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The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Dead Sea Scrolls and the "imperishable Sepher"

The community living in the dead sea caves was organized around the understanding that the temple tradition was at the core of the great work to bring the entire globe into the shalom shalem/complete peace. Therefore, and based on the posuk in Chumash that all the tribes inherited land except for the Levites/priests who inherited YHVH, the priestly lineages were key to bringing in the era of the third temple. The nature and function of the precious vessels in Solomon’s temple were also of extreme significance to these people and hence the mystery and intrigue surrounding the famous Copper scroll that speaks of the places where the temple treasure were to be found. The last weeks blog post holds the scroll fragment that explains the vision of the sacred city in a new place related to nine hills and the elemental sarim/governors. It also hints that this new temple nexus will be set up while some of humanity slumbers in not even knowing about the great changes. and so some will do deeds not in line with a world in the presence of the third temple. The original Christian scholars who first translated the scrolls were not happy with the fact that the scrolls included the fact that the Hebrew priesthood had such an important role in bringing in the epoch of geulah/redemption since their own tradition they believed had long ago “replaced” the importance of the Kahuna of Yisrael. And so the scrolls kind of went underground again for a while. The people in Qumran were part of the line that knew that the vessels of the First Beit haMikdash had been reworked into heirlooms of a smaller size that were passed down through generations of people. The Talmud tells us that anyplace that has a consecrated item from Solomon’s temple is itself like the whole first Temple herself and so when the time was right the “foundations” of the Holy house would rise up from below the earth and reappear “ in a land far away” where much gold and silver would come(read the last post). The next fragment from Qumran show how these people were connected to the mekubalim/kabbalists since the physiognomies and astrological connections about the people involved as temple initiates, can also be found in the sepher haZohar especially in the parts about Yitro.Jethro and Terumah. In this fragment is a direct quote from the book of Kings regarding Solomon, “And his wisdom will go forth to all peoples”. This connects us to the temple mysteries and even to the Gnostic tradition of early Christianity that used the verse “let him who has Wisdom and Understanding” calculate the number of the Chayoth”, from the infamous line in the Gnostic poem that is so sorely misinterpreted. The words and number 666 refer directly to Solomon(666 talents of gold came to Shlomo in his census) and the temple mysteries as this blog has continually explained in details. The Jewish Aggadah/legends has told us that the vessels of the first temple will reemerge with the lineages of initiates and this has happened. In fact the upcoming holiday of Chanukah is directly connected to the reemergence of the Breastplate of the high priest, The Choshen which letters Chet-Shin-Nun also are the initials for Nur shel Chanukah-Nun-Shin-Chet which means Light of Chanukah. These letters also form Nachash/serpent and this is a secret key to the geometrical form of the Scepter of Aaron which secret can also be found in verse 49:Five of Sepher Bereishis. 49:5 gives the word Mem-Tet-Heh which is mateh, the word for scepter. In fact all the changes that Tanach(geulah, kibbiutz golios,techiyas hametim) has predicted has all begun simultaneously and people are awakening to what this means depending on their own path and place of initiation. The sepher mentioned in the fragment below, “the book that will not decay” relates this material to the initiation in the line of the Adam Baal Shem, who possesses the Crystal book of Raziel and the connection to the original Adam Qadmon of a Tikkun Olam. The person described is actually a “Baal Shem”. These scrolls are a call from thousands of years ago to the people of Yaakov. Awaken you have a new name You are Yisrael, a mighty Sar who proclaims the Shalom shalem.
Paraphrase of Qumran text:
Col 1
1[...] of his hand, two [...] a mark. His | hair will be red and he will have moles on [...] | and small marks in his thighs. [And after t]wo years, he will know one thing from another[1]. | While he is young, he will be like ...[] someone who knows nothing, until he 5knows the three Books[2] [...] | Then he will gain wisdom and learn understanding [...] visions will come to him while he is on his knees. | And with his father and ancestors [...] life and old age. He will have wisdom and discretion | and he will know the secrets of man. His wisdom will reach out to everyone and he will know the secrets of all living things. | All of their plans against him will fail, and his rule over all things will be great. 10[...] his plans will succeed because he is the one picked by God. His birth and the breath of his spirit [...] and his plans will last forever. [...]
Col 2
1[...] which [...] fell in ancient times. The sons of the pit [...] | [...] evil. The spot [...] | [...] | [...] in order to go [...] 5 [...] flesh [...] | [...] | and his breathing out [...] | forever [...] | 10 | [...] | and the cities [...] | and they will destroy [...] | The waters will stop [...] they will destroy [...] from the heights. They will all come [...] 15 [...] | [...] and they will all be destroyed. His work will be like that of the Watcher. | Instead of his voice [...] he will establish his foundation on him. His sin and his error | [...] the Holy One and the Watchers [...] to say | they will speak against him [...].
frag 1 Col 1
1[...] you will be [...] | [...] he will make you think of the holy angels [...] | [...] the lights will be revealed to him | [...] all of his teachings 5 [...] the wisdom of humanity, and every wise man | [...] in the region he will be great | [...] humanity will be troubled | [...] he will share God's secrets | [...] he will understand God's mysteries [...]
frag 1 Col 2
8 he made [...] | that you are afraid of [...] 10 he will strengthen its concealment at the end of your powers. His possessions [...] | and he will not die in the days of evil. And his words will contain great wisdom. I will praise you [...] | is sentenced to death. Who will write the words of God in a book that will not decay? And my sayings [...] |You will come to me and in the time of evil he will know you forever. A man who [...] your servants, [...] sons [...]
[1] "[And after t]wo years, he will know one thing from another" has also been translated as" which will be different from each other."
[2] I feel that this refers to the three parts of the Hebrew Bible (the law, the prophets, and the writings).
[3] A shekel is defined as any of various ancient unit of weight; especially: a Hebrew unit equal to about 252 grains troy.
Vermes, Geza. The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English. The Penguin Press, New York. 1997.
Wise, Michael, Martin Abegg Jr., and Edward Cook. The Dead Sea Scrolls: A New Translation. Harper Collins Publishers, San Francisco. 1996.
prepared for Intro. to the Hebrew Bible
by Nick Flanigan

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