Northern New Mexico is exactly opposite Lhasa, Tibet on the earth globe. The sixteen rays represent the eight celestial bodhisattvas and their female consorts. In the vision of the Biblical prophet Ezekiel the sixteen rays around the wheel represent the 16 faces of the four-faced, four ChayothHaKodesh, the holy living creatures. These are called the wakinyan, the winged thunders in the ancient American teachings, or the tob-kintob as mentioned in the previous post. These days we are living in now are the transition which is mentioned in many prophetic wisdom traditions as a battle of sorts between a balanced way of sacred life and the old paradigm built on fear and a war based economy. The center of the Asian wisdom tradition was at one time in Lhasa,Tibet, exactly opposite Santa Fe, New Mexico where the ancient mandala flies over the state capital as well as over the Tibetan Stupa/temple residing there now. The Tibetan Stupa/temple was built by the Kaygu lineage of the Karmapa Lama and the reincarnation of the 16th karmapa who died in 1981 is a key as to how the global prophecies have been fulfilled and are unfolding to the joy and hope of holy peoples everywhere. The true city of Holy Faith-Ayer Emunah(Santa Fe), as Isaiah said Israel/Jerusalem would be called has joined with the city of Tibetan prophecy - called Shambhalla and been established in an ancient center of the American wisdom tradition in the southwest as the Mayan codices also predicted. The3 prophecies also converge around the sign of the total solar eclipse and we are now ending as spoken of previously a seventeen year span between two total solar eclipses falling exactly on the Yahrzeit/anniversary of the death of the holy sage Rashi. This coming August will see the completion of the seventeen years that was foreshadowed in the Sefer genesis when Jacob we are told lived seventeen years in mitzrayim at the end of his "life". The convergence of prophecies can also be found in the name of the completed human being directly connected to the unified soul root of the etz Chaiim/tree of Life. The Tibetans call the Chief of Shambhalla Rudra Chakrin which means the "wrathful one with the Wheel". Rudra is a Sanskrit name for a form of the being shiva/shakti which actually interfaces with the higher souls of the Chayah and Yechida in the teachings of the mekubalim/kabbalists. The word contains the Indo-European root word for root and red-RUD. The name ADAM also signifies the word for red and blood and is related to meadim, a name for the red planet Mars also associated with shiva in Asian cosmology. In Hopi/Pueblo cosmology the last of the special powers and signs to mark our transition into a new epoch, the 'fifth world" would be the appearance of "the color red". Here we have the unified soul tree in the Adam Qadmon. Our times are indeed special and wonderful. Happy Purim and Shabbos!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

the nine mountains/Shambhalla and Israel

The Zohar on the commentary on the beginning of the book of Vayikra explains how the first word vayikra is actually a key to the degrees of celestial beings, the living creatures residing in the mishkan/sanctuary. The zohar continues with how the first ten sayings of creation in the book of Genesis parallel the ten sayings of the Decalogue. “It is written, “Honor your father and your mother”(Shemot20:12) and in the works of creation:”Let there be lights in the firmament of heaven”(Genesis1:14). What does this teach us? That the lights are your father and mother; your father is the sun, and your mother is the moon. The sun is none other than the Holy One, Baruch Hu, as written, “For HaShem Elohim is a sun and shield”(Tehillim 84:12) and the moon is none other than the Congregation of Yisrael, as written, “Nor shall your moon withdraw itself”(Yeshayah 60:20). Therefore the two verses are one.” (Zohar Vayikra(Ashlag trans) These teachings are so in line with the Native Plains Indians teachings about the Wakan beings and their relationship to the Source of all that is, often referred to as Inyan, the rock. The development of these Wakan beings is parallel to the unfolding and complex relationship of the omakim/depths usually called now the sephirot in popular kabbalah. These Wakan, like the sephirot of the early mekubalim/kabbalists were never openly talked about or discussed like they are nowadays. There are degrees of the sephirot, the depths as there are degrees of the holy Wakan beings in ancient American teachings. As the omakim are placed in the kamea of Shabbatai(box of 9), the eight surrounding the central box where is the number five, so the degrees of the eight Wakan beings resolve into the one called Inyan , the spirit of the Creator commonly called Wakan Tanka or Wakan Skan. The eight wakan beings unfold into the sixteen called the tob-kintob as we also see the sixteen faces on the four chayoth creatures as in the chariot seen by Ezekiel. The Zohar here on Vayikra when comparing the sun and moon to our father and mother is so in line with the ancient tribal American teachings that we are all related and the Earth herself called Maka is as a spouse to the original Wakan called Inyan, the rock. These are the sacred grandparents rarely if ever mentioned by native elders. The lodges of the colors in relationship to these Wakan beings is another level of initiation into these degrees of the Chayoth HaKodesh, the holy living creatures as the Hebrew sages call them. It is part of a beautiful unfolding destiny that in the American land the whisperings of the omakim/depths of the kabbalah would flower and transform our Earth. The Qumran scrolls predicted in the little fragment called “the words of Michael” about how a new place far away from Qumran would see the nine degrees of holy creatures/Wakans, called mountains in the writing, unfold to transform the whole world. The angels Michael and Gabriel are the protagonists in this Qumran fragment as in the Zohar portion on Vayikra.The ancient Tibetans saw the same place they called Shambhalla, eight mountain villages surrounding a ninth like a lotus blossom being the place that a new wheel of Dharma/truth to unfold like a flower to the Earth. The flag of shambhalla would fly over this special land just like an ancient Tibetan mandala of the sun and the moon unified in a wheel like a total solar eclipse.We stand in solidarity with the Tibetan cause for their religious and cultural freedom. Here in the Pueblo land of New Mexico we are exactly opposite the land of Tibet and her capital Lhasa. The Pueblos, like ancient walled cities of the middle-east will be dancing on Sunday, AdarII-16(March-23) as the easter holiday coincides with Purim this year.The unrest in ancient Tibet is a part of the unfolding purification process that will soon we pray see and feel the global soul awakening heal the Earth so all of the holy peoples may live in peace and freedom

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Zahav Tahor/Pure Gold

Heaven is an eternal ongoing miracle. Revealing this awesome place of awakening adventure within the depth of physical matter is the work of the holy peoples and the building of the mishkan/sanctuary. Many people are very fascinated with the golden calf. How could a piece of metal come alive? But when discussing the mishkan and the appearance of HaShem to Israel, many explain this only as a “metaphor”. Interpretation of the four levels of the Hebrew Torah is where the wisdom can be found. The golden calf is the true metaphor for us today, since this symbol for an imbalanced understanding of the source is present this very day in the world. We know from the study of the faces of the Chayoth that both the calf face and the metal gold may symbolize the rigorous aspect of divine justice. Many of the fundamentalist groups focus on this aspect and quality and place this on the panai/Face of the Source. The source of Love in the world is beyond any aspect and therefore the approach to the Source we are told is facilitated by being careful not to put any of the Elohim/Powers on the Panai/Face of haShem. This is from the esrai devarim, the Ten suggestions sometimes called the Decalogue.
The reading of the book of Shemot/Exodus ended with details about the Mishkan, the place for the Creator to dwell in this world. The details are for some holding the important details of building a religious discipline that brings one closer to HaShem. For the students of the temple tradition which is built on experiential initiation, in the details are the simpler instructions for the sacred technology that involves the Zahav Tahor, the pure gold mentioned many times. Legend has it that the Holy Rashi’s last word was Tahor, pure. It is one iota of this pure gold that the alchemists said could change huge amounts of base metal to real gold. The key to this kind of gold is found both in the wheel of the metals given to us in Zohar/terumah and pictured in the old text,Eshel Abraham as well as in the written Torah. The two people who build the mishkan hold the knowledge. One is Bezalel from the tribe of Judah and the other is Oholiab from the tribe of Dan. The lion and the snake. Each has an animal as well as a metal associated with it and herein lies the wisdom that leads to the Zhav tahor. The real Kabbalah is not what anyone can tell you. This is from the Self discovery. The soul as the word nefesh has the gematria value of 430. This is also the value of the word shekel=430. True discovery comes from this “place” of being. Ha-Mishkan(415) + Yah(15) = 430. Happy Adar Sheini new moon!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Meshulash Purim and Edom solar calendar united

We have discussed the uniqueness of this year/5768 of the Hebrew calendar. This year being a leap year, a shemitta/sabbatical year and a year that Purim is on a Friday and all parshot of the Torah are read separately on the Sabbath. The experts tell us that a year like this will not happen again for at least 44 years. Of course every moment is unique and is not repeated. It is also a rare year for the Christians, when Easter weekend is celebrated right on the vernal equinox, as early in the spring as it gets. This means that an unusual synchronicity between the Hebrew lunar and the Christian solar calendars is happening. The Christian’s “good Friday” is being celebrated on the Jewish festival of Purim. The names Esther, the heroine of Purim, and Easter are linguistically related. this year Easter is celebrated on a Sunday that is Adar-II-16 and a great feast day for Israel. Purim is a three day festival called meshulash Purim this year.Usually of course the Christian mythos puts the Easter celebration during the Passover holiday of redemption with the last supper being the Pesach seder meal. The difference in how the Hebrew and Gregorian calendars function places the Christian holy days at a time now this year when the Jews celebrate the miracle that had them escaping a move by the “enemy” amalek/Haman in the Persian exile, to destroy the holy peoples and end the work of bringing heaven together with earth on our sacred globe. Christianity as part of a development of the fourth exile of the Jews by the Romans is therefore celebrating at a time, that precisely celebrates the freedom of the temple lineage of initiation from the oppressors of the world of exile previously in Persia. Think about the ramifications of these two celebrations coinciding! This very rare synchronicity of calendars is another sign that the the holy peoples have left the fourth and final exile of Edom/Rome and even the peoples who follow the solar calendar will soon come to celebrate the uniting of the lineages and their Sarim/princes. We are also this year completing the seventeen year period hidden in the story of Jacob/Israel at the end of the Sefer/book of Genesis that is a prophecy for our very own present period of time when olam/world of exile meets Olam geulah, world of redemption this very day. The one date that is agreed upon by many meso-American experts for the beginning of a new epoch was the great total solar eclipse that happened on July 11, 1991. This was the Yahrzeit of the holy sage Rashi on Tammuz29 on the hebrew calendar. This special eclipse which lasted in totality for over 8 minutes and tracked directly over meso-America was called the smoking mirror or sign of the Solar Jaguar, heaven and earth uniting in the Oro Dios- the eye of the Creator as the ancient Mayans and aztecs called a solar eclipse. It was listed in the Mayan ancient Dresden Codex and is really the true date that we moved into a new epoch of civilizations. What is amazing is that the total solar eclipse this summer on August first/Tammuz 29 is also the yahrzeit of Rashi and marks exactly seventeen years on the Hebrew calendar since the eclipse in 1991/5751. The seventeen years that Jacob/Israel was in exile before "being gathered to his ancestors"(Gen49)hints at the period of concealment of the beginning stages of this new era of freedom that the Zohar predicted as beginning in 5750. Again we have a swing of contraries of the concealed and revealed; the ohr/light and the chosehyk/darkness.This week the last chapters of the Book of Shemot/are completed. In this parsha the Mishkan, the sanctuary for the divine presence to dwell on earth, is fully completed. A cloud is upon it by the day and a sacred fire of glory at night. This sanctuary allows the divine presence to be with the holy peoples throughout the long journey of history. the history of exiles and freedoms, tragedies and celebrations. The Earth herself is now this holy sanctuary.