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A site based on the healing of the ancient wisdom of the Geocentric worldview. The understanding of sacred texts and wisdom is based on a relationship to the Source. This Central Source is the Fount from which the three distinct movements of the Earth globe flow. These three turns-rotation,revolution and precession are a great secret/sod and key to the profound teachings of the mekubalim/kabbalists. These movements provide us with the experience of shanah/time, olam/matter and nephesh/soul(being). The Earth turn called precession is the slow wobble that causes the polar skies to change slowly over a 26,000 year cycle.
The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rosh Chodesh Av and the Sabbath

This Shabbos is a Rosh Chodesh Av and the beginning of the traditional nine days of mourning of the great tragedies. The day before the Sabbath on Friday,Tammuz29 is the yarzheit of Rashi and a total eclipse of the sun. As mentioned in the posts this ends a seventeen year span since Tammuz29-5751 when the great eclipse of July 11, 1991 happened which was so important by ancient American astronomers to have been recorded in the Mayan codices as directly related to the feathered dragon and the birth of the age called sun of flowers. In the secret great chronometer of the mekubalim/kabbalists, this eclipse took place in the five degree span of the 72-name wheel that is number 22-sacred to the priesthood of Israel. This weeks Torah portion speaks particularly of leaving and arriving in the promised land and we know from Sefer Genesis that Jacob/Israel lived 17 years “outside” the holy land before he was “gathered to his ancestors”. The last parsha of the fourth book of Torah, Masei is also the last mention in torah; verse 36:4 of the Yovel, the jubilee; “and when the jubilee will arrive for the Children of Israel”. All of the leavings and arrivings and journeying, the dismantling and rebuilding of the ark and mishkan represent the great work of making the whole earth into a Holy Land for all peoples.” They journeyed from Marah(bitterness) and arrived at Elim; in Elim were twelve springs of water and seventy date palms, and they encamped there”. Bamidbar 33:9.The twelve founts are those that emerge from the sacred fount and great river within the tree of life. The seventy date palms are all the nation/language groups of the Earth which are a part of uniting and expressing the sacred name(72) of the Source in a physical world. This last parsha of the first four books precedes the opening of the fifth book of chumash and we do this, this year on the new moon /Sabbath of the fifth month of the Hebrew calendar. This month does also correspond traditionally to the fifth sephira of the seven “lower” ones and to the Beth haMikdash, the Holy temple and the Cohen Gadol. This month traditionally is associated with remembering the destruction of the temple and the yearning for the third temple which Sefer Zohar tells us is not a building built by human hands like the first two temples were. This world is a balanced dance of destruction and tragedy with creation and simcha/joyous celebration. This Earth is an unfolding flower. Life and Seed where they find each other is the Song of Songs.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The weaving of blue and purple, angels/humans

This week we have the first Sabbath in these 72 days from Tammuz 17 which begins the traditional 3 weeks of mourning, and until Rosh HaShanah which gathers all of the holy peoples together from the long march of history to hear the sound of the Shofar/ram’s horn. These 70 days in between are the number of the nations of the world hearing and feeling the transformative wheel that is the temple of initiation here in Earth/Adamah. Zohar has only a very small commentary on the Torah parsha Mattot. It speaks of the specialness of the chesed, the flowing lovingkindness, the divine fount that is the all giving love of HaShem. This word Chesed also has the gematria of 72, underlying the profundity of these 72 days from summer to fall which involves destruction and tragedy and the return that is the poignant feel of Jewish history and the true nature of the work of all the traditions that support the wisdom of making Earth a sacred temple for all peoples. On the very special wheel of the metals as given in Zohar terumah and pictured in Sefer Eshel Abraham, we are moving from the silver in the south which holds the water(chesed) and are moving towards the Barzel/Iron in the west which holds the great secret=raz, the word raz/secret hidden inside the word for iron, barzel. The four metals on the wheel and their relationship to the four elements are gates to the most profound level of rejoining the Tree of Knowledge to the Etz Chaiim, the Tree of Life. The four traditional worlds in kabbalah are built of the four metals and have a special relationship to their associated elements and qualities. The temple vessels are built with the metals and crystals(colors) so as to make possible the flow of the Chesed(lovingkindness=silver) throughout the olamim/worlds so all will drink of the river from Eden that is worth as we quoted from Zohar in a recent post-1000, as in the thousand pieces of silver spoken of in the Song of Songs. The silver is related to the world of Beriah, the throne which is made of sacred crystal. Crystal holds the quality of the elemental water, it’s clearness, sparkle and translucency. The river and it’s four streams from Eden, the 12 stones being created in these rivers(from Torah/Bereishit/Genesis) and the four metallic roots of the tree of Knowledge are all keys to the building of the mishkan and her sacred vessels. The temple mysteries that involve the literal weaving of metals, elements and colors helps bring an end to all injustice and subjugation of peoples as reflected in the four metallic parts of the image(gold,silver,copper and iron) in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream in Sefer Daniel. These 70 days from now to the head of the wheel/Shanah/Rosh haShanah, in the fall involve the balance of judgment and mercy that is the lesson of the historical drama which brings freedom for all the 70 nations finding the living Source. From zohar on mattot, “ we learned that Rabbi Yehuda said the world is maintained by two colors only, that come from the aspect of the wise-hearted((chochmat lev) woman. Hence, it says, “and all the women that were wise-hearted did spin with their hands, and brought that which they had spun, both of blue(techeleth), and of purple(argaman). What did they bring? Blue and purple, which are colors contained within colors.” Zohar III,259b(trans after Ashlag). The sacred value of vows and words and the need to vanquish the imbalance that jeopardizes the delicate unfolding of justice in the world are themes in this weeks quite difficult torah section. The author of the zohar tells us this is a delicate weaving by the women who hold the fabric of community together and allow the chesed to flow and make the world a beautiful place. In the haftorah for the parsha mattot, from Jeremiah 1-18, “ I have set you today as a fortified city and as an iron(barzel) pillar and as copper(nachoshet)walls over the entire land”. These are the metals that the world of yetzirah(angels) is made of/copper; and the world of assiah(physical planets) and animal world is built on iron/blood. The angel chiefs/sarim of the nations are being unified in the human world. Here we have a great synchronicity of prophecy between Hebrew and Tibetan/Asian sacred vision. The ancient Tibetans saw the sovereignty of humans bringing the powers associated with the divine through the ladder of the four metals(which the four continents of Asian Mt.Meru is made of), ending with the bringing into humanity the fullness of Rudra chakrin, the keeper of the wheel of iron by which a global peace is flowering for us. Sounds familiar, Thanks Jeremiah! Good shabbos to all!

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Five gates of the Song of Songs

The Five gates of the holiest of Songs is spoken about in Sefer haZohar on parsha Terumah. This is the very central lev/heart and soul of the Book of Splendor. "Shir hashirim asher lishlomo. Here are the five grades which shall unite in the world to come: shir(song) is one; hashirim(songs) are two, which together make three; asher(which) is four; lishlomo(Solomon's) is five. "Solomon is in the fifth; for the fiftieth day is the mystery of the Jubilee. Mark now. Solomon would not have been able to bring about the union above had not the union of the Shekinah with the world below been already completed in Her union with Moses; one could not have been without the other. All this is a supreme mystery, which yet is revealed to those of a wise heart. "Zohar Vol.II145a(sperling trans). As we approach this very important place on our shanah, the wheel of the year(transformation) - the middle of the month of Av (Tub'Av)we enter the four points on the wheel that particularly point out the way to bringing the whole Earth into the holiness of the third temple and the complete union of Earth Shekinah and the Source of all Life, the fount from the Etz Chaiim/tree of Life. The middle of the coming month of Av(summer) is opposite tub'shevat in the winter, the tree of life festival which is about honoring the tree Etz Chaiim as the fount of the holy house of life. The two other cross quarter points are the full moon of Chesvan in the fall which month corresponds deeply with the building of the temples historically and now in third temple times the unveiling of our incredible temple school here in the mother Earth. This Chesvan point is opposite LagB'omer, in the spring which is the yahrzheit of the Rashbi, soul and author of the Sefer HaZohar which carries the wisdom of our temple tradition. The parsha for this Sabbath is Pinchas and it ends with a list of all the yomim tovim/holidays of the entire wheel of the Shanah. these 22 holi-days of joy parallel the 22 days of mourning between 17 Tammuz, this Sunday and 9Av three weeks later. We are ready now as a holy people to receive the original crystal tablets which traditionally were given but not received this Sunday Tammuz 17 and hence shattered that day-40 days count after Shavuoth and Sinai. The Torah parsha this Sabbath ends with shemini atzereth which in the year is in the fall and is followed by simchat Torah. This fall festival of Sukkoth is nine months(gestation of the seed) after the seed of the holy Tree takes root at TubeShevat. So this year tammuz17 should be the simchat Torah following the Torah parsha on Shabbos that ends describing shemini Atzereth when all the Holy Peoples gather together for a sacred honoring of all Life and her source. Simchat Torah is the day following Shemini Atzereth at Sukkoth in the fall. The wheel of the Shanah is an intricately interconnected temple of initiation that reveals the places of initiation for those finding the center of the Sabbath in all that is. Any four cross quarter points find their balance and blooming in the fifth place of the center of the wheel. This brings us back to the five gates spoken of in Zohar at the beginning of the post. Solomon, the king who is peace rides the chariot built on the four wheels. The vine of the Tree of life spoken of at the end of the song is watered from the fount of ayn gedi. The ayin/70 fount is the shem-ayin=Shema. are we listening to this river worth the sacred aleph/1000 that flows from the tree of Life. This nahar/river is a flow of joy, a simcha=shin-mem-cheth; of the chumash/five books Cheth-mem-Shin. We ahve arrived again at the Holy of Holies. The yod like points that begin all the letters of the first verse of the Song of Songs-"Shir hashirim asher lishlomo"equals 26, the value of haShem. Have an awesome Shabbos!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Miriam's Well/ the wilderness of Zin

We are now in the first 40 day period which Moshe Rabbainu dwelled on the mountain of revelation, the mountain of the Elohim. These 40 days stretch from Shavuoth to 17 Tammuz. 17 tammuz has a gematria that equals yehe ohr vyehe ohr/let there be light and the light is from Sefer Bereishet/genesis. The rabbinic sages tell us that the holy peoples were not complete enough to handle the first luchoth Abanim/tablets of crystal and the original "light" and so they were shattered on 17 Tammuz. Tammuz is the fourth month from Nissan and the fourth of the sephirot/spheres of the “lower” seven is nezach/eternity, the sphere of Moshe rabbeinu.Tammuz is the month of the original ohr/light of the crystal tablets and the holy temple that housed the tablets. After the period of destruction and mourning on the wheel of the shanah/transformation within history, we begin the teshuvah/return in Av and then the next period of the second 40 days on the mountain of the Elohim begins on elul 1 and goes to Yom Kippur with the receiving of the second set of Luchoth. In last weeks torah parsha we have the death of Miriam in the wilderness of Zin. Zin has the gematria value of 790 and the year 790 of our millennium is said in the Zohar to be the date that ends the 40 year kibbutz goliot/ingathering of exiles. 5750/1990 to 5790/2030 during which the entire holy people of all humanity will drink of the fresh water soul heaven that Miriam-Mar Yam/chieftess of the sea carried. This is the Chayah level of soul of all humanity. This is the fresh water of the sacred Etz Chaiim/Tree which we have been discussing in our commentary on the Shir haShirim. From the Zohar: “And his song was a thousand and five…but does this song actually consist of a thousand and five? Assuredly! The ‘five” refers to the five gates and doors which open toward the ‘King whose is the peace“. They are the five hundred years of the tree of life, the fifty years of the jubilee. The ‘Thousand” refers to the Tree of life as such, to the Bridegroom who goes out from its side and takes possession of the five gates, in order to draw nigh unto the bride and claim her. The day of the Holy One, baruch haShem, is a thousand years, and this number also symbolizes the River which goes out of Eden…There are five grades in the title as we have said. But why is the thousand not indicated? The truth is that this is hidden and will remain hidden until the Wife(the Shekinah) unites herself with her Husband.”Zohar III-145b, after Sperling trans. Now we know from the last few posts that the cosmic Aleph/Thousand is mentioned in the last verses of the Song about the vine at Baal Hamon. The secret is hidden by a thousand headed Tali/dragon(called shesha in Sanskrit) which is the shesh, in Sanskrit meaning the essence of all that is. The word Shir as title of this song also means the essence or remainder of all that is, When pronounced shiar. This essence in our prayers through the centuries is called Amen.