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The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Meshulash Purim and Edom solar calendar united

We have discussed the uniqueness of this year/5768 of the Hebrew calendar. This year being a leap year, a shemitta/sabbatical year and a year that Purim is on a Friday and all parshot of the Torah are read separately on the Sabbath. The experts tell us that a year like this will not happen again for at least 44 years. Of course every moment is unique and is not repeated. It is also a rare year for the Christians, when Easter weekend is celebrated right on the vernal equinox, as early in the spring as it gets. This means that an unusual synchronicity between the Hebrew lunar and the Christian solar calendars is happening. The Christian’s “good Friday” is being celebrated on the Jewish festival of Purim. The names Esther, the heroine of Purim, and Easter are linguistically related. this year Easter is celebrated on a Sunday that is Adar-II-16 and a great feast day for Israel. Purim is a three day festival called meshulash Purim this year.Usually of course the Christian mythos puts the Easter celebration during the Passover holiday of redemption with the last supper being the Pesach seder meal. The difference in how the Hebrew and Gregorian calendars function places the Christian holy days at a time now this year when the Jews celebrate the miracle that had them escaping a move by the “enemy” amalek/Haman in the Persian exile, to destroy the holy peoples and end the work of bringing heaven together with earth on our sacred globe. Christianity as part of a development of the fourth exile of the Jews by the Romans is therefore celebrating at a time, that precisely celebrates the freedom of the temple lineage of initiation from the oppressors of the world of exile previously in Persia. Think about the ramifications of these two celebrations coinciding! This very rare synchronicity of calendars is another sign that the the holy peoples have left the fourth and final exile of Edom/Rome and even the peoples who follow the solar calendar will soon come to celebrate the uniting of the lineages and their Sarim/princes. We are also this year completing the seventeen year period hidden in the story of Jacob/Israel at the end of the Sefer/book of Genesis that is a prophecy for our very own present period of time when olam/world of exile meets Olam geulah, world of redemption this very day. The one date that is agreed upon by many meso-American experts for the beginning of a new epoch was the great total solar eclipse that happened on July 11, 1991. This was the Yahrzeit of the holy sage Rashi on Tammuz29 on the hebrew calendar. This special eclipse which lasted in totality for over 8 minutes and tracked directly over meso-America was called the smoking mirror or sign of the Solar Jaguar, heaven and earth uniting in the Oro Dios- the eye of the Creator as the ancient Mayans and aztecs called a solar eclipse. It was listed in the Mayan ancient Dresden Codex and is really the true date that we moved into a new epoch of civilizations. What is amazing is that the total solar eclipse this summer on August first/Tammuz 29 is also the yahrzeit of Rashi and marks exactly seventeen years on the Hebrew calendar since the eclipse in 1991/5751. The seventeen years that Jacob/Israel was in exile before "being gathered to his ancestors"(Gen49)hints at the period of concealment of the beginning stages of this new era of freedom that the Zohar predicted as beginning in 5750. Again we have a swing of contraries of the concealed and revealed; the ohr/light and the chosehyk/darkness.This week the last chapters of the Book of Shemot/are completed. In this parsha the Mishkan, the sanctuary for the divine presence to dwell on earth, is fully completed. A cloud is upon it by the day and a sacred fire of glory at night. This sanctuary allows the divine presence to be with the holy peoples throughout the long journey of history. the history of exiles and freedoms, tragedies and celebrations. The Earth herself is now this holy sanctuary.

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