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A site based on the healing of the ancient wisdom of the Geocentric worldview. The understanding of sacred texts and wisdom is based on a relationship to the Source. This Central Source is the Fount from which the three distinct movements of the Earth globe flow. These three turns-rotation,revolution and precession are a great secret/sod and key to the profound teachings of the mekubalim/kabbalists. These movements provide us with the experience of shanah/time, olam/matter and nephesh/soul(being). The Earth turn called precession is the slow wobble that causes the polar skies to change slowly over a 26,000 year cycle.
The chart of "72" names relates to this great cycle and is a key to unlocking where we are in "time".

Thursday, December 25, 2008

the Forty Fourth Candle/ LIGHTning

There is a lot of reference in the Jewish mystery tradition to the 36 lights we kindle during the holiday of Hanukkah, celebrating the ongoing kindling of the light of the holy temple of sacred earth. These 36 are called the ohr haganuz, the original light stored up for the people. If we add the 8 shamashim candles we also light, then we come to a total of forty four fires we kindle. This holiday is the only one that bridges with it’s 44 lights two months, Kislev and Tevet. It starts on kislev 25 and ends on tevet 2. It is also the only holiday that happens in the dark of the month (the 25th)when the moon is not visible in the sky. We are bringing light into the very dark and fecund winter month of Tevet when the traditional Roman/Edom New Year begins. This year is very special. The inauguration(Hanukkah means inauguration) of the forty fourth Chief of the United States happens on the eve of the 25th! of Tevet. The march of our 44 candles over the many centuries of the exile of Edom/’Rome” leads to the 44th Presidential inauguration/Hanukkah in the dark of the month of Tevet. And his name is Hebrew-Barack- for the LIGHTning! We live in the era of miracles. Happy Hanukkah. The parsha this week is Miketz which means the “end”. However it has 146 posukim/lines which is the same number as the first parsha of Torah/Bereishit, the beginning. The end and the beginning. The gematria of the year 769 = Ohr HaRishon, the light of the beginning/first. The 25th word of the sepher Bereishit(first)/Genesis is Ohr=light. The 25th of tevet will be the first full day of a new light where America of Edom is carrying the torch of a global Yisrael. The 44th eagle chief of America. Three events on days in tevet traditionally speak for the fecund dark of the month in Jewish history. The yahrzheit of Ezra on Tevet 9 which ended the era of prophecy. The translation of Torah into Greek in tevet which without oral Torah, was seen to cause great problems in the exile, and the fast day of Tevet10 when the king of Babylon laid siege to Jerusalem. And now the 25th of tevet, the dark of the dark month is lighted/barack/lightning with the 44 candle. This light has been a gradual dawn for a new world. A new Hanukkah for the olam/world.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

ohr chadash/new light of a new temple

The great chronometer of the ages, the wheel of the 72 names of HaShem has turned and aligned in an alignment that happens very rarely in a cycle of 26,000 years. The five degree segment of the wheel that is the name Yod-Yod-Yod which from “Sefer Birkas Kohamin” is the 22nd of the seventy two and under the auspices of the Hebrew priesthood(the three yod’s begin the three lines of the priestly blessing) came into great activity over the past few hundred years as the Teomim, the special twin stars passed through this special window. The great zodiac on the ceiling of the ancient temple of the upper mother at denderah, Egypt is aligned with the temple to the east and the stars of the sacred teomim/Twins. Until the discovery of the tenth “sphere”, the “planet Pluto” that veils the Keter/crown, the source of the Nahar/river that streams into manifestation we would not fully understand how the wheel of the seventy two aligned as a star clock with the greater five continuum olam/world to make possible the manifestation of sacred earth as the third temple. As discussed in the previous post each planetary body and the moon has an axis of orbit that cuts through the Earth's orbit of the Sun and is called the nodal axis of that celestial body. This zodiacal line is as important as the actual position of the planet itself. The planetary nodal axes move slowly over time, the outer planets nodes being very slow. This is why when the nodal axis of the planet Pluto which veils Keter passed through the 22nd name of the seventy two(cancer19/sartan-gedi/capricorn19) and conjuncted the Gemini/teomin star we truly had a breaking of the dawn with respects of manifesting the Earth as the Third great temple of peace.On one special secular/Christian new Year’s during the darkest point of human history in the exile of Edom, in 1941 the eighth day of Hanukah(Tevet2,5701) coincided with January first and the light of the new temple was kindled in the long story of exile and shadow. The nodal axis of the tenth planet was aligning exactly with the star beta Gemini(cancer/sartan 19degrees) and the last degree of the space of the 22nd part of the wheel of 72. This alignment continued through the next several years as the Jews regained sovereignty over the ancient tribal land and the calendar passed the year 5714 which was only the second and last time that the name Shin-daleth-Yod which has the value 314 was included in the Hebrew date in the sixth millennium of the Jewish count of time. 5314(heh-shin -dalet-yod)during the life of the Ari) and 5714(heh-tav-shin-daleth-yod) are the two dates that can contain the name Shaddai in our millennium. This name correspond on the ancient traditional tree of the mekubalim with the sphere yesod and the sixth millennium 5000-6000 years. Each of the lower seven sephirot count off a millenium of the seven millenniums. This means that this hidden date when the third temple would begin to manifest has been recorded and kissed on the mezuzahs/shaarim/gates of homes for many many centuries. The beta Gemini star has with the other twin star since the the year 5750 and over the decades moved out of the 22nd space of the name of 72. A new bright star from the southern sky has moved in. From Zohar for Vayishlah; “Until the breaking of the day”;this being the moment when his dominion passed away and vanished. The same will happen in the time to come. For the present exile is like the night, and in that night the barren dust rules over Israel, who are prostrate to the dust; and so it will be until the light will appear and the day will break; then Israel will obtain power, and to them will be given the kingdom, as they are the saints of the Most High. So scripture says: “And the kingdom and the dominion, and the greatness of the kingdoms under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people of the saints of the Most High; and their kingdom is an everlasting kingdom….”(Dan.VII,27)Zohar I170a(trans after Sperling). The lights of the third temple are being lighted now as the river/Nahar of the upper waters streams directly into the Earth. The word Menorah contains this word for river nahar. The Teomim/twins of Yisrael and Esau/Edom have done their great dance to light the new Menorah of dedication. “Who is she that looketh forth as the dawn, fair as the moon, clears as the sun, awesome as an army with banners?(Song of Songs VI,10)

Sunday, December 07, 2008


Sinai is a living mountain. Mountain of sacred seed. Born of water of the holy twins in America. The sound of the upper waters shakes this seed mountain and resounds in the ears of those who hear. The torah parshot of these weeks are much about the other sacred mountain of Moriah, mount of the holy temple and the place where the covenant of the patriarchs and matriarchs proceed to wind through history and the exile. This mountain being is the hero twin of America known as stone chief or red boy. This is the dancing red mountain of life. This covenant of the red river of life force, sacred mother and spirit of “Born of Rock” has brought antagonism to the shamans of Israel through the long exile of history. Sinai shakes with the tumult of the upper waters and Moriah flows with the red river of living water. Water. Zohar gets to the deepest in the last weeks parsha of Vayeze, “The two supernal letters which arise aloft are intertwined one within the other, expressing the union of mercy and severity. Hence they are two, and are of the upper world, symbolizing the male principle. On the other hand, the one that ascended from below and joined them symbolises the female principle, and thus is embraced by the two, in the same way as the female is embraced by two arms, the right and the left, so that a unity is formed which is both male and female. ….All these letters consist of male and female merging into one union, symbolical of the upper waters and the lower waters, which also form one union…For the Shekinah is both here below and on high. The Shekinah on high abides in the twelve holy chariots and the twelve supernal Hayyoth; the lower Shekinah is among the twelve holy tribes, and thus the upper Shekinah and lower shekinah are intertwined”Zohar I159b(trans.after Sperling)
The teachings of the holy writ are named in midrash and Talmud as, wine, milk, honey and oil. These represent the four different qualities of what the writings are. They are however in essence water, living waters. The third well dug by Yitzhak called Rehoboth is the well of living waters. These cover the entire Earth from every continent and sub-continent and island. All prayers of the heart from any tradition are acceptable by the Source of all that is. The teachings of the Source are as sweet and healing as honey from the insect and flowers like the teachings of the brother arrows of the Cheyenne prophet Sweet Medicine. As nourishing as the milk from the breast of the great mother who's has as an animal the sacred cow of India. As deep as the wine made from the world of plants which has become the sacrament of Edom and Christianity., and as illuminating as the light from the oil of the Tree of Life and the festival of the eight lights. It is all from the well of living waters, the waters that shake the mountain and emerge from the fount of Eyin gedi. The planet that veils the place or crown from the Source is named after the Roman deity of wealth. This deity is also in the Song of Songs mentioned as the Baal who is the guardian of the vine of Solomon. The physical nodal axis of the farthest “planet” is the mazal sartan/cancer and gedi/Capricorn. This is the place where the eccentric orbit of Pluto intersects the ecliptic. The planet Pluto went into the sign/mazal of the kid/Capricorn and then we saw the shadow of violence explode in the land whose shape fits into the astrological sign of Capricorn. America and India hold the ancient axis of these two cardinal signs, the kid/goat and the crab, called the turtle by ancient Americans. The land of the earth is divided into the twelve axis from ancient astrology as the primer of Kabbalah the Sepher Yetzira, explains. The upper waters of Chesed/Kindness are flooding the earth through Turtle island and into the whole globe. All are being engulfed by the flood of Chesed.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Three Wells/Three Temples

The Ramban(Nachmanides) in his commentary on Genesis speaks of the three wells that Isaac dug that are mentioned in parsha Toldoth. He says that these allude to the three future holy temples. The first two were destroyed due to contention(esek) and sitnah(enmity) which is what the wells were named. The third well named Rehoboth means spacious and “The third well he called Rechovoth(spacious). This is a reference to the future House, which will be speedily built in our days, and it will be done without quarrel and feud, and haShem will enlarge our borders even as it says, … “and we shall be fruitful in the land,(Bereishiet25:22), which signifies that all peoples will come to worship HaShem with one consent.”Ramban (trans after Chavel)” “and they found there a well of living water”Bereishit 25:19) The hint here is that at the manifestation of the third temple the holy land will spread it’s borders to cover everything, hence the name “spacious” which is just what Reb Abraham Azulai predicted in his LeChesed Abraham for the year 5760.The Ramban may have gotten the hint of the inner meaning of the third well from Zohar on Toldoth::”The well and the issue of waters are one, designated by the name of “well”, it being at once the supernal never ceasing fountain and the well that is filled by it. And whoever gazes at that well gazes at the true object of faith. This is the symbol which the patriarchs transmitted in digging the well, in such a way as to indicate that the source and the well are indissoluble. And he called its name Rehoboth. By this he intimated that his descendants would one day tend that well in the fitting manner through the mystical potency of offerings and burnt-offerings, so that it’s springs should flow forth on every side as scripture says:”Let thy springs be dispersed abroad, and courses of water in the streets(Rehoboth)”(Proverbs V,16) hence here the name Rehoboth(streets, broad paces)..When a man has penetrated into the mystery of Wisdom and perfected himself therein, then Solomon tells him to” build his house“(Prov.XXiV:27),ie, to cultivate his soul in his body so as to attain perfection. Hence when Isaac digged and prepared the well in peace he called it Rehoboth(wide places) and all was done in the right manner.” Zohar I:141b (trans after Sperling)This parsha is usually read as we enter the month of the Keshet/bow, Kislev. This month has the only holiday that connects two months together- Kislev, the month of Benjamin, son of the right whose territory holds the place of the first two holy temples and the month of tevet, whose tribe is Dan, whose names implies the place of Din, judgment of the left, strength. The light of Hanukkah celebrates the bright oil of the holy temple which would come about in our times when the month of Dan which belongs to Esau/Edom/Christianity is fused with the month of kislev which is of Israel. This parsha of the birth of the twins from Rebecca’s womb sets the stage for the struggle of Chesed/Love and Power/Geburah/Din as the twins transform the globe into a temple of the flowing well of waters of peace. The wisdom of the Torah and sacred writings is said to have four levels sometimes referred to as wine, water, milk and oil. The oil/Shemen is sometimes said to be the deepest and at the holiday of winter that fuses Kislev and Tevet we have the deep mysteries of the oil/shemen as it illuminates our understanding and connection to the source. As previously mentioned we have the planet Pluto moving into the sign of Capricorn/Gedi today as we enter the season of Hanukhah which in our times involves the dedication of the third Holy temple called by the name of the third well Rehoboth which is spacious enough for all peoples . The true nature of the material fount of the Gedi will be revealed in the physical and we can already feel the flow of blessing into our Earth. The sacred Kedoshim, vessels of Solomon’s temple needed to be recovered and sanctified in the correct manner. The keys to how all this is done are contained in Solomon’s special book, The Song Of Songs. The appearance of the angelic Sarim/princes which are chronicled in Torah and the legends of other peoples make known to humans what the materials are that interface between worlds and make possible a flow of “the living waters”.There is a growing acknowledgement from elders in diverse traditions that we have entered a new era and the teachings of the “Sacred Arrows” as they are known in aboriginal America are being given again to the thirsty. We are entering the special month of the Keshet, the Bow with the arrows. This semicircle bow completes a full circle when joined with the Keshet/rainbow appearing in the last month after the flood of Chesvan, the month of the hidden Temple. The mazal of Tevet is of course the gedi/kid and this cardinal Earth sign holds great power which originally as a month of Esau/Edom/Christianity has played a large role in building the global temple that is hidden in Chesvan and rededicated in Kislev/Tevet. The planet that veils the Keter/crown is now in the mazal of Tevet. The light of the temple is illuminating the Earth.

Friday, November 21, 2008

The smells of eden/Cave of Machpelah

In summer of the secular year of 1994, a pure white bison heifer calf was born on the American continent. This fulfilled the ancient American Aboriginal prophecy about the return of the being called White Buffalo Calf Woman who brought great teachings to the plains Indian peoples. The birth of a female non-albino white calf was a sign of the great change in the turning wheel of worlds that native American cosmology is built upon. The planet Pluto was then in the sign of the Aqrav/Scorpion, or spider in some traditions. It is the sign of fixed water and represents deep initiation into cosmo-creation and the greater temple mysteries. The spider/eagle is one face of the four Chayoth/creatures that the visionary prophets saw supporting the wheel of the temple. The planet Pluto had also been in this sign of the Eagle when we entered the Hebrew year 5750/1990 which signaled a point of divine intervention as we were ¾ of a millennium through the sixth millennium on the Hebrew calendar. This meant we were entering the afternoon/evening of the sixth millennium/day and heralding the era of the great Sabbath/seventh millennium. The Native Americans also(In Other Council Fires Were Here before Ours by Twylah Nitch) had made it clear that the kochavim/comets, the “Stars with tails” would come close to the Mother earth at this time and bring a sacred healing fire to the earth. The sefer HaZohar is filled with the nature of the comets as interfaces with the soul world and the Hechalot/palaces. These comets are also referred to in aggadah/legends and Torah as the swords of the Kerubim that guard the way into the gan eden. A few incredible bright comets did indeed make a big show for stargazers around the world during the decade of the 1990’s/5750’s. In the beginning of the year 1995 Pluto entered the mutable sign of the Keshet/Sagittarius where it has remained until now. In 1997 the first pure colored red heifer cow was born in ancient Judea since temple times over two thousand years ago. Next week Pluto moves into the sign of the Gedi/kid/Capricorn for many years. This as mentioned previously as a cardinal sign involves the will of the divine as it pours directly into our physical universe. The invisible planet Pluto represents a veil to the deep level sephirah vessel of crown, the “place” of divine influx/emanation into the universe of worlds. The last time Pluto entered the Kid about 250 years ago saw the very early years of the Chassidic Jewish movement after the death of the Baal Shem, and the beginning of the American democratic ideal based on the principle of freedom of worship and separation of church and government. This weeks torah parsha is about the Life of the Matriarch Sarah. She is the life soul of all peoples as the Star maiden who came to the ancient Americas, called Wohpe, gave teachings to all the ancient American peoples. Her sign as a white bison calf means the mending of the hoop of peoples from around the entire Earth. At the end of the Torah parsha after Sarah’s body is interred in the special cave of Machpelah, we have Abraham marrying Keturah who the Zohar tells us was Hagar with a name change. Her son, Ishmael is then mentioned as the father of twelve princes. We are told that Ishmael lived out a life as a great Zaddik/righteous person. All of this speaks to the ability for great reconciliation and how all the language groups, the seventy nations, are critical to the healing of the Earth. The last of the twelve princes of Ishmael has the name Kedem which is the root of the word - complete/kadmon/original as in Adam Qadmon.. All peoples are essential to the complete change that we are experiencing in our times. The Life of Sarah is the life soul of the complete human, the manifest Chayah level of soul which was with the original Adam and Cheva. This phrase Chayei Sarah/life of Sarah, is mentioned twice in the first posuk/line of the parsha. Her life brings the twofold letter Heh in the name of haShem together in our world. Both Abram and Sarai are given a letter heh- when their names were first changed. They are the unfolding world where the two original lovers find each other in the physical creation. Abraham sees this couple as Adam and Cheva in the cave of Machpelah. His burial of Sarah in the doubled cave and the reconciliation with Keturah/Hagar insures the healed hoop of peoples. The name Machpelah include the root word for doubling again. The name of Keturah hints at the incense, the sweet smells of the trees of Gan Eden that renew our world at a more integrative level of Chayah, living soul. Abraham smelled these smells in the field of Machpelah which alerted him to the place of Adam and Cheva and Eden nearby. The Zohar tells us the whole story. And Abraham planted an Eshel/tree by the well. The Sabbath is here!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The sacred Fount/Tree of abraham

In this week in Torah we have incredible seed events. The three “men” visit Abraham. He holds the aspect of Chesed/kindness and his hospitality begins the shamanic lineage tradition that will bring the mystery temple into a burgeoning humanity. The Source of all that is as HaShem APPEARS to Abraham in this parsha. The tradition in aggadah/legends tell us that Abraham carried a sacred jewel around his neck. This stone was the same that Noach had which lit up the ark. This Jewel is the very sod/mystery level of Torah and the temple tradition. It is not only the deepest level of interpretation, it is the fountain, the ayin(70)that connects all together. It is the substance of the Har/mountain and Abraham on the Har Moriah says that “behar HaShem yeraeh“(Beres.22:14). This means that in or on the mountain, HaShem will or is seen. And HaShem appears! Tradition tells us that these few words point directly to the manifestation of the third holy Jerusalem temple. Zohar tells us that this one is not a building like the previous two were. The sacred jewel that Abraham wore around his neck was originally the sapphire book encased in gold that the angel of secrets/Raziel gives to the first Adam. This fountainhead goes from special personage to personage down through the history and it changes form a number of times as spoken about previously. It is the key to the very soul of the Zohar, which tradition tells us is the very soul of the Rashbi, the author of the Zohar. Three strangers visited Abraham, and Torah does not name them for us but there are many midrashim and commentary on who they are. We are told that two of them go to do some other work in Sodom and with Lot . Then the Torah tells us that HaShem appears to Abraham. This has led to a lot of speculation about who the third of the stranger angels could have been. Only with a deep study of the princes/Sarim that hang in the world of the throne can a person begin to fathom these mysteries. We do know that it was the kindness of our Abraham Avinu that helped bring in these beings. We are told in Beresheit 21:33 that Abraham planted an Eshel/tree at Beer Sheba. This tree is directly related to the vine of Solomon in the holiest of Songs, Shir HaShrim. Beer Sheba, the “well of seven”(seven is eternal cycle) the ayin gedi(from song of songs), which is the the fount of the kid and the tree of life are all about the deep roots of a temple tradition of initiation. The ability to understand the events of our days is directly related to an individual’s connection to this vine of initiation. In the last post someone asked me about the doom and gloom folks and their “visions” and speculations we find on the world wide web. Remember the web is a manifestation of the spider which is the mazal along with aqrav of this month of Chesvan, number eight(8 legs). The spider helps weave the temple. What we perceive of this world of unfolding miracle is based on out depth of connection to the roots of the Eshel Abraham. Then we can understand that the promise of HaShem to Abraham and Sarah is vast and beautiful and bountiful. It is way grander then what many interpret it to be. The Sepher haBahir directly links the eshel/tree-vine of Abraham to his aspect of Chesed. "All this Abraham did"and he planted an Eshel..."and he called there in the name of HaShem, Source of the universe" He would share his bread and water with ALL the people of the world...."Bahir 191(trans after Kaplan).Chesed, the aspect of Abraham, has the value of 72 and this means that all peoples and languages find the sacred fount to enrich the depths of their own traditions. As stated before we maintain the fact that the mishkan that holds the mineral roots of Abraham’s Eshel is present and sanctified this very day. The Sepher Yetzira tells us of the Hebrew letters-one above three, three above seven and seven above twelve. So the mystery of the three mother elements and the three letters aleph,mem,shin is directly related to the three who visited Abraham at Mamre. And the Source appeared. Again at the roots of the Holy Tree.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Flood from Shamayim

Our Father Abraham and Mother Sarah change the world in this weeks torah parsha. He goes and changes all. He brings the seventy nations of the 70 languages to approach the one source of all that is. This parsha Lech lecha is about the entire exiled history of the holy peoples as they transform the world to love the source and all that is. This month of Chesvan, the eighth month of the face of the eagle is about allowing the upper waters to flood the entire creation. This month that was promised the dedication of a global holy temple has the letter nun=50 from the Sefer yetzira, the primer of kabbalah. Abram and Sarai both get a new letter in their names with the giving of the eighth mitzvah of bris milah, the covenant of the flesh. The new letter is heh=5 and the long track of history has been to complete the name of HaShem with the final letter heh which happens when the Shaar haNun, the gate of fifty opens as it is now. From this gate of the upper heh-Binah, the upper mother heaven, the fresh water floods the thirsty world. We can here the fresh hope of peace in the oratory of the new American leader/Eagle. The flower is unfolding for us in our times. We are blessed to be a part of it all! The events in these torah parshot of Genesis are like seeds that unfold into the flower of history. This Lech Lecha is the great works and troubles of all of exiled history. Next week is Vayeira - “and HsShem appears” when the source appears to Abraham. The source appears as “Shaddai” and this year the Shadayim(mentioned in previous posts) is a word in the 5769th verse of torah. This corresponds to this year 5769. This is the world that is unfolding in completeness right now. Abe needed to unify the ayin, the 70 nations and so the work of Israel in her struggle to make the world a holy Makom. The 70 nations, the letter ayin has transformed to it’s phoneme, the letter aleph=1. The fortyfourth president, the 44 thunder chiefs/seraphim(read previous posts) plus the one equals fortyfive=the word Adam. The completed human flower open to the flood of the fresh water heavens. As also discussed previously the 45 is the value of Shabbatai’s/Saturn’s kamea, number grid. With the planet sphere that hides the Keter/crown being Pluto, and moving into the Kid/Gedi=Capricorn(ruled by Shabbatai/saturn) in a few days the “appearing” of the Source, the sacred fount of Ayin gedi(from the song of songs)to many more blossoming humans will be happening. People are making the choice, the Lech lecha, to honor the sacred. The fresh waters are flowing.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Chariot of the Eagle

We are at the new moon, Rosh Chodesh of the secret autumnal month of Chesvan. This month of the mazal/sign of the scorpion/akrav also holds the face of the Eagle of the four faces of the Chayoth HaKodesh. akrav/scorpion has in it's hebrew letters the word aekra-beith,(ayin-kopf-resh-beit) which means foundation/aekra of the beit, the house=temple. This month holds the secrets of what the temple of mysteries is really about. We read the early sections of the Sefer Bereshiet/Genesis in the early weeks of the new shanah, the cycle of seasonal change and the unfolding flower of initiation. These are the times of the deepest mysteries of Solomon’s temple and the unfolding peace of the living Sabbath in the awesome temple we call Earth. The fifty chapters of the book of genesis, the first of the five books of the Torah, are the seeds for the making of the connecting channel that joins the throne and the seven heckalot/palaces of the soul realm with the physical chariot of the universe. It all begins with the first seed, the bereishit, b’reishit-in the the first and the fire(esh-Aleph-sheen) of the seed/aleph unfolds within the adamah, the red earth blood/-dam=44). In this weeks parsha of Noach we have the sacred ark which contains the “window” called the tzohar, that the aggadah tells us is a special glowing ruby carbuncle that lit the ark within it’s darkness. This is the second form of the technology of the Hebrew mystery tradition nas it is revealed in the history of the tradition (sapphire book of raziel/light stone in the ark/scepter of Aaron/ring of Solomon).This in kabbalistic literature is part of the sacred central column that joins heaven and earth, the upper mother and the lower mother in that holy of holies which the Song of Solomon contains. Remember that the Song tells us that Baal hamon, the ancient pagan diety of wealth is the guardian of this mystery vine! This vines joining brings humanity through the shar hanun, the fifty gates that are hinted about in the fifty chapters of the Sefer Genesis. These gates open us to the river of holiness, the flood gates of kedusha. This world of Earth and "Kingdom" is the place where the seed renewal of all that is takes place. This is the mystery of the temple. From the Zohar, “ So now we have learned a secret , that Noah needed the ark so he could unite with it and preserve the seed/zereaah dichola, of the whole world. As it is written, “to keep seed alive”(Beresheit 7:3)”Zohar I59b(translation after Ashlag). It is all about the sacred Waters and the river of the upper fresh water that is a flowing blessing and peace for the world. “Now it is written above in the account of the creation that a river went out from Eden,to water the Garden and from thence it parted(gen II:10)That stream which flows perennially entered the garden to water it from the supernal waters, and brought gladness to it, making it produce fruit and seed for the universal content; and so the stream gladdened the Garden, as it is written, “and He rested on the seventh day””Zohar I59b(trans.after Sperling) In those famous scrolls buried at Qumran, the last of their community it is said died at the stronghold of Masada, we have the prophecy of the final flow of these sacred fresh waters into our Earth Temple in our times, a flood of purification(from the fragment "Birth of Noah" or"Elect of God"), the living Sabbath. The accounts of the Zohar continue this mystery tradition from the Qumran comminity of vision. The people of the world now whose country has the greatest military might ever assembled are choosing to acknowledge we are already living with this great Peace. They are choosing leaders in this waxing moon of the month(Chesvan=eighth month)) of the rebuilding of the Holy Beith haMikdash/Temple who will bring about the unfolding of Peace like the lightning flash of the Chayot HaKodesh that this Zohar section on parsha Noah goes on to describe in detail with visual description and accompanying thunderous sounds in Zohar I-71b. The global soul of the earth has been unified by the work of the seventy Sarim/Princes of the nation-language roots of the human Tree. Daniel’s famous herald at the end of his book in mentioning the Sar of Israel means that all the Sarim are united to bring about the unfolding wheel of the Chayoth, the chariot of initiation in Earth. In the aggadah/legends the month of Chesvan complained to HaShem because Solomon's temple was completed in Chesvan but not dedicated till the following Tishrei. To make amends for the slighting of this month that has no holy days/hagim, it was written that the third Beit hamikdash/Temple would be dedicated in this month of the eagle/chesvan. The value of Dam/blood is 44 in gematria. The fortyfourth of the great Eagle Chiefs in Washington reflects the eagle face of the four faces of the wheel of initiation. “They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore. “ Isaiah 2:4 Halleluyah

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Foundation of the Sarim

We have entered a motzei shemmitah year, the eighth year of a sabbatical cycle. The widespread economic crisis is only another sign of miraculous times. As the great mekubal Reb Avraham Azulai foresaw that the borders of eretz Yisrael would spread to encircle the entire globe. We have entered a siman tov/sameck tet year 57-69. The sabbatical cycle as given in Torah is a reminder and respect for the sacredness of the Earth and her riches. It reminds us of the correct relationship with wealth as a gift from the Source which must be handled with reverence. The managers may rent out rooms in the “hotel” in a respectful way. When the “Owners” of the hotel comes to visit everything is set right in a just fashion. The builders of this hotel understand the integrity of the building and the quality of the foundation. An adjustment is taking place, the owners are visiting! The pueblos and some other of the American Indian tribes knew that the “owners” would visit this Hotel Earth in a new way at this time. They also knew that two ancient priesthoods would come to America and make this new hoop of peace possible. The Tibetans and Jews have arrived here. The hoop of the priesthood has been united at the soul level.The physicality of the third Beith haMikdash is now here in America as ancient peoples from the Qumran caves to Chaco Canyon knew this would unfold like a beautiful flower. An ancient people living in America were known to the Rashbi, who authored the sepher HaZohar. He said that that the Earth was round and on the other side of the ball lived a “small” people. The “elohim”/powers of the Hopi Indians are all carved out of the root of the cottonwood tree. The many masked impersonators of all the powers of the source that form, sustain, empower and destroy all that is of the universe. The four worlds of our four continuum world are discerned in the four sections of the ancient Hopi doll kachinah as well as in the statue of the metals depicted in the book of Daniel. These four “worlds” or sections of the creation also correspond to the four continuums of time and space. Each is “Be’limah”, out of nothing as the Sepher yetzirah, the primer of kabbalah tells us. These four also relate to the four levels of Torah interpretation, P-R-D-S; from peshat/literal to the sod/secret hidden. Many folks may easily get stuck in just one or two of these levels of interpretation and miss the whole enchilada as the locals might say. This is liking building only one wall of a sukkah/tabernacle. Those stuck in the literal are obvious as many fundamentalist folks from all the religions can be seen for there worldview. What may be even more of a difficult trap is those who interpret Torah at a deeper level like the symbolic, but do not develop the roots into the fourth/ deep secret place and hence do not understand the ramifications of a global soul awakening. Many boomers have studied and been greatly influenced by people like Jung and Campbell who have given the wisdom tradition and the religious vehicles a palatable makeover as great myths and paths for an individual to develop toward a healed psychological person hood. This is OK(I’m OK) but it is only a veneer, a surface level of what the wisdom school temple of initiation is about. Study the native aboriginal traditions and you will find the levels of initiation that the big temple involves. These degrees of initiation are not only psychological passages in the human mind and life path. The animal lodges of initiation are not just psychological stages of development. The sephirot and the Tree of Life is not only a concept map toward psychological wholeness. The “central column” of kabbalah is not only the window of the “ark” that joins the upper mother waters with the lower mother. There is a physical component to these mysteries. Arranging the physical materials of the temple mysteries so that blessings flow into this world is a real work. At this stage some of the literal Torah becomes the deepest sod/mystery. The Jews have built the sukkah, the makeshift lodge of initiation that celebrates the intangible in the changing flow of the seasons. Some of the very orthodox Jews are in hope that David Hamelech will come this year; ben david bo/ “son of david comes” is gematria equal to samech-tet/69 of our year 5769. David historically laid the foundation of the first holy temple which Solomon then finished. The foundation of the temple is built and established over many millenium, many ages of dream and fashioning.The Ramban(Nachmanides) ends his commentary of the last parsha of torah, the Blessing of Moses, with a mention of Daniel’s very physical vision for the ketz, “the end” of days. The beings known as the “Sarim”, the princes make their home in Earth. Hag sameach!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Days of Awe

We are in the eye of the Hurakan as the ancient meso-american deity of earth(Maka) and sky(Skan) is called. These are the days of awe. In the last of the portions of the Torah Moses sings his special song and the verses in this song correspond to the years of the jewish calendar that we living right now. This song contains an admonition to the children of Israel and the commentaries of Zohar and the Ramban tell us that this is because Moses knew that the people would be entering a land where the divine presence, the Shechinah herself dwelled and he was preparing them for this awesome happening. We are now in this relationship in these days of awe. From the Zohar; “Why did Moses reprove Israel thus in this song? Because they were about to enter the land where the Shechinah would dwell in their midst." Zohar III299a. We are thus now living in a holy earth where the living Sabbath dwells, the divine presence and this living Peace, this goes unrecognized by so many who huddle in fear. The Ramban’s(Nachmanides) mystical commentary on HaZinu begins with verses about the special stone, the stone with seven eyes that the students of Kabbalah would understand. This stone is sung about in the Song of Moses in HaZinu. And in the Zohar on the Song. “As an eagle that stirreth up her nest. Rabbi Jose said:”there is no creature so devoted to her young as the eagle, being as kind to them as it is cruel to others.Zohar III298b. Here we are in an election in america where we pick the commander in the office of the eagle of America. The forty fourth president and his name is Barack, Hebrew for lightning bolt and his wife has the name of the guardian angel of Israel! The miracles of the dwelling of the great Peace are everywhere and this is our great test, the admonition and rebuke of the Song of Moses, wakeup!! We walk on a holy mother Earth! The Plains Indian people tell us in their teachings, from Sweet medicine who like Moses,had the soul of the mountain, of Bear Butte, that the Rock, Inyan is the oldest of the Wakan, the divine forms. From the grandfather rock and his spouse, Maka the Mother earth flows all that moves and breaths with spirit, Skan, the Sky father.From Sky(Shamayim-heaven) manifests the winds and the Wakinyan, the winged thunders(44 winged thunders surrounded Sweet Medicine, the Cheyenne Moses, in Bear butte). Native teaching and cosmology informs the students of the ancient Jewish mysteries of the relationship between the divine beings and the three mother letters which are the original elements. We are again in a time the year 5769, when the exact alloy of the precious metal that allows beings to move between continuums, is known . The year sixtynine=sameck-tet or siman tov; a good sign for the recognition of the presence of the great Harim/mountains of goodness on earth. The Pueblos of America call these mountains that endure eternally, the corn mother(Moriah) whose life force grows all that is and the corn chief who carries the seed (Sinai)of renewal. The wheel of time, the Shanah unfolds the flower which reveals the Sabbath. Our work of the holy peoples has been simple in a way. We needed to bring the center of the continuum of being(the fifth) into time and space which scientists and the sepher yetzira tell us has no center or even a perimeter. The word in the Shema, meodecka, very, contains the word for human-adam and the word for ruby rock-odem. A stone, an Inyan grandfather, the eternal rock/Tzur-tunkashila of the Dakota Indian and the Polish Jew needed to join with the nefesh soul of humanity. Back to the secret Raz within the Iron-Barzel, the central core of earth, and the original Kabbalah, the Book/Sefer of the angel of secrets/Raziel which is given to the first Adam.The Book is open.

Monday, September 08, 2008

the rams horn of Eyin gedi/ Pluto in the Kid

Lineages of priests and kings have joined. The scrolls buried at Qumran, the dead sea, contain the great secret of how the priesthood of Israel would bring in Shiloh in our times. Shiloh by gematria equals Moshe/Moses. This was classified information. The neshamah of all Israel would come through the tribe of Levi, from the side of Chesed, the white love of Aaron and the holy white har/mountain of seed/Sinai. The red blood soul, the nefesh of the ruddy warrior would come through the female, the red side of the holy tree, the mountain of life force, Moriah. Zohar for Ki Tetze is all of the book of the Faithful Shepherd, the Reiah Meheimna. It is deep and awesome. “David came from the left side, Now he was ruddy(I Shmuel 16:12). Aaron is a man of Chesed, and the two true prophets are from them. The face of Moses used to shine with prophecy from Binah, which is a supernal sun, whence his prophecy came.” Zohar III 283a. The final verse speaks about the way to spell YHVH extended with alephs which equal 45; Yod-Vav-Daleth, Hei-Aleph, Vav-aleph, Hei Aleph which equals 45. 45 is the value of the kamea of Shabbatai/Saturn and the place of Binah. Meadim which comes the ruddy one, David, has a kamea square(box of 25) which gives a value of the rows as 65. This 65 equals the value of ADONAI. These names are unified in this world of action. YHVH=26 +ADNI=65-=91 and the value of Amen/AMN=91, the firm(aman)living faith in the Earth temple. As we return in the sacred Elul month we climb the mountain of seed/Sinai and bring the red and the white together. The two Shadyim, the breasts of the almighty call out as they meet each other in us and in this renewed third temple.” The fire of mars/meadim derives from redness(odem)…venus is a white fire, and both are the face of the sun, face of the moon….Aaron(white) and David(red) came from there; one received mercy and the other judgement.”Zohar III-283a(trans. After Ashlag) We are approaching the sound of the trumpet of the Ram, an animal of meadim/Mars. This is cardinal fire from within the blood that produces the horn of the animal and the shine of the qeren/horn-rays of the prophet on Sinai. From Zohar for this week, “Bat Kol daughter of sound is in exile until you came for her, since you are her sound…” Zohar III-281b. The rams horn gives sound to a fire. Traditional Jews sound the shofar every morning of this month of elul. The great mountains, the eternal lovers who sing in the Song of Songs are appearing with miracles in our world. They are mentioned in the 5769th verse of Torah. This word Shadiyim is translated as shedim/demons but it is the same letters hidden until the year meets us now. Hidden also has been the means and lineages that would bring the Shechinah out of exile and into an honored Earth temple not built by human hands alone. The planet which is invisible and deep, an octave of mars has gone back for a few months from Capricorn/the kid which it has just entered for the first time in 248 years(and the death of the Baal Shem tov) and back into Sagittarius. It goes back in direct motion today! and enters into the cardinal earth sign of the kid on November 27th. the eyin gedi/fount of the kid is mentioned in the song of all songs. These 4 cardinal signs-the kid and the crab, the ram and the scales tell a story of fire and judgment and soul ocean and the will of the sovereign becoming manifest in a healing world. This cardinal Earth and fire is where meadim/mars, ruler of the ram(ares-fire sign) and Shabbatai/Saturn, ruler of the kid(earth sign) find each other in a consecrated holy of holies Earth temple. We walk sacred ground! The planet Pluto which some mekubalim align with the upper triad of the crown moves into the kid for many years. We walk sacred ground!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Seeing the new temple

This weeks Torah parsha leads us from the month of Av when the tradition is to remember the destruction in the world and the temples in particular. This weeks parsha Re’eh brings us to the month of Elul, the special month of teshuvah/returrn. This month we rebuild and so from Elul one, tradition tells us that Moshe Rabbeinu headed up Har Sinai for the second time- rebuilding for forty days which ends on Yom haKippur with the giving of the second set of crystal tablets of ten sayings/Esrai Devarim. This month of Elul the building of the second Beit haMikdash began and the torah parsha of re’eh means to see. We actually begin now in the year and in the long road of history, to envision the miracle of creation and the coming to pass of the visions of our holy prophets of all priestly peoples who work for the Shalom Shalem/complete great peace. The gematria value of Rosh haShanah=861 equals that of Beit HaMikdash=861, the Holy temple. The head of the shanah/wheel of change is the holy temple in time. The wheel of time and transformation is the temple that unfolds the flower of life in each of us. The month of Av is the month of the shevat/tribe of Shimon whose names means to hear. In Av we hear about the sacred work of building and destroying temples. In Elul we Re’eh, we see the rebuilding of the Temple represented on Rosh HaShanah. In the parsha of re’eh we have the mention of the three feasts where all of Israel goes to the temple in Jerusalem. This parsha of re’eh speaks of idol worship and we know from Zohar that this is rooted in anger and arrogance which the person actually worships their own liver, their own hatred and negative emotion. In the 5769th verse of torah where the verses have a hint to the upcoming year we have the line in Devarim about the Shedim, the worship of “demons” without power. Hidden here in the word is the opposite, the shadyim. These are the sacred Harim/mountains, the breasts of the almighty of Sinai and Moriah. These are Father seed and Mother life which as in Native aboriginal traditions are sanctuaries of eternity. These sing to each other in the shir HaShrim/Song of songs and find themselves in the Holy of Holies as in the initial letters of Elul from the Song of Songs, Ani Li V’dodi Li/ I am yours and you my love are mine - for eternity. Peace
This weeks parsha speaks about the sabbatical year and the freeing of slaves just before we enter the final month of the rabbinic year before Tishre and redemption. In the same way the parsha before Nissan that we read as we enter adar, the month before the end of the royal/agricultural year which begins in Nissan, we read about the yovel/jubilee and the freeing of slaves. In Nissan we leave slavery the first time. This year 5768 is the ending of a seven year cycle of time. This weeks parsha of re’eh speaks of the poor people who we must give tzedakah/charity towards. These poor ones may carry the wealth within as Abraham Avinu carried the entire Torah in his heart. The gematria value of poor person, avyon aleph-beth-yod-vav-nun equals 69 which is also samech-teth, the value of the coming year 57-69=samech teth. May we all as the peoples, the the avyon made of earth, participate in the enveloping great peace and the rebuilding of the earth temple. Miracles are happening everywhere- the eight of the Olympics born out of the kan zippor/bird’s (the Michael as guardian of Israel being the name of the swimmer who swept the eight gold-the most ever for one person) nest and the fastest man alive called lightning bolt. The first African American presidential candidate in a nation which black slaves helped build the dream, called Barack= lightning bolt in Hebrew. The temple is appearing globally if we would only SEE as many are already. Have a great Sabbath of Seeing!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

kan Zippor nest of dawn/Precious Jade

Precious stone precious Jade
Today is the sixteenth of the Hebrew month of Av, the month of the Aryeh/lion. Great miracles of the music of the eight stringed kinoor/lyre are being made visible everywhere. One person with Eight gold medals in the games that started on 8-8-8 at 8:08 in a Hebrew year of 8; 576-8. The third temple is becoming visible in many forms and the sacred precious stone of China- is a part of the precious stones making up the mishkan where the holy of holies interfaces with the mineral world. The mountain of Sinai is the har of seed, the place where the Changing Woman being lives and renews all that is. The original precious jade tablets needed to move around the entire globe. The four metals of the great wheel have a place in ancient china as they do in the Book of Splendour/Zohar. The olympic metals echo their brilliance. The white metal dragon(yang) has a prominent place in Chinese wisdom as does the water serpent lady(yin) of the Moon. In the Native American traditions Changing Woman of the mountain of seed gives birth to the male twins: born of water and born of rock. The work of uniting the soul lineages can be found in traditions encircling the entire Earth.
Mountain of Seed
Mountain of Life
Holy Harim - Esa Enai
Sinai and Moriah dance together in the unfolding flower.
Shir HaShrim
And the light of the Levanah/changing woman will be as the light of the Sun.
and the Shemesh as the sevenfold rainbow/keshet
Sun of Flower

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Full moon of the Aryeh/Lion Sabbath TuB'Av

We arrive this Sabbath on the full moon of Av. This is a little known ancient celebration where the daughters of Yerushaliyim dance in the fields and vineyards and call to their men. This 15 of the month of Av, the aryeh/lion is compared to King Solomon who was the fifteenth generation from Abraham and completed the building of the first beith haMikdash/Temple. His kingdom saw complete peace for many years during his reign the moon it is said remained full all the time. He completed the flow of the waters from the Tree of Life between above and below and this completion is inherent in the celebration of the full moon of the aryeh/lion when the summer sun begins to cool precisely at the fullness of the Levanah/moon. The hidden light is within the moon before she was diminished as the aggadah relates. This light is coming out of captivity in the second half of the lunar month and it is hinted at in the added letter teth in the esray devarim/ten sayings(commandments) from this weeks Torah parsha. The letter teth is not found in the first version of the Ten statements from the sefer Exodus/Shemot. This letter teth is the initial for the word tov/good when first mentioned in regards the original ohr/light in Sefer genesis. The same letter is only found contained in one of the twelve stones on the breastplate of the high priest, the stone of Shimon, called pitdah. Each Hebrew month has a shevat/tribe and the tribe of the month of Av is Shimon/Simeon. Shimon's name comes from the word to hear, as in Shema which prayer is also featured in this weeks Torah parsha. The hearing of Israel is the teshuvah/return which is a key to these seven weeks of consolation as we dance these summer days winding towards the autumn and the time of the trumpets. Tradition tells us that we received the second luchoth abanim/crystal tablets on Yom Kippur. This is forty days on Sinai starting the second time on Elul1. Yom kippur is connected in the gemara directly to this TuB’Av full moon. The words on the second tablets are found in this weeks parsha with the added ninth letter teth hinting at the rebuilding of the great earth holy temple(destroyed on the ninth of Av) that is the waters from the upper Tree of Life/Etz Chaiim streaming through the moon in full glory and watering a healed Earth mother Malchuth/kingdom of sacred life.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Eighth of AV/Sabbath 8-8-8

These days that lead up to the ninth day of the Hebrew month of Av, the month of the Lion mazzal/constellation, we are to be uniquely aware of the hidden light, the Ohr haGanuz, that is said to be hidden up for the holy peoples. this light is related to the 36 lamedvavniks, the hidden righteous ones who support the world and the 36 squares in the kamea of the shemesh/sun as well as 36 hours in the first "week" of creation when this light shone before it was hidden away. The first word of this weeks torah parsha, eleh/these has the gematria value of 36 to remind us that this fifth book of chumash involves our times when this hidden light of 36(36 candles of chanuka celebration)is beginning to be felt by a humanity maturing. The last of the rephaim/giants mentioned here as Og in the parsha has a bed measuring 36 square cubits made of the metal barzel/iron. The raising of the sparks of kedusha/holiness throughout the creation is what this is all about. The metal Iron is said to be produced alone by the earth element(from Zohar) and intricately connected to Israel, the letters being the initials of the four mothers of the twelve tribes; Bilha-Rachel-Zilpah-Leah - the wives of Jacob/Israel. Here we have a hint that the hidden light is directly connected to the mineral world and the work of the people of Israel and Torah is to make transform and release the hidden light, hence "these(eleh=36)are the words that Moses spoke to all Israel"Devarim1-1. This first parsha of the fifth book of the Torah is always read just before the ninth of Av(in the fifth month). The ninth Hebrew letter, tet is also first mentioned/used in Torah when referring to the original light in Bereisheis/Genesis, as Tov/good which begins which the letter tet. the word Tov has a value of 17 which relates to Tammuz17 which begins the three weeks of remembrance and mourning, the original crystal tablets of hidden light shattered on that day. The twenty two days of these three weeks relate to the 22 letters of Hebrew which also are said to hold and combine and transform the light to weave together the entire of creation. Tammuz17 is as the aleph holding the "good=tov=17" light and equaling "yehi ohr veyahe ohr", let their be light and it is! The ninth of Av is as the Tav of the entire alphabet, being the tabernacle of the Holy temple and fecund with birthing the new light and geulah after destruction. In this month of the aryeh/lion it was Nebuchadnezzer, the lion of Babylon who came upon and destroyed the first temple. It is the Lion of Peace, the lion of Judah and haShem who rebuilds the eternal holy house. This Friday we have
8-8-8 on the Gregorian Solar calendar. The number 888 in the gnostic gematria of the Greek language relates to the frequency of the divine. this is the third time in history this has occurred with the last 8 being of a millennium. the 3 together 3X8=24 and times three times in the history of the calendar, 3X24=72.This relates to the revered name of 72 of HaShem involving the names of the guardian princes/sarim of all nations.We enter in the evening of 8-8-8, the Hebrew Sabbath and the EIGHTH day of the month of AV, the lion. On this Sabbath we pray and sing and weep for joy for the eternal Beith HaMikdash to appear for all peoples.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rosh Chodesh Av and the Sabbath

This Shabbos is a Rosh Chodesh Av and the beginning of the traditional nine days of mourning of the great tragedies. The day before the Sabbath on Friday,Tammuz29 is the yarzheit of Rashi and a total eclipse of the sun. As mentioned in the posts this ends a seventeen year span since Tammuz29-5751 when the great eclipse of July 11, 1991 happened which was so important by ancient American astronomers to have been recorded in the Mayan codices as directly related to the feathered dragon and the birth of the age called sun of flowers. In the secret great chronometer of the mekubalim/kabbalists, this eclipse took place in the five degree span of the 72-name wheel that is number 22-sacred to the priesthood of Israel. This weeks Torah portion speaks particularly of leaving and arriving in the promised land and we know from Sefer Genesis that Jacob/Israel lived 17 years “outside” the holy land before he was “gathered to his ancestors”. The last parsha of the fourth book of Torah, Masei is also the last mention in torah; verse 36:4 of the Yovel, the jubilee; “and when the jubilee will arrive for the Children of Israel”. All of the leavings and arrivings and journeying, the dismantling and rebuilding of the ark and mishkan represent the great work of making the whole earth into a Holy Land for all peoples.” They journeyed from Marah(bitterness) and arrived at Elim; in Elim were twelve springs of water and seventy date palms, and they encamped there”. Bamidbar 33:9.The twelve founts are those that emerge from the sacred fount and great river within the tree of life. The seventy date palms are all the nation/language groups of the Earth which are a part of uniting and expressing the sacred name(72) of the Source in a physical world. This last parsha of the first four books precedes the opening of the fifth book of chumash and we do this, this year on the new moon /Sabbath of the fifth month of the Hebrew calendar. This month does also correspond traditionally to the fifth sephira of the seven “lower” ones and to the Beth haMikdash, the Holy temple and the Cohen Gadol. This month traditionally is associated with remembering the destruction of the temple and the yearning for the third temple which Sefer Zohar tells us is not a building built by human hands like the first two temples were. This world is a balanced dance of destruction and tragedy with creation and simcha/joyous celebration. This Earth is an unfolding flower. Life and Seed where they find each other is the Song of Songs.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The weaving of blue and purple, angels/humans

This week we have the first Sabbath in these 72 days from Tammuz 17 which begins the traditional 3 weeks of mourning, and until Rosh HaShanah which gathers all of the holy peoples together from the long march of history to hear the sound of the Shofar/ram’s horn. These 70 days in between are the number of the nations of the world hearing and feeling the transformative wheel that is the temple of initiation here in Earth/Adamah. Zohar has only a very small commentary on the Torah parsha Mattot. It speaks of the specialness of the chesed, the flowing lovingkindness, the divine fount that is the all giving love of HaShem. This word Chesed also has the gematria of 72, underlying the profundity of these 72 days from summer to fall which involves destruction and tragedy and the return that is the poignant feel of Jewish history and the true nature of the work of all the traditions that support the wisdom of making Earth a sacred temple for all peoples. On the very special wheel of the metals as given in Zohar terumah and pictured in Sefer Eshel Abraham, we are moving from the silver in the south which holds the water(chesed) and are moving towards the Barzel/Iron in the west which holds the great secret=raz, the word raz/secret hidden inside the word for iron, barzel. The four metals on the wheel and their relationship to the four elements are gates to the most profound level of rejoining the Tree of Knowledge to the Etz Chaiim, the Tree of Life. The four traditional worlds in kabbalah are built of the four metals and have a special relationship to their associated elements and qualities. The temple vessels are built with the metals and crystals(colors) so as to make possible the flow of the Chesed(lovingkindness=silver) throughout the olamim/worlds so all will drink of the river from Eden that is worth as we quoted from Zohar in a recent post-1000, as in the thousand pieces of silver spoken of in the Song of Songs. The silver is related to the world of Beriah, the throne which is made of sacred crystal. Crystal holds the quality of the elemental water, it’s clearness, sparkle and translucency. The river and it’s four streams from Eden, the 12 stones being created in these rivers(from Torah/Bereishit/Genesis) and the four metallic roots of the tree of Knowledge are all keys to the building of the mishkan and her sacred vessels. The temple mysteries that involve the literal weaving of metals, elements and colors helps bring an end to all injustice and subjugation of peoples as reflected in the four metallic parts of the image(gold,silver,copper and iron) in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream in Sefer Daniel. These 70 days from now to the head of the wheel/Shanah/Rosh haShanah, in the fall involve the balance of judgment and mercy that is the lesson of the historical drama which brings freedom for all the 70 nations finding the living Source. From zohar on mattot, “ we learned that Rabbi Yehuda said the world is maintained by two colors only, that come from the aspect of the wise-hearted((chochmat lev) woman. Hence, it says, “and all the women that were wise-hearted did spin with their hands, and brought that which they had spun, both of blue(techeleth), and of purple(argaman). What did they bring? Blue and purple, which are colors contained within colors.” Zohar III,259b(trans after Ashlag). The sacred value of vows and words and the need to vanquish the imbalance that jeopardizes the delicate unfolding of justice in the world are themes in this weeks quite difficult torah section. The author of the zohar tells us this is a delicate weaving by the women who hold the fabric of community together and allow the chesed to flow and make the world a beautiful place. In the haftorah for the parsha mattot, from Jeremiah 1-18, “ I have set you today as a fortified city and as an iron(barzel) pillar and as copper(nachoshet)walls over the entire land”. These are the metals that the world of yetzirah(angels) is made of/copper; and the world of assiah(physical planets) and animal world is built on iron/blood. The angel chiefs/sarim of the nations are being unified in the human world. Here we have a great synchronicity of prophecy between Hebrew and Tibetan/Asian sacred vision. The ancient Tibetans saw the sovereignty of humans bringing the powers associated with the divine through the ladder of the four metals(which the four continents of Asian Mt.Meru is made of), ending with the bringing into humanity the fullness of Rudra chakrin, the keeper of the wheel of iron by which a global peace is flowering for us. Sounds familiar, Thanks Jeremiah! Good shabbos to all!

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Five gates of the Song of Songs

The Five gates of the holiest of Songs is spoken about in Sefer haZohar on parsha Terumah. This is the very central lev/heart and soul of the Book of Splendor. "Shir hashirim asher lishlomo. Here are the five grades which shall unite in the world to come: shir(song) is one; hashirim(songs) are two, which together make three; asher(which) is four; lishlomo(Solomon's) is five. "Solomon is in the fifth; for the fiftieth day is the mystery of the Jubilee. Mark now. Solomon would not have been able to bring about the union above had not the union of the Shekinah with the world below been already completed in Her union with Moses; one could not have been without the other. All this is a supreme mystery, which yet is revealed to those of a wise heart. "Zohar Vol.II145a(sperling trans). As we approach this very important place on our shanah, the wheel of the year(transformation) - the middle of the month of Av (Tub'Av)we enter the four points on the wheel that particularly point out the way to bringing the whole Earth into the holiness of the third temple and the complete union of Earth Shekinah and the Source of all Life, the fount from the Etz Chaiim/tree of Life. The middle of the coming month of Av(summer) is opposite tub'shevat in the winter, the tree of life festival which is about honoring the tree Etz Chaiim as the fount of the holy house of life. The two other cross quarter points are the full moon of Chesvan in the fall which month corresponds deeply with the building of the temples historically and now in third temple times the unveiling of our incredible temple school here in the mother Earth. This Chesvan point is opposite LagB'omer, in the spring which is the yahrzheit of the Rashbi, soul and author of the Sefer HaZohar which carries the wisdom of our temple tradition. The parsha for this Sabbath is Pinchas and it ends with a list of all the yomim tovim/holidays of the entire wheel of the Shanah. these 22 holi-days of joy parallel the 22 days of mourning between 17 Tammuz, this Sunday and 9Av three weeks later. We are ready now as a holy people to receive the original crystal tablets which traditionally were given but not received this Sunday Tammuz 17 and hence shattered that day-40 days count after Shavuoth and Sinai. The Torah parsha this Sabbath ends with shemini atzereth which in the year is in the fall and is followed by simchat Torah. This fall festival of Sukkoth is nine months(gestation of the seed) after the seed of the holy Tree takes root at TubeShevat. So this year tammuz17 should be the simchat Torah following the Torah parsha on Shabbos that ends describing shemini Atzereth when all the Holy Peoples gather together for a sacred honoring of all Life and her source. Simchat Torah is the day following Shemini Atzereth at Sukkoth in the fall. The wheel of the Shanah is an intricately interconnected temple of initiation that reveals the places of initiation for those finding the center of the Sabbath in all that is. Any four cross quarter points find their balance and blooming in the fifth place of the center of the wheel. This brings us back to the five gates spoken of in Zohar at the beginning of the post. Solomon, the king who is peace rides the chariot built on the four wheels. The vine of the Tree of life spoken of at the end of the song is watered from the fount of ayn gedi. The ayin/70 fount is the shem-ayin=Shema. are we listening to this river worth the sacred aleph/1000 that flows from the tree of Life. This nahar/river is a flow of joy, a simcha=shin-mem-cheth; of the chumash/five books Cheth-mem-Shin. We ahve arrived again at the Holy of Holies. The yod like points that begin all the letters of the first verse of the Song of Songs-"Shir hashirim asher lishlomo"equals 26, the value of haShem. Have an awesome Shabbos!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Miriam's Well/ the wilderness of Zin

We are now in the first 40 day period which Moshe Rabbainu dwelled on the mountain of revelation, the mountain of the Elohim. These 40 days stretch from Shavuoth to 17 Tammuz. 17 tammuz has a gematria that equals yehe ohr vyehe ohr/let there be light and the light is from Sefer Bereishet/genesis. The rabbinic sages tell us that the holy peoples were not complete enough to handle the first luchoth Abanim/tablets of crystal and the original "light" and so they were shattered on 17 Tammuz. Tammuz is the fourth month from Nissan and the fourth of the sephirot/spheres of the “lower” seven is nezach/eternity, the sphere of Moshe rabbeinu.Tammuz is the month of the original ohr/light of the crystal tablets and the holy temple that housed the tablets. After the period of destruction and mourning on the wheel of the shanah/transformation within history, we begin the teshuvah/return in Av and then the next period of the second 40 days on the mountain of the Elohim begins on elul 1 and goes to Yom Kippur with the receiving of the second set of Luchoth. In last weeks torah parsha we have the death of Miriam in the wilderness of Zin. Zin has the gematria value of 790 and the year 790 of our millennium is said in the Zohar to be the date that ends the 40 year kibbutz goliot/ingathering of exiles. 5750/1990 to 5790/2030 during which the entire holy people of all humanity will drink of the fresh water soul heaven that Miriam-Mar Yam/chieftess of the sea carried. This is the Chayah level of soul of all humanity. This is the fresh water of the sacred Etz Chaiim/Tree which we have been discussing in our commentary on the Shir haShirim. From the Zohar: “And his song was a thousand and five…but does this song actually consist of a thousand and five? Assuredly! The ‘five” refers to the five gates and doors which open toward the ‘King whose is the peace“. They are the five hundred years of the tree of life, the fifty years of the jubilee. The ‘Thousand” refers to the Tree of life as such, to the Bridegroom who goes out from its side and takes possession of the five gates, in order to draw nigh unto the bride and claim her. The day of the Holy One, baruch haShem, is a thousand years, and this number also symbolizes the River which goes out of Eden…There are five grades in the title as we have said. But why is the thousand not indicated? The truth is that this is hidden and will remain hidden until the Wife(the Shekinah) unites herself with her Husband.”Zohar III-145b, after Sperling trans. Now we know from the last few posts that the cosmic Aleph/Thousand is mentioned in the last verses of the Song about the vine at Baal Hamon. The secret is hidden by a thousand headed Tali/dragon(called shesha in Sanskrit) which is the shesh, in Sanskrit meaning the essence of all that is. The word Shir as title of this song also means the essence or remainder of all that is, When pronounced shiar. This essence in our prayers through the centuries is called Amen.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Solomon and the vine at Baal hamon

On this weeks Torah parsha the Sefer HaZohar begins with the difference between the life soul of the Torah called Zeir Anpin, the “Holy One” and the ordinance level only of the Torah by herself which relates to the community. The two must be joined together for a living Torah, the etz chaiim, the tree of life. “And HaShem spake unto Moses and Aaron saying, This/zoth is the statute/chukkat of the law which haShem hath commanded,…..This passage commences simply, “This is the statute of the law(num)”, but in another passage we find, “Now this /ve-zoth is the law which Moses set before the children of Israel(Deut. IV-44)“Why this difference? As we have learnt, because the addition of the vau(6-sephirot/days) indicates the complete union of all, of the Community of Israel(zot) with the Holy One(vav), baruch HaShem,; and such is the essence of the Torah. But where this vau is absent, there we have only the “statute of the Law” and not the Law itself.“Zohar vol.III-179a from Sperling trans. This really gets to the core of how the four levels of Torah interpretation called pardes-peshat,remez,drash and sod, is the key to the wisdom of Torah in the sod, the mystery level. Last weeks parsha Korah, a levite, wanted the priesthood for himself and we are told in the commentary of Zohar that he did not understand his own level and obligations for keeping the consecrated space and got in big trouble. The metals are very involved with this for his incense plates were made of nachoshet/copper. The root here is nachash/serpent and the same letters switched give us the word choshen, the breatplate of the high priest which he coveted. The sepher haZohar tells us that korach did not understand the complimentary divisions(involving four different metals-gold/silver/copper/iron) involved in keeping a consecrated space such as the mishkan. In the esrei devarim/the ten commandments or sayings we have the fifth statement telling us to honor our father and mother and next to these words would be the tenth statement saying,, then we will not covet our neighbors possessions. If we take the imperative “Thou shalt not” form and render it as ancient sages have,- If you honor your father and mother, then you will not covet… we have a whole other understanding of the Decalogue. Here we must understand by father and mother as divisions or aspects of the creator(Chokmah and Binah) with which the entire universe rests upon. For us to heal the temple of the Earth we must understand the balance in the world. The levels of Torah interpretation help lead us to understand how to unit the male and the female as the Zohar says and bring the healing into our world. Again the four special metals have there places in the circle of consecration and Korah represents a person who does not fully understand the work of the holy peoples in healing the temple of Earth.The uniting of the very deepest level of Torah, the soul of the Torah called the sod/mystery with the human world is the essential magnum opus. The word sod/mystery, called the fourth level of Torah interpretation has a value of 70 which is equal to the value of the letter ayin, which means both eye and fount. The essence of Torah is a living fount. The word chumash is from the word chamesh which means five for the five books. The same letters of chamesh/five are simcha which is joy. The fount of Torah is a living joy. Without this connection to this fount we do not have Torah. The five/chamesh is a key for us in our unfolding of the deep mystery of the Shir haShirim, which we have been discussing over the past several weeks. We discussed the 1000/exalted-aleph that is reserved for Solomon as the initiate of the temple wisdom mentioned in the last verses of the Song. The keepers of the fruit we are told in the song get 200. 200 is one fifth of 1000 and here is hidden a secret key. The five=1/5 relates to us -the human world of the five senses, four of which the Zohar explains as being aligned with the four letters of haShems name. . In the ancient Sanskrit the serpent sesha-anant which we discussed is related to the Baal Hamon, the guardian of the vine in the Song, the nachash of gan eden fame, and the Tali dragon of Sepher yetzira. The serpent has three forms. The thousand headed, the seven headed and the five headed. The seven headed is commonly depicted as guarding the Hindu deity Vishnu who rests on the body of the serpent. The Hindu deities that are commonly known about and worshipped are aspects of what the Hebrews call the Elohim-the many powers of the creator/sustainer of the olamim/universes. But where do we have the Eternal HaShem who appeared to Abraham and Sarah and Moses and Miriam? This is the Holy of Holies of this most sacred Song of all Songs. A blessed Rosh Chodesh Tammuz to all!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Meadim and the heart of the Lion

the planetary conjunction between Meadim/mars and Shabbatai/saturn is nearing(mid-july) and in a few days Meadim will be conjunct the bright star regulus, called the heart of leo the Lion. this is visible in the west just after evening twilight. the expanse of the night sky and her stars is very big in the wisdom traditions and we are seeing these references in the Shir HaShrim as we continue to comment on this holy of holies of a book as Rabbi Akiba called the song in the Sefer HaZohar. we are discussing the vine mentioned in the last few verses of the song. Tsefiya in a comment on the last post, made some great points in relating the vine to the sacred Etz Chaiim, the Tree of Life herself and the relationship to nachash the serpent. Since we are nearing the end of what is called the 17 years of concealment of the work of the holy peoples -this very summer- we will talk about where the date that the new "olam/world" really began and how it is so beautifully hidden in the Song. It is all about the "guardian" of Solomon's vine, Baal Hamon. This is usually translated as a place relating to the ancient pagan deity Baal. The worship of Baal is related to serpents and holy trees or the goddess Asherah. This word Asherah sometimes translated as sacred grove, is just a female form of the word Asher which is in the very first line of Shir HaShrim-"Asher" leShlomo. Usually translated as "that" it can mean Tree of pleasure of Peace - the very Etz Chaiim herself. If we take out of the word Hamon, the two letters from the name of haShem-heh and vav, and put the Aleph that is mentioned as a "thousand" in the verses we get the word Amen. Some translators say that this ancient egyptian deity Amon/Amen, the hidden one, is actually implied in Hamon. The gematria of the word Hamon is 751 with the final value of the elongated nun. So baal hamon is the possessor/Baal of 751 and this year in our sixth Hebrew millenia is a very important one as discussed here before. The only real "date" mentioned in the meso-american codices as the end of their "world" and a new beginning is the awesome eight minute long total eclipse of July 11, 1991/Tammuz 29, 5751 which is listed in the ancient mayan codices for the beginning of a new sixth"sun" called the sun of Flower. This is significant for us this summer since an eclipse of the sun is happening again on Tammuz 29, the yahrzeit of the holy Rashi, this makes a 17 year span on the Hebrew calendar. It is the premise of this writer that the "great dragon" or serpent hinted at in the song and called the Tali, in the Sepher Yetzira has been incorporated in the sacred lineages of the Temple of Earth in a new way. In the Sepher yetzira, the primer of Kabbalah we are told that the Tali, the quivering dragon who "rules" eclipses is "guardian" over the "axis" and places Hashem on the throne. "dragon is in the world as a king on his throne"-"Tali beolam c'melech ahl ceso"verse 4-chapet 6-SY. And so the beginning and end of the song is linked in a special way which we will further comment on in the next posting. have an awesome Sabbath!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Solomon and the thousand

the ancient sages have told us that every mention of the name Shlomo in the Song of Songs is about the Source of creation except for one in verse 8:12. "My vineyard, my very own, is for myself:you, O Solomon, may have the thousand(aleph)" This interpretation is based on the premise that the entire creation may be understood as a temple/school of initiation into the deep mysteries of the creation. Therefore this mention of Shlomo at the end of the Song is a "place" of initiation involving the Aleph which is usually translated as meaning 1000. Rabbi Ezra Ben Solomon of Gerona in his famous commentary on the Song states that their are three kinds of people who read the Song. Those who believe it is a carnal love song; those who believe it is an allegory for the Creator's love for the community of Yisrael and then the third kind of people who really know what it is about. We all mostly agree that the most important work of the holy peoples is the Tikkun/repair of the creation, the healing of the Earth.This is also referred in the Hebrew mysteries as the rebuilding of the third holy temple and the mysteries of Solomon, the original temple builder. the healing involves the subtle serpent, nachash, and the root of this being in the heavens. there is a sacred serpent in the sanskrit tradition who sometimes has a thousand heads, sometimes seven and sometimes five. this snake is called shesha among other names and although it is said that it's root is the egotistic material realm it has a very special and sacred role in the sustenance of the creation. The story of this nag, as the serpents are called in the sanskrit, holds keys for us to understand the serpents in the hebrew tradition of building the Temple. The carmi/vine in the holy song is a key to fathom the whole song. the vine does share the geometry of the helix along with the serpent and we now know that this geometry is at the core of everything in the unfolding physical universe. the vine is under the protectorship of the pagan deity Baal hamon, the ancient god of plenty. the serpent nags in the sanskrit are not evil beings, they are just in it all for themselves while the divine beings in the sanskrit tradition are altruistic, helping others. some of the hebrew sages have said that the nachash in eden was the personification(along with the angel samael) of the urge for self gratification. we previously related the story of the nag being called vasuki who is the nature of joy and was used by gods and demons according to the ancient vedic legend, to churn the primordial ocean in order to bring up the nectar of immortality, the amrit. the nachash in eden is involved with bringing mortality into the creation. So, where is the tikkun in all this. the exalted place of initiation mentioned in the holy Shir HaShrim involves the being who is joy(for oneself however) and who is from the left side of the Tree of life as the ancient kabbalists would say. this involves the side not dealing with the impulses to only help others(Hesed). the tree of the sephirot, the depths does hold the key to the serpent being who is the guardian of the vine of Solomon and the place of deepest initiation. we pray for peace everyday.

Friday, June 06, 2008

the holy Harim/mountains

we celebrate Sinai in this month of the teomim/twins. in Rabbi Ezra ben Solomon of Gerona's ancient commentary on Shir HaShrim we know the mountains are singing to each other. the symbolic nature of the song is uncovered until we discuss the very special nature of the voices, then they are mentioned sometimes quickly in passing or as having almost little significance. the Eye of the Kid- Ayin gedi, the fount of a holy mountain is mentioned as just a place where a fine plant is grown! The Aynecha/eyes are the planetary eyes that veil the sacred mountains. Shabbatai/saturn is the will at the root of time while the mountain of Moriah is the eye of Power who is at the root of space. the root of being is where these two sacred founts find each other. this song is about the deepest of initiations and it is at the heart of an awakening Earth. why does the ancient Rav barely mention the fount of the kid? the tendency of most sages in unveiling the ancient song is to keep in the center. we have a lot of mention of the sephirot which these days are a part of the common vernacular when for the ancient sages they were as secret names that led the way to the place that only the elderly learned could venture. Reb David Zeller would tell the stories of how the creator hides her own hiddenness. that is how hidden the eternal Source is!! yet she appeared to our father Abraham as one of three strangers. the lightning and thunder shake the world into awakening. the planetary eyes, shabbatai/saturn and Meadim/mars, who are mountains-sinai and moriah are approaching each other in sky as the calendar of edom is approaching the third 08-08-08 in it's history. 8x3=24; 24x3=72. we are all learning about the Name. good Shabbos!