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The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Meadim/Mars in the Lion/the NINTH day of Chanukah?

Today the red planet Meadim/Mars is staionary retrograde in the mazal of the Aryeh/Lion. It will remain in the Aryeh for an unusually long period of several months.
WE have entered the days of the third temple and there are traditions that have predicted that the festival of dedication would increase at this time. The decade whose date means The Nine-the 5770’s(HaTesha=5770) seems to be quite appropriate for adding a ninth day to the festival. The numbers are right for this. Nine more lights make 45 without the shameshim. This moves the number from 36 to 45. 45 is the value of the name Adam and the full value of the kamea square of Shabbatai/Saturn and the Sabbath(picture above). The value of the numbers from one to nine is =45.If we include the count of the shameshim we move from 44 to 54 and 54 are the number of the parshot in holy Torah! This means that the holiday of oral Torah(Chanukah) which comes three months after Rosh Hoshanah(Rabbinic new year) equals up with the holiday of Written Torah(Shavuoth) which comes three months after the ancient new year of kings in Nisan. With the times of the third temple encompassing the entire Earth we have oral Torah of all history catching up to the written Torah of Har Sinai - 54 candles equals 54 Parshot. This ninth day occurs on Yom Rishon(Sunday) which as previously discussed is actually now Yom Echad as the yom/day was first called in Sepher Bereishis where the night and day were a fully embraced unity before the actual descent and separation of the olam into the physical reality. The ninth day of dedication also parallels the ninth day of Simchat Torah, the written torah of the feast of Succot. In the full ten lights of this ninth day of dedication the Shamash actually comes to represent the Shemesh, the sun, and the nine candles the planetary bodies around the sun. The numbers are all right now. The full ten candles are the ten sephirot of the mekubalim who are all being felt at this time. This nine also turns the nine of Av into joy since it acknowledges the light of the beis haMikdash HaShleishi whose Ner tamid is lighting up the living rooms of people everywhere. This year the ninth day would be today, Sunday which also in a sense brings the light into the Yom echad which is the bringing in of the month of Tevet into Yisrael. The festival of the days of choseych brings the light from the latter days of kislev into the first days of Tevet which is traditionally the month “belonging” to the religion of Christianity and is rooted in the ancient Roman festival of Saturnalia. The ninth day then celebrates the shamash becoming the Shemesh(sun) of Yom rishon(Sunday-Sabbath of Christianity) in the deep winter month of Tevet which was when the Babylonians first laid seige to Jerusalem and the first Temple. Another awesome connection that the mekubalim who are versed in the knowledge of the seven kameas/number grids will understand. The jolly gift bringer of Christianity is actually aligned fully with one of the seven day Sarim/governors and an ancient pagan deity. This is none other than the Baal of Wealth/Hamon mentioned in the last verses of Solomon’s holiest Song, Shir HaShirim. He is the keeper-guardian of the vine of Solomon. Only the wise Christians versed in their gnostic tradition will have any idea of the profundity of this santa and who he really is as the Red sar/chief of meadim/Tuesday. Study the grid of Mars/5X5-25 squares for the twentyfive letters of the shema proclaim the unity of the days and nights. The sepher yetzirah delineates the qualities of the Days and their Sarim/governors and herein lies a very big secret. Meadim/Yom Shleishi and the letter-gimmel rules Wealth. The gimmel on the dreidel wins it all and means-Gadol! The gematria of the word gimmel=73 which is the value of Chockmah. It has always been the function of Yisrael to bring the light into the Choseych and bring the 54 bright parshot of the Torah of Har Sinai to the entire olam/world. The other big religions have played crucial roles in joining the soul roots and making the oral torah complete to bring the shalom Shalem.
Happy Yom Echad! today

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Interesting thoughts on the gematria of the dreidel and gimmel. Thanks!