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The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Thursday, June 25, 2009

the mouth of Earth/Korach in the underworld

This weeks Torah parsha is all about making the holy peoples a people who are all priests with a direct relationship, each person to haShem. It also keeps hidden in the sod/mystery, the meaning of the layers of the underearth and what the mouth(peha) of the Earth means. The number of posukim/verses in parsha korach is 95 which is also the very gematria of the word that means the mouth of the earth that swallowed Korach and friends, Peh-yod-heh=80-10-5. The pueblo world view is usually regarded as “animistic” to the anthropologists but there are wonderful parallels with the secret teachings of the mekubalim and the stratified layers of Earth and sky for native peoples of America. For the pueblos we have migrated through various underworlds before emerging onto our familiar hardened Earth and sky above paradise. Being swallowed by the underearth would be less a punishment for the Puebloans as some commentaries on the Torah Korach would imply and more of a step backward in development or initiation. The place where the band goes under the Earth is called Sheol in Hebrew. The holiest song ever written, Shir HaShirim, tells us that love is stronger and more absolute than the fire of Sheol.
ו שִׂימֵנִי כַחוֹתָם עַל-לִבֶּךָ, כַּחוֹתָם עַל-זְרוֹעֶךָ--כִּי-עַזָּה כַמָּוֶת אַהֲבָה, קָשָׁה כִשְׁאוֹל קִנְאָה: רְשָׁפֶיהָ--רִשְׁפֵּי, אֵשׁ שַׁלְהֶבֶתְיָה.
6 Set me as a seal upon thy heart, as a seal upon thine arm; for love is strong as death, jealousy is cruel as the grave(Sheol in Hebrew); the flashes thereof are flashes of fire, a very flame of the LORD.
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Sheol is the layer of underearth mentioned in holy Torah as where Korach's band went after being swallowed. In the ancient mysteries of both aboriginal America and the mekubalim this place would be considered a “raw” state where the balance of the primal powers is not yet achieved. Access to the center of the creation, we call haShem might therefore be limited in the underearths. Initiates in the pueblo cosmology and ceremonial system are regarded as “cooked” versus "raw"people. The ancient Pueblo peoples found there to be four Earth worlds, three underworld layers and various sky worlds. This so beautifully aligns with aggadic and kabbalistic schemes of the olamim/universes. Traditions about the parsha Korach include the ideas that the mouth of the earth that swallows alive also involves a reemergence of the individuals swallowed in the era of redemption that is now upon us. The Sefer HaZohar keeps to one major theme on the incident with Korach. That is that he wanted to switch the left and right powers, the leviim holding the left and the Cohanim holding the right. This would have made the work of the global tikkun not possible. it is all about balance as the native elders also teach us.
The picture above of the human migration/initiation is taken from a Pima Indian basket design. (from the book "Earth and Sky"(UNM press))Similar “migration” labyrinths can be found with the Hopi Indians and on ancient coins from Greece. both the underearth layers and the sky world layers can be discerned. This can be found discussed in Sefer haZohar and other books of the mekubalim.
After the incident with the Earth swallowing some people the Torah presents the famous scene where the twelve tribal elders all bring their scepters to validate the line of Aaron as the true priestly lineage. The scepter of Aaron blooms before the eyes of the people. The scepter of Aaron involves initiation into the mysteries of the interface technology between the hechaloth/palaces and the earth.
The gematria of the name of the Earth mouth who swallows is 95 which is the same as the number of verses in the entire parsha. It is also the gematria value of "Daniel" which hints how important a deeper understanding of this part of torah is for the times we are living in right now.
Remember Daniel reveals in his book the mysteries of the times of the geulah. In our times the mouth transforms from peh-yod-heh to yod-peh-heh which in Shir HaShirim/Song of all Songs means yaphah=beautiful!
Good Shabbos!

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