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The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Zia and the Chayoth HaKodesh

The ancient Zia symbol on the state flag of New Mexico fulfills several prophecies from traditions as diverse as ancient Tibet and Israel. The symbol is a circle with sixteen streaming rays from four directions. It is not only an ancient Pueblo sun symbol but also the sign for the rare and awesome total solar eclipse. It can be found in an ancient pyramid of Egypt as a sign for the "city of light". The circle of 360 degrees multiplied by the 16 streaming rays equals 5760 which was the Hebrew year in the year 2000 on the secular calendar. This year was prophesied by the great Rebbe Abraham Azulai as the year that would see a global purification and movement into a new epoch. This number also completes 144X40 year long generations=5760. In ancient Tibet there are prophecies of a new hub for the dharma/wheel of truth teachings to spread and encircle the new epoch of peace. The flag of Shambhalla would fly over the place, discernible as an ancient mandala - the kalachakra wheel of time. The Zia flag of New Mexico is also a stylized form of this ancient Tibetan mandala. Northern New Mexico is exactly opposite Lhasa, Tibet on the earth globe. The sixteen rays represent the eight celestial bodhisattvas and their female consorts. In the vision of the Biblical prophet Ezekiel the sixteen rays around the wheel represent the 16 faces of the four-faced, four ChayothHaKodesh, the holy living creatures. These are called the wakinyan, the winged thunders in the ancient American teachings, or the tob-kintob as mentioned in the previous post. These days we are living in now are the transition which is mentioned in many prophetic wisdom traditions as a battle of sorts between a balanced way of sacred life and the old paradigm built on fear and a war based economy. The center of the Asian wisdom tradition was at one time in Lhasa,Tibet, exactly opposite Santa Fe, New Mexico where the ancient mandala flies over the state capital as well as over the Tibetan Stupa/temple residing there now. The Tibetan Stupa/temple was built by the Kaygu lineage of the Karmapa Lama and the reincarnation of the 16th karmapa who died in 1981 is a key as to how the global prophecies have been fulfilled and are unfolding to the joy and hope of holy peoples everywhere. The true city of Holy Faith-Ayer Emunah(Santa Fe), as Isaiah said Israel/Jerusalem would be called has joined with the city of Tibetan prophecy - called Shambhalla and been established in an ancient center of the American wisdom tradition in the southwest as the Mayan codices also predicted. The3 prophecies also converge around the sign of the total solar eclipse and we are now ending as spoken of previously a seventeen year span between two total solar eclipses falling exactly on the Yahrzeit/anniversary of the death of the holy sage Rashi. This coming August will see the completion of the seventeen years that was foreshadowed in the Sefer genesis when Jacob we are told lived seventeen years in mitzrayim at the end of his "life". The convergence of prophecies can also be found in the name of the completed human being directly connected to the unified soul root of the etz Chaiim/tree of Life. The Tibetans call the Chief of Shambhalla Rudra Chakrin which means the "wrathful one with the Wheel". Rudra is a Sanskrit name for a form of the being shiva/shakti which actually interfaces with the higher souls of the Chayah and Yechida in the teachings of the mekubalim/kabbalists. The word contains the Indo-European root word for root and red-RUD. The name ADAM also signifies the word for red and blood and is related to meadim, a name for the red planet Mars also associated with shiva in Asian cosmology. In Hopi/Pueblo cosmology the last of the special powers and signs to mark our transition into a new epoch, the 'fifth world" would be the appearance of "the color red". Here we have the unified soul tree in the Adam Qadmon. Our times are indeed special and wonderful. Happy Purim and Shabbos!!

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